Will Obama Derail Trump to Start World War III?

| December 20, 2016

Will Obama Derail Trump to Start World War III?On December 19, 2016, The Electors of the Electoral College meet in their states and sufficient votes to ensure the election for President-elect Donald Trump were cast. Also on that day, a terrorist who is still at large, smashed his truck into a crowded Christmas market in central Berlin, killing 12 and injuring 50.

Now as Americans wonder if there will be any further left wing attempts to derail Trump’s victory, Germany’s ever more popular, right is proclaiming, ‘THEY ARE MERKEL’S DEAD!’ as a public condemnation for Angela Merkel’s open-door migrant police. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the mainstream media pundits are beginning to voice the opinion that these times are reminiscent of those leading up to the two devastating World Wars of the 20th century.

What is coming clear for many now is that the innocent blood of Christmas shoppers on Merkel’s hands was painted with the same brush as Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Clinton did not lose to Trump. She lost to her own Merkel-like arrogance. Not that these embarrassments are going to stop the globalists from their intention to start World War III. They will not be deterred, and this gives us pause to wonder, will Globalist President Barrack Obama derail President-elect Donald Trump’s victory to start World War III, and if so, how could this come about? The devil is in the process.

The next major deadline for Donald Trump will be January 6, 2017, when the Congress meets in joint session to count the Electoral votes. Here is where the Globalist last stand will most likely be fought because Congress has the power to pass a law to change this date. The question becomes, what would facilitate the passage of such a law?

The Beating Drums of War

Bitterly opposed to Donald Trump, the corporatist mainstream media is beating the drums for the allegation that Russian meddled in our election, and using hacking, a foreign government played a significant role in Trump winning the election. Leading this marching band is drum major President Obama threatening Russia with retaliation at an unspecified date and in an unspecified manner.

Over the course of the last year, many have publicly expressed the belief that Obama will be the last duly elected President of the United States, such as remote viewing expert Maj. Ed Dames when he expressed this opinion last August in Las Vegas, during his Planet X conference. Since then, a new term has entered the public lexicon “fake news,” and it is being foisted upon us by the very same people who organized an intimidation campaign against the Electoral College. So could this lead and how could it play out?

What we learned yesterday is that buying Electors is not as simple as buying elected representatives in Congress. Therefore, what can we see here in America? The mainstream media will continue to beat the drum for Russian meddling in the election, while most Americans asked the question “where’s the beef?” Then politicians in Washington are offered deals they cannot refuse, if only they will vote to postpone the January 6, 2017, date for counting the Electoral votes.

Meanwhile, what will Russians see in Russia? The beginning of World War III.

I lived through the Cuban missile crisis, and I remember:

  • The horror of those who knew they were completely unprepared to survive a nuclear conflagration;
  • The evening news accounts of people cramming into gun stores and pawnshops to buy any arms they could find at any price;
  • People praying, and it reminds me of what we see today. That as our political system seems to be floundering in dangerous waters, more of us are turning to religion for answers and comfort;

What defused the Cuban missile crisis and saved the world from the horrible threat of a global nuclear war, was not bluster. President Kennedy and Premier Khrushchev that they loved their children more than their politics and so they found a way to retreat from the abyss.

A New Threat Matrix

Today, I believe we are facing a completely different threat matrix. This is because during the 1990s I operated a travel business specializing in Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union and visited the country many times over the course of seven years. While it is easy in America to think of the Russians as despotic, the fact is while our government is buying bullets, coffins and building shelters for the privileged and concentration camps for the rest of us, while the Russians are building shelters for their populace.

If President Obama and those financing his globalist aims are successful in derailing Trump’s Presidential victory, they must do so by tarring the Russians with an old brush. One that America has often used to defeat legitimate leaders and democratic elections in South America.

In the process, America will become divided as never before, and we will see mass protests that will make those of the Vietnam War era pale in comparison. In the process what the rest of the world will see is that as a nation, we’ve lost touch with the fundamental principle of “united we stand, divided we fall.”

What the Russians are hoping for is a man they can do business with like Pres. John F. Kennedy who during the Cuban missile crisis turned away from the warmongering advice of the establishment, to find a way to peace. This is the possibility they see in Donald Trump, and they will make peace with this man business because they love their children.

But if Trump’s victory is derailed and he does not put his hand on the Bible come this 20th of January, they will see a powerful country divided and succumbing to the growing threat of martial law. In response, they will not launch a preemptive attack. Then, will come the logic of ‘an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine’ and this will be an unfortunate turn of events for everyone.

Why? Winston Churchill eloquently stated the reason during an October 1939 radio broadcast when he said: “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.” Simply put, Churchill understood and respected the Russians in a way that no American President ever has.

What precipitated the Cuban missile crisis were the nuclear-tipped Jupiter ballistic missiles America based in Italy and Turkey. A clear first strike threat and in response, Russia armed Cuba with nuclear-tipped missiles that could reach into the heart of the United States. What is not stated publicly was that Fidel Castro personally favored the use of these missiles but was never given the launch codes.

With the Trump presidency derailed, and the United States divided and headed in into chaos, the Russians will look upon this with dismay and likely say to themselves, “old tricks are the best tricks,” and they will arm another rogue state with nuclear weapons. The problem for America is that these new rogue partners will not love their children more than their politics or religious beliefs. Therein comes the rub. What if this rogue state possesses the ability to bypass the Russian safeguards and used these weapon systems to unleash a nuclear jihad upon America and its allies?

As 2017 approaches, perhaps the onus is now upon good Americans branded as “deplorables” Hillary Clinton to quit a calm and orderly celebration of the political victory. Perhaps it is time for these “deplorables” to derail the war aims of those funding and organizing the Left and their naïve pursuit of confrontation with Russia? As you contemplate that question, I wish to share with you an email I received from one such “deplorable” by the name of Richard Shaw of Pinlight Productions in Hollywood and producer of the Torah Code series.

We Didn’t Know…

The Left Finally Went too Far

Richard Shaw

We didn’t know this past year what was going to happen from day to day. It’s like the way many of us felt the past eight years with Obama. Would there be a big collision right in front of us we’d have to deal with? Who’s bleeding today? Would our rights need to be defended — again? What other mandate would be coming down from the White House to shake our lives, and what was going to happen next from behind the scenes? I know like many of you, I was beginning to flinch from the sound of tires squealing.

It came out today that the Electoral college decision on Trump is an affirmative. It’s not looking good for the Left. They’ve lost every desperate plan to unseat Trump. The MSM has been distorting the facts, saying Trump’s election was helped by the Russians. There was no evidence to support that, and even after an FBI investigation, Comey admitted the Russians had nothing to do with it. But the MSM still want Hillary in office. They’re not satisfied with the outcome of the election and as I write this, there is still an attempted coup going on in this country. Most people are unaware. The power that the MSM and the Left has held for decades is in mortal jeopardy and they aren’t ready to give up that control and the resulting wealth that goes with it.

The Obama administration has been known to pass mandates right through Christmas time, when the general population is with their families and not interested in governmental foul play. This past year, we learned how serious the situation had become in this country. How the media was proven to be highly biased and usually wrong. It didn’t matter. They refused to report the truth. Trump may deal them a blow so that they continue to be minimized by suspending the daily press briefings, which we’ve known are pretty much worthless, biased, and not helpful to those of us wanting the truth.


Why is everyone in this country so upset? Americans don’t react quickly. They let it simmer, but this year it boiled over. Why did 60 million people vote for a non-politician, a TV personality like Trump, a billionaire with no formal political experience? — the MSM asks. They don’t get it and it shows their own stupidity. People were tired of being played by the elite establishment. They were tired of truly despicable liars like Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton and Obama running the country. It’s not what we signed up for to be an American. We were tired of being told by Obama on the companies we designed “you didn’t build that.”

Republican or Democrat, there was little difference. Promises were made and not kept. It was all about the money. The system was corrupt, and the Clinton Foundation was a big part of it.

We didn’t agree for our politicians to accept millions of dollars for favors from foreign governments. We didn’t agree for our elected officials to do undercover land deals and then punish or fine local ranchers who were using those same lands.

We didn’t agree for a president, regardless of his color, to become a banana republic style dictator. We didn’t agree for 70,000 manufacturing companies to close their doors due to unfair off-shore competition or NAFTA.

We didn’t ask for our children to share the boys and girls bathrooms and showers. We didn’t ask for a change in the marriage laws so that Gays have the same rights as a husband and wife who were procreating. However, we also didn’t hold any animosity towards our Gay friends. We didn’t start this movement, and we weren’t looking for a fight. We simply wanted to protect the norms of marriage which is part of being a human being and making a family.

We didn’t want millions of our children aborted by virtue of a government mandate, giving it a stamp of approval. We didn’t want women calling a new baby “their own body” when it clearly is a separate entity with its own life and DNA. Maybe they’d feel differently if they cut off one of their arms instead. We didn’t want Planned Parenthood taking dead fetuses — selling their body parts and making a profit by it. Nor did we want them crushing a baby in the womb by using forceps or any other metallic device. We thought that was barbaric, and not something that our tax dollars should be financing if because of our faith we believe that life is sacred.

We didn’t ask for a health care program so expensive that the deductible for older people became so high that they can’t afford the plan at all and have to pay a penalty tax to the government instead. We didn’t ask for this plan to be so ill-conceived and forced upon us that most of the health care companies had to close, doctors quit their practices, and people lose their health care over it. We didn’t want to keep the poor from getting health care, but also didn’t want also to lose our own since we were paying the government for it and getting nothing in return.

We didn’t want the IRS to be meddling in issues that caused certain orgs to be discriminated against if they held a different opinion than the Obama administration. We didn’t want the IRS to be targeting churches or social media companies that were disseminating the truth that clashed with governmental edicts.

The thought never occurred to us on discriminating against people whose gender issues made them wish they were a woman instead of a man, but we didn’t ask Target Stores to allow cross-gender entrance into their restroom areas.

We didn’t ask the government to drive a wedge between us and people that are different, or of a different color. We didn’t ask that the police departments be equipped with heavy-duty military style gear and ordinance simply to protect its citizens. That’s the military’s job if we ever are invaded. We’d prefer the Marines who are trained in this kind of warfare. We didn’t ask the government to purchase millions of rounds of ammo to use against its citizens.

We didn’t ask our government to constantly hassle peaceful Americans over gun ownership, or tamper with our Second Amendment rights. Especially when the government was acting in a way where it couldn’t be trusted.

We didn’t ask for five corporations with their own agendas to control all the news a normal citizen would get. We didn’t know the depth of how crooked these agencies were or the level of their control over what people would see and hear around the world. We didn’t realize until this past year how disgustingly biased and what a laughing stock CNN had become. We do know that none of these networks will ever be trusted again, along with the New York Times and the L.A. Times.

We knew the Drudge Report was popular but didn’t realize that once all this happened that it would “trump” all the other networks in internet hits, totaling into the billions of views. We hardly could imagine that the rants of Alex Jones would be foisted on all the MSM as a “conspiracy theorist” instead of a dogmatic and unabashed source of news that went against what most people thought they knew. We saw the same reaction to Breitbart’s website. We didn’t realize how easily it would be for the powers that be to shut down Facebook and Twitter accounts if what was being said they considered to be “fake news” as the MSM continued to put out erroneous news on a regular basis — that they’d done it for so long that they didn’t know the difference. We didn’t have any idea that the level of arrogance could be so great that Donald Trump’s Twitter account was threatened — the president elect’s Twitter account.

We never expected to be called a “basket of deplorables” just because our views were different than Hillary Clinton’s. We also felt angered by lumping everyone into the same bag, no matter what values were held dear, that didn’t agree with Hillary’s.

We didn’t ask our government to give away our Internet to the U.N. by which we still don’t know the total outcome of what rights will eventually be lost over time, or whether it could affect commerce negatively or freedom of speech in America.

We didn’t know at first that the man in the White House was a Shiite Muslim, (until we learned that from an Iranian) and that he would always take the side of the Muslim faith over Christianity or an ordinary American citizen. Americans weren’t interested in helping to promote an Islamic caliphate or Sharia Law in our own country. We also were alarmed at the numbers of illegals coming over the border and wanted our government to simply execute the laws that were already on the books when it came to immigration. We never felt that immigration was “broken” it just wasn’t being enforced. A country that allows unrestrained, lawless immigration eventually will fall.

We didn’t know that Obama and Kerry would piece together the vilest agreement ever with Iran, a country that through proxies sends terror into Israel, and continues to fund them. We did know that Hezbollah had 200,000 rockets aimed at Israel and that Hamas had thousands of them in the Gaza strip. We didn’t know that our president would open up the financial floodgates to Iran to allow them to continue creating mayhem in the Middle East while making their Arab neighbors nervous, and consider having nuclear weapons for their own defense — further destabilizing the Arab nations. We didn’t ask our leaders to set a mandate in the U.N., demanding a two-state solution on Israel’s land, to give the Palestinians even more land since we already knew this had been tried and failed back in 2005. We didn’t want our government to suddenly be in opposition to Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East. We didn’t want America to be in a position in Syria where we were fighting for the same people Russia was trying to remove. We didn’t want our country to be deposing leaders of Middle Eastern countries, leaving their lands in chaos afterward.

We couldn’t conceive of the fact that ISIS might have been birthed by the U.S. to destabilize nations. We didn’t know how far the CIA had fallen because of corruption.

We didn’t ask for a Secretary of State that would leave U.S. citizens in harm’s way during a long siege in Benghazi until four of them were murdered — then lying and blaming the attack on a YouTube video. We also didn’t wish to vote for the woman who created this problem in the first place, and who also had other issues, including alcoholism and visible health problems.

We saw people spending small fortunes stocking up on food, water and power systems — expecting something bad to happen.

We didn’t know the real reason why Obama, the Pope, John Kerry and others all converged in Antarctica without a truthful explanation.

We never expected a man that excelled in hacking into governmental servers would help us know what was really going on. We didn’t expect these emails to prove all sorts of corruptive evidence leading to pedophilia and fraud — which all helped Trump get elected in the long run. We didn’t know why Julian Assange was treated so badly, his life threatened, all because the elites were being exposed. We didn’t know until recently how privacy rights were being ignored by the NSA had it not been for Edward Snowden.

We cringed at the fact that Trump supporters were being beaten up by paid protestors sent by George Soros. We were appalled by signs “Kill Trump” and “Kill Trump Supporters” on walls and fences, and the dearth of interest on security follow-up on who these people were that made such threats. We also were finally fed up with two-faced Michael Moore, and hope he doesn’t do any more television interviews. The public showed their disdain for the Bush’s, the Clintons, and all the rest of the elites were running our country into the ground.

It is a new day in America. It has been a soft coup. There is no doubt that some have died, and it’s not over yet. Until Trump is inaugurated, I won’t be sleeping soundly.

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