Planet X 101: Pole Shift

| June 9, 2014

Planet X 101: Pole ShiftIn 1940, a Chilean astronomer by the name of Carlos Muñoz Ferrada first began talking about an object he called Hercobulus, or what we know today as Planet X, or Nibiru. However, he also talked about not one, but two objects,and he spent the better part of life with a heavy burden. The knowing that a pole shift predicated by Edgar Cayce and others would indeed happen.

This horrific cataclysm played out in Ferrada’s mind while the rest of the world was too distracted to know or to care. However,he knew,and truth of it tormented him and many will know that same torment in 2016 when Planet X, or what is also known as Nibiru, Hercobulous, Red Planet, Destoyer, Frightener and the Nemesis brown dwarf become visible to everyone on the globe.

For now, these objects are visible and have been so since early 2010 and in this program, you’ll see the proof of what is to come. When the day does come when you are standing in the street with your friends and neighbors and pointing up at the sky, one of two things will happen.

You’ll be prepared for what you see, and you’ll take action. Or, like the bulk of humanity, fear will clutch your throat, not because of what you see in the skies above. But rather, because of your lack of preparation. After you watch this video, you’ll know what you’ll experience on that fateful day of global awareness. GO

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