La Palma Tsunami – The Sum of All Fears

| November 15, 2021

La Palma Tsunami – The Sum of All FearsThe current La Palm trends for several days are less surface and overall earthquake activity.  The hope is that this is the beginning of what will be a long stretch to the end.   

Daily Volcano Discovery updates continue to begin with, “explosive activity continues,” as island residents report being awoken early in the early morning hours by earthquake jolts nearly every day.

At this point, the situation on La Palma can go in different directions, and one is the possibility of a sum of all fears series of events as predicated in my book Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks (2014).

We’ll review that La Palma Tsunami prediction and should it come to pass, what this portends for the rest of America. 

The Sum of All Fears

La Palma residents are suffering from poor air quality and are being jolted away nearly every morning by an early-morning 4.5+ magnitude earthquake at a depth of approximately 37 km.   Several of these deep quakes are not felt but remain significant indicators for the experts. 

At this point, things could go in one of three possible directions. 

  1. BEST OUTCOME: We are now seeing the beginning of the end as things slowly begin to settle down.
  2. MORE OF THE SAME: The volcano is recharging and will become more active soon and last for months. This will provide much-needed revenue from disaster tourism.
  3. SUM OF ALL FEARS: The predicted 6.0+ magnitude earthquake unleashes a hellish eruption and the volcano’s western flank separates resulting in an Atlantic tsunami.

All three possibilities represent natural events.  However, the third is unique as it could likewise be the result of a space-based weapon attack as predicted in readings I channeled in 2013 and published in my book Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks, in 2014. 

La Palma Tsnunami Prediction

Below, you will be shown slides from La Palma Prediction in this book, but first, in order to give that context, we must begin with the hook that pulls it all together.

Nature vs. Targeting

Let’s look at La Palma from a strategic military viewpoint.  At present, we’re seeing unpreceded levels of fireballs, and as I pointed out in a report last September, this could be used as cover for a space-based weapon attack., September 8, 2021
Signs No. 56 – High Risk of Catastrophic Meteor False Flag Event

We worry about rocks falling from the sky.  It’s in our DNA.  The problem is, they are so random, we’ll probably never know where they will hit until it is too late.  Well, that could change and quickly.

To do this, we’ll describe the weapon, how it could be used in a meteor false flag attack, and what a likely target would be.  In this case, the NE coast of America, from Martha’s Vineyard to Bar Harbor.

The Weapon

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who dreams up this doomsday stuff?”  Well, we do according to this revealing article by, September 10, 2020
These Air Force ‘rods from God’ could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon

The 107-country Outer Space Treaty signed in 1967 prohibits nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons from being placed or used from Earth’s orbit. What they didn’t count on was the U.S. Air Force’s most simple weapon ever: a tungsten rod that could hit a city with the explosive power of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The idea is like shooting bullets at a target, except instead of losing velocity as it travels, the projectile is gaining velocity and energy that will be expended on impact.  That’s how Project Thor [U.S. Air Force] came to be.

Thor Space Weapon System

Instead of hundreds of small projectiles from a few thousand feet, Thor used a large projectile from a few thousand miles above the Earth. The “rods from God” idea was a bundle of telephone-pole-sized (20 feet long, one foot in diameter) tungsten rods, dropped from orbit, reaching a speed of up to ten times the speed of sound.

The rod itself would penetrate hundreds of feet into the Earth, destroying any potential hardened bunkers or secret underground sites. More than that, when the rod hits, the explosion would be on par with the magnitude of a ground-penetrating nuclear weapon – but with no fallout.

It would take 15 minutes to destroy a target with such a weapon.

No doubt the Chinese and the Russian have their own counterparts but to use them without provoking a nuclear global war, they can deploy them without detection.

In that article, increasing fireball activity is used as cover by an enemy to attack the East Coast of America and from Martha’s Vineyard in the South and Bar Harbor to the North, using a kinetic space-based weapon as the one described above. 

In that scenario, the devastation and loss of life are catastrophic and in this article, we’ll use a similar kinetic weapon scenario, but with a different site. 

Instead of near the Coast of America, this one is based on an impact near the coast of Spain causing not one, but two tsunamis. 

The first is the smaller one that more heavily affects Europe.  The second occurs after the impact event triggers a catastrophic earthquake and eruption on La Palma, which causes the Western flank of the island to collapse into the sea, sending a massive tsunami that will strike the entire East Coast from Florida to Canada.

What could provoke such an attack?  Something President Biden has quietly done that has no doubt thrown down the gauntlet with Russia, China, and Iran. 

On November 8, 2011, a reactivation ceremony was held at Lucius D. Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden, Germany, for the US Army’s 56th Artillery Command.  Headquartered in Mainz-Kastel, Germany, it now gives the US Army commands for Europe and Africa, the capability to launch hypersonic, intermediate nuclear weapons. 

Breaking Defense, November 04, 2021
Army reactivates theater artillery command amid Russian build-up near Ukraine

The European Theater Fires Command was deactivated in 1991 after the signing of the INF. Now the Army views is as critical to long-range fires in multi-domain operations.

WASHINGTON: Free of long-standing treaty constraints and with a new heavy focus on long-range precision fires, the US Army has officially reactivated its European Theater Fires Command as the service prepares to introduce new far-reaching fires capabilities.

Extended Range Artillery

The reborn 56th Artillery Command will “plan and coordinate the employment of multi-domain fires and effects” to support US Army Europe and Africa, as well as any combined joint force land component command, according to a service press release. The unit’s primary focus will be coordinating long-range missile fires far beyond the distances the Army has fired in recent decades.

The formal announcement from US Army Europe and Africa came Wednesday, as concerns peaked about an apparent Russian military increase along its Ukrainian border. Speaking at a conference in Washington Wednesday, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said that the build up was “significant,” but “nothing overly aggressive.”

The service is in the midst of rebuilding its long-range fires portfolio as it pivots to confront near-peer threats in China and Russia. The service is developing the Precision Strike Missile to fly up to 499km, a number set before the exit from the INF; its Mid-Range Capability will fly 1,000 miles and the Long Range Hypersonic Weapon aims for 1,725 miles. All three of those capabilities are supposed to be fielded as prototypes in 2023.

Please note the quote for Gen. Mark Milley.  The same woke TV general who led a humiliating retreat from Afghanistan and now Mr. Leave-it-there tells us that putting intermediate nuclear weapons into Germany is “nothing overly aggressive.” 

Thank God, he was not the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when President Kennedy was dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis.   With that, let’s see what we have so far. 

La Palma is still active and it’s safe to assume there are kinetic weapons in space or some variant thereof.  Is there anything else?  Yes, a high-priority target that offers massive secondary catastrophic events.

Here is a hint as to what the Russians consider to be a high-priority target. 

The Drive, November 11, 2021
Norwegian Undersea Surveillance Network Had Its Cables Mysteriously Cut

Undersea sensors off the coast of northern Norway that are able to collect data about passing submarines, among other things, have been knocked out, the country’s state-operated Institute of Marine Research, or IMR, has revealed. The cause of the damage is unknown, but the cables linking the sensor nodes to control stations ashore are said to have been cut and then disappeared. This has raised suspicions about deliberate sabotage, possibly carried out by the Russian government, which definitely has the means to do so.

Norway Subsea Cable

The IMR, one of the biggest marine research institutes in Europe, described “extensive damage” to the outer areas of the Lofoten-Vesterålen (LoVe) Ocean Observatory, putting the system offline. LoVe, which was only declared fully operational in August 2020, consists of a network of underwater cables and sensors located on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, an area of strategic interest for both Norway and Russia.

Now that we have a full-stack so to speak, so let’s quickly review the highlights:

  • Space-based Kinetic weapon systems: Nuclear scale devastation without radiation.
  • Provocation and Conflict: Reactivation of medium-range nuclear artillery division in Germany.
  • High-Priority Targeting: Undersea cables are a prime target for disrupting communications.

Now, I will share with you the prediction first made in 2013 as described in my book, Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks.

La Palma Tsunami Prediction

2013 was a big year for me.  In February, I moved from the Santa Cruz, CA area to Reno, NV and a few months later, my marriage of 20 years ended amicably as a result of my work, and we’ve remained friends since.   Nonetheless, my work languished during this transition.

However, this change in circumstances enabled me to write a book that would have been impossible with a spouse in denial, and I began work on Being In It for the Species with researchers J.P. Jones and Adriana, a gifted psychic.

This book was completely channeled by me and Adriana and J.P. Jones was the project archivist as well.  We gathered a huge amount of information from the Guides about the coming Planet X flyby, the return of the Anunnaki.

Divided into three parts, the first part focuses on the most likely timeline and the second two explain what we can do as groups and as individuals during a time best described as the ultimate conflict between good and evil.   

One prediction given to me back in 2013 by the Guides has always stood out in my mind.

“The media will distract attention away from the natural disasters by focusing on patriots now labeled as terrorists.”

At the time, it made no sense to me, and so I confirmed it twice for accuracy.  As mysterious as it was, I heard it right the first time which is why I remembered it.  

Today, it finally clicks into place and I typically discuss this at much greater length during my Planet X Convergence conferences, and for this article, I will share some of the illustrations I use in these presentations with a brief explanation.

Winter of Ash Prophecy

In the book, the Guides were very specific about three major events that would happen in relatively quick order.  Cumulatively, these events will bring great devastation and death and many nations will fall. 

The first major event in this prediction is an ocean impact, and this is very possible now through the end of the year as pointed out in our latest Signs article., November 3, 2021
Signs 58 – Crazy Fireballs and USGS Cover-up

Assuming we are passing through the outer dust rings of the Planet X system, are we’re moving into a thicker ring where there is a higher likelihood of a catastrophic impact event? This brings us to the annual totals.

AMS Yearly Fireballs for 1/2017 to 10/2021

The first ten months of 2021 are significantly higher than 2019 and all years prior.  If this trend holds, 2021 will be the highest ever so let’s hope it doesn’t go out with a bang.

J.P. Jones is spot on.  We’re pushing into a region of our inner solar system with a higher density of Earth-crossing objects.  It is not about if.  It’s about when.

Between now and the end of the Year, thanks to the Taurids and the Nemesis Cloud, will be the perfect cover for a kinetic weapon attack with a special target.

With this thought in mind let’s review the sequence of initial Winter of Ash events depicted by the Guides.  

La Palma Prediction

Being In It for the SpeciesYou will now see a series of color slides based on the B&W illustrations in Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks.  They’ve been updated for larger dimensions. 

The best place to begin when describing them is how they came about and the Guides were very precise in describing the point of impact.

Here, I want to thank J.P. Jones for his brilliant archival work as during the months we conducted the channeling sessions, we amassed a huge collection of predictions and advice. 

Given that we were exploring topics over time, our questioning was anything but linear as we would continually revisit previous readings for clarification and new questions. 

During the channeling, we gathered it all in and planned to organize it after we completed the readings.   One thing that amazed us as we reviewed our data was how we bounced back and forth.  We did so much of it, even we lost track of the questions we asked and when. 

To our amazement, when compiled all these fragments together, the Guides were 100% consistent, no matter how much we bounced back and forth and changed the questions. 

However, there was one moment when we were fairly certain that we’d caught the Guides in a glaring error that could undermine the integrity of the data. 

With that in mind, let the show begin.

The Guides told us that the Winter of Ash would begin with an impact event. 

Being In It for the Species by Marshall Masters Slide 02

The impactor would travel from West to East over the Atlantic Ocean, and impact West of Spain.

Being In It for the Species by Marshall Masters Slide 03

The impact site for this event is why we believed that we’d caught the Guides in a glaring error.

To pinpoint the location, the Guides gave us the name of two cities and instructed us to use them to fix the coordinates of the impact site. 

It didn’t work, so we verified the cities with the Guides, and yes, we had the correct names.  But, it still was not making sense so we went back again to the Guides.

We told them they gave us one or more wrong names for the cities and that fixing a coordinate was therefore impossible. 

They politely answered as they always do, that one of the city names they gave us are used in two different countries and that we had chosen the wrong one. 

They were right!  When we corrected for the other named city, we immediately fixed the impact site in the Eastern Atlantic as shown above.

But that specific incident really stuck with me, and after we finished the readings and were compiling the data, one prediction stood out.  That being, the Globalists will move to disrupt communications. 

After dwelling upon this for a while, a thought came to mind.  Was there any strategic significance to the location of the impact site?  Here is what I found.

Being In It for the Species by Marshall Masters Slide 04

What you see in the slide above is a diagram of the subsea fiber optic Internet and communication cables used to connect America and Europe.  

The impact site of the asteroid/kinetic weapon is a nexus point where a single impact can disrupt communications for years.  However, what comes next is worse.

Being In It for the Species by Marshall Masters Slide 05

Ejecta from the impact will travel eastward, blanketing Europe and Eastern Europe with debris.  The Guides told us that Germany will be especially hard hit by falling rocks.  Then comes the tsunamis.

Being In It for the Species by Marshall Masters Slide 06

The impact generates a tsunami in two directions.  The greater wave hits Europe and the Guides tell us that London and Paris will flood and that the Netherlands will be inundated. 

The lesser wave will travel west and strike America from North Carolina up and into Canada. Then the second event occurs, beginning on the island of La Palma.

Being In It for the Species by Marshall Masters Slide 07

Impact forces from the asteroid/kinetic weapon impact trigger a massive earthquake and eruption on La Palma, sufficient to cause the Western flank of the island to collapse into the sea, thereby generating a huge tsunami that will hit the entire East coast of North America, traveling many miles inland.

Then, according to the Guides, comes the BIG one.  If you want to learn more about that, read the book or attend my weekly Planet X Convergence conference. 


The first rule of prophecy is to always be mindful of it but never live in expectation of it. 

In other words, the future is always in motion and we may or may not be on a predicted catastrophic timeline.  Ergo, those who care enough to look can see what is coming.  Then the question becomes, what to do about it.

This is exactly what is happening now.  Between the organized destruction of our economy and the very fabric of our lives, we’re distracted.  How can people be focused on future catastrophic predictions when our lives are in such horrible disarray?

This brings me back to that prediction given to me back in 2013 by the Guides. 

“The media will distract attention away from the natural disasters by focusing on patriots now labeled as terrorists.”

To those who see it coming, are we not distracted? 

To those who prefer not to see it coming, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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