Marshall Masters x Leo Zagami – Signs 41 Series, Earth Changes

| August 25, 2019

End of Days with Michael DeconSometimes life is that funny little thing that gets in the way of all your plans. Such was the case on August 24, 2019, when Michael Decon of End of Days Radio wrote to tell me that he’d accidentally booked me and Leo Zagami for the same interview slot.

After some going back and forth, we all happily agreed to do an impromptu panel show and it was a hit.  Who knew?

You never know what an audience will go for and Leo Zagami and I turned out to be a salt and pepper combo.  We’re very different but together, we’re like that old Alka-Seltzer TV Commercial. “Mama Mia atsa some spicy meat-a-ball.”


Consequently, this was such an impromptu interview that it could in no way be seen as a stump pitch. As Michael so aptly put it, “people absolutely love authenticity.”

We discussed a range of issues on earth changes, Planet X, and so forth. However, what you may find most interesting are the views Leo, and I expressed about the whole Epstein, Pedo Island situation.

Leo and I came from a very different points of view on Epstein, yet, we connected perfectly. The result was a very unique and exciting show, and according to Michael, his audience loved it. So will you. Enjoy.

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