OCT 04/11 – May the Hysteria Be with Us

| September 29, 2023

OCT 04/11 – May the Hysteria Be with UsThis morning, I received a text message from a research colleague with concerns about the coming emergency alert test for Oct. 4, 2023.

She provided links to people telling folks to put their phones in the microwave that day.

It’s a red herring, folks, and to prove it, I put my phone inside my microwave, closed the door snugly, and texted her my answer via Windows 11 phone link:

“Sorry, this is Marshall’s microwave oven.  Marshall cannot come to the phone right now.”

Well, whaddya know?   She got my text.

Folks, I did a lot of work in cellular back in my computer days, and while there is cause for concern, I see people getting unnecessarily freaked out.

I will address these concerns in this article sans the WTF hair-pulling hysteria and people racing around with their hair on fire.  Furthermore, as to these fan-the-fire types, I only have one thing to say to you.

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.” Apocalypse Now (1979).

Okey dokey, let’s unpack this intelligently so we can work together to get real payback and preserve our right to access the airways of the United States.

This Is Not Your Father’s FEMA

During my consulting days in Silicon Valley, I did a lot of work in cellular technologies, was trained in FEMA emergency communications, and read the FEMA release.  I also see a lot of people getting freaked out.

fema.gov, August 3, 2023
FEMA and FCC Plan Nationwide Emergency Alert Test for Oct. 4, 2023

Test Messages Will be Sent to All TVs, Radios and Cell Phones

WASHINGTON — FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) this fall.

The national test will consist of two portions, testing WEA and EAS capabilities. Both tests are scheduled to begin at approximately 2:20 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 4.

The WEA portion of the test will be directed to all consumer cell phones. This will be the third nationwide test, but the second test to all cellular devices. The test message will display in either English or in Spanish, depending on the language settings of the wireless handset.

The EAS portion of the test will be sent to radios and televisions. This will be the seventh nationwide EAS test.

The purpose of the Oct. 4 test is to ensure that the systems continue to be effective means of warning the public about emergencies, particularly those on the national level. In case the Oct. 4 test is postponed due to widespread severe weather or other significant events, the back-up testing date is Oct. 11.

Download the complete new release.

The concern is that something will be embedded in the alert that could trigger negative health consequences.  This is an immense concern, and I addressed this in my video series, The Jab.

An  October 4 trigger mechanism could be sonic, visual, or EMF.

  • A sonic trigger could be activated using a frequency outside the human auditory range.
  • The background image will appear static, but it is still a video, which means it can be interlaced with a subliminal message. Also, flashing, colors, etc.
  • With EMF radiation, my principal concern is Bluetooth. You want to be 20 feet or more away from any working Bluetooth device.

My thought about the 4th.  My concern is that the October 4th date is a propagation and nodal distribution test.  They want to see how many MAC addresses turn up and where.

It’s like in the artillery, where you fire for effect to help you zero in on the target.  Then you give them hell, which could be the October 11th date.

Admittedly, this is an opinion; nonetheless, I always advise people is to have a Faraday bag for their phone.  They come in many price ranges, and here is the Signal Blocking Bag I ordered for this test.

It does the three things I want: my smartphone, car FOB, and credit cards.  You may want something else, but check the product page’s demo video to see how to test your phone.  It will help you.

If you do not have a Faraday bag for your phone, drive to a public park, lock the phone in the glove box, go find a safe, comfy bench, and enjoy a page-turner.  Try to go with a friend and have a real, human unZoom meeting.  And remember.  20’ away from the Bluetooth.

If you want to stay home, unplug the power to your Internet router and turn off all the electronics in the house.  Then, find a comfy chair and enjoy your page-turner.

Either way, Vive la revolution baby and vive hystérie!   After reading this article, please do not tell the microwave oven experts about it.  No siree Bob.  We want them out there beating the fear drums cuz the natives are restless.

Uh.. say what?

Vive Hystérie!

As the author of Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Survival Communications, I knew that smartphones would be weaponized against their users and that a new communication dilemma would arise.  How can we live without them and stay alive with them as well?

Until now, denial has been relatively easy, so it was always a matter of I don’t know and I don’t want to know.  This is why the October 4th test is a well-timed blessing.

A year or two ago, the test would have slid past us with the usual blah blah blah.  Now, this is getting personal, so I stand upon my antenna and shout to the microwave oven fearmongers, vive hystérie, and here is why.

The smart meter on your house or apartment is a surveillance state tool.  In the home, your smart meter knows when you are in the shower, in bed, cooking dinner, etc.  Before FBI thugs smash through your door at 3 a.m., they use it to click your power off.  It’s why they call them smart.

At least, when you walk away from your home, you can leave this invasive technology behind for a short while.

However, with personal devices worn on or near the body, and if you are never more than a MAC address away from the surveillance state.

Finally, thank God, people are waking up to an unpleasant realization.

No matter the variation, governments are psychopath magnets.

For every American, the reality is that our government wants each of them to be one simple keystroke away from death.  This, I believe, is the point of this October 4 test.

As I said before, they are looking for propagation and nodal distribution.

Thanks to the graphene in the vaccine, almost everyone who was jabbed has a MAC address, and during the test, they’ll be looking for nodal distribution.  This is because, with 6G, our bodies will replace our smartphones as network nodes.

For this reason, I believe they will harvest the MAC address into a database so they can mine the data.

Here, folks, Americans will have an opportunity to send a long overdue message.

When they parse the data, they’ll likely find their propagation to be nominal; however, there will be glaring, massive gaps in the nodal distribution patterns, and it will send a huge message with deafening silence.

“We’re not participating!”

That message needs to be sent, and yes, if we can’t live with them, it’s back to sundials, which has a certain appeal to me.

Then again, I’m blabby, and if you are too, how do we defend our Constitutional, God-right to be blabby over the air?

We take out the blood-sucking middlemen.

Preserving our Constitutional Right to Communicate

Our smartphones make us vulnerable.  Imagine, one day, you are arguing with your mother over politics and having fun with it when an AI flags you for sedition, and your telephone number is suddenly listed as out of service.  Without the ability to verify yourself, life could become difficult, and then comes the rest.

I hope people will wake up to the fact that our ability to communicate as free people is not with centralized networks. We preserve our rights with decentralized citizen radios.

The Black Hats get the bad news on October 4 that America has had enough, and if there is a heaven above, they’ll see a big uptick in demand for analog HAM two-way radios and SSB CB two-way radios.

To borrow terms from the digital world, America needs a decentralized SSB CB two-way radio network where citizens communicate anonymously over duly licensed federal airwaves without any controllers or gatekeepers.

This reinforces the message, “We’re not participating!”

Single Sideband (SSB) CB two-way radios are the tool of choice.

Radio Free Earth – SSB CB for Newbies

There are no coincidences, and today began with the microwave red herring theory.  It’s like they say, it’s always something.

I had just finished reading the FEMA press release and noticed an interesting email from Scott G and it brightened my day.

He purchased my book Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Survival Communications and assembled a totally awesome, off-grid SSB CB Patriot two-way radio setup.

I explain these powerful and yet amazingly affordable two-way radios you can buy for cash.   For most people, an SSB CB setup like Scott G’s one will be peachy.  For those who need more, analog HAM radios are the way to go; all these radios are explained in my book.

Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Survival Communications

Analog RF is the Heartbeat of Freedom – Accept No Substitutes

Radio Free Earth shows you how to select and use a wide range of affordable consumer and amateur two-way radios for long-range and short-range communications.

Scott G Patriot SSB CB Freedom Station

Written for non-technical readers, it demystifies the world of amateur radio with simplified, building-block explanations. Ideal for survivalists and hobbyists alike, it reduces months of personal study down to a matter of days. Topics include:

  • Radio basics such as frequencies and desirable features
  • Long-range and short-range communication strategies
  • Choosing the right radio for any survival mission
  • Shopping for affordable and reliable radios and equipment
  • Protecting your radios from artificial and natural events

When you finish this book, you will know where to begin, what to buy, when to buy it, and who uses it – fast!

What annoys HAMs is that the book is not written for hobbyists.  I wrote it for people who do not share their passion for tinkering with the technology but rather need to get on the air fast for vital reasons.

Citizens Band Radios for Survival

Watch this three-part series; you will understand how to effectively acquire and use an SSB CB two-way radio and be on the air in a few days.  Watch and enjoy.

Part 1/3 – Why SSB CB with Marshall Masters

There are three basic solution paths when selecting your first and best two-way communication for preparedness. FRS/GMRS, Citizens Band, and Amateur Radio. Learn why single-sideband citizens band (SSB CB) radios offer the best combination of simplicity, range, affordability, and a quick learning curve.

Part 2/3 – How SSB CB Works with Marshall Masters

Most CB radios in use today are not single-sideband capable, yet this is the most efficient mode for transmitting messages over the air and at far ranges. When you understand how this is possible, you’ll know why SSB CB radios are ideal for preparedness.

Part 3/3 – Making SSB CB Work for You with Marshall Masters

A mistaken concern for many newbies is that the Citizens Band service is a dead-end, yet the opposite is true. How will you know? By becoming proficient with an SSB CB. This will prepare you for learning how to use more sophisticated, amateur two-way radios. You’ll also be shown which types of antennas are best suited to SSB CB survival mission roles.


Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Survival Communications

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