Life and Death in a Global Catastrophe

| March 31, 2015

Show #164
Host: Marshall Masters

Life and Death in a Global CatastropheInterest in survival preparation and relocation is increasing because people are worried by the uncertainties of present times and trends that seem to be moving into a period of tribulation: One brought on by natural and man-made global catastrophes.

Consequently, peace of mind is becoming harder to find. The storm clouds are gathering and therefore, a similar gathering by those in awareness is likewise, necessary.

To help you prepare, this three-part audio series offers a balanced approach to survival life, death, wellness, and preparation.

Part 1: Marshall Masters and Susan Shumsky  –  Subscriber MP3
Part 2: Marshall Masters and Susan Shumsky –  Subscriber MP3
Part 3: Marshall Masters, Susan Shumsky, and Bette Anne Wygant  –  Subscriber MP3

Subscriber Version – 160 KB MP3 – Near Studio Quality

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