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 Nostradamus — King of Terror

Nostradamus — King of Terror
Marshall Masters, 24-September-01
Table of Contents

Is Mr. Hoagland
Grabbing at Straws?

By Marshall Masters

This article, Is Mr. Hoagland Grabbing at Straws?, was published on January 1, 2000 by Marshall Masters, as rebuttal to his attack on the basic observation data presented reported by Marshall in The Millennium Group (TMG) article, Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey.

We thought it was a bit risky for Mr. Hoagland to predict a major impact event for November 7, 1999, based on information given him by a source named "Tony," but he made that prediction nonetheless on August 19,1999. (Dumb luck that, Richard.)

But wait, this is a three-act play. On November 6, 1999 Mr. Hoagland dismisses our published data regarding the August 11, 1999 eclipse over Europe without offering any data to back his claims, but did promise to make that data available at a future date.

True to his word, on December 28, 1999 Mr. Hoagland finally publishes an article with further proof dismissing our August 11, 1999 data in which Mr. Hoagland writes, "I had, much to my current chagrin, been made aware of this by a reader named "Tony" back on August 23rd." According to Mr. Hoagland article, he then double checks Tony's work and further says, "I watched very carefully. As I did, it became clear to me that what "Tony" had alleged was correct."

Mr. Hoagland, this "Tony" fellow has already led you down the garden path with your November 7, 1999 impact prediction. Now he has you grabbing at straws with regards to our August 11, 1999 eclipse data.

So, let's set the record straight once and for all, and just for good measure we'll throw in one last look at Nostramdamus just to see what "Tony" has to say about that as well.


Richard C. Hoagland,

Richard C. Hoagland, founder of The Enterprise Mission, recipient of the Angstrom Medal, former science advisor to CBS News and Walter Cronkite.

Solar Eclipse,
August 11, 1999

Solar Eclipse, August 11, 1999

What Mr. Hoagland Has to Say

The following quotes are taken directly from the Enterprise Mission website, from articles published from August 18, 1999 to December 28, 1999 and are presented in date order.

Taurid Object Spotted During Solar
Eclipse - Is This the "Big One?" 8/18/99

"With the world watching the skies during the highly publicized final solar eclipse of the millennium, many of us wondered whether there would be a "sign" or portent of change. The Internet had spun around with tales of the latest interpretation of the quatraines of Nostradamus, predictions of all sorts of disaster (bad star), and some very solid predictions that perhaps something unusual would be seen. Our friends over at the Millennium Group had been following the progress of Comet Lee (much to the consternation of our pals at JPL) and had even predicted that Lee might be unexpectedly visible during the eclipse due to anomalous perturbations in its orbit."

"Inside Source" provides Details
of "Impact Events" 8/19/99

"In order, the source reported that all three objects would strike the Earth on November 7th, 1999 (one day into the fall passage through the Taurid Meteor Stream). The first would come down in Siberia (a symbolic recreation of the Tunguska event?), the second would strike in central Manitoba, Canada if it did not bounce or "skip" off the atmosphere because of its shallow intercept course, and that the 3rd would hit in the Atlantic ocean off the Northwestern coast of Africa.

It was this final claim that "rung our bell" in terms of taking the caller seriously. For over a year now we have privately suspected that this would be the target area of the "precursor event," the first planned disaster which may start a cycle of bad hair days for all of us. Part of the reason is that this is the same location as the impact event depicted in the movie "Deep Impact," but there are several other reasons for being concerned that this is a target area which we will relate in upcoming articles."

"Trust No One, Mr. Hoagland"
Part 3 of 3? 11/06/99


"Meanwhile, we are now convinced that the original "Millennium Group" video objects are not legitimate, that they were misinterpreted by TMG and by us until we were able to get our hands on better quality video of the eclipse (Full report to follow). So if our original reason for looking at November 7th as an "event date" was due to trusting someone else's flawed analysis (and then being told that there were "3 objects" by our mysterious caller), doesn't that make the whole thing illegitimate?

Not necessarily. What if we stumbled on to a "real" problem by following a false trail? Certainly, some of our contacts have indicated that they were aware of a "November problem" well before the Millennium Group's article."

"Trust No One, Mr. Hoagland"
Part 4 of 4 12/28/99

It was quite clear to me that the TMG objects were probably flood lights of some kind mounted on stanchions in the background. The mysterious "Object C" seems to be nothing more than someone in the crowd using a flash camera to record the event.

Eclipse Objects A, B, and C
Revisited -- The Real Proof!

Our answer to Mr. Hoagland contains images that have been on our site for some time, plus several new images that offer significant insights into this story. These images are presented in the date order in which we received them, along with comments that I hope will help clarify matters.

Eclipse -- August 11, 1999

Eclipse -- August 11, 1999This eclipse was special in that also coincided with the prophecies of Nostradamus. Consequently, the world watched this event with both joy and trepidation. Those who believed in the prophecies expected to see a huge comet during the eclipse and were greatly disappointed.

Yet, this event continues to stir the imaginations of many. The original story published August 18, 1999 by TMG, Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey by Marshall Masters still holds the TMG record for the most widely read article every published on the site. As of this writing, it currently stands as 10th most popular article on the site.

Six months after the first publication of this article, it still being read by well over 3,000 site visitors every month. When TMG analyzed the site traffic logs in September 1999, we learned that a significant percentage of those readers were from the various agencies of the United States Government.

Sighting of Objects A, B, and C from NASA Video Feed

Sighting of Objects A, B, and C from NASA Video FeedIn my first TMG article Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey, I analyzed MPEG files with NASA video feed imagery of the August 11, 1999 eclipse in Turkey using Apple QuickTime 4 Pro. During that analysis I identified three visual objects, which I labeled Objects A, B and C.

At that point, the immortal words of Sherlock Holmes took root: "The game is afoot." And so began a long and partially unfulfilled search for answers as to the real identities of Objects A, B and C.

Close-up Composite of Objects A, B, and C

Close-up Composite of Objects A, B, and CThe first real breakthrough in identifying Objects A, B and C came via an extremely talented man by the name of Joseph Malinoski. He sent me a single composite image which I first published in my third eclipse article titled, Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey Update #2 - August 24, 1999 by Marshall Masters

August 11, 1999 Eclipse Imagery from MIR Space Station

View of August 11, 1999 Eclipse from Space Station MIRAfter publishing the article, Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey Update #2, a storm of contreversy sprang up around the true identities of Objects A, B and C.

Many people, like Mr. Richard Hoagland in his December 28, 1999 article speculated that the objects were really camera flashes from the ground.

These explanations did not make sense to me after having worked as: A professional photographer for 6 years; photojournalist for the U. S. Army for 2 years; and as a science feature news producer for CNN for 2 years.

Still the same, it was obvious that we needed to corroborate our initial findings. This was a frustrating process, since NASA was and still is a stone wall when it comes to talking about these objects. However, we did get cooperation from the Russian Space Agency vis--vis excellent imagery from the MIR space station, captured at the time of the eclipse.

Composite of Objects A and C as Seen From the MIR Space Station

Composite of Objects A and C as Seen From the MIR Space StationThe imagery from the MIR space station helped us to positively identify Object A and Object C, as shown in this composite image. In this breathtaking image, you can see both Objects A and C in low Earth orbit over the European continent.




Russian SB16 Missile Booster as Seen From MIR Space Station

Russian SB16 Missle Booster as Seen From MIR Space StationOddly enough, the brunt of the controversy had swirled around Object A, and a bit on Object C. Nobody ever commented on Object B until Mr. Hoagland decided that it was a camera flash. Mr. Hoagland also decided that Object A was a camera flash as well.

Nonetheless, this second image from the MIR Space Station, settles the issue of Object A once and for all. Object A was a spent Russian SB16 missile booster, which also happened to create a lot of concern for Floridaians when it disintegrated over the Atlantic shortly thereafter.

Comparison of NASA Video Feed with MIR Imagery
of the August 11, 1999 Eclipse Over Turkey

Comparison of NASA Video Feed with MIR Imagery of the August 11, 1999 Eclipse Over TurkeyThanks to MIR Space Station imagery provided by the Russian Space Agency, we were able to close the books on Objects A and C.

This left us Object B as the only remaining item on the "unknown" list. Likewise, it also left us with an immutable wall of silence from NASA that remains to this very day.



Object B from August 11, 1999 Eclipse Over Turkey

Object B from August 11, 1999This is Object B. It has yet to identified, and after many of months of trying there is no real hope in site. I will admit that at the outset I thought that it was Comet Lee. Later analysis showed that it was not Lee, but given that Lee is now headed towards towards the furthest reaches of our system I wish I had been right.

Object B is not a man-made object, a camera flash or a speck on the lens. Rather, it is the real McCoy and it is out there. Furthermore, our government does not want us to know what it is or where it is going. Like Object B, we must forge forward through the darkness.

Object B from August 11, 1999 Eclipse Over Turkey
(Gamma shifted for low-resolution monitors)

Object B -- Gamma shift version for low resolution issue.This image of Object B is an extreme close-up generated from the original NASA MPEG video feed. We prepared a gamma shifted copy of the image above for easy viewing with older PCs with lower resolution monitors and video cards.

In Mr. Hoagland's article, I notice that he upgraded his computer system and used Windows Media streaming media to evaluate the original NASA video feed.

In terms of quality, Real Networks and Windows Media both run a close second to MPEG. MPEG is the digital television standard. The CNN site used a reduced quality Real Networks conversion of the original MPEG feed. Likewise, Mr. Hoagland most likely viewed a reduced quality Windows Media conversion of the original MPEG as well.

One Last Look at Nostradamus

NostradamusSince TMG published my first eclipse article, we have watched with amazement the continuing success of the story. Likewise, so has our government. At least, that is what our site logs tell us.

In the news business, they would say "this story has legs." For some reason, it continues to draw interest well after the event has passed. In this case, the principle reason can be found in the prophecies of Notradamus.

Born, Michel de Nostre-Dame, the man we know simply as "Nostradamus," lived in France from 1503 to 1566. As a physician and astrologer, he became famous for his predictions of future events in his masterpiece: The Centuries.

The Millennium Group views the writings of Nostradamus as an intellectual alarm clock. The biggest problem we have with the writings of Nostradamus are the translations, many of which seem flawed because they do not take into account the usage of the French language during the time of Nostradamus.

Although his prophecies are not always fulfilled, they have through the centuries been an enduring part of Western culture. While he certainly has had his misses, he did call it on the money when he predicted Napoleon, Hitler and the Challenger disaster.

On June 19, 1999, The Millennium Group published an article titled, COMET C/1999 H1 (Lee) = NOSTRADAMUS COMET? by Colonel James B. Ervin. His article was an analysis based on the popular prophecy book, Nostradamus 1999 -Who Will Survive, by Stefan Paulus.

In his article, Colonel Ervin quoted the two quatrains that seemed to apply most to the appearance of Comet Lee.

Century 10 - Quatrain 72

The year 1999, the seventh month,
from the sky will come a great King of Terror:
Resuscitating the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign Happily.

Nostradamus never says that there will be an impact in the Sept. month, but nonetheless, a great many people seemed to think that it would happen. However, Mars (God of War) has in fact reigned happily just as predicted. Before in Kosovo, and after in Chechnya .

Century 3 - Quatrain 34

When the eclipse of the Sun will then be,
In broad daylight the monster will be seen:
Everyone will differ on the interpretation,
High price unguarded: none will have prepared.

A real point of contention in this particular quatrain is the phrase "In broad daylight the monster will be seen." What amazed me when I read the various interpretations is that it generally assumed that we will see the monster with our own eyes. Yet, the quatrain does not specifically say how we would in fact actually see the monster. Perhaps, Nostradamus had actually seen the "Monster" through the Internet in his vision.

Unfortunately, his prophecies concerning recent times have been often misinterpreted and worse yet, used by those in power to rudely dismiss legitimate concerns. Consequently, I felt compelled to write a fairness article on behalf of Nostradamus,titled Comet Lee and the Nostradamus Prophecies which was published on September 7, 1999. At that time, I also sponsored the Nostradamus Special Interest Group for those interested in debating his prophecies, with proper translations from the Old French.

A Final Thought

One thing I wish to make very clear is that I have presented this information to clarify this matter and it is not intended as a personal or professional attack on Mr. Hoagland. Rather, I believe Nostradamus summed it up best when he said, "Everyone will differ on the interpretation."

Mr. Hoagland, I cannot help but wonder if you've been the unwitting minion of a very clever misinformation operative. We see our share of these operatives as well and flushing them out is an imprecise and very human process. Addionally, sometimes things just happen.

Bald EagleIn my opinion you were misled to the wrong conclusion, but that you were absolutely right for publishing that conclusion because it has renewed the debate.

A lot of good Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice for precisely this kind of freedom. You do them honor.

Rather than sinking a headstone on Object B (possibly at the behest of some misinformation operative), your article has resurrected a vital issue, which has risen like the Phoenix of ancient myth. Thank you Mr. Hoagland.

In closing, I wish to point out a recent development. The Russian Military has recently announced that the they've changed their policy on the use of tactical nuclear weapons. During the Cold War, they would never dream of using them. Now, they have decided that tactical nuclear weapons are real option in certain circumstances, and as of the first day of this new millennium, those circumstances will soon be defined by an iron-fisted ex-KGB operative.

Perhaps we need to know the answer to Object B after all.

Marshall Masters