Leak Project: Surviving the Planet X Tribulation

| July 13, 2016

The Leak ProjectIn this interview with Rex Bear I go even further into describing the aims of my latest book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide, and what sets it apart from all other books ever written on the topic of Planet X.

What I’m seeing now are observation reports from a wide variety of locations, such as the one presented at 11:35 in the video below where we see an object of interest at the three o’clock position relative to the sun.  Likewise, I’m seeing more amazing videos now than ever before.

However, while folks are really focused on making certain they’re seeing something real, I’m doing something altogether different.

Surviving the Planet X Tribulation, Pole Shift, Global Chaos, Marshall Masters

Published on Jul 12, 2016

Latest news and intel with great photos of what could be the infamous Planet X.

Secular communities vs Faith based communities / problems vs benefits of both and differences. Wellness, communications, incident command systems,

The analogy I use is that of soul surfers paddling out from shore, waiting until they feel that perfect set about to come in — an opportunity that rarely comes, and one which rewards those who are both patient and perceptive.

In other words, I’m not looking up, I’m looking forward and I’m paddling for all I’m worth. My hope is to help others to find the right wave to surf to survival through the tribulation, coming through that tube safely, out on the beautiful “backside” of the tribulation when the blue skies return.

That’s the point of my book. It’s focused on that perfect set where the last, best survival options are to be found. I explain why in this sobering interview.

The Leak Project

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