Michael Decon and Marshall Masters: Planet X & The Survival of All Humanity

| November 14, 2023

The Michael Decon ProgramIn this latest interview with Michael Decon, he asked me to address a new audience to Planet X.  It happens when our government is busy attacking free speech as usual.

I started with my usual newbie explanations about Planet X, and about twenty minutes in, Michael decided it was time to dive head-first into the hot stuff, and wow, that’s what we did.

We discussed my forthcoming book, Revelation and Planet X: The Kolbrin Bible Indigo Connection, out later this year.  A key feature of this book will be a tribulation timeline from 2023 to 2037.

Planet X & The Survival of All Humanity, Two Suns in The Sky – Marshall Masters

When writing, I prefer to lay low and stay focused, but when Michael says hey, let’s do radio, he is one guy I never refuse.   He tells me his audience is enjoying this interview, and I hope you will, too.  Meanwhile, its back to the salt mines for yours truly.


For my readers who are wondering as to why I’m not as active as usual.  Ah yes, grasshopper, I’m slaving away in the salt mines, is why, and I must admit, every time I start a new book, I make a promise to myself to keep it under 100 pages.

Well, once again, so much for that theory, which is why it takes me longer to write, but it’s worth it.  In simple terms, it’s about survival, and here is where the Indigo connection is powerful.

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