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Nostradamus Proven: The True Prediction for the Destruction of New York City

YOWUSA.COM, 23-October-2007
Marshall Masters

Millions of Americans living along the East Coast are in the cross hairs of a deadly La Palma mega-tsunami threat. Scientists warn us that we face a clear and present danger. Their evidence is clear and compelling, and now, there is more. A new analysis of Nostradamus demonstrates that he predicted this impending calamity with equally clear and compelling precision.

We are presenting this alarming Nostradamus - La Palma Mega-tsunami analysis by Professor Chris Lock, Ph.D., making it available in the hope it will help spur Western governments into action, and we're not alone. NOVA, DISCOVERY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and many more reliable sources are also sounding the alarm.

There is still a modicum of time to alleviate or prevent this impending catastrophe. To waste it on inaction or pointless debate will cost millions of lives, because nature's countdown clock is ticking away!

Nostradamus Predicted a La Palma Mega-Tsunami

In June of this year, Professor Lock offered himself as a guest to be on Marshall's Cut to the Chase Internet radio show, with the purpose of talking about his La Palma Mega-tsunami research.

A British-born Language professor in Japan, his analysis of the Nostradamus quatrain unequivocally demonstrates that Nostradamus was both prescient and clear and in his prediction.

NostradamusMichel de Nostradamus
1503 – 1566

Les Propheties

1840 Bareste Edition


La grand montagne ronde de sept stades,
Apres paix, guerre, faim, inodation,
Roulera loin abismant grands contrades,
Mesmes antiques, & grands fondation.

The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine, flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities and their mighty foundations.

The key to this analysis is the term "seven stadia" used by Nostradamus. It is an ancient Greek and Roman unit of length, and the Athenian unit is approximately 607 feet (185 m).

This use of an ancient measurement of length by Nostradamus is what first caught Lock's eye. This is because language is his field, and he holds a Ph.D. in Semiotics from the Pacific Western University.

Fully fluent in Japanese, he is a full time professor at the Osaka University of Arts in Osaka Japan, where he teaches ESL (English as a second language).

When he formed the connection between this quatrain and the science of La Palma, the result was a gut-wrenching kachink. When you download the freely available Nostradamus Proven eBook or eDoc from this page, you'll feel it, too.

How New York Will Be Swept Away by La Palma

Professor Lock's analysis demonstrates a clear and present danger to America's East coat, from Maine to Florida, because it echoes the warning of the nation's leading broadcast and cable television networks.

They're sounding the alarm and telling us exactly how this will happen!

National Geographic
End Day: Mega-Tsunami

If La Palma encounters a catastrophic flank failure, an immediate and massive breaking off of the island into the ocean, scientific models predict the mega-tsunami will move outward in an arc, hitting the African mainland with 150-200 foot (46-61 meters) waves.

Discovery Channel
Extreme Earth: Earthquakes

Some geologists are predicting that the volcano on La Palma in the Canaries could explode at some time in the future. The result would send a mega-tsunami 500 metres high across the Atlantic, which could engulf parts of the UK.

Wave That Shook the World

The western flank of the island's active volcano has the potential to give way in a future eruption. If it did, a huge mass of rock weighing 500,000 million tons would fall into the Atlantic Ocean. Experts in Switzerland have simulated the potential effects of such a collapse. Their model shows that it could generate a wave capable of engulfing every port on the east coast of the U.S., which they believe may have happened during a similar tsunami 120,000 years ago.

Before you succumb to the science-illiterate debunkers and naysayers, consider the fact that these organizations vet their information with careful attention, using considerable resources.

Better yet, take advantage of our free Nostradamus eBook download to vet this yourself — while there is still time!

Nostradamus Proven eBook

The content in the Nostradamus Proven eBook is available to yowusa.com subscribers only. It can be both viewed and printed. Download the Printable eDoc (Subscribers Only)


The Nostradamus Proven eBook is divided into the following three parts:

  • Part 1 – Introduction by Marshall Masters: A reprint of this article.

  • Part 2 – The False King of Terror Prophecy: This part contains an academic paper authored by Professor Lock in 2004, titled "Nostradamus: Century 10 Quatrain 72 Fully Deciphered and Interpreted." This paper establishes Lock's research method with a wholly consistent analysis of the famous King of Terror prediction (C10:72) that is often misapplied to the 9-11 attack.

  • Part 3 – The True Seven Stadia Prophecy: This part contains an academic paper authored by Professor Lock in 2007, titled "Geological Science and Nostradamus: Catastrophic Mega-Tsunami." This paper is based on the science presented by NOVA, BBC and The Discovery Channel and uses the research method presented in Part 2 to form a clear and unequivocal analysis of the Nostradamus - La Palma Mega-tsunami prediction in C1:Q69.

This content is provided as-is for personal use only. For commercial reprint permission, you must contact the author directly, using the email links provided.


Yowusa.com is able to make this information available, because since it's inception in 1999, Yowusa.com has always been a fair use educational site. As such, we reserve the right to reprint any and all text, images or media submitted to us as-is, by the original authors for publication on Yowusa.com or to solicit an interview on the Cut to the Chase Internet radio show.

In the process of soliciting us for a radio interview, Dr. Chris Lock provided us with copies of two academic papers he authored, which are now contained as-is, in the Nostradamus Proven eBook.

After we reviewed the academic papers, we were greatly impressed by his analysis and expressed our enthusiasm to him. In response, he asked us to waive our fair use educational rights and to suppress this knowledge, as he now wishes to include it in a book, which he hopefully intends to publish in early 2010.

As a matter of public record, we see this as a severe public safety issue, and time is of the essence. Furthermore, our stated mission is to save life, and as American citizen journalists, we make much of our work freely available.

We cannot in good conscience ignore the safety of millions of Americans by accommodating his request. Therefore, we are rightfully publishing this timely knowledge as-is.

We sincerely wish Professor Lock good fortune in his future publishing endeavors.—Marshall Masters