Phase 2 Has Begun – Be Prepared!

| August 16, 2018

Marshall Masters (2017)Preparedness begins with a sharp focus on the ability of survivors to communicate with like-minded others without the constraints of suppression. I have come to recognize the need to find a new way to be effective in helping those I can to survive the difficult years ahead so they may emerge from the dark days of the tribulation into the beginning of a Star Trek future.

Where Do We Begin?

Like most of you in my core Planet X audience, I came to the topic in search of answers to disturbing, prophetic dreams and visions. It was a key reason why I founded in December 1999. That being validation, or in other words, finding proof for an awareness that can never be extinguished. That’s right, no matter how much you are mocked and ridiculed by your families and circle of friends and associates, you know what you know. This is why the path of awareness is such a painful one.

And yes dear readers, I do feel your pain. Over the years many of you, more than I can count, have shared heartbreaking experiences with me. If I didn’t hear you crying over the phone, I could imagine the stain of tears in your correspondence. Nonetheless, your pain never made me waver. Rather, it only energized my sense of mission urgency.

My deepest regret is that I never could find a magic word or incantation to soften the blows of rejection and mockery landed upon those in awareness by their spouses and families.

Most painful has always been the tearful laments of grandparents, being threatened with exclusion by their children should they attempt to educate their grandchildren. As a Planet X author and researcher, I sympathize with them in a very personal way.

In the final analysis, all this pain I’ve felt and witnessed is, for the most part, irreconcilable. As unfair as that is, it is the way it is. You deal with it, or you bury your head in the sand.

But at some point, some of us resolve to toss our soiled handkerchiefs into the washing machine so that we can emotionally pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and ask, “What am I prepared to do?”

What Are You Prepared to Do?

Of all the questions in the cosmos, this is the one that matters most because the answer to that question can only be one of two things when it comes to Planet X. To say “I’m not prepared to go it alone,” is the easy answer, and let’s be honest; it is the one most often proffered.

This is the answer of validation, or what I called Phase 1 of the struggle. That if you keep your head down and busy yourself with Planet X fear porn videos on Youtube, then you’re making progress. Well, you’re not. Instead, you’ve got one foot nailed to the floor of validation, and you’re spinning about in circles. Then you wonder why you’re not going anywhere important.

Conversely, the other answer to the question, “What am I prepared to do?” is the daunting one that will leave you tossing and turning in your bed at night. That answer being, “I am prepared to go it alone.” Getting to that answer requires a sharp tug with a spiritual crowbar to remove that nail from your foot. That way, you can finally start going somewhere important for once.

Going It Alone

I began looking for a new and important direction in my work back in 2013. I knew then that I needed to push into Phase 2 of the struggle, that being preparedness.

In other words, it was time to stop wasting time on what I already knew. A global tribulation is coming, and it will end life as we know it. Therefore, it was time to take action, but how do you do that when you’re this far behind the eight ball?

This very question is why I focused on what I saw holding back my Planet X audience from committing themselves to some form of effective preparation. A difficult goal indeed, considering that those in awareness who follow my work struggle with gaining even a modicum of support from their spouses, families, and friends. Yikes! How could I help my readers deal with this conundrum?

I resolved my conundrum by collaborating to research and author knowledge tools that could be used to inexpensively and quietly create a strong value position for survival communities when the time came.

Should I continue the status quo of feeling helpless and inadequate because I could offer no panacea to the rejections of spouses, families, and friends? Been there – done that.

Where did this take me? Back to the most important question in the cosmos. What was I prepared to do? I found the answer. Free speech!

Radio Free Earth

For years, I and other Planet X researchers and authors have known the suppression of free speech would be a clear harbinger of the time when all the validation anyone will ever need will appear in the skies above them in front of God and everyone else.

Well, that harbinger has come. Large social media sites are pushing us headfirst into a Chinese style Internet with minders, suppression, and eventually, political correctness re-education camps, torture, and warrantless arrests and imprisonment.

Any defense attorney will tell you that if you are arrested there is an important caveat in the Miranda rights to bear I mind. That being, “Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

The caveat is that it does not apply to exculpatory evidence of your innocence which will never be presented on your behalf at trial. The next time you post on Facebook remember that anything you say there can and will be used against you in a court of law!

For this reason, Youtube is no longer the wonderful vehicle for expression it once was. Instead, it has morphed into a virtual wild-west shanty town with a mean globalist drunk for a sheriff. This is precisely why Alex Jones was surreptitiously blocked on multiple social media platforms. You may ask; how did this happen?

The FCC recently decided that corporations (who are not in any way responsible for respecting free speech) are now the sole minders of free speech on the Internet without any government oversight or interference. A terrible betrayal indeed that has resulted in the documented content blocking of independent voices with a Fahrenheit 451 agenda that destroys both lives and livelihoods.

As I said, we’ve long known this was coming and that wailing and lamenting about it will serve no constructive purpose. We must give the devil his due and accept that globalists now have an iron grip on our nation’s Internet infrastructure and they’re reshaping it using the Chinese model.

Bottom line. Now you know why we spent two years researching and writing our new book, Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness and Two Way Radios.

Radio Free Earth - radiofreeearth.orgThe crux of this book is to show folks how they can freely communicate with like-minded others directly over great distances without being subject to the evil manipulations of running afoul of the Chinese model of free speech suppression now embraced by the FCC.

Is this possible? Absolutely, it can and will work. That much was proved during the Cold War. Back then, the Soviets could not stop alternative news sources like Voice of America from broadcasting into Russia and the other Soviet bloc nations. Why, because radio frequency (RF) transmissions are an invasive and irrepressible form of communion.

Yes, I’m a HAM, and for me the radio frequency spectrum is God’s chat room for freedom. What gets you through the door every time will be good old-fashioned analog two-way radios. Showing you how that is possible is why I wrote Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness and Two Way Radios.

So where does this leave us?

Moving Forward with Phase 2

Phase 2 of the struggle must be the continuation of our Survival Wellness Advocacy. We will continue writing and publishing Planet X articles and videos. As a publisher, it must now be about effectiveness.

To be truly effective, it is clear to me that this book must communicate our message to a larger audience. One that is both actively engaged in preparedness and which recognizes the need to communicate with like-minded others, folks who understand and agree that we must free ourselves of this horrible globalist corporatocracy suppression of free speech which has been unleashed upon us by the FCC.

Who at the FCC did it? Sadly, it was our government that succeeded in surrendering our First Amendment right of free speech to corporations that only serve themselves and the globalists they serve.

Therefore, you will find us beating the drums for free speech with our new book, Radio Free Earth.

With the help of wonderful volunteers, Phase 2 has been initiated to focus our efforts to help future survivors prevail with an unfettered ability to communicate with like-minded others at long distances.

Keep the faith and know that I love you for caring.

Qapla’, Marshall

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