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 Nostradamus — King of Terror

Nostradamus — King of Terror
Marshall Masters, 24-September-01
Table of Contents

Comet Lee and the Nostradamus Prophecies

by Marshall Masters

This analysis was authored by Marshall Masters and was publsihed on TMG, on September 7, 1999. The purpose of the article was analyse a prophecy of Nostradamus (10:72) with Marshall's observations as reported in The Millennium Group (TMG), Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey, on August 11, 1999.


In the last few weeks, we've been inundated with mail from site visitors asking us about Comet Lee, and how it relates to the prophecies of Nostradamus. People are asking questions and wondering. Their questions seem to fall into the following five categories.

  1. Is Nostradamus Credible?
  2. Was Comet Lee Seen During the August 11, 1999 Eclipse?
  3. Will There Be an Impact Event?
  4. Could There Be Regional Natural Disasters?
  5. What About a Third Anti-Christ?

This article will attempt to answer these and other questions in a simple and straightforward manner.

Is Nostradamus Credible?

NostradamusThe fact remains that Nostradamus does not have a perfect track record. His quatrains can be easily misinterpreted. For this reason, the Millennium Group views the prophecies of Nostradamus with respectful skepticism. Nonetheless, we also recognize the fact that Nostradamus has predicted several events of major importance with impressive accuracy.

Take for example, the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. Hitler's propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, quoted the prophecies of Nostradamus to help validate the rise of the Nazi party.

This message was so disheartening for the Allies that the American government commissioned a Hollywood studio to produce a series of American anti-propaganda films based on the prophesies of Nostradamus with titles such as, "Nostradamus Says So." And, these movies were widely played.

Adolf HitlerThe only difference between the American and Nazi interpretations were the timelines used in the propaganda. Goebbels only used the first half of the timeline dealing with Hitler's rise to power. The American counterpart acquiesced to Goebbel's interpretation, but then went on to point out that the Nazis had intentionally left out the second half of the prophecy, because it predicted that the Allies would prevail.

The American and the Nazi interpretations of the Nostradamus prophecies shared the following characteristics:

  1. Both sides interpreted the prophecies in the essentially the same way.
  2. The prophecies mentioned by both sides were eventually fulfilled.
  3. Both sides used the prophecies to further their own political aims.

Therefore, before you cast aside those with an interest in the prophecies of Nostradamus with a "bah humbug," you should keep these words firmly in mind: "What good fortune for those in power that people do not think" - Adolf Hitler, as quoted by Joachim Fest.

The Political Machinations Continue to This Day

In WWII, the Allies liberally used the prophecies to bolster morale for the war effort. However, times do change and now it seems that the prophecies of Nostradamus no longer serve the political aims of any government currently in power, other than to discredit those who would disagree with them.

To illustrate this point, I would like to use a quote from Steven Lee, a government employee and the man credited with finding this comet, by quoting from his article "Comet 1999 H1 (Lee)." http://www.aao.gov.au/local/www/sl/nostradamus/comet.html

Steven LeeIt would seem that this comet is causing some concern amongst a couple of people who call themselves "The Millennium Group". They claim to be "searching for the truth in science" and for some reason believe that less than the truth is being told about the comet. They are claiming that the comet is errant in its path and that it is going to somehow hurt the Earth. They also have their own theory of what comets are. Nostradamus seems to have a hand in this too, apparently predicting this comet several hundred years ago. Even Velikovsky gets a mention. Of course any stories to the contrary are cover-ups, paid for by NASA (whom they claim is the leading propaganda agency) to protect their interests.

Mr. Lee, if Nostradamus were alive today and wished to debate you and similar-minded scientists at NASA/JPL on this topic, he might choose to use quatrain C1 - Q81, in which he prophecied the space shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986, as his opening argument.

C1 - Q81

From the human flock nine will be sent away,
Separated from control and advice
Their fate will be sealed on departure
K-Th-L makes an error; the dead banished


"...nine will be sent away" -- Actually, there were 7 crew members.

"Separated from control and advice" -- The ground controllers could do nothing. Contact was lost with the astronauts after the explosion. It is said that they may have survived for a period of time afterwards.

Their fate will be sealed on departure" -- Videos show that flame was escaping while the rocket was still on the pad. Their fate was sealed from the instant of departure.

"K-Th-L" ThioKoL - manufacturer of the defective rocket engine. Vowels are omitted and two consonants transposed.

Why Do His Predictions Affect People so Profoundly?

The Nostradamus prophesies, whether fulfilled or unfulfilled, have over the centuries continued to touch us in a very human way. This fact is undeniable. For this reason, our position is that his prophecies seem to touch on a deeply rooted, collective, inherited consciousness.

Simply put, these prophecies have a long-standing history of being able to attract the immediate attention of the common man and that is a good thing.

We of the Millennium Group view his prophecies as an intellectual alarm clock. This is because they bring us out of our sleep and force us to open our eyes. Sometimes the alarm clock is fast; sometimes it is slow; and if it is very old, it may not be reliable at all. Yet, it does wake us up from time to time.

Some of use just turn it off and wipe the sleep from eyes no matter how much it annoys us. Others are so angered by the interruption that they smash the clock upon the floor, or hurl it at a wall and go back to sleep. And yet others will dutifully listen to those who say, "Throw that old alarm away. We'll shake you when we think it is time for you to wake up."

If Nostradamus does nothing more than cause us to wake up and look above the ruts of our own daily lives. If his prophecies are able to make us examine the universe around us, then we all owe him a debt of thanks.

In the final analysis, the choice is yours.

The Current Online Nostradamus Community

In preparation for this article, I checked the Nostradamus search engine listings using Yahoo, Infoseek and Alta Vista.

I previously conducted a similar search like this in July of this year. At that time, I had just gotten DSL service installed in my home and I wanted to give it a spin. After checking the commercial web sites, I then wanted to browse a series of related private pages, to see if the access performance would be any different with non-commercial sites. In this regard, the Nostradamus sites seemed to fit the bill.

I remember that the search engine results for Nostradamus topics were remarkably robust. What I found, were many current, interesting sites! There were, of course, outdated sites and those that served as a vehicle for blatant self-interest.

However, there were really good sites that showed a genuine effort. What was really interesting about these sites, is that they usually kept their unfulfilled predictions posted.

A week after the August 11, 1999 eclipse, I performed the same search engine scan as I was interested in seeing what these same pages were saying about the recent eclipse. What I found startled me:

    The best Nostradamus sites simply vanished without a trace. If individual pages had been deleted, there would still be other pages on the site. However, entire directories have been pulled. 

    Some Nostradamus webmasters have posted notices that they have lost faith in the prophecies of Nostradamus, and have permanently taken down their sites. In some cases they leave referring links, but this referring links typically point to junk pages. An example notice:

    This page has since been deleted, because my views on Nostradamus have changed profoundly. Although I'm still intrigued by his cryptic writings, my "proof" has been "disproven," and thus I must question his prescient abilities.

    The search engines are still listing a lot of sites with broken links. The majority of links no longer worked except for old, unsupported sites.

Not only has the online community of private pages evaporated to certain extent, the same holds true for online booksellers. Some links to online booksellers now return a "product no longer carried" message.

To those disillusioned with Nostradamus, all I can offer are the poignant words of Buddha, "Attachment is the source of all suffering."

Was Comet Lee Seen During the August 11, 1999 Eclipse?

There was a tremendous amount of speculation about Comet Lee leading up to the full eclipse witnessed in Europe on August 11, 1999. A great deal of this speculation surrounded the following quatrain:

C3 - Q34

When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
In broad daylight the monster will be seen:
Everyone will differ on the interpretation,
High price unguarded: none will have prepared.


"When the eclipse of the Sun will then be," -- It was generally accepted that Nostradamus was referring to the Eclipse witnessed in Europe on August 11, 1999

"In broad daylight the monster will be seen:" -- This seems to be the point of disillusionment. It was generally believed that the comet (monster) would be visible to the naked eye.

In my case, I detected three objects in a video clip provided by CNN. Two (referred to as Objects A & C) would later prove to be man-made. The third (referred to as Object B) appears to be fragmented comet.

"Everyone will differ on the interpretation," I have written several articles as a result of what I saw in the original CNN video clip. To date, the controversy over Objects A and C still rages on.

To date, no evidence has been submitted to challenge my assertion that Object B is in fact Comet C/1999 Lee and that it fragmented during its journey around the opposite side of the Sun.

During the eclipse, viewing a Comet during a "Total Solar Eclipse" can be difficult, because of solar glare. However, some ground based telescopes and satellites, such as SOHO/LASCO may be able to observe it.

This is why we were absolutely delighted when we received an anonymous email from someone inside the government. This individual expressed a strong desire for anonymity, but likewise expressed disbelief in an explanation offered by a manager. The email contained a link a government web site, where I managed to download a satellite video clip mentioned in the email.

Upon inspection I found that the frames mentioned by the author had been removed as part of what appears to be a 7-second redaction. Consequently, things are just as Nostradamus predicted, "Everyone will differ on the interpretation." As to the rest of the quatrain, your guess is as good as mine.

Could There Be An Impact Event?

Impact EventFrom the information we have been able to gather, there is nothing at the present time to indicate that the Earth is in danger of an impact event.

While Comet Lee has fragmented, those fragments are following the same trajectory as the main body of the comet. Unless something throws them off course, the debris trailing Comet Lee will harmlessly exit our system.

It is important to note that an unexpected event such as a collision could cause a course change by some of the debris following Comet Lee. Therefore the chance, no matter how remote, always exists that we could suffer an impact event by debris from this comet, or from something else for that matter.

This issue was originally addressed in our June 10, 1999 article titled, COMET C/1999 H1 (Lee) = NOSTRADAMUS COMET?, by Colonel James B. Ervin.

In this article, Colonel Ervin presents his finding based largely on a book by Stefan Paulus. This article still remains relevant and we strongly encourage you to read it. In the meantime, I've extracted parts of that article that have relevance to this discussion.

Roughly seven months ago I embarked on a personal journey of discovery and investigative research. This, to determine whether or not there might be any real substance to a new interpretation of Nostradamus prophecies by author "Stefan Paulus."

Paulus' book, "Nostradamus 1999 -Who Will Survive," very credibly explores the possibility that an Earth threatening comet will be discovered during the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999ˇ.

C10 - Q72

The year 1999 seventh ("Sept.") month,,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

The above quatrain is now being interpreted by Paulus, and a host of Nostradamus scholars, as meaning that a monstrous comet will pass near the Earth sometime between July and September 1999, awakening a Genghis Khan type warrior. Both before and after the comet passes, war will reign happily.

Q: Is the seventh month July or September?

A: During Nostradamus' day both the Gregorian and Julian calendars were is use. Therefore, it seems reasonable to conclude that the seventh month referred to - could be July or September. However, it should be noted the word seven used in the above (C10 - Q72) prophecy does mean "Sept. " in the original French. Consequently, most Nostradamus scholars now conclude that the seventh month must refer to September.

Q: What will happen when the comets passes by the Earth?

A: According to the various interpretations of the Nostradamus prophecies, the tail of this comet contains a hidden comet, asteroid, or meteor fragment in its tail. When the comet passes by the Earth in September, the fragment will fall out of the comets' tail and slam into the Mid Atlantic Rise, creating a massive 2000/3000 Ft tidal wave. This tsunami will inundate all the coastal areas of North America and Europe, as well as the Pacific Rim area and Sub-Continents.

Will There Be Regional Natural Disasters?

Kobi EarthquakeComet C/1999 (Lee) does present a threat to our world, in terms of regional natural disasters. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis and the such, we strongly urge you to set aside sufficient food and water to support you and your loved ones for no less than two weeks. Likewise, we also advise the other usual precautions, such as bedding, shelter, emergency medical supplies, flashlights, batteries, radio and so forth. In other words, take whatever disaster precautions you would normally consider prudent for the area in which you live.

The concern here is that an electrical relationship will soon form between the Earth, Comet Lee and the Sun in mid-September, and that it will place us at high risk of being in the path of a violent Sun storm. Scientists call these solar storms such as these Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's).

What Makes This Possible

Comet LeeDuring the month of September, Comet Lee will pass over the northern skies of Earth. It will come closest to the Earth at this point, but still be at such a distance that you will not be able to see it with the naked eye.

From the moment of its first sighting, Comet Lee has always had a tail, which points away from the Sun. After passing behind the opposite side of our Sun it also picked up an anti-tail, which points towards the Sun. Furthermore, both the tail and the anti-tail arc towards each other, to the Sunward side.

To understand why this presents a danger to us, let's use a good old-fashioned strand of Christmas tree lights to illustrate our point, step-by-step.

Step 1 - Build the Basic Energy Path

In this step, the basic energy path example is the power cord used to build our strand of Christmas tree lights. When it comes to building Christmas tree lights we know two things: First you can make them short or long. So, the only real difference between a 6' cord and 25' cord is how many bulbs you're willing to buy, as either length works just as well.

The second thing we know about Christmas tree lights is that we can wrap them around lamp poles; twist them around trees; staple them to gutters and so for forth. As long we never break the power cord, we can twist them about as we please.

Now, let's use this knowledge to compare our Christmas tree lights with Comet Lee.

Christmas Tree Lights: Every strand of lights has a cord with a plug on one end. In this case, let's image that the Sun is the wall socket, and so let's plug our imaginary Christmas tree lights into the wall outlet in this example, which happens in this case to be the Sun.

Remember that old-style wall plugs have two prongs. One prong is for the positive charge, and the other for the negative charge. When we hold the strand in our hands, we can see two wires twisted around each other. One wire eventually connects to the positive prong and the other to the negative prong.

Comet Lee: Because the tail of Comet Lee, which is positively charged, is arcing towards the Sun, we know that there is a positive charge attraction between the Sun and Comet Lee.

Likewise, the anti-tail, which is negatively charged, is also arcing towards the Sun and so we also know that there is a negative charge attraction between the Sun and Comet Lee.

Consequently, Comet Lee's tail and anti-tail form a single power connection with both positive and negative energy paths that lead to the Sun.

Step 2 - Make the Connections

Every Christmas tree light has at least one wall plug on one end, and at least one light bulb socket on the other end. Otherwise, is would be just a plain old extension cord.

Christmas Tree Lights: If we plug the wall plug into the wall socket, we have power. However, without a good bulb at the other end of the strand we have no light. To create light, we screw a brand new light bulb into the light bulb socket on the other end of the strand and voila, we have light. This is because the light bulb closed the circuit, and was able to draw energy from the wall socket via the power cord.

Comet Lee: In this example, the Sun is the wall socket, and Comet Lee's tail and anti-tail form the power cord, which means that Comet Lee, just like our Christmas tree light bulb, is lit up because it is closing a circuit.

This is actually happening right now because Comet Lee has two tails; it is brighter than was previously expected; and it now appears to have a halo.

Step 3 - Add Another Light Bulb

One thing we know about our Christmas tree lights is that we can have as many light bulb sockets as we want on the strand (within certain limits.) Regardless of how those light bulb sockets are spaced apart, they'll work just the same anyway.

Christmas Tree Lights: In the previous step, we built a Christmas Tree light strand with one wall plug on one end, and a single light bulb socket on the other.

Now, let's add another light bulb socket to the strand. This new light bulb socket will also share the same positive and negative energy channels as the first light socket. So, we now have a two-bulb Christmas tree light strand.

Comet Lee: In mid-September 1999, Comet Lee will pass over the planet Earth. As it travels away from us, it's anti-tail will come very close to our planet's orbit.

In this case the Earth may very well pass through Comet's Lee's anti-tail, making Earth the middle light bulb, in our imaginary Christmas Tree light strand.

Step 4 - Overload the Circuit

Holiday movies often show the helpless husband putting up one too many Christmas Tree lights. Then, with a big a snap and a sizzle the poor Christmas tree catches fire.

Christmas Tree Lights: Well, two things can cause this unwanted Christmas tree fire. First, our hapless hubby may have put too many light bulbs on the strand and it drew more electrical energy than the power cord could handle. Or, even dumber yet, our hapless hubby put a copper penny in the fuse box to bypass the fuse and as dumb luck would have it, lightening strikes a nearby power transformer and cooks the Christmas tree lights in their own juices, thereby setting the tree on fire.

Comet Lee: The Sun is the dominant energy source of our solar system, and a violent one at that. We already know that solar events we refer to as sun storms, sun spots, etc., flare up and damage our communication satellites, power grids and so forth if the sun flares in our direction. If we are completing a circuit with the Comet Lee and the Sun, we take the hit which could not only ruin our communications and power systems. It could also trigger regional natural disasters are well.

Draw Your Own Conclusions

Electrical currents and rivers have two things in common: First they follow the path of least resistance, and second, they can sporadically carry a destructive amount of energy against anything that happens to be in that path.

From the middle of September through the remainder of this year, our planet, Comet Lee and the Sun will form a closed circuit of sorts. Given that this channel presents a path of less resistance to the Sun than other points on it's surface, this makes us especially vulnerable to the possibility of a Sun storm, or what scientists call a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME).

According to NASA, this is impossible. And this, is the main point of contention between NASA's dirty snowball theory and Professor Jim McCanney's Plasma Discharge Theory, which we advocate.

The dirty snowball theory views meteors as collections of rock and frozen water that are controlled by the forces of gravity. On the other hand, Professor Jim McCanney's Plasma Discharge Theory, tells us that we live in an electric universe where meteors are much more than just dirty snowballs. Consequently they can in fact, conduct energy and therefore trigger a CME.

We invite you to view NASA's dirty snowball theory of meteors, as expressed by Charles Morris and then compare that with the Plasma Discharge Theory as put forward by Professor Mc Canney.

To help get you started, we've provided links to two different pages with directly opposite views and have provided you with a small extract from each page.



Comet Observation Home Page
The Truth About Comet Lee
Updated: September 2, 1999
Charles Morris

Comet Lee (or any comet) will not cause coronal mass ejections. And Comet Lee's orbit is not affected by them. [Okay, I need to clarify the first statement. The Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment (LASCO) on the SOHO satellite has a movie that shows a pair of "sungrazing" comets that apparently "impact" the Sun. This is followed by a CME. It isn't obvious whether these events are related, as the video seems to imply, or whether this is coincidence. The authors of the page suggest in an image caption that this was most likely a coincidence...

The Nature And Origin Of Comets And The Evolution Of Celestial Bodies (Part I)
J. M. Mc Canney

ABSTRACT: This paper provides an alternate theory for comet behavior and shows comets to be planetary, lunar, and asteroidal bodies in their formative stages. It demonstrates that tail matter is attracted towards an asteroidal comet nucleus by strong electrical forces. Additionally, two charging mechanisms are identified, both of which produce a net negative charge on the comet nucleus. This is supported by data from recent space probes. Comet wandering, sunward spikes, a shrinkage of the coma as the comet approaches the Sun, curved tails, the gathering and maintenance of meteoroid streams, spiraling of tail material, and the rapid orbital circularization of large newly captured comets are also discussed...

What About the Third Anti-Christ?

As stated at the beginning of this article, we do not see the threat of an impact event at this time. However, we do believe that there is the imminent threat from this comet in that it could cause severe natural regional disasters on our planet as a result of putting us in the path of a CME.

Granted, a single large impact event would be catastrophic, but so would the wars caused by famines resulting from a large number of regional natural disasters. Furthermore, this danger does parallel certain prophecies of Nostradamus.

When NATO began air strikes to save lives in Yugoslavia, we also created a tremendous backlash of public resentment in Russia. In doing so, we also fulfilled a part of one of the most ominous of the Nostradamus prophecies.

C-10 - Q72

The year 1999 seventh ("Sept.") month,
From the sky will come a great King of terror:
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,
Before after Mars to reign by good luck

Heat Seeking MissileMars, the God of war has reigned happily and to our great luck in Yugoslavia, as our forces suffered no loss of life. The first half of "Before after Mars to reign by good luck" has come to pass.

Simply put, our own political blunders may be inadvertently pushing Russia into an alliance with a yet unknown dictator who, by virtue of gaining access to Russian expertise and arms, and American nuclear technology, could become the third anti-Christ predicted by Nostradamus.

Did We Light a Slow Burning Fuse?

Having been travel tour operator in Russia from 1991 to 1996, I am very familiar with the Russian people and how they view the West. Since closing my travel business I've continued my study of current affairs in Russia, and what I see now troubles me greatly.

Sergei Rogov, Director of the USA-Canda Studies Institute in Moscow, described the current political situation in Russia during an interview for the June/July 1999 issue of Russian Life Magazine. In the subsequent article titled, "Is a New Cold War Brewing?" two of Mr. Rogov's comments portend bone-chilling consequences:

"If the US insists on a relationship where all decisions are taken by the US, while Russia is presented with a fait accomplit, I am afraid we are going to have a disastrous period in our relationshipˇ"

"Russian-American relations are so fragile that not only a big issue, but something totally uncontrollable can push us in a direction which nobody wants to go."

In the course of running my tour business, I visited Russia seven times and stayed with Russian families. Capitalism has not been a kind panacea for Russia. It is still poor country and becoming poorer every day. Yet, it remains in possession of a dangerous arsenal of nuclear weapons and missiles.

In the early 90's, America had the chance to protect itself by simply employing the Russian scientists who built those weapons. We did not, and likewise forgot that everyone else in the world has families to feed as well. Consequently, many of these scientists have now gone to work for the highest bidders, which in many cases, are rogue states in the Middle East and elsewhere.

ICBM LaunchIf that wasn't bad enough, America has allowed it's most secret nuclear technology to proliferate to the various governments of the Earth, friendly and unfriendly alike. Combine this American knowledge with proven Russian nuclear expertise and equipment, and what you have are the seeds of a nuclear holocaust taking root in the fertile soils of a slowly deteriorating post-Cold War alliance.

Final Thoughts

We live in an electrical universe that is more complex than our governments and institutions would lead us to believe. Further, we do see the possibility of real harm being done to us by Comet Lee, and so we ask you take normal precautions.

The Millenium Group web site has always operated at loss because our goal is to share vital information with those who believe that the best way protect themselves and those they love, is to be self-informed. If this is you and you're feeling a little isolated, take heart in this one thought: During the month of August 1999, this site received over 3.6 million hits! You may not be many, but you're not alone.

Marshall Masters