Marshall Masters – Planet X, Nibiru Fly By, 2 Suns in the Sky, Q?|EOD 159

| April 7, 2019

End of Days with Michael DeconFolks, here is a great interview with Michael Decon for you to listen to while you’re grilling in the backyard.  I always have a great time with Michael and this interview went three hours.  What can I say. We were on a roll and nothing was sacred.

When you look at the start screen, you’ll see a chat room comment from the chat room from Drew Fologist. He says, “Why does it sound like Marshall is sitting naked while talking to Michael?”

When I read this, I laughed so hard I darn near fell out of my chair.  Then it only got better.


Gang of Four chimed in with “Drew. That’s the way Marshall likes it.”

and finally, End of Days said, “I’m naked.”

To all concerned chat room participants (especailly End of Days.)  Please be advised. I’m a 65-year old man with a Michelin figure. You can’t unsee that.

That being said, the thought of doing nudist radio does open up a whole new world of possibilities.  Oorah.  Enjoy!

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