How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 5 – Controlled Opposition + Michael Decon Interview

| January 1, 2023

How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 5 – Controlled OppositionWith each new year, we do retrospectives, so with that in mind, let’s go back to January 2021, when General Flynn stood before a solemn gathering of protestors in the nation’s capital.  He proclaimed, “There is no plan,”  and then he led a prayer.

At that moment, Flynn snatched confidence from the jaws of victory with this statement, so was it true?

The question is inherently naive because this is the fog of war, and there is only one way to understand what is happening, and here is how the Russian people did it during the Soviet era.

They viewed everything as propaganda from both sides and focused on finding what they called “useful propaganda” because neither side would reveal their plans, much less their failures in war.  It worked well for them and is a proven propaganda management model.

With this in mind, it can be argued that Flynn said this because he was not in a position to reveal the actual plan to save humanity from genetic extinction and perpetual slavery.

Also, at that time, people were not ready to understand the Cabal and the Alliance’s miscalculations regarding the nature and extent of decisive opposition minorities, and how they would necessitate a change of plans for both sides.


With that in mind, we shall start with the conclusion of this article and then backlink the many pieces of this ominous puzzle together.

PROPOSITION: The plan to save humanity in four words. Let the stupids die. 

Yes, that’s an awful, brutal statement, but read on, and you will see a factual basis for it.  Then you’ll know why it was much wiser for Flynn to say, “there is no plan.”


Since January 2021, when General Flynn said, “there is no plan,” weeks turned into months for Patriots, and the months have become years; all the while, the goalposts of victory remain obscured in a haze of well-intentioned Alliance metaphors and analogies.  It’s all a leap of faith now.

No wonder many Patriots are weary of being the last to know and the first to pay, and so many ask, when will we see victory or at least a clear path to victory?  This sense of impatience is growing, perhaps in subconscious anticipation of this war moving out of its covert phase so that everyone can get a good look at it.

Until then, whining about it will not help.  Winners never quit, and quitters never win.  If we quit, we die, and so does our species.   We’re in it for the species now; victory will take whatever it takes.

As many see it, the Cold War was World War III, whereas the present global conflict, which I refer to as the Great War to Free Humanity, is World War IV.

This brings us to 2022, General Flynn, and the new Alliance buzzword.  “Rally.”

The rally Flynn has been speaking about in recent interviews refers to a critical moment in the Alliance battle plan.  A point in time when enough Americans rally to the cause in support of the Alliance.

Other Alliance sources, such as Juan O’Savin, have discussed this critical moment in detail for some time, and as with many things, it’s about the numbers.  Specifically 81%>.

Decisive Moments

A consistent mantra from conservative influencers is that achieving a decisive rally requires eighty-one percent or more of the general population.

Before the 2022 election, seventy percent were seen as ready to rally, so the Alliance expected that the elections’ corruption would gain them another eleven percent.   Unfortunately, the actual gains were minuscule compared to what was needed, and due to this miscalculation, the Alliance plan had to adapt.

This brings us to the question of when and, once again, back to General Flynn.  In a recent interview, he talked about the rally.

At first, he said “six months,” then corrected himself and said, “Eighteen months to two years.”   It was a revealing slip of the tongue, and we can see that before the theft of the 2022 election, the Alliance anticipated that it would propel us to the rally in six months.

Post-stolen 2022 election, the Alliance realized that demographic battle lines were as fixed as the trenches of World War I.  Realizing their miscalculation, they were forced to postpone the rally estimate to as much as two years.

Here is where the Alliance plan changed.  They hoped to save as many as possible, but now the plan is following another branch.  With that in mind, let’s see how we got here.

Trump Promotes a Bioweapon

During the 21-August-2021 rally in Alabama, Trump was booed for echoing a Biden talking point, which for some, planted a lingering doubt that he could be the leader of a controlled opposition movement.

Trump rally in Aug 2021 in Alabama

The Guardian, 22-Aug-2021
Trump booed after telling supporters to get Covid vaccine

Former president held rally in Cullman, Alabama, a city struggling to cope with cases and hospitalisations

At his rally in Alabama on Saturday night, Donald Trump heard the unusual sound of booing and jeering aimed his way, after he told supporters: “I recommend taking the vaccines.”

“I believe totally in your freedoms,” Trump said. “I do, you’re free, you got to do what you have to do.

“But I recommend taking the vaccines. I did it, it’s good, take the vaccines.”

There is an old saying, “the calendar fixes everything,” which, as it appears, is not necessarily true all of the time.  Sometimes, something sticks with the audience.

At the time, most excused, ignored, or tried to explain this away and still do.

Yet, a significant minority of Patriots felt betrayed that he would echo Biden to help sell the jab to those who view it as poison.  Trump immediately realized his mistake with the booing, and the crowd’s energy slumped, and it took him a few minutes to bury the gaff.

Trump’s endorsement of a bioweapon designed to kill Americans was the proverbial wash-day surprise for many Patriots.  For example, a wife is doing laundry and finds lipstick on the collar of her husband’s dress shirt, and it’s not her color.  That tends to put a new wheel on the wagon, so to speak, and this was not a one-off faux pas.  This was Trump’s position then, and he’s doubling down on it today., December 29, 2022
WAYNE ROOT: My 11th Interview with President Trump…and Why This Anti-Covid Vaxx TV Host Will Always Support This Pro-Covid Vaxx President

This vaccine is the biggest disaster in healthcare history. It’s a complete failure. It doesn’t prevent Covid. It doesn’t prevent the spread of Covid. And I have data and hard evidence from around the world showing the deaths, injuries, heart attacks, strokes and massive immune damage these vaccines have produced. The mortality rate is skyrocketing across America and around the world to the highest levels in recorded history- but only since the introduction of the Covid jab…and only among the vaccinated.

But President Trump disagrees. He thinks the vaccines are a miracle of modern science. He believes they saved millions of lives.

Why does a self-described anti-vaxxer like Wayne Root insist on giving Trump a pass?   This question is relevant because it raises the specter of controlled opposition.  A technique governments use to trick and subdue their adversaries.

Urban Dictionary
Controlled opposition

A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries.  Notably Vladimir Lenin who said “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

Trump never advocated mandates, and the media brutally t-boned him for mentioning Hydroxychloroquine, but it appears he sold out on this one.  Everyone has his price, and this could be controlled opposition.  Maybe Trump is playing both sides of the fence to protect his family and to keep his fortune.  In other words, is there a secret quid pro quo to provide cover for the Cabal and Big Pharma?

Granted, Trump sounds like he shoots from the hip, but his moves are calculated, and one of many explanations for his selling the jab last year was that he was talking to the liberals.  Perhaps that excuse borders on the elusive truth of the matter.   That his endorsement of a deadly bioweapon that will devastate humanity over the coming years, in the Wayne Root interview, is a play to seduce the Cabal and its minions into a sense of mastery in this matter.

It reminds one of Matthew 7:16 – By their fruits you will know them.  Nonetheless, until this ugliness is resolved openly and truthfully, truthers must ask, is trusting a man who thinks the vaccines are a miracle of modern science a wise thing to do?

The answer is found in President Ronald Reagan’s quote from an old Russian proverb, “Trust, but verify.”   In 2024, this issue will haunt Trump, pushing his conservative opponents into a more favorable light, but for now, there are other fish to fry.

Minority Control

Now that we have introduced the Alliance’s miscalculations regarding the nature and extent of decisive opposition minorities, we can go deeper to reveal why it necessitated a change of plans,

For the purpose of this conversation, we’ll divide Americans into four political categories with the following percentages:

  • Marxist Minions – 10%: Hardcore socialists committed to the Cabal narrative and goals.
  • Cabal Beneficiaries – 20%:   Those who benefit from following the narrative with comfortable and secure incomes, such as military, medicine, law enforcement, government workers, teachers, unions, etc.
  • Silent Majority – 35%:  Independents and a mix of party affiliations, the people, are ‘in awareness’ to some degree and opposed to the nation’s current direction.  They’re waiting for their moment to stand up.
  • Patriots & Meek– 35%:  The Patriots are action-oriented and taking hard hits as they organize at the grassroots level.  They are predominately unvaccinated. However, those who were vaccinated and then awakened started refusing the boosters.  Then they begin implementing lifestyle changes to detoxify themselves—a beautiful gift of redemption.

This brings us back to the 81%> threshold and Trump’s stump speech last August 2022. Was he talking to liberals as a whole?  No, because talking to the Marxist Minions is a pointless was of time for obvious reasons. So who?

It could be argued that in his August 2021 stump speech, Trump was an attempt to build a bridge to the Cabal Beneficiaries in the hope that he would peel away enough of them and achieve the necessary 81%> threshold.  No doubt he picked up a few, but that was by no means enough; realizing this, the Alliance changed to an alternate branch of the plan.  Namely, let the stupids die.

In a recent speech, Trump confirmed this when he stated that certain people have not suffered enough to awaken and rally to the cause but that the coming misery will push them to it.

Let’s dig deeper into that to establish a launching point to look at the Cabal miscalculation and its meaning.

Let the Stupids Die

When it comes to the survival of sentient species, the universe has only one rule.  If you’re stupid, you deserve to die.  It sounds brutal, but it is what it is.  Embrace the suck.

If you relinquish the sanctity of your mind, body, and soul to a narrative with a single microphone, your brain is broken, or you’re living the good life.  Either way, you’re stupid because this is how these “useful idiots” are seen by the Cabal, who are just as quick to suicide them, as anyone else.

Q said it best.  “These people are stupid,” which is why I refer to them as the “Stupids.”

To its credit, the Alliance took a necessary risk to reach out to these people.  Still, the effort failed because they are pampered, nanny-state consumer bubble babies.  Entertaining any question about the narrative strikes fear in their hearts—the fear of losing position, wealth, and social contacts—a total non-starter.

So how is it working out for them?

The Epoch Times Premium, Dec 20, 2022
Boosted Worse Off Than Vaccinated in Many States, Data Show

People in the United States who have received COVID-19 boosters in many states are more likely than those who have gotten just a primary series to get infected, receive hospital care, and die, according to an Epoch Times investigation.

Cases, hospitalizations, and deaths among the boosted have been increasing since the booster shots were first introduced in 2021. The boosters were promoted as bolstering protection against adverse outcomes. But, compared to the vaccinated who have not received any boosters, boosted people are testing positive, being hospitalized, and dying at higher levels in many states, according to the review, which went over data in the first two quarters of 2022.

Tell the Stupids about taking C, D3, and Zinc daily to help block the viral propagation.  They’ll call you a conspiracy lunatic or dismiss it with something clever like “I take a multi-vitamin every day, so I’m good.”

Why are they this smug?  Because their Cabal Beneficiary physicians are parroting the narrative and assuring them “the vaccine had nothing to do with it.”  In short, these people are the best Lemmings money can buy, but what they are about to learn is that their world is ending, and they are along with it.

Covid Vaccine Plague

Now for an existential moment of clarity.  The vaccine plague is already here and about to get much worse.  Much like Noah and the Flood, the hull knockers of the deluge are the stupids of today, the Cabal owns it, and those at the top already know it.

Recently, a professional recruiter specializing in succession planning works with the major energy companies in Texas has reported something stunning and ominous.

Large organizations use succession planning to keep a pool of replacement candidates for executives and other high-value employees to ensure continuity.  She said she sat down with her clients to prepare a list of succession positions, and every name with a positive vaccine status was selected for replacement in three years.  Then came the kicker.  She said clients cried while doing it.

Remember what General Flynn is saying now.  The rally will occur in 18 months to two years, which connects perfectly with this succession recruitment disclosure.   Now the question is, what will happen to bring about an 81%> rally in this timeframe?

Does the prediction, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy,” ring a bell?  It is called “The Great Reset,” and sometime in the next 18 months to two years, everyone in the world will wake up to learn that the money presses across the world have stopped printing money.

Then everyone learns that the fiat currencies in their bank accounts have been converted to digital currency. The paper money hidden in your mattress or tucked away in your wallet will instantly be worthless.

You will begin receiving a minimum income of 1,000 digital dollars per month, assuming you maintain the appropriate ESG rating.  Otherwise, the benefit will be reduced or denied.  There will be no more fiat money, just digital dollars the state can confiscate or block at will.

What’s the bottom line?  The Marxist Minions will cheer, and the Cabal Beneficiaries will weep all the way to the rally threshold.  Ergo, time is on the side of the Alliance.

All they need do is to let the covid vaccine plague and the Great Rest drive the cross-overs to them.  This is the safest way the Alliance can grow above the 81%> rally threshold, thereby eliminating the risk of another kinetic civil war.  This is crucial.  If Americans go kinetic, our nation could end up in history’s dustbin.

As the pain and suffering begin to suck all the oxygen out of the narrative, the Cabal will play a familiar tune.  Trump did it.  He financed and pushed it into use, and the MSM will broadcast it 24/7.  However, the narrative will fail.  Not because it is in the news but because it is in the blood.

The New American, 23-December-2022
Scary Videos of What the Vaccine Does To Blood

If you have been vaccinated, you will not like this and it will upset you. The truth is the truth. I don’t want to stress you out, but the results are what they are.

In summary, the Alliance’s efforts to win the crucial margin, with appeals to Cabal Beneficiaries, have failed, and now it has become a matter of time and pressure where the fastest way to change a closed mind is with an open casket.

If the Alliance is to save humanity, it must let the stupids die because WW IV is a brutal war of attrition.  Now we can move on to the Cabal miscalculation.

Cabal Miscalculation

As stated above, the demographic rally side is divided between the silent majority on one level and the other, Patriots and the Meek.  Therefore, it now comes down to how one views the world.

We are learning how powerful the Cabal is.  It is wealthy beyond imagination, and its tendrils have drilled into every facet of life, even our military.   As daunting as they may be, never forget the power and control they have gathered unto themselves was not earned.  It was stolen in secrecy.

In fact, for centuries, the Cabal has been stealing our labors, children, and lives unopposed and with predictable success.  Hence, they launched Word War IV with a bad case of victory disease.  In other words, they are so accustomed to being unopposed and winning that they have come to see it as a guaranteed right.

Now, they are heavily opposed and must defend what they have stolen.  This is a new twist for them and, frankly, a surprise.

The Cabal successfully targeted Christian first-world nations, and by 2025, most of Christianity will succumb to vaccine injury and death, per WEF announcements.

As for the Jews, it will be much worse.  Their two major population centers are Israel and New York, with some of the highest vaccination rates in the world.  But there is a big difference between Jews in Israel and Jews in New York.  In New York, Jews vote for Democrats.  In Israel, they take staying alive more personally.

Assuming the Israelis are taking the same vaccines as Americans, given their rate of boosters, the nation is up a creek without a paddle.  But that could be a silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud because they are very inventive and could take the lead in finding a way to end the plague for everyone.

Regarding vaccination and booster maps, there is only one conclusion.  The Cabal has successfully targeted Christians and Jews for extinction, which does not explain the degree of opposition they are receiving from the Patriots and the Meek.

What is it they did not see, or more the point, what was so alien to them that they could not imagine it?

Their miscalculation was to assume that if they targeted the faiths of their principal enemies, they could crush or control any subsequent opposition.  The problem is that they cannot make the 35% of committed Patriots and the Meek submit. Instead, their ranks are growing by the day as they learn how to fight back.

Worse yet, these opposition forces refuse to commit violence, which can only serve the Cabal’s goals and plans.   To their dismay, this 35% has become a political hornet’s nest, and they have no idea what makes them tick.  If it is not a religion or political philosophy, what in the hell is it, they wonder.

What they are utterly blind to is evident to every kind soul.  What binds the opposition is that no matter what faith or walk of life, all have one thing in common.  They struggle with God.  That’s the bond.

Prayer, rituals, and ceremonies are good things, but until you struggle with God, you will never really know God on a personal level.  But once you do, things change.

It usually begins with the poor pitiful Pearl complaints and foxhole promises, but the longer you work at it, the sooner you finally learn to give it to God.   When you do, your world moves from fear and subjugation to love and forbearance, which is not to say you’re a pansy.

For example.  The Patriot militia movement is growing in America.  It doubled in size in 2021; by the end of 2022, there will be over 500 active militias in the USA today, and there is a new trend.  On the weekends, militia members may work on rifle proficiency, but they do so with the intention of supporting local law enforcement.

But what is most impressive is that they are becoming grassroots political activists.  A good example is RED WHITE + BLUEPRINT.


These Patriot Militias are working at local county levels, and their targets of choice are Communists and their RINOs (Republican in Name Only) partners, as these are the controlled opposition.

They are despicable traitors to the Constitution and the enemies of the people, and folks are taking them to task. Hopefully, one day, we’ll see a powerful RINO, such as Mitch McConnel, kicking his can down the road.

Likewise, many of these magnificent people challenge the Cabal at every level daily and in many different ways because WW IV is about personal choice.   Some days the bear eats you, and some days you eat the bear, but never surrender and quit.

How long will it take to achieve victory?  As long as it takes.  Lump it and do the work because each of us has a choice. Do we stand to be counted or not?

Imagine one day in the far future, you are asked, “grandpa, grandma, what did you do during the Great War to Free Humanity?”

What’s your answer?  “I was a couch potato and consumed mass quantities of chips and dips until I could pretend to be a Patriot.”  No doubt that will go over big with junior’s show-and-tell presentation.

Or you decide to do something.  Support the fighters financially or be a fighter for the people but do something real and useful. The first job is to unseat the enemies of the people.  That being Communists and to purge their RINO co-conspirators from the Republican Party, for they truly are the controlled opposition.

In the final analysis, achieving freedom and enlightenment for humanity is not about political parties or superheroes.  It is about each of us and what we choose to do.  Don’t run after a crowd but have the courage to be a majority of one to do what you can and never give up.

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