La Palma Tsunami – One Month and No End in Sight

| October 18, 2021
Two active vents on La Palma - Oct-17-21Hearts are heavy on the Island of La Palma because on Sunday the volcano became more active.  This alone would be bad enough, but then to learn that the experts are now advising the President of Spain that, currently, there is no end in sight. What are the good people of that island experiencing?  It is hard for us to imagine, but fortunately for us, our team turned up four video reports by locals and we are going to present them in date and time order. We’ll begin with Bushcraft Bear, watch two videos by GutnTog all filmed Sunday night, and then close with Bushcraft Bear’s October 18th daytime report.  As you watch this sequence.  Imagine being there and seeing it with your own eyes and knowing that your future is now as dangerous as it is uncertain.

Local Resident Video Reports for October 17, 2021

It was good to see Bushcraft Bear back on the air and in this early evening video report, you can see the concern on his face about lave reaching the Atlantic very close to the harbor and creating health threats for the residents.
Bushcraft Bear, Oct 17, 2021 I’ve never seen the volcano like this before. What is going on here?
  Hello, I’m a Bushcraft Bear and share the latest information about the current volcanic eruption on the island of la palma in my videos. If you would like to support my YouTube channel, you are welcome to do so here: or Crypto Currency:
The day was relatively good, but a lot of earthquakes, nonetheless, he hopes for a quiet night and will report the following day. However, his night was far from quiet and thanks to another local resident turned reporter, GutnTog.  Thanks to this second local citizen reporter, we have two superb videos of what everyone on the island experienced Sunday evening.  Please note, both of his videos were filmed on Sunday, but were posted late and so the time stamp is for the 18th.
GutnTog, 18-Oct-2021 Volcano going nuts! As seen from Tajuya checkpoint, El Paso 17.10.21
  La Palma Volcano. Cumbre Vieja. Footage from the last night. Walking by the Tajuya checkpoint and zooming into the Volcano from the road. 17.10.21.
From this first filming location, he is at the Tajuya checkpoint which is closer to the volcano than his second location, which is the church in town.
GutnTog, 18-Oct-2021 Blasting Volcano as seen from Tajuya Church on 17.10.21
  Reporting from Tajuya church, El Paso municipality, La Palma. Spectacular volcano show that we have seen today. Volcano went nuts since about 8 pm today, right after the sunset. It had been an incredible show for the people at Miraduro de Tajuya last night. Crowds came to see the show. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra video zoom (20 times).
What is really nice about this second video is that in the beginning, you see quite a few local residents on top of the church, volcano watching.  The footage is stunning but this is not a holiday fireworks display.  It’s ominous and nobody is cheering.  Rather, they appear to be glumly mesmerized. That was early evening and late evening from two locations.  Now, let’s see how Bushcraft Bear is doing the next day.

Bushcraft Bear Video Report for October 18, 2021

As usual, residents awoke to a fresh thin layer of ash from the Sunday night eruptions and it is covering everything.  He says he has never seen this much haze and smoke over the town and is concerned that the children will be going back to school.  It is so bad now, you’ll see about halfway in, it’s irritating his eyes so much he has had to put his goggles on.
Bushcraft Bear, Oct 18, 2021 4.6 Earthquake at night. The air is full of ashes. New curfews likely. Volcanic eruption for a month
  Hello, I’m a Bushcraft Bear and share the latest information about the current volcanic eruption on the island of la palma in my videos. If you would like to support my YouTube channel, you are welcome to do so here: or Crypto Currency:
The personal toll is now on his mind.  He speaks about an evacuee who has lost everything and laments that there is no help for these folks.   And then, he offers several points in the soberest way. What is obvious, is that denial and putty a happy face on things no longer works for the residents.  The reality is, the problem is a month old now, getting worse and at present, there is no end in sight.  God bless them all. WWG1WGA
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