Patriots Are Ready to Armor Up for Freedom

| October 20, 2020

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QConservative commentators are driving home the same point each day.  That this election will determine whether or not American slips into the abyss of a Venezuelan-like socialist dystopia.

If they would stop jabbering on long enough to feel the pain out there, they’d know it’s time to give this fear mantra a rest.

Is it time to grab your AR-15 and go to the streets?  Hell no.  What it means is that if you’re a Patriot, you armor up your resolve for what is coming.

Listen up, commentators.  Enough Patriots already understand that means personal sacrifice, and for once, we’re finally fighting to bring freedom to a promising country – The United States of America.

The problem is your perception of what is happening because it is all based on what you see on the Internet and in the media, which means it’s all second hand.  Why do I know this why you need to take this movement to a whole new level?

I’ve seen America secondhand but I’ve also seen it eye-to-eye, and here is my first-hand account.

First-Hand Account

On September 10, 2020, I published an article, Are Americans Savvy Enough to Stay Free?  A few days later, I was East-bound and trucking on a 3,000+ mile coast-to-coast journey across America.  I did not see America through another’s lens.  I saw it eye-to-eye, heard the words, and felt the zeitgeist all around me.

The trip took me two weeks through mid-September, and I reported the whole saga in my October 8, 2020 article, Why America is Freedom-Savvy: A Tale of Two Denny’s.

Since then, I’ve reflected on my experiences and observations for the more granular aspects and found that there is a large minority of Americans ready to armor up for freedom, so what does that mean?

This election will not be close.  It will not be a landslide. Instead, it will be a national reckoning on communism, and it will eviscerate the socialist-controlled Democrat party.

Then we can expect the wrath of the Globalists, as I point out in my October 13, 2020 article, Expect a Terrible Post-Election Vengeance.

OK, so what in the heck do we do about it?

We armor up our resolve!  We resolve never to give up, nor to surrender to the hurtful outrages to come.  Yes, this is the defiance I witnessed and sensed as I drove across the country.  Not everyone is this way, not even a bare majority.

I do believe there are enough American Patriots out there to make a difference, and they know there will be hell to pay when the Globalist agenda hits a freedom-loving brick wall.

When it comes time to step forward, they will expect it to be, but they also know it will be worth it.

Robert David STEELE Vivas #UNRIG, September 20, 2020
Marshall Masters on Freedom, Trump, Alliance, Globalists vs Nationalists, PlanetX — 75% Rising

History Is Repeating Itself

These times are no different than those in which our nation was born.  It is not the majority who gets it done.  It’s a motivated minority, and now we have a pitched battle between the Progressive communist minority vs. the Patriot freedom minority.

As I crossed the country, what I saw today is what John Adams saw in his day and is encapsulated in the question, how many Colonists were actually for the American Revolution?

History Network, August 8, 2005
Only 1/3rd of Americans Supported the American Revolution?

The most common piece of evidence cited in numerous books about the Revolution is a letter of John Adams indicating that one third of the Americans were for the Revolution, another third were against it, and a final third were neutral or indifferent to the whole affair.

Today, a third of Americans are Patriots, who are ready to stand up, be counted, and to make the necessary sacrifices.

A third of Americans are for the Globalists and their minions in the Democrat Party and the MSM.

The other third is what is different from the days of John Adams.  They’re not neutral or indifferent.  They’re busy shitting their pants with worry that the present COVID craziness will become the new normal.

We all know what is coming, and it hangs in the air like a stale fart.  So, Dear Reader, of the three categories, where do you stand?  What will you do when the Globalist cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war?

Will you cheer them on, resist them, or worm out and sit in the nose-bleed seats eating peanuts?

The message here to all of you conservative commentators out there, there are enough who want to win.  Stop going on about your fears and start talking to them.  Tell them how to git er’ done.  They will and their numbers are strong.


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