La Palma Tsunami – We’re In Uncharted Territory

| October 16, 2021

La Palma Tsunami SimulationThis is now the 28th day of the ongoing eruption at La Palma, which has lasted 5 days longer than the 1971 eruption.

It is said that the citizens of Atlantis were distracted by war when their disaster struck.  Keep that in mind, when La Palma goes sideways, many of those who are about to die will be the last to know.  Why?

It seems that MSM interest has waned, even though the 4.6 magnitude earthquake on this day makes it clear we’re in uncharted territory.

Then on the right, I’ve seen folks say that this is a Deep State contrivance to distract our attention. If I hadn’t read that myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.

The upshot is, many people on both the left and the right are as dumb as a sack of hammers about La Palma and this is true democracy at work. Why?

Mother Nature could care less about democracy, news cycles, and all those who ride them like drunkards on a highwire.  This is sad for those with their collective heads up their backsides. However, for those with the presence of mind to keep their heads on a swivel, it is survivable.

In this report, we will present videos with current events on the island for this day, but first, let’s set the stage with a brief analysis of the danger we face here on the East Coast of America.

Megatsunami Scenario

Folks, the coming Cumbre Vieja Volcano Tsunami is barreling towards us like an out-of-control freight train.  This short video is an excerpt from the Naked Science documentary “Landslides” which offers a pithy insight.

Naked Science, Jun 21, 2017
Megatsunami Scenario – La Palma Landslide


A slide from this mountain could kill millions of people in Europe and along Northern America’s eastern seaboard. Some eminent scientists warn that it’s purely a matter of time until it happens.

This is the volcanic island of La Palma, 700 miles off the northwest coast of Africa. It’s a new-born baby island barely past its 4 millionth Birthday, created in the last stage of what geologists call the rock cycle.

Clip taken from the Naked Science documentary “Landslides”.

When this looming catastrophe for America’s East Coast happens, it will start with five hundred billion tons of rock that could fall down into the ocean.  But how much does all that weigh?

To put this in perspective, the Empire State Building weighs about 365,000 tons.  This means the equivalent slide block will equal the weight of 1,369,863 Empire State Buildings falling into the ocean at a speed of 220 miles per hour.

With that, let’s see what is happening on the Island of La Palma today.

La Palma Reports for October 16, 2021

The eventual weight of the slide block is unknown at this time.  However, the speed and volume of magma flows are measurable.

As speed is a measure of distance over time, we’ll use The Empire State Building in New York, which is 1,454 feet high to frame the speed calculation.

Empire State Building vs Pyramid

With this in mind, let’s begin our comparison with the height of the compare it with the oldest and tallest known manmade structure, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

If we were to lay the Empire State Building on its side, how fast will the magma cover its entire length?  The following video gives us the necessary insight.

NEWS9 live, Oct 16, 2021
Will the Cumbre Vieja lava ever stop flowing?


The Cumbre Vieja volcano has spitting lava for 27 days now. As the lava is progressing towards big neighbourhoods in La Palma, an additional 300 evacuations have taken place. The lava has gobbled up 680 hectares of land on the island. Watch this video to catch a glimpse of the lava’s wrath.

The upshot is that in just one hour the present rate of magma flow on La Palma could cover the empire state building in New York 2.93 times.

In addition to the video above, watch this Spanish-language report.  It offers excellent drone footage of the lava flow.

La Vanguardia, Oct 16, 2021
El recorrido sinuoso que sigue la lava desde su origen hasta el frente de la colada en La Palma
The winding path that the lava follows from its source to the front of the wash in La Palma


La lava que alimenta la colada de lava que este viernes superó la montaña de La Laguna sigue recibiendo material lávico que fluye este fin de semana a 1.300 metros por hora, según ha informado el Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias (Involcan).

The lava that feeds the lava flow that surpassed the mountain of La Laguna this Friday continues to receive lava material that flows this weekend at 1,300 meters per hour, as reported by the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan).

The reason we’re in uncharted territory is that a  4.5 magnitude earthquake struck the island on the 15th and the following day, another 4.6 magnitude earthquake, the largest recorded since the eruption first began.  This is addressed in this excellent report of current events on La Palma by U.S. Military Action.

U.S. Military Action, Oct 16, 2021
After Tsunami Lava (Oct 16) Huge quake shook all over Island La Palma with a magnitude 4.6


At 5.41 a.m., the largest-so-far quake shook the island with a magnitude 4.6. It was felt all over the island.

As the other larger quakes, it was located deep under Cumbre Vieja volcano, at 37 km depth. The interpretation of the these deep and often comparably larger quakes in relationship with the ongoing eruption is still matter of debate.

La Palma volcano update: Largest so far quake at magnitude 4.6 this morning.

Experts have described the latest volcanic activity on La Palma as a “tsunami of lava”.

Huge rivers of molten rock have been spewing from the crater in recent days after a 4.5-magnitude earthquake shook the island on Thursday and intensified flows.

All this leaves us with one unanswered, yet highly critical question.  Is there a direct relationship between the volume and speed at which the magma flows and these earthquakes?

The answer is that at present we do not know – but we eventually will.



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