Let Them Eat Vacuum

| July 15, 2022

Let Them Eat VacuumFor longer than we dare imagine, a diabolical minority has convinced the masses that they are the only ones who have the right to be wrong because the rest of us are too stupid to sort it out for ourselves.   News flash: that’s changing.

Now, the tide is turning, and while there are still terrible dangers and suffering ahead, the path to victory begins by letting the Globalists and their minions eat vacuum.

In other words, we consciously decide not to participate in their predatory and parasitic systems, but how do we do it?  Or, more specifically, how can I do it and make a difference?

Let’s not get drastic here.  It’s not the time to live in desolation while eating bugs in the back of a cave.  But if that works for you, no doubt the Globalists will be delighted to help get you started with a bountiful supply of crunchy cockroach happy meals.

Back to cases.  How do you succeed?   You never miss an opportunity to make a freedom choice, regardless of what others do, and that is what this article is all about.

The Great Awakening

Historically, the term great awakening describes a religious revival, but The Great Awakening of today embraces all moral world views.  Therefore, we’ll use a simple model to place it within a simple, three-tiered social structure comprising two minorities and a vast majority.

At the very top of the pyramid is the smallest minority.  These few are the ones who make things happen, and this includes the white hats and black hats.

The middle level down is the more considerable minority.  Comprised of critical thinkers, these are the people who observe what the smallest minority is doing.  Unfortunately, their ability to see through pretenses, propaganda and lies makes them an existential threat to tyrants.

Then there is the vast majority of humanity, those who prefer the safety of numbers by becoming one of a much large majority.  Hence, they can be easily separated, intimidated, and silenced and are all too often misled by the guile of simplistic fixes and disingenuous superheroes.

With this in mind, we ask, is the Great Awakening about turning the world against the Globalists at the top of the social pyramid?  That’s where the freedom train is going, but it’s not where it started.

The Great Awakening is about awakening those who prefer to be one of a majority into modern-day critical thinkers, willing to endure the slings and arrows that come with being a majority of one.

That’s right.  If you’re a critical thinker, you’re a majority of one, so accept it, use it, and prevail.  Make this commitment, and it will give you peace of mind for the awful times ahead.

For this reason, I will speak directly to those of you who are just becoming aware as critical thinkers because there is nothing magical about this process.

Oh Crap; Death Is Already At Our Door

Coming into awareness is a gut-wrenching process that leaves you feeling like some yutz slapped you upside the head with a dead salmon.

Of course, a charming encounter such as this tends to leave you standing there, spitting scales and wondering what in the heck is the meaning of all this?

Naturally, one’s first thoughts are not upbeat.  Instead, they’re more like oh crap; death is already at our door!  Ah come on.  Could we do without the fear jab?  Nope.

Your “oh crap” moment is the only form of payment accepted when riding The Great Awakening Express.  Ergo, render unto Ceasar, take a seat, and prepare to embrace the suck.

FYI, “embrace the suck” represents a view of life that balances risk and reward.  The strategy is to accept that sacrifices made today can become the advantages of tomorrow.

Achieving this begins by thinking beyond the artificialities of our nanny state existence, and thankfully, the technique is utterly simple.

You first recognize yourself as a majority of one and stop participating in the predatory and parasitic systems of the Globalists and their lackeys, whenever and wherever possible.

Remember.  Globalists need us more than we need them, as they make nothing but grief and grandiose ideas.

These pampered, elite consumers do not know how to grow a potato, milk a cow, or catch a fish but will dearly pay for these things to be on their dinner table.  Yet, those steadfastly leave uninvited to the feat will be the ones who made it possible by the sweat of their brows.

The point is that when you participate in the Globalist system, you feed them with your lifeblood and energy.  Who are they.. really?

They are parasites who view humanity as a biological infestation of the planet long overdue for a near-extinction level event.

As for me, I say, screw that mini-me stuff.  Let them eat vacuum.  How does that work?

You never let an opportunity to make a freeom choice pass you by.  For example, before you login to Facebook, repeat the critical thinker mantra:

  • Let them eat vacuum.
  • Let them eat vacuum.
  • Let them eat vacuum.

After that, if you still need to log on, then, by all means, do so; however, consider this.   What if you reduce your time on Facebook by 20%?

Wow, that’s huge, and for two reasons.

First, you’re putting Facebook on a low-vacuum diet, and second, you have more time to acquaint yourself with critical thinking alternatives.

The next time you’re in the grocery store, and you have the impulse to reach for a GMO processed food product in the center of the store, pause and repeat the critical thinker mantra:

  • Let them eat vacuum.
  • Let them eat vacuum.
  • Let them eat vacuum.

If you still have the craving after doing that, then go ahead and enjoy yourself.

But, if you make a freedom choice to prepare that dish from scratch, it will be cheaper and healthier, and you’ll enjoy the simple pleasure of preparing a healthy and delicious meal.

On the downside, the freedom choice option will require more preparation time than a ‘just add fluoridated water’ nuke-em’ meal.

On the upside, no worries, you have plenty of free time left over from your Facebook low-vacuum diet freedom choice, so use it to make a difference.

 Making a Difference

You may wonder, if I am a majority of one and I forgo macaroni and cheese tonight for the betterment of humankind, how will that make a difference in the grand scope of things?

For starters, this is not a cheesy question, and so my answer to you is that the body politic of our nation was wounded grievously and in ways most direly.  If these wounds are more grievous than first presumed or ignored through indifference, we shall inevitably succumb to them.

For the good of the body politic, our wounds must be bound so the healing can begin.  When it does, it will happen one cell at a time.  As a critical thinker, you are one cell of countless others with whom you are intertwined.  Therefore, your first task is to clean the wound with generous applications of daily freedom choices.

Do this, and you will find the eye of the storm.  A place where you can see all the whirling harm about you, but there, in the calm of the eye, you can make peace with what is to come and prepare accordingly.

Give it to God, stay committed, and you’ll get through it.

Also, know this.  When you walk a path of awareness as a majority of one, you will inevitably learn you are not alone, and this is when things get interesting.

A Majority of the Many Ones

When you make a personal commitment to exercise freedom choices each day, and in every way possible, there will be pain – expect it.  However, you will also regain more control over your life and hope for the future.

Yet, at the same time, we must also acknowledge that much of the harm yet to come cannot be stopped, as these events were set in motion long before.

This coming destruction is inevitable, like a boulder set loose from atop a hill.

Sadly, those engrossed in the spiritless artificiality of modern life will be too distracted to gaze off into the distance.  Oddly, they will hear and feel its presence but not see it until the moment before everything goes dark.

They’ll never see it coming.

As a critical thinker in awareness, you saw it coming long before the fateful day and made a point of being elsewhere at the right time.  Such is the power that comes from freedom choices because and why you program the most sophisticated wetware computer in existence – your brain – for survival success!

Let’s continue this example and say that you watched that boulder roll down the hill and wreak havoc upon a clueless population from a safe vantage point.

After the big smash, you look around and find that you’re not the only one with the presence of mind to mitigate risks.

Yes, there are a lot of others you’ve never met before, but when your eyes meet, you’ll feel as though you’ve always known them.  They are your brothers and sisters in critical thinking, and what can you expect from such a magnificent majority of the many ones?

Something a supporter said seemed to strike the perfect note upon which to answer this question.

“People are kinder and more understanding than you may think.-Scott G.”

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