Our Magnificent Patriot Women

| July 8, 2020

When a sane Patriot man watches the antics of the mean-spirited, trash-talking women of The View, the one thing he’ll likely thank God for is never having to hear any of them say, “Honey I’m home.”

In contrast to these angry older women of the left, in this article, I will share five courageous and optimistic Patriot women who inspire me.  There are countless more, but these five are living examples of women with true grit.  A humble start if you will.

These talented Patriot women pursue full lives as professional women, devoted mothers, and wives, and each handles the load with grace and integrity.  Instead of the ceaseless and nauseating whining and complaining of the left, they’re getting it done each day.

There are many differences between the women of the left and the right, but the critical point here is that stouthearted Patriot women have a focus on family values that sets the bar.

When times are at their worst, they lead as political windbags fold up like cheap tents in the blustery winds of change.

As others devolve into ‘every man for himself,’ these women will hold their families together and soldier on.

I was young enough to remember hearing Helen Reddy singing “I Am Woman” and a moment that one inspired women to achieve.  Her song was a compelling call to action back then, and still is today.

Sadly, the women of the left have not kept faith with those hopes.

Conversely, Patriot women heard “I Am Woman,” too, and they kept the faith.  What’s more, their numbers are growing in numbers too big to ignore, so let’s get started.

Melania Trump – First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS)

FLOTUS Melania Trump is the wife of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.  She is 50 and has the beauty, grace, and class of former FLOTUS, Jacqueline Kennedy.

What I like most about her is how she deals with being the second-hand victim of the continuous violence and abuse by the left aimed at her husband.  I suppose this is the result of what I experienced as a young boy.

The chauvinism that happened to my single working mother inevitably filtered down to me.  She was brave about it and seldom complained, but I could see what was happening, and it hurt.  You cannot imagine how much I hated those men.

The abuse of the left is more than petty attacks and sniping.  For Melania, it is a matter of life or death for everyone she loves and holds.

There have been numerous attempts on the President’s life by those of wealth and power who seek to destroy him and everyone around him.  Yet to watch her, you wouldn’t know it.  She’s tough. I like that.

Another thing I like about our First Lady is her accent.  I taught English as a second language to Russian immigrants back in the 1990s, and it is clearly, ‘not from here’ as in ‘not from here.’  Melania was born in Slovenia and folks; this is an astonishing fact, and here’s why.

No matter how strong or from what region of the country it comes from, American First Lady accents have always been American – up till now.  Melania Trump is living proof that we’ve come a long way as a nation and as a people.  She’s due her Camelot.

Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President

Kellyanne Conway views herself as a Generation X conservative and is a self-made woman. She founded a polling company and holds the distinguished title of the first woman in the history of American politics, to have led a successful presidential campaign.

A good and faithful counselor to POTUS, she is 53, a wife, and the mother of 4.  She’s also a poster child for the division being caused by the country’s second Civil War.

Today, we are in the second Civil War with the same combatants, pro-slavery Democrats vs. anti-slavery Republicans.  However, this time there is a twist.

Since the end of WWII, American institutions of higher learning have been infiltrated and subverted into Marxist-Leninist political indoctrination centers.  From my perspective, this indoctrination has evidenced itself in Conway’s family

Her husband George politically humiliated his wife, snarky public comments about Trump.  Trump declared him “a total loser” after he questioned his mental health, and I agree with that assessment but for different reasons.

First, he publically humiliated his wife, and that’s just plain wrong.   I’m old school. Trump is right; he’s a total loser.  Worse yet, he is a prominent conservative lawyer.  Like other country club types in the GOP, he’s also a never-Trumper.

Frankly, GOP backbiters like George Conway and Mitt Romney are a good reason to spit the GOP after Trump’s second term.  Imagine it, the Tea Party and MAGA folks, come together to form an all-new Patriot Party, leaving what remains of the GOP to the country club minority backbiters.  Just a thought.

On a more serious note, I cannot help but wonder if most painful insults for Kellyanne are from her leftist TikTok teenage daughter, Claudia Conway.  A never-Trumper, she trolls the President, encouraging all who read her posts to leave one-star reviews on all of the President’s properties.  Like a true Marxist-Leninist, she publically humiliates her mother and dishonors her parents.  Someone give the kid a red scarf.

In July 2020, Claudia said that her parents’ marriage had “failed,” which no doubt, the public was half-expecting.  As to why it had not happened up that point, Claudia answered, “honestly, I don’t know.”

Is it the indoctrination speaking, or is it something else? How, Kellyanne resolves these disputes with her family, will be a difficult process.

In the meantime, it is a sad thing to witness, yet, at the same time, inspiring.

Despite the horrible behavior of her family, she soldiered on in a manner reminiscent of the past. During the first Civil War, families were divided by the conflict, and so brother fought brother on the fields of combat.

One can only imagine the pain this caused the war families, and they endured.  Back then, Americans followed an old axiom, “As you make your bed, so you must lie on it.” It means you must accept the consequences of what you do.

Kellyanne has done so, although it is unclear if her family will have the courage to do so in kind.

In the meantime, I cannot help but wonder.

We like to think of the home as our refuge from the demands of work.  Perhaps, for Kellyanne, The White House has become a refuge from her husband and daughter?  Either way, she is the living embodiment of the WWII axiom, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”

Kayleigh McEnany

An indefeasible 32 years old, Kayleigh is married to baseball pitcher Sean Gilmartin, a cancer survivor and a former co-host on CNN’s ‘The Point.’

This last part got my attention because I was a producer with CNN in the early days (1986-88.)

To be fair, I’ve watched POTUS and the White House staffers and how they deal with the vitriolic agenda of the MSM in White House briefings.

All too often, the briefings have looked more like good old fashioned schoolyard ass-whuppins’ at the hands of MSM reporters, with a talent for damming posers.

Then along comes Kayleigh McEnany.  Whose that girl?  After her first briefing, I knew she was a comer.

What most viewers see is how she enters the room with a briefing folder at which point, and then it’s a pointed, smear-and-trap repartee with MSM reporters.

That’s what you see.  Here is what I see.

All organizations have a work culture, as members find ways to solve problems and to do things.  They also have a lifestyle, and CNN is no different. Kayleigh’s edge is that she lived in that lifestyle and knows the work culture.  Hence, she can see them coming.

Knowing the lifestyle and watching her work, a White House briefing is like watching an agile A-10 “Warthog” driver hammering the bad guys.  It’s only entertaining fun if you’re a good guy.

Here is the drill.  A natural-born stick-and-rudder gal, Kayleigh cruises into the combat zone and loiters above the small arms fire to assess her adversaries while she delivers prepared comments.   Then, it turns into a Q&A fur ball after she dips low enough to draw their fire.

Once they reveal themselves, she resumes the loiter maneuver and uses this time to peruse her rather thick, briefing book.

As she flips through the pages, I can imagine her scanning the weapon inventory that’s hanging off her wing pylons.

“Oh no, that one is too big.  Oh no, that one is too small.  But…” this is when her finger hits the page on the briefing book, “this one is so you.  Let’s make this bad boy bark.”

Once she has the answer in mind, the party begins.  I love watching how she rolls in on some MSM zombie reporter who thought he or she would catch her with a cloaked, DS attack question.  One can imagine POTUS and staff in the Oval Office, watching and cheering, “Yay, another one bites the dust” as the Last of the Mohicans plays in the background.

At this point, old tricks are the best tricks, and Kayleigh keeps repeating the process until she has expended all ammunition.  Then like a good Warthog driver, she ends the engagement and returns to base.

For MSM propagandists, Kayleigh is Sun Tzu in drag and twice as deadly.

Star Parker, Public Policy Advocate

The author of Necessary Noise Book, Star Parker, is 40 and married. She is a well-spoken black conservative voice for the restoration of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility.

The founder and President of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a Washington D.C. based Public Policy Institute; CPAC honored her with the “Ronald Reagan Foot Soldier of the Year” in 2016.

To me, Star typifies an extraordinary growth in the conservative undercurrent within the black community.

Thanks in part to Star and other courageous blacks, the Great Awakening has good and righteous voices.  Sadly, they must suffer the Uncle Tom Black attacks of pro-slavery Democrats.

Nonetheless, I believe Star and those like her, are making a more significant difference in changing minds than most would assume.

Is the Great Awakening happening?   Yes, and in evidence of the same, I share with you an email message I recently received from a trusted source.

Jul 4, 2020, 5:25 AM
FR: Reliable Source
TO: info@yowusa.com

Hey MM,

I just wanted to tell you this interesting tidbit i’ve noticed since mid june:

i work at a small ‘destination location’ hotel on the western slope of colorado, a rural but very recreational area, and like everyone else, our business came to a commanding stop for several months – nearly vacant on many nights. But, when states started easing restrictions and people started to come out from their rocks and holes, we went from <10% occupancy, to 40%, to 100% in a matter of 3 weeks…we are always the first hotel to sell out and it is normally standing room only here, especially during the summer months…but, i’ve never seen this pattern before, and i just passed my 7th anniversary. Prearranged reservations are the norm, but this year, people are coming out in droves but not announcing themselves or their plans in usual fashion. We have never had such huge numbers of walk-in guests like this year…

The point in short of this is this: i think many are ‘woke’ to the fraud and corruption of what they see happening, and many are simply going quiet, adopting stealth tactics to subvert what they see as rising authoritarian advances across the land…nobody will shriek until it is high time to do so, but people en masse are tired of being bullied and are going about their business as they deem fit…and flying under the radar so doing…i see this a a very hopeful sign…and only 1 in 15 guests are wearing masks, and i really like that! civil disobedience defined anew…and a total surprise to boot! gotta love it…

Folks, this is what the Great Awakening looks like, and yes, it’s real, and we’re seeing more of it each day.  It fills me with hope for positive change.

The Great Awakening is not a color thing.  It’s a species thing, and this fantastic global freedom movement is growing ever-larger each day.  For this reason, I am following Star with keen interest.

Watching her presentations is a sheer delight. She is eloquent and carries herself well.  She is consistent, passionate, and speaks in the quiet and dignified tones of the Great Awakening.  I sense her eventual destiny will emerge during a pivotal moment in history.

How odd… a curious thought just entered my mind.  President Parker has a nice alteration.

Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s Attorney

Have you noticed that the media always refers to Sidney Powell as General Flynn’s Attorney? Has anyone heard them refer to General Flynn as Sidney Powell’s client?  After this huge victory with the DOJ, it’s only fair.

Nonetheless, some Democrat will complain that she’s the second banana on the bill and doing all the work because she’s a woman, to which I would heartily reply, “and thank God she is.”

Sidney is 56 years old, married, and has a commanding presence and with a reserved manner.  A straight shooter, she is the author of LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. 

While her vita is considerable, the most relevant point is that she has a net worth of $700K, which means she’s an honest, hard-working lawyer who fights to the finish for her clients.  If your life is on the line, this is all the vita you need to know, and POTUS said it best:

At 3:21 AM on Jun 13, 2019, President Trump tweeted the following:

“General Michael Flynn, the 33 year war hero who has served with distinction, has not retained a good lawyer, he has retained a GREAT LAWYER, Sidney Powell. Best Wishes and Good Luck to them both!”

OK, let’s do the MAGA stump speech test.  Both choices are good, but which do you like more, General Flynn’s Attorney or GREAT LAWYER?

My vote is for GREAT LAWYER.




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