The Michael Decon Program: Marshall Masters – Planet X & Beyond, The Future Depends On You

| May 25, 2023
The Michael Decon ProgramIf you’re wondering where I’ve been, I’m working on a new series called The Jab with Marshall Masters.  Production is well along, and I hope to release it soon. It will be interesting for those who have followed the Plandemic from day one, but it is devoted to the jabbed and newly aware. I’m talking about people who did it, regret it, and now they want to redeem it.  The aim is to help them come up to speed quickly.

The Michael Decon Program, May 24, 2023

  When Michael Decon invited me to come back on, I was delighted.  Michael is a really great guy (with an appropriate touch of modesty), and his audience is, as they say, “smarter than the average bear.”  In the words of my generation, groovy baby. Call me an opportunist, but I jumped on this interview opportunity to work on some material for The Jab.   I focused on WW III, Planet X, and what’s driving events today.  I hit the deck with a full head of steam on this one, so pardon my occasional use of colorful metaphors.  Enjoy!

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