Marshall Masters x Marilynn Hughes

| November 14, 2019

End of Days with Michael readers, OMG, do we have a cool interview coming up on End of Days host Michael Decon. I’ll be doing a panel with Marilynn Hughes.  She is totally dialed-in on spiritual connection and a prolific force of nature, so put this on your calendar, Saturday, November 16, 2019, at 7 PM PDT and 10 PM EDT.

After Michael sent me the panel invitation, I checked Marilynn’s background. I knew what I would love to talk about, so I pitched it to Michael.


I said, “I would like to discuss the following topic: Dreams, Visions, Premonitions, and Survival. Are these delusions or real experiences inspired by God?”

Michael said that was on his mind as well. Also, he told me that Marilynn has some interesting questions about The Kolbrin Bible.

Hot diggity dog, this just keeps getting better folks, so put this interview on your calendar and tune in this Saturday. Be there or be square. Oorah!

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