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Nostradamus — King of Terror

Prophecy Correlates with 1999
Crop Circle and Eclipse

YOWUSA.COM, 24-September-01
Marshall Masters

The King of Terror prophesied by Nostradamus in quatrain 10:72, may have appeared in NASA, MIR and crop circle formation imagery.  What is even more amazing, is that an extraterrestrial civilization showed us where to look! 

Nostradamus King of Terror Prophecy Correlates with 1999 Crop Circle and Eclipse

UPDATE: The umbral path of the 1999 eclipse past
through Turkey as well as the length of Iran.

View The Findings

In this pivotal moment of mankind, we face catastrophe as another race extends it hand towards us in friendship.  We have cause for concern, and we have cause for hope.  

Finding The King of Terror

My path of discovery began in August of 1999, when I first became interested in COMET C/1999 H1 (Lee).  Like many others, I wondered if Comet Lee would turn out to be the King of Terror prophesied by  Nostradamus.  If so, it would appear during the August 11, 1999, solar eclipse over Turkey.   

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NASA provided live video of the eclipse and as a former science news features producer for CNN, I watched it with great care and discovered three objects, which I named A, B and C.   I would also discover a new family of interesting and highly capable friends, who would later share their valuable efforts and insights with me on this incredible path of discovery.    

Thanks to imagery provided by NASA from the ground, and the Russian MIR space station from above, we were able to identify objects A and C as being man-made.  What this imagery also showed was that Object B was not man-made and that it could only have been seen during a major eclipse.

My frame-by-frame analysis was presented in an article on the Millennium Group web site.  That article received over 1.5 million hits in the first month.  Obviously, it struck a resonant chord with the Internet community, but I could never understand why as Object B was not Comet Lee.  So then,  what was Object B?  This mystery has perplexed me since then and it was itch I could never scratch ? until now.   

The Link Between the Barbury
Castle Formation and Object B

On September 10, 2001 YOWUSA published its second crop circle article ?Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff ? Chilbolton Update #1, A Knock On The Door??.  Dr.  Haselhoff is a respected researcher and chairs the Dutch Center for Crop Circle Study (DCCCS).  In that article, Dr. Haselhoff discusses the amazing  Chilbolton formations that have captivated the public?s attention lately.   

He explained that there are two basic categories of crop circle formations, which he simply labels as ?Type 1? and ?Type 2.?   

  • Type 1 Formation: Concept of consciousness and intelligence, in a very basic language. 
  • Type 2 Formation: Designed to be in resonance with human perception.  If any element of the formation is changed, it no longer captivates the viewer?s attention.   

When I read his explanation of ?Type 2? formations, it all clicked! 

Since my televised interview with PAX Television in March of this year, I  have quietly studied crop circles on my own, following my conversations with producer Gail Fallen,who personally investigated several newly formed crop circles as part of another PAX production. 

Until my conversations with Gail, I was admittedly skeptical about crop circles. However, after hearing her describe the sensations she felt while standing in freshly formed crop circles, I knew I needed to become better informed.  This led me to publish my first crop circle articles on YOWUSA, which in turn lead to Dr. Haselhoff?s explanation of ?Type 2? formations.   

Although I have studied many formations one has always stayed with me, but I could never understand why.  It was the menorah and scarab pictogram crop circle formation that formed near Barbury Castle, in England on May 31, 1999.   

What always puzzled me was the scarab part of the pictogram. I?ve read analysis from other crop circle watchers who feel that it could represent  something used to light the candles held by the menorah portion of the pictogram.  However, personal experience has taught me that you do not use a scarab to light menorah candles ? you use a match.  

As I puzzled over the pictogram, I happened to look up at a calendar and a thought came to me to count the days between the formation of the Barbury  Castle crop circle, and the August 11, 1999 eclipse over Turkey, where I had found Object B.  Here is the part that really hit like a zinger; the crop  circle appeared 72 days before the August 11, 1999 solar eclipse over Turkey.  As it so happens, the King of Terror prophecy is found in Century 10, Quatrain 72 (10:72) of the Nostradamus prophesies!   

Admittedly, the 72 days between the crop circle formation and the event prophesied by 10:72 could be a pure coincidence.  However, if someone  wanted to time a message, what a marvelous anecdote it would be!  As my findings clearly show, it was neither coincidence nor anecdotal.  Rather, an extraterrestrial civilization used that auspicious moment in time to show us exactly where to locate the King of Terror during the eclipse -- and I did! 

KOT --  C3Q34L2.

View The Findings

The Significance of This Discovery

As you review my findings, I believe you will also conclude that these seemingly random events do in fact present five very real possibilities:  

  1. WE ARE FACING A NEAR EARTH OBJECT (NEO) THREAT: The warnings are clear: We must become especially vigilant about the catastrophic possibilities of a major impact, or violent Earth changes caused by a flyby event.   
  2. WE HAVE ENTERED A CATASTROPHIC TIMELINE:  The fulfillment of these quatrains tells us that we have entered a catastrophic timeline, as our war on international terrorism will quickly  become the third World War prophesied by numerous secular and non-secular prophets and visionaries.  Yet, we still have time to shape our own destiny.
  3. WE HAVE YET TO FACE OUR GREATEST ENEMY:  Terrorists have started this new war, and our enemy today is Osama bin Laden.  But, our leaders tell us that he is only the beginning, and that this  network of terror if far greater than bin Laden himself.  This is why we need to be concerned about the new King of the Mongols, and it could be China.
  4. WE ARE EVOLVING:  With suffering comes growth and we are living in dramatic times that will expand our consciousness and give us hope because we are evolving ? again!
  5. WE ARE NOT ALONE, AND THEY ARE OUR FRIENDS: The days of equivocation are over.  We are not alone and off-world civilizations  are as worried about our fate, as we are. Formal contact is not far off and it will be friendly.

Since the attack on America on September 11, 2001, we have seen our greatest strengths and our deepest fears.  This is a time of great uncertainty as we try to ascertain the future, and what it means to each of us, and our country. 

It is easy to feel the negative emotions of fear and doubt at times like these, and this is why I feel a very real sense of gratitude that this information now becomes known.  Yes, the road ahead is filled with tribulation, but we know we will survive and that we are not alone.

Somewhere out there in the vacuous distance of space, kindly eyes look upon us with great concern and hope.  This may sound incredulous, but we are living in a momentous period of time.  It is an exciting time to be alive with hope.

Nostradamus King of Terror Prophecy Correlates with 1999 Crop Circle and Eclipse

View The Findings


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