Leak Project: Solar Eclipse, 8/21 & The Long Valley Caldera

| August 13, 2017

The Leak ProjectIt has been a while since I was on the Leak Project, and in this interview, Rex Bear came loaded for bear. His hot button issue for this interview was trans-Neptunian objects (TNO) and why so many are being discovered as of late.  What is particularly interesting for me is that many of them validate the attributes of the Planet X system orbit around our sun.

We also talked at great length about what is happening with Yellowstone and Long Valley as well as the coming solar eclipse, and what I’ve written about it being a potential foreshadowing event for the September 23, Revelation 12 prophecy.

Talking about foreshadowing, in this interview I discuss something that is  going to be a part of my next book. Namely, the real reason for geoengineering chemtrail spraying.  However, one thing I think you’re going to like about this interview is that Rex is on fire. He’s frustrated and angry and full of passion, so enjoy. It’s kinda cool actually.

Solar Eclipse, 8/21 & The Long Valley Caldera – Discussing ERIS & SEDNA Orbits, Marshall Masters


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