How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 2 – Save Our Species S.O.S

| October 17, 2022

How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 2 – Save Our Species S.O.SIn the first installment of this series, The Road Ahead, we took a long view of the future and what lies ahead.  We must now face the immediate challenge of the greatest existential threat to our species.

This existential threat is worse than a global nuclear war.  It is the extinction of our species as God the Creator made us through a malevolent conquest of our genetic code.

The bad news is that humanity is now a bifurcated species: unvaccinated, vaccinated.  Those who submitted and accepted the mRNA vaccine are no longer as God made them.

That was the bad news, and now the sad news.  Never underestimate the power of human denial.  A dreadful number of those who submitted continue to deny what is happening.  It is odd to observe nanny state, consumer bubble babies, whistling through a graveyard.

How the Meek Inherit the Earth Series


Yes, we know about programming, but the final analysis will be a simple reality.  The fastest way to open a closed mind is with an open coffin.

It beggars the imagination, but could we see a new and somewhat bizarre burial ritual on Tik-Tok after the third wave of death in this tsunami of suffering overwhelm the authorities?  Bodies will not be embalmed but buried together in large plastic coffins as quickly as possible.

While waiting for permission to visit the graveyard, families will download apps that use Bluetooth to seek and pair with the unique mRNA vaccine machine codes of their loved ones.

Slowly walking down rows of freshly dug graves, they’ll sweep the ground with smartphones attached to selfie sticks.  They’ll essentially become graphene metal detectors, and when the phone pairs, it flashes an alert so the code can be confirmed and the grave marked.  Twilight Zone stuff, oh yes, but it may happen.

However, it is not hypothetical that billions of unfortunate people will come face-to-face with their mortality and gullibility in the coming months and years.  What comes after that will not be a judgment.  Instead, it will be a reckoning for all with blood on their hands, and it will be swift and brutal.

In the meantime, those who defied this tyranny must turn our immediate attention to an overarching matter.  We need to save our species (S.O.S.) from genetic extinction.  

In time, this will become broadly understood, but until then, it falls upon the meek, the minority of Americans, who defied medical tyranny.  I dedicate this article to these courageous souls, for they understand the actual value of life and the dignity of the human soul and, above all else, what matters most.

Humanity’s Crown Jewels

At this very moment, the most precious human beings walking the face of this earth are healthy, unvaccinated males and females of the alpha generation.  Those born in this millennium are precious because they can provide healthy children as God made us.  Indeed, they are humanity’s crown jewels.

What is happening today is different.  We are awakening to the truth that Satanic governments and billionaires like Gates are coming for the Alpha generation like packs of bloodthirsty jackals to take a spoil.

They aim to defile and destroy the generation in evil ways.  So bold are they; they openly abuse us because their path to victory is through our impatience and neglect.  Although the alarms are now sounding, the odds are still in their favor.

Recently, Russian president Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the Kremlin to the Russian people and decried “Satanism” in America.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Wasn’t that our line?  We were good, and the dreadful Russians were the godless communists?  Nope.  When you read this quote from his speech, Putin clearly paints a new picture.

Vladimir Putin, September 30, 2022

“Do we really want to see perversions that lead to degradation and extinction be imposed on children in our schools from the earliest years, for it to be drilled into them that there are supposedly some genders besides women and men, and offered the chance to undergo sex-change operations?”

Folks, we must stop backing away from the ugly truth of what is happening.  Mutilated children do not reproduce.

People are fighting back, but how many will be sacrificial lambs for the entertainment of a global doomsday cult bent on culling our species before this is all done?

Parents who refuse to submit to FBI intimidation are voting out the jackals and seizing the reins of power on behalf of parents seeking a good education for their children.  Not insidious indoctrination and identity confusion.

By good fortune, Americans can reclaim their country from these monsters, but it will not be easy.  Too much harm has already been done, and wishful thinking and legislation will fail the nation because the truth is brutal.  Humanity has fallen upon the slippery slope of a negative timeline, and the coming massive loss of life is unavoidable!

We hear encouraging drumbeats that good will prevail over evil elsewhere than mainstream media.  A second drum offers a more gentle, steady beat with a simple message.   Be patient; this will take longer than we expected, for those who beat the drums for freedom understand the threat of impatience and neglect with historical clarity.

Ergo, freeing the nation from the tyranny of destruction will not be just one or two elections, but rather, one or more generations because freeing our species will happen one nation at a time.

If there is a turnaround in America, it will be an overture for the world, not a finale.  Therefore, helping other nations to free themselves from the cabal will be difficult.  Ultimately, saving our species may take several generations as we advance; if one fails, humanity fails.

Our situation is precarious, so the urgent task is to shelter our precious unvaccinated families.  Especially healthy Alpha Generation youth (Alphas as I call them) within multi-generational survival communities that can enfold them and support them.

The Alphas are Innocent

In the coming reckoning, there will be a lot of finger-pointing and with this in mind, let’s keep this one thing in mind.  The Boomer generation grew up watching Americans going into space.  The Alpha generation grew up watching people jump out of burning buildings.

The appropriate message is “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone” John 8:7.  The Alphas are innocent of this misery.  Likewise, we must also recognize the sociopolitical opposition against marriage and family in America.

It began decades ago as the fabric of society was shredded with grand experiments:

  • Abortion
  • No-Fault Divorce
  • The Pill
  • The Sexual Revolution
  • Women’s Liberation

Many of us have participated in or supported these experiments with a cavalier try it to see if we like it attitude.  Yes, some women have profited mightily from the shredding of social norms dating back millennia, but what about the unseen women whose lives never made the headlines or to a boardroom?

Now, for an honest moment of clarity, set your sensibilities aside for this particular question.  In terms of procreation, how has it worked out?

What is the meaning of all this?  In a word, it’s respect, namely respect for women as mothers and for women to respect themselves.  To proudly say that being a mother is the hardest job you’ll ever love.

As the men, most are fighting for air under a dogpile of politically motivated hatred.  For some deserved, for others not so, but who pays attention these days?

The spotlight is on women’s notable advances, and what has this proved?   More children are being raised in single-parent homes than ever before in the history of our country.

Politically speaking, feminism is proving to be a two edge sword.  One edge offers a new generation of dynamic conservative women fighting for the people’s good.  Conversely, the other edge is that women in power can be just as evil as their male counterparts, if not more so.  Likewise, evil lies below skin color.

Therefore, what is the result when we balance all gains vs. losses?  A war on women that has become a war against all of humanity.

In sports, women now compete against women with penises, and girls must shower with them and risk abuse.  Music extolls women as whores and bitches.  Tik-Tok features scantily clad young girls performing suggestive sexual gyrations.

The new narrative is that men can have babies, and parents who oppose this and mutilations will lose their children to the state through politically-crafted pretexts.

Consequently, America has lost sight of the need to respect women as mothers and the few notable successes no longer can mask the more significant result.  Latchkey kids, boys are masturbating in class, deadbeat dads and childless, old, angry, lonely cat ladies.

What is most arcane is that many liberated women still seek a real man, but how can they do that when they do not understand what a “real woman” is?  Case in point, Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s refusal to define a woman.

On the flip side, men are no better, and this conundrum was predicted in The Kolbrin Bible as a harbinger sign of a terrible tribulation to come in our lifetime.

The Kolbrin Bible

MAN:3:8 Men shall be divided by their races, and the children will be born as strangers among them.  Brother shall strive with brother and husband with wife.  Fathers will no longer instruct their sons, and the sons will be wayward.  Women will become the common property of men and will no longer be held in regard and respect.

For those who can look beyond programmed sensibilities, the truth is that many of today’s sons are wayward, and women are no longer held in regard and respect as they were when the phrase “women and children first” actually meant something.

Consequently, this multi-generation battle against God and families has taken a terrible toll, and it continues to be an existential threat to the genetic survival of humankind.  If we do not work together, what will be our fate?

Science tells us that approximately 74,000 years ago, a massive and violent volcanic event reduced humanity to less than 1,000 breeding pairs.  If, at that time, is it imaginable that our species could have bounced back with selfish wayward boys and angry feminist girls?

While historical revisionists want us to believe otherwise, humankind would now be extinct.  Or as Peggy Lee sang it.  Is that all there is?

However, your reading this article proves that our ancient ancestors understood the survival need for cooperation.  Granted, it wasn’t perfection, but it was good enough to prevent us from becoming another shallow layer of bones and mysteries for someone else.

If we succumb to the Satanic cabal driving us to the edge, will our eventual fate be?  It will be an extinction of a different kind.  If evil prevails, men will devolve into brutish and obedient drones, and the remaining women will be either be sequestered as submissive mobile egg vaults or used as sex toys.

This must not occur, and our immediate need is to save our species by returning to God and the family.  The first step is reproductive health.

Reproductive Health

if the meek are to save humanity from psychopaths, we must serve God by first gathering our crown jewels; healthy, unvaccinated Alphas.  The critical term is reproductive health.

We’re presently seeing a global decline in sperm count and motility for numerous environmental and health reasons.  A lot of time is needed to create a complete picture of why this is happening, so let’s use a simple visual example relevant to the matter.

How did American women feed their infants in the days before wizardry and woke politics?  They breastfed them.  Babies pressed to their mother’s breasts are the benchmark for creating a new future where we survive, thrive, and prosper, just as God made us.

We know all the natural arguments for breastfeeding, such as dental health, improved immune systems, etc.  So why is Bill Gates getting into the baby formula business?   To help answer that question, read this list of 11 reasons modern women prefer not to breastfeed., Mar 29, 2010
11 Reasons Why Women Stop Breastfeeding

As a hospital-based pediatrician and breastfeeding mother, I help women with breastfeeding regularly.  Here are my top reasons women tell me why they have stopped breastfeeding.

  1. It is much easier for a newborn to latch onto a rubber bottle nipple than a breast.
  2. Parents worry that they are not feeding their baby enough and/or mom’s milk supply is too low.
  3. Mothers are afraid or uncomfortable breastfeeding in public.
  4. Infant jaundice causes many healthcare professionals to suggest formula supplementation in the first week of life.
  5. Hormonal birth control can reduce breast milk production.
  6. Antidepressants and other prescription drugs lead many women to avoid breastfeeding.
  7. Breastfeeding affects female sexual function.
  8. Breast pumping at work is hard.
  9. Moms really don’t want to give up their coffee and alcohol.
  10. Breastfeeding is time-consuming, especially for women who are watching other children.
  11. Most babies don’t like infant vitamins.

Reading the list, one can see that inconvenience, embarrassment, and impatience are the principal reasons.

Bottom line.  The Great Awakening spreads across the globe, and if we fail through impatience or neglect, everything humanity has ever been and can become will be reduced to shadows and dust.

No!  No!  No!  This must not stand.  If we are to save our species, we must return to the wisdom of America’s past, when breastfeeding as a celebration of motherhood and family was honored and respected.

The Time of Gathering Has Come

The time has come to gather our healthy, unvaccinated Alphas and shield and empower them with love and wisdom.

Initially, the burden will fall upon the meek, those with the courage to bear the burdens of defying medical tyranny.  However, support from the vaccinated will also become possible as more of them become aware.

Why should someone who took the jab care?   Good question; as many meek have reported, the post-vaccination behaviors of family members are colder and more distant.

Likewise, doctors are reporting a new trend.  Eerie babies with black, doll-like eyes who affect grown men so strongly that they become uncomfortable in their presence.

An odd thing about the Covid vaccines is that the conspiracies become truth again and again, and we do not know the full extent of what is to come, other than it will be awful.

While the experts tell us there is no way to reverse the damage of these vaccines, the eternal hope is that ways to halt the damage and prevent transfection emerge permanently.   If so that families with both vaccinated and unvaccinated can remain together.

Whether we are blessed with such relief remains to be seen.  Yet, what remains is an undeniable mandate for the survival of our species.

We must gather our unvaccinated, especially our crown jewels, into off-grid, permanent all-hazard ecovillages where history can mostly pass them by.  This way, they can go to ground and survive, thrive, and prosper.

There is no time for idle debate.  As stated before, if we fail through impatience or neglect, everything humanity has ever been and can become will be reduced to shadows and dust.  We must begin working on the problem today.

For these reasons, the time to gather small communities of unvaccinated multi-generational families and here is the first step for everyone.  Decide upon what you are prepared to do.

In essence, this is the reason for The Great Awakening.  It is to spark within our souls the willingness to sacrifice for the survival of our species.

Whether we of older generations live to see it or not, we must have the foresight to make it possible for our Alphas to build a Star Trek future founded on self-discipline and forbearance.

Let us older generations resolve not to go quietly into that dark night but to expend what remains of us to make possible a golden age for future generations.  One worthy of billions lost.

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