La Palma Tsunami – Too Big to Ignore

| October 21, 2021

Magma and Homes on La PalmaAfter being shaken by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake last night, the science moved in an even darker direction as have the spirits of the local inhabitants.

Before, the bad news was no end in sight. That has not changed, what has is that the experts are now predicting the high likelihood of a 6.0 magnitude earthquake.

There is an old saying in the news/propaganda business.  “If it bleeds, it leads,”  and the sharks of the MSM are back because they smell blood in the water.

Regrettably, this is a useful harbinger, which is not to imply that their reporting is, or is not, useful.

With this in mind, let’s employ the spirit of a Pepsi/Coke taste challenge of sorts.  First, we’ll see how the homeboys do it, then we’ll see how the pros in the MSM do it.  Then you make the call, so let’s get into it.

La Palma Homeboys

Who gets top billing, Bushcraft Bear of course and he’s been having camera problems.  His last one konked out and he’s trying to figure out his new GoPro, and it looks like he’s getting it dialed in, just in time for the bad news.

Bushcraft Bear, Oct 21, 2021
PREPARE FOR STRONGER EARTHQUAKES!! The IGN says new 6.0 magnitude earthquakes are possible. La Palma


Hello, I’m a Bushcraft Bear and share the latest information about the current volcanic eruption on the island of la palma in my videos. If you would like to support my YouTube channel, you are welcome to do so here: or Crypto Currency: Bitcoin (BTC) bc1qej2dflmp7xkay2jtf44c72awe6stxcyq7czy08

Now that tourism is flat and locals are being evacuated, the local officials are able to share their drone footage of the devastation.

Cabildo de La Palma en directo, Oct 21, 2021
Video La Laguna 21/10/2021 – 08:50h


Translated: Cabildo de La Palma en directo – Cabildo de La Palma live

Translated: Canal del Cabildo Insular de La Palma para realizar retransmisiones en directo de sus actos, ruedas de prensa y plenos. – Channel of the Island Council of La Palma to carry out live broadcasts of its events, press conferences and plenary sessions.

This area of the island is the hardest hit and if there is a slide block collapse, all this will likely sink into the ocean.  Future generations of scientists and scholars will study this and similar videos.

MSM Pros

Two MSM video reports popped up on YouTube today.  One from Reuters and the other from CBS Morning.  As you shall see, one is useful and one is not.

Reuters, Oct 21, 2021
LIVE: Lava still flowing one month after volcano erupted on La Palma Island


There is no immediate end in sight to the volcanic eruption that has caused chaos on the Spanish isle of La Palma since it began on September 19, 2021.

This is a very useful feed.  Reuters is just showing you the events as they happen, but they are a latecomer to this role.  The feed we’ve been using is by a fellow in Canada.

Get Solutions, Oct 21, 2021
La Palma volcano in Spain continues to erupt with lava flow


La Palma volcano in Spain continues to erupt with lava flow. La Palma volcano, Live updates today: On October 20, 2021 local time, La Palma Island, Spain, the old Cumbre volcano continued to erupt and lava flowed. According to the latest news from Western Media on the afternoon of October 19, local time, the new lava flow from the volcanic eruption on La Palma Island in Spain has been advancing slowly in the past few hours, and its width and thickness have increased.

There can never be too many good sources, and what you see above are two.  Below, a video that aired this morning on CBS Morning, and frankly, it’s about as slick as deer guts on a doorknob.

CBS Morning, Oct 21, 2021
More homes evacuated overnight as La Palma volcano continues its eruption


The Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on the Island of La Palma on September 19 and shows no sign of slowing, having already forced the evacuation of over 6,000 residents and destroyed more than 1,800 buildings. Roxana Saberi speaks with a volcanologist who says the slow-moving lava means that there should be no real threat to human life.

This is a packaged story with residents dealing with a difficult situation, etc.  The report ends by saying the eruption could last weeks maybe months.  No mention is made of what the actual scientists are saying.  That there is no end in sight and that a 6.0 magnitude earthquake is now likely.

This is deceptive reporting because to the casual onlooker, this is just another erupting volcano story.   For those who depend on news sources like CBS Morning, when things go sideways, they’ll be clueless.



In each of my weekly Planet X Conference zoom meetings, I discuss the consequences of a La Palma tsunami for America’s East Coast and offer tips and insights on what can be done to survive such a disaster.

Also, for those interested, in 2007, Christopher P. Lock PhD, FSAI, FABI of the Osaka University of Foreign Studies, published a very academic look at the coming La Palma tsunami.

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