Latest Intel – Nibiru, Population Control, Coastal Chaos

| December 10, 2015
The Leak ProjectIn this Leak Project interview Marshall takes on a thorny question, “When will I see Nibiru / Planet X with my own eyes?” According to Marshall, that’s not an intelligent question, and he explains why in this interview. More the point, how is it that the majority of humankind living near the oceans will be tricked into “Death by Tsunami?” That is — given they’ll be seeing Planet X with their own two eyes for weeks, if not months, before they perish, how will they be tricked into doing nothing?
  Unfortunately, this question will offend the sensibilities of those who’ve been carefully indoctrinated as to what is acceptable, and what is offensive, to the sensibilities of the programmed. On the other hand, this kind of negative rebuke helps explain why billions will gladly participate in their own demise. Also in this interview, Marshall discusses his efforts to create Knowledge Mountain Church of Perpetual Genesis as a non-denominational teaching church. In other words, you don’t need to leave your current faith-based organization(s) to participate with us. We are here to help those in awareness to fill the gaps as they develop their own personal relationship with Creator. Our key ministry activity is to assist faith-based organizations in forming sustainable communities to get through the coming tribulation.

The Leak Project

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