La Palma Tsunami – Strength is Increasing

| October 25, 2021
La Palma BlowtorchA quick update today on La Palma.  Things are growing progressively grim and many are wondering if a mega-tsunami is in store for America’s East Coast. We’ll report on current conditions and discuss two big misinformation stories published by various websites and the USGS. At present, there are four active vents and the sulfur levels indicate that the volcano is become more active, as opposed to less. Likewise, the frequency, number, and depth of the earthquakes are also growing substantially, so let’s get into it.

La Palma Reporting

In this latest video, Bushcraft Bear opens with the possibility of manmade earthquakes but does not address it further. In this article, we will.
Bushcraft Bear, Oct 25, 2021 Volcanic activity getting more intense! 274 earthquakes in 24 hours. Collapse of the volcanic cone.
It is interesting to note is that the schools are now giving the children goggles and masks now due to worsening air quality The second half of this video is really useful as he goes into more depth on the earthquakes, most of which are at a depth of about 12 km.   Also, fears of the secondary cone crumbling raise the concern that once it falls, where the magma will flow. In his Sunday night video report, he notes the increasing numbers of earthquakes, and wonders if the weight of the lava flows is responsible in part for this.
Bushcraft Bear, 24-Oct-2021 BREAKING NEWS!! Volcano has a new vent from which lava flows. 60 new earthquakes within a few hours
Recorded Sunday night, he says that he has never seen this level of activity since the eruptions first began five weeks ago, and his comments on the cone are compelling. A very punchy report came into today from NEWS9, a digital news platform in India.
News9 Live, 25-Oct-2021 Spanish volcano becomes more aggressive, Oct 25, 2021
  The Spain volcano has continued to erupt for over a month. The lava and ash flows seem unending. In the latest, one of the four mouths of the volcano collapsed due to the pressure.
This reporting is also coming from other sources.
Get Solutions, 25-Oct-2021 La Palma volcano Eruption intensifies, new lava flow to the south. The intensity of the eruption increased.
  Since the last update, the at least 4 active vents have been generating violent pulses of lava fountains with ash columns rising to approx. 3 km, as well feeding both surface lava flows directly from the vents as well as fueling the hidden-from-view lava tubes that transport most of the lava to active areas of the flow field downslope.
What is clear from the reporting is that this crisis is growing in scale.  This has resulted in misinformation and disinformation.

Earthquake Grid Reports

Simon Parkes and several other sites are reporting a grid pattern of eruptions on La Palma. The claim is that this is a DS plan to trigger massive eruptions.  The graphic below is typical of what is being reported. La Palma Grid When I looked at this, the first question in my mind was, can see similar sensor grid patterns elsewhere.  Below is what I found for Alaska and Western Canada. Alaska Sensor Array Simon Parkes and several others are raising a conspiracy issue on dubious information.  Their concern is understandable, but it goes to the dismissive mantra of the left that conservatives like to make mountains out of molehills.  If you want to see real disinformation, the USGS is the go-to organization and they are now panning the mega-tsunami concerns.
USGS, October 21, 2021 Volcano Watch — The Canary Islands “mega-tsunami” hypothesis, and why it doesn’t carry water In 2001, an academic paper suggested that collapse of La Palma could result in tsunami waves up to 25 m (about 80 feet) high along the east coasts of North and South America. This scenario made headlines in the media, which inaccurately depicted a huge wave devastating New York City. These new simulations suggest that the maximum wave height along the east coast of the Americas from a “worst-case scenario” collapse of La Palma would be on the order of 1-2 m (3-7 feet)—still hazardous, but similar to common storm surge. While the scientific view of the “mega-tsunami” hypothesis has evolved in the years since 2001, that original work led others to start investigations that contributed new knowledge that advanced our understanding of landslides and tsunami generated by volcanoes. In this way, the story is a marvelous example of exactly how science happens!
The point the USGS is making is that should a mega-tsunami occur, it would be an inconvenience worthy of only one news cycle. Instead of addressing the points in this direction, I ask that the readers consider the veracity of the source.   Below is the first slide in my weekly Planet X Convergence Zoom conferences. USGS Jiggering of Earthquake Activity 2008 to 2020 In June of this year, we found that the USGS has been quietly removing the evidence of a long-standing fraud.  In the illustration above, the red line is what the USGS has been reporting since we began our Signs series.  As you can see, the numbers prior to 2012 are very low. The purple line above is the actual numbers now being reported by the USGS retroactively.  It shows how they are removing the evidence of their fraud, the purpose of which was to downplay Earth change concerns in the leadup to 2012. Had the USGS posted the truthful statistics during that time, our view of 2012 would have been that it was a harbinger event and that  had we known that, the present consensus that it was a hoax would not, in the words of the USGS “carry water.” Then this morning I received this message from J.P. Jones who is tracking global earthquake activity for our Signs articles.
I preparation for the end-of-month signs I noticed that earthquakes are down by 33% from last month. That made no sense given the eruption occurring and the reports that there have been around 35000 quakes in the last 30 days on La Palma. Simple truth is that USGS is not reporting on the La Palma earthquakes at all.
Bottom line.  Simon Parkes and several others made an honest mistake, whereas our government is incapable of telling the truth because their job is to set us up to fail. WWG1WGA

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