Mask This You Commie Criminals

| September 1, 2020

Mask This You Commie CriminalsWell, good golly Ms. Molly, the silent majority in America is beginning to come out from behind the curtain, and thank God, it’s about time.   Instead of being sucked into commie plots to destabilize the country so as to provoke a violent revolution, the silent majority is not raising to the bait.  

That’s right folks, Patriots nationwide are sick of communist-inspired minions in government and technology and how they are forcing compliance masking on us, when doctors are telling us they do not work but that HCQ does. 

I remember when I was 30-something, and we could speak our minds.  Now, we must hide behind memes due to communist-inspired cancel culture criminals who berate and smear us because we chose not to be Hillary Clinton sycophants.  Nonetheless, thanks to our hate-America-first MSM, we’re being forced to submit to their brand of political slavery.

The result of all this is that the communist infiltration of our institutions hs eviscerated our ability to express our true feelings as they did in Soviet Russia, where freedom-loving people are reduced to cryptic “memes.”

Wikipedia: “A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that becomes a fad and spreads by means of imitation from person to person within a culture and often carries symbolic meaning representing a particular phenomenon or theme.”

A Heritage of Individualism and Courage

Cowboy with Red BandanaWell, here’s a new meme to consider, red bandanas for compliance masking.  This meme draws upon our nation’s rich heritage of the individualism and courage of those who opened the West.  In doing so, these rugged individuals helped make America legendary amongst the peoples of the world.  Who doesn’t like a good Western, even with sub-titles? 

For cowboys and cowgirls, the red bandanna served multiple roles.  They were not only used as masks for keeping trail dust out of their mouths, but they also used them to signal others. 

Being a native son of California, I was raised in Arizona, and for me, the red bandanna has always been a symbol of individualism and courage and after weeks of using the same conventional mask, it was time to rewash it. 

However, I wanted something easier to breathe through, and this was my initial reason for ordering a 10-pack of red bandanas from Amazon. 

Red Bandanna on Amazon

I’m so glad I did because they’re easier to put on and much easier to breathe through, and of course, they satisfy the communist criminals and their compliance masking hysteria to force everyone to submit to their election fraud agenda. 

Compliance Masking Is About Politics – Not Science

This is not a political rant; it’s a science rant, as in, the victim is real science.  Not the pseudo-hype cranked out by the Globalists and their communist co-conspirators., July 18, 2024
Compliance Masking is Setting Us Up for Multiple COVID-19 Waves

Last May, President Donald Trump shared a tweet that argued compliance masking to control the spread of the coronavirus represents a “culture of silence, slavery, and social death.” He’s absolutely right, but the key point here is, do masks work?

Interestingly enough, the answer comes from a sacred institution of the left Berkeley, or “Berzerkeley” as locals like to call it.

1920 Spanish Flu - Enhanced

This was a perfect blind study, and what it shows is that Boston, MA did not require masks, and it had only one wave, with some residual infection.

Stockton, CA, on the other hand, had much higher death rates overall plus not one, but three waves as represented in this study.  The bottom line is self-evident.  Compliance masking spreads the virus quickly so that more can die due to therapeutic suppression.

Simply put, the Globalists and Democrats want to end lives for power, whereas Trump and the Patriots want to save lives for God and country. That’s right; there is more to this than a flu epidemic.

Well, after wearing my new red bandanas for a week or so, and really like them, I got one of those Amazon requests to submit a review and figured what the heck.  So here is what I sent them:

Use to Make a Great Political Statement About Masking

I like wearing these as masks. They are easier to breathe through, and I like the bank robber look. Woo-hoo, It satisfies the socialist monsters who say these are necessary but that HCQ is bad. I’ll be surprised If this review gets by the anti-free speech socialist minders at Amazon.

Certain Amazon would send me one of those politically incorrect blow-offs, they actually accepted the review and posted it.  Frankly, I’m a bit stunned; they approved it.  Perhaps the winds of change are finally blowing our way, and if it’s time to get some!  Oorah!

Patriots – Let’s Meme The Heck Out of This!!!

For all of you patriots who follow my site, I’m asking you to meme the heck out of this by using the following link to vote and post comments on this review. 

Click here to comment on
Marshall’s Bandana Review

Let’s make this the number one review for this product, and let’s see if we can meme up a little support. 

I will monitor this product review for your comments, and I will answer each one.  For those of you who want to be snarky, look-down-your-nose, hate-America first progressives, then double dumbass on you, as I’ll be equally unkind.  I’m sick of progressives and their intolerant and pretentious holier-than-thou attitudes.

Whaddya say there Yowusa supporters, let’s all get a red bandanna and make some meme noise. 


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