Michael Decon Show: Marshall Masters Issues Apocalyptic Warning

| April 15, 2023

Michael Decon ShowSometimes you start an interview with one thing in mind, and then life happens, and it changes the plan.

This interview with Michael Decon was powerful, especially for me, after he revealed that his YouTube channel had been closed, most likely due to a previous interview with me in which we discussed the Covid Plandemic.

I’ve been the victim of such suppression, and my heart goes out to Michael because I know what it feels like to have treasonous psychopaths and pedophiles steal your audience and confiscate your work for baseless reasons.

It was when Michael told me this that our interview took a turn, and instead of talking about Planet X and my latest Signs article, it was time to take the beast on, and we did.

The Michael Decon Program, 15-Apr-2023
Marshall Masters Issues Apocalyptic Warning


Prepare for the end times with the survival expert, Marshall Masters. With a wealth of knowledge in earth changes, space threats, and sustainable survival strategies and technologies, Marshall is the go-to author for anyone seeking to secure their future. As an FCC amateur general class radio license holder and emergency training course graduate, Marshall is dedicated to helping survival community leaders create effective communication strategies using affordable two-way radios. His latest book, Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness and Two-Way Radios, is a must-read for anyone who wants to be prepared for whatever the future holds. Trust in Marshall’s expertise and rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

In this interview, I discuss a new series I’m working on titled, The Jab.  I am focused on those who took the jab and now regret making a bad choice.  My goal is to help them redeem that mistake in some meaningful way.  It will be released in May.

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