Our Military Has Abandoned Us

| March 1, 2021

QxI held off on watching former President Donald Trump’s long-awaited speech at CPAC last evening.  Instead, I polled six Yowusa.com supporters who have always been unflinching and devoted Trump supporters who heard the speech live.

All six were depressed by it and despondent.  Here is a summary of the comments I heard.

  • “It was a nothing burger.”
  • “Sour grapes.”
  • “The worst is yet to come.”
  • “I cannot believe anyone now.”
  • “Q is bullshit.”
  • “Our military has abandoned us.”

After taking in their comments, I turned in for the evening.  I did not prejudge their comments but planned to enjoy my morning coffee as I watched Trump’s speech with fresh eyes.  Here is what I saw.

During the 2018 and 2020 elections, I watched each of Trump’s stump speeches, from intro music to outro music.  His messaging was repetitive as to be expected, but that was secondary for me.  What mattered most to me was audience passion.   It was always high, and during Trump’s whirlwind speaking tour before the 2020 election, it was cosmic.  Wow!

However, what I saw this morning depressed me, just as it had the six people I polled last night before after they watched the speech live.

With this in mind, I’ll address each of the six comments I heard, based on what I saw this morning.

“It Was a Nothing Burger.”

So yes, it was a nothing burger.  When Trump held the levers of power, it was one thing.  Now, his political strategy is to build the future upon the quicksand of a hopelessly corrupt electoral system, where America’s enemies control the levers of power.

Fixing the electoral system has gone from a matter of national urgency to a fundraising tagline and the need to place our trust in a hopelessly corrupt electoral system.  Patriots understand the absurdity of the cowards and traitors in black robes.  Our judicial system has collectively kissed the Globalist ring for self-gain.

Hence, precious Constitutional rights are slipping away, and fixing this will be taking a paperclip to a gunfight.   Ergo, there is nothing here to pin our hopes on, and while we may be dumb, we’re not stupid.

“Sour Grapes”

When Trump was in office, the Democrats went on and on.  He did this and he did that.  Blah blah blah.

What did Trump do last night?  They did this; they did that; they did these other things and so forth and so on.

It was a rehash of what Ted Cruz said during his CPAC speech, and gauging from the audience’s reaction, Ted laid an egg.

In the end, it didn’t play well to hear the same kind of carping from Trump.  It was a redundant disappointment.

This explains the “nothing burger” sentiment.

“The worst is yet to come.”

The most potent energizing concept of Trump’s speeches is that the “best is yet to come,” and this worked because the Patriots believed it would be so.  It was about real hope for the future.

So what did I saw this morning?  Another Trump stump speech, with a sad twist,”: We’ve gone from Make America Great Again to holy sh*t we’re circling the drain.  Ignore the backstabbing RINOS and just keep sending money.

“I Cannot Believe Anyone Now”

When Winston Churchill took office in WW II’s early days, his first speech was a miscalculated flop.  The people didn’t want to hear political spin.  They wanted the unvarnished truth about the war, no matter how difficult it was.  When Churchill awoke to that necessity, he changed his tactic and became an immensely effective wartime leader.

Since the election, we’ve seen pundits and elected officials talk the talk about restoring election integrity, and now it’s all happy bullshit.

It is like getting your ass whupped by the school bully, and then everyone rushes to tell you that you just got your ass whupped; and oh yah, give me your lunch money.

“Q is Bullshit”

I heard a lot of bitterness in this comment.   He also follows Dave at X22, as do I and I’ve heard him say countless times how Sun Tzu tells us to appear weak when we’re strong.  We’ll Dave; Sun Tzu also tells us that there are nations and armies you do not fight.  Spin that one.

When General Flynn said, “there is no plan,” he was telling the truth.  No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy, and all the Q bravado now appears to be bullshit.  Who knows?

It is no wonder there is a growing suspicion that Q is a disinformation campaign to suppress a popular uprising with false hope.   Q can answer that directly.

With this in mind, a quick review.  So far,  we’ve covered:

  • “It was a nothing burger.”
  • “Sour grapes.”
  • “The worst is yet to come.”
  • “I cannot believe anyone now.”
  • “Q is bullshit.”

To these five comments, my considered opinion is, “This too shall pass.”

What will not pass is the sixth comment.

“Our Military Has Abandoned Us”

What we’ve seen time-and-again in our executive branches, legislatures and courts is the handiwork of self-serving cowards and traitors.   Along the way, we learned bitter lessons.

The first Million Man march after the election was not to the steps of Congress but to the steps of the Supreme Court.  However, it appears the majority of the Court was busy bending a knee to their new masters in Beijing at the time   Nonetheless, we still have to pretend they are righteous and committed Americans.  We get that.

However, what we didn’t see coming is that America’s top brass, in particular, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have followed the lead of SCOTUS.  Screw America first.  Save your own ass or you’ll be dragged through hell like General Flynn and this time, there will be nobody left standing to pardon you.

So let’s cut to the chase.

In the beginning, Trump was chosen by the military to become President and he kept his end of the bargain.  He has been a good and true President for the people.  He will always be loved and well-remembered by his admirers.  Leastwise, the ones who survive the re-education camps.

As for Q.   That the military chose Trump has been confirmed.  What I and many others have wondered about since the election is, can the Alliance generals who talked Trump into this make effort, make good their brags?  They can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

Trump’s speech yesterday proves they can’t make good their brags for reasons nobody will share with us.

Consequently, what I saw this morning in Trump’s CPAC speech is a leader struggling to maintain his relevance after being let down by the same folks who talked him into this in the first place.  But let’s be fair to the Alliance.

This indicates that the Alliance is waffling because America’s top military leaders are placing self-service above service to the country.  They like job security, private limousines, fine dining, and healthy paychecks, no different than corrupt Supreme Court justices and RINOS.

Remember, President Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex and while there are devoted Patriots among our military leaders and especially the Joint Chiefs of Staff, what I saw in the speeches by Cruz and Trump says it all.   Politically, they were both clumsy and on the back foot because this was not how this was supposed to work out.  As in, Trump got left holding the bag and this brings us down to the grassroots level.

When I was seventeen, I raised my right hand and swore to “Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

Trump never needed to sign any orders or make any proclamations.   Our military monitored the election, and they saw what happened with every legal and illegal vote.

Furthermore, they’ve always had the power to do what is necessary to prevent a belligerent government such as we have now from destroying our Constitution and nation.

They have the evidence.  They have the power.  And yet, it appears that not a man jack of them has the guts to do anything about it.

It likewise appears that our top military leaders have forgotten their Oath of Enlistment to defend the Constitution.

Therefore, the optics now is that our last line of defense has screwed the pooch and dragged our nation onto a path of doom.

In summary, what I saw this morning is that we’re smack in the middle of no man’s land and the artillery is coming at us from both directions.

Patriots, it would be lovely to hear our military tell us, “we’ve got this,” but the truth likely is, we’re in some pretty deep kimchee and on our own now.


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