The Total Obliteration of Germany and Its People + Interviews with Michael Decon and The Breakdown

| February 5, 2023

The Total Obliteration of Germany and Its PeopleOnce German and American combatants and heavy weapons draw Russian blood, it will unleash a long-standing, pent-up trauma.

Once provoked, Russia will obliterate the German nation and its people, and with Russian forces building, the window of opportunity to end this madness is narrowing.

I have a message to the German and the American people and a hopeful possibility to help end this nightmare before it arrives.

I say this with a unique perspective and will speak briefly to the German people, then at length with Americans.


Michael Decon Interview

Marshall Masters EP.70 The Total Obliteration of Germany and Its People – February 9, 2023

Michael and I went into depth on this topic, and I presented additional material for this article.  For best results, read the article and then play the entire interview.  The first part of the show is general, but then we go very heavily into this story.

The Breakdown Interview

It’s The Breakdown, Paranormal Edition on Odysy Radio! Join Aaron Barker and Marshall Masters as they discuss Marshall’s latest article.



To Peace Loving Germans

In the 90s, I traveled and did business in Germany and Russia, and while I’m not an apologist for Putin, given my experience, I implore you to stop being Biden’s lackeys.  He abandoned good people in Afghanistan, he abandoned our borders, and now he is abandoning the sovereignty of our skies.

Wake up, Germany!   You are following a corrupt American leader in cahoots with the WEF and Nazis like Klaus Schwab and George Soros to your doom because Biden is a cut-an-run President.  After provoking a terrible war with Russia and your country has been obliterated, he will abandon you.

Yes, your liberals are as twisted as ours, becoming blind, hateful warmongers, drunk on their ambitions, power, and propaganda, and behaving like hysterical fools.  With no apparent interest in statesmanship, they prefer to demand that Russia submit or fail like petulant children.

There are a lot of honest Ukrainians in the fight.  Still, there are two things Germans and Americans need to know about the one hundred billion dollars Biden, and the Uniparty sent to Ukraine with zero oversight.  Nada, zip, nye, and bupkus, and mind you, this is enough money to repair over half of America’s  231,000 bridges.

Why are there no questions?  The answers are embarrassing.  There is the usual graft and corruption, including our corrupt, Uniparty members and their families.

Then a good share of that is going to support Ukrainian Nazis forces such as the Azov Regiment.   So what if America and Germany send them battle tanks?  At the very least, it will take weeks to train the crews.  Then there are the logistics and maintenance concerns and, again, the same problem – not enough time.

Putin’s Stalingrad Speech 2/2/2023


The problem is that peaceniks turned into armchair warhawks cannot see this.

Hence, how will they solve the problem?  They’ll send German crews to man the German tanks and American crews to man the American tanks.  After they take victory laps for committing our forces, we’ll all be in deep kimchi.

So who will be fighting alongside our brave warriors in Ukraine?  Some will be Nazis.

Ukranians taught the Nazis how to kill Russian Jews and were most happy to serve as brutal guards in the concentration camps.  Ultimately, American and German soldiers will not be fighting Nazis but rather with them.

There is a lot of ethnic trauma waiting to be released by these terrible deeds, and as I like to say, when you know there is a wounded bear at the back of the cave, it’s not a good day to take up spelunking.

Should this pent-up ethnic trauma be unleashed, Russia’s million-man army will do to you what the Wehrmacht did to the Russians in Operation Barbarossa.  It will be Totaler Krieg (Total War) as Joseph Goebbels called it in 1943, but there will be nothing rhetorical about it this time.  There will be no talk, no mercy.  It will be an ethnic reckoning, and you will have two choices: flee or die.

Once the German diaspora begins, there will be little sympathy for warmongers scattered to the winds, and what will become of your ancestral lands?  They’ll become elbow room for a Chinese version of Lebensraum.

To those Germans, who laugh at this possibility, may the odds be ever in your favor.  To those who fear this possibility, wake up and save the world while there is time, and there is precious little left of that.

Something must happen soon if we are to break this catastrophic chain of events in time.

To Peace Loving Americans

As a peace-loving American, there is something you can do to hopefully help to break this catastrophic chain of events in time.  I will explain that further, but first, we need to understand Putin from a realistic perspective instead of blind, ignorant MSM propaganda.

I say this because I operated a tour agency specializing in Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union for seven years during the 1990s.  I specialized in independent travelers, gained basic proficiency in the language, and traveled to Russia eleven times on business and had many great adventures.

My first business trip was six months after the fall of the Soviet Union, and while I had my own operators, I was a boots-on-the-ground guy, and whenever possible, I stayed in homes and rode the subway so I could live, talk and walk amongst the people.

America and Russia are natural allies, and everyone wanted to get the band back together.  It was a fantastic time as well as being a tremendous transitional hardship for the Russians.

However, survival is part of the fabric of Russian culture.  Ergo, instead of lengthy, Western-style victim mentality rants, most typical Russians shrug their shoulders and say, Это жизнь (It’s the life.)

Given what I learned about the Russian people and their culture, what was my biggest surprise An unforeseen success by American Christian Missionaries; a real one-two punch story.

Gold Edged Paper Bibles

Early on, I often heard about how American Missionaries invited young Russians to a lecture followed by a dinner and dance.  While they didn’t serve alcohol, the food and entertainment were top-drawer, and everyone received a free Russian-language Bible.  Often these were beautifully bound family Bibles with gold-edged paper, quite costly here in America and most recognizable.

Whenever my operators or hosts talked about their gift Bible, I always asked where it was.  Some said on a bookshelf, some said they could not remember, but most said they sold them in Metro for the price of a few subway tokens.

I thought the Missionaries were wasting their money, but as it turns out, I would bear witness to a divine hand in the matter and learned a lesson in the process.

If there is one thing you learn about Russians, it’s this: If a little marble is good, a lot more is better.  Consequently, the Moscow Metro is stunning.  Throughout the stations, there were book mongers with fold-down tables piled high with books printed in the Soviet era.  As a rule, the books had basic, but durable bindings.

In January 1994, while walking through a Moscow metro station, my eye fell upon something odd; it was one of those gold-edged paper Bibles, and then they started popping up.  It was like putting on the sunglasses in They Live, and I quickly spotted them.  The following year, there were a few left.  The year after that, no sign of them anywhere, so what happened?

In the West, we’re a consumer society with planned obsolesce, and free Amazon returns, so we throw a lot of stuff away.  The Russians have a much higher regard for value, and their beauty was why many of these Bibles eventually found a good home.

But there was another thing happening at that time.  Free of the yoke of religious suppression, the nation was returning to its Christian Slavic roots, and this is why I never again saw a gold-edged paper Bible in the Moscow metro.

What can I say?  When it comes to distribution, God is a pretty savvy publisher.

The point here is that Russia is a Christian Slavic nation, and the only people Nazis enjoy killing more than Slavs are Jews, and regrettably, they are making significant gains on both fronts.

Israel is the most vaccinated nation in the world, particularly concerning boosters.  It is shameful that this of all countries forgot the lessons of the Holocaust.

But as they say, misery loves company, and consequences are global.  Ask the Australians why they lead the world in stillbirths with a rate of 70%.  Imagine it; only 30% survive.

This brings us to the unfortunate plight of the Ukrainian civilians caught up in all this.   People mostly want the same things, such as a good and peaceful life with purpose and family.  May God watch and keep over them.

The War Today

Generals win battles, and factories win the wars, which is why the Russians are old school.  As brutal as this conflict has been, they’ve led a strategic war of attrition to this point, which is about to change dramatically.  Putin’s factories can and are cranking it all out in volume; for as I said earlier, Russians highly regard value.

With the West, we rely on just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing and inventory systems.  So how has that worked out?

American stockpiles are badly strained, and the news from Germany is even worse., 26-Jan-2023
German Military Left with ‘Bare’ Armory As Country Sends Weapons to Ukraine, Army Chief Warns

Lieutenant General Alfons Mais, the chief of Germany’s army, has warned that government decisions to keep sending weapons and munitions abroad to Ukraine have left military stockpiles “bare”, a report on Wednesday has claimed.

It comes as the country’s government finally agreed to give a number of its Leopard 2 main battle tanks to the Ukrainian military in the face of mounting political pressure both at home and abroad.

However, according to a report by Bild, such a decision may yet have a negative effect on the country’s combat preparedness.

Having previously warned that his force had been left with a more-or-less “bare” armoury, Mais warned that — despite the German government committing to pumping over $100 billion into the country’s military — things have not gotten much better.

In fact, according to the publication, the army chief has said that “the absolute bareness” of the German armoury has only increased, with the relative inflow and outflow of weapons, vehicles and munitions overall getting worse as the country sends weapons abroad.

For NATO, what’s the score?  Stockpiles are precipitously low, energy is disrupted, and Putin is building a massive army outside Ukraine’s border.

Meanwhile, the West MSM propaganda machine has built an information wall around Russia, and in the U.N., delegates walked out refusing to hear them out.  No matter what you think of Putin, he is not weak, failing, and getting a sound thrashing.

Although the Ukrainians are putting up a fight and giving the Russians hell on the ground, nothing could be further from the truth.  Were the Ukraine War a Carnival, one could say the first year of the war was a sideshow, and when Putin is ready to unleash his version of hell, it will be in the big tent with everyone watching and crapping their pants.

Denied a chance to present his issues to the world, the MSM information wall has served Putin well, blinding the West to the buildup of his forces and that he has put his factories on a wartime footing.  Meanwhile, the Russian GDP has increased despite the worst sanctions the West has ever put on anyone because Russia no longer needs the Globalists.

During this first year of the war, Putin drained the stockpiles of Germany and put a heavy strain on America’s stockpiles.  Plus, the Covid plandemic has seriously weakened America’s readiness level.  No longer capable of fighting and winning two major conflicts concurrently, many military experts wonder if America can still win one.

In terms of Putin’s strategy to exploit the JIT weakness of the West has worked brilliantly.  As our stockpiles thinned, his were building.  But this also gave Putin a chance to win without a major land invasion that would kill fellow Christian Slavs.

Cut-and-Run Biden saw to it that statesmanship never had a chance.  His intractable position that Russia either submit to the NWO or faces humiliation and defeat is the ranting of a brain-addled criminal and warmonger.  Here we are in the first week of February, and no Army on Earth, including our own, can fight in winter like the Russians.  Now that Putin has the weather, what can he do with it?  Ask the French and the Germans.  Been there – done that.

Furthermore, thanks to the MSM information wall, everyone is blind to what is happening militarily, thereby giving Putin the element of surprise.  When he makes his move, he’ll move across the border like a tsunami and take Ukraine quickly.  Then if provoked, he’ll turn westward and obliterate Germany as NATO and the U.N. collapse.

Putin will also see that America is no longer a global power.  Later this month, we will publish our following Signs installment, Signs 73 – Winter of Ash, with the details.

In it will, we will show how the current fireball activity provides the perfect cover for a false flag attack using either a nuclear tsunami torpedo or a guided asteroid.  This attack can remove America and NATO from the battlespace, with terrible consequences for the world.

Given that Putin has the perfect cover for a devastating false flag attack and that military he is in the best position he’ll ever have to invade Ukraine and, if necessary, Europe, what would induce him to sacrifice these advantages for the promise of peace?

For that, let’s take a closer look at the man.

Vladimir Putin

We often could see the portrait of President Andrew Jackson in a special place of honor in Donald Trump’s Oval Office.

Who does Vladimir Putin feature in his place of honor?  The 18th-century Russian tsar Peter the Great.  This is partly due to the formative events of his early childhood.

Putin was born on October 7, 1952, in Leningrad, Russia.   A city Peter built a city on a Neva River delta at the head of the Gulf of Finland.  Today, it is called St. Petersburg.

Born into a working-class home, his father was Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, and his mother was Maria Ivanovna Putina.  Both were survivors of the war, and Putin’s Leningrad was a city devastated by the Nazis and scared with trauma, which began early for his family.

His father, Vladimir, was conscripted into the Soviet Navy in the 1930s as a submariner.  After the outbreak of the war, he served in the NKVD (secret police), was later transferred to the regular army in 1942, and was severely wounded during the Siege of Leningrad.   His mother was a factory worker, and she and Vladimir were siege survivors.

A noteworthy aspect is Vladimir Putin’s grandfather, Spiridon Putin.

Spiridon was a personal cook to Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, and one could only imagine the stories he shared with his family.  There are no coincidences, and if there is only one word you need to remember, it is “trauma.” This brings me to the story of the Siege of Leningrad and how it shaped Putin’s early formative years.

Readers, this is important because before Putin presses that fateful button, he will reflect upon what he experienced in these early years, and given a genuine chance for true peace, he will seize it, and here is why I know this to be true.

The Museum

As a tour operator, my greatest selling strength was my ability to describe sights of interest, and museums were at the top of my list.  It wasn’t hard because I am a history enthusiast, and both St. Petersburg and Moscow have excellent museums, and I visited all the most popular ones.

In the summer of 1994, I was on foot as usual and enjoying the many wonderful museums of St. Petersburg.  I was most interested in a natural history museum that featured a woolly mammoth dug out of the tundra.

In the entry, the walls were adorned with photos of ordinary-looking people.  It wasn’t your typical corporate wall with pictures of past presidents and so forth.

I was curious about that and asked one of the curators, and what she told me was that these had all been museum employees who starved to death during the siege of Leningrad, often dying at their desks as they were doing their work.

Then I began looking at the pictures on the walls and an entirely different way.  I had to know why these people met such an awful end.

After returning to America, I talked about this with a dear old friend by the name of DeWitt Weaver, who shared a copy of a book from his library.  It was the 1969 edition of The 900 Days: The Siege Of Leningrad by Harrison E. Salisbury.

At well over 600 pages, it was deep, dark, and brilliantly written.  It took Salisbury twenty-five years to research and write the book, and it took me nearly five months to read it from cover to cover.  What I read was so awful and heart-wrenching that I could only read five to ten pages at a time, but I soldiered on with grim determination because I just had to know.

For a tiny hint of what I read, here is the book description for the 2003 edition.

Harrison E. Salisbury
The 900 Days: The Siege Of Leningrad (2003 edition)

The Nazi siege of Leningrad from 1941 to 1943, during which time the city was cut off from the rest of the world, was one of the most gruesome episodes of World War II.  In scale, the tragedy of Leningrad dwarfs even the Warsaw ghetto or Hiroshima.

Nearly three million people endured it; just under half of them died, starving or freezing to death, most in the six months from October 1941 to April 1942 when the temperature often stayed at 30 degrees below zero.

During this inhuman siege, a million Russians starved to death as constant Nazi shelling smashed much of the city.

The sad thing is that here in the West, it is so easy for people to be dismissive about such historical events and the lasting traumas they create using dismissive nonsense, such as everyone has a cross to bear, so get over it and move on.  No wonder Americans are seen as being unfashionably provincial.

The point here is that Putin grew up with a father and a city severely wounded by the war, with long-lasting consequences.  Now, why is this important?

Changing the Future

Some would like us to think we are on an immutable timeline, and if so, what is the point of incarnation?  Did God put us in these bodies to be trapped like hamsters in a roll cage with no chance of exit?

I believe not because, for those who look, there are exits.  If we can help Putin lift his finger off the fateful button, here is where we need to focus our efforts.   There is a way.

My book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks (2014) is about the coming Planet X flyby and is divided into three parts.

The first part is a channeled prediction for a period of tribulation beginning with an event the Guides refer to as “The Winter of Ash,” which will be discussed further in our next installment of the Signs series.

The book’s second part offers spiritual ways to collectively influence government leaders for their authority for the greater good.  The third part is about what we can do as individuals.

In the second part, the most critical strategy focuses on a leader’s early childhood.  Here, you can laser through bravado and guile to deliver a call to nobility.

In this case, we keep sending a simple message, and if enough people join in, perhaps, there is a chance we can help to break this chain of catastrophe from the Russian side.  Here is an idea.

Buy several prepaid postcards and pass them to those you confide in and ask each of them to write this message by hand, so the recipients will know it’s personal:

President Putin
Embassy of Russia
2650 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20007

Dear President Putin, you know what 900 days is about; if you press that button, it will be 900 years for humanity.

Anon Citizen

Imagine that thousands of such postcards start to show up each day.  Such a thing would have to appear in one of Putin’s daily briefings.

That being said, keep your pen in hand because there is a new hope on the American side, and you’ll need it.

A Golden Moment for Peace

When it comes to MSM information walls that blind us to important events of the day, none is tighter than the one bound around a case back currently under review by the Supreme Court.  It is, Brunson v. Alma S. Adams; et al.

Brought pro se by two brothers in Utah, it maintains that 100 members of Congress had voiced election concerns and that all of their complaints were ignored.  Given that the nation’s leading intelligence agencies had also withheld a definitive election assessment before counting the Electoral votes, this was a Banana republic-style blind vote.

The Brunson brothers, therefore, maintain that 385 members of Congress, along with VP Mike Pence, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, intentionally turned a blind eye to their election complaints.  Hence, they violated their oaths of office by not protecting the Constitution and should be forcibly removed from office and barred from holding any future office.

Their petition was denied on January 9, 2023, and on January 23, 2023, the Brunson brothers filed their Petition for Rehearing.  The rehearing is scheduled for a Conference on 2/17/2023.

How could a throw-the-bums-out pro se case from Utah get this high up the chain?  The Supreme Court helped them with their filings, and thanks to folks like Juan O’Savin and many others, there has been a massive national effort.  The result of a letter campaign in support of the case and by December 24, 2022, the Court had received 44,000 letters.

Remember that scene in Shawshank Redemption (1994) when Andy Dufresne’s monthly letter-writing campaign finally works?  The state legislature sent him a check to start his library and asked that he stop bothering them.  Remember how Andy smiled and said, “Now I’ll write two letters a week instead of one.”

Want to help make a difference today?  Fire up your Shawshank mojo-turnaround by joining the Brunson SCOTUS Letter campaign effort.  Not only do one letter for yourself but for as many others as you can.  Make it easy.  You put it all together and mail it.  All they have to do is to sign and date it and add a P.S. to the Court.

Let the Court know they have the support of the people.  Folks, this is important because to rule in favor of Brunson, they’ll have to go out on a limb, and they know the DS will do everything to ensure the tree falls on them in return.

When I sent my letters, here was my P.S.  Short and sweet, “Please rule favorably on this case and end WW III before it begins.”

Brunson offers a golden for SCOTUS to spare the world from 900 years of trauma and misery.  Get the word out, write the letters, and know you cared enough to help make a difference.

Be you, be creative and do it often.  Do It Now

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