“It is Russia 1917.  I’m Scared” and the Five Tools of Awareness

| June 13, 2020

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QFor over a decade, my former wife, Lena, only had one thing to say about my work.  “It’s all bullshit.  Nothing is going to happen, and I don’t want to hear about it.”

Now she wants to hear about it.  Go figure.

The reason why this is important is that Lena grew up in Moscow during the Cold War.  As with all children her age, participation in the Komsomol was required, and she knows the communist playbook by heart.

What she sees happening in Seattle and across the country is the use of classic Marxist-Leninist strategies of infiltration and subversion.  Consequently, Americans are now getting a taste of life in the third world, at the hands of our Globalist enemies.

However, what I see here is an opportunity to help those who are just now coming into awareness by focusing on Lena because she is the most mainstream person I know.

For those of you who are just becoming aware, I’m going to share with you five tools of awareness to empower and strengthen you.  They will reduce your months of grief trying to sort through a maze of disinformation to days or weeks.

Best of all, you’ll be empowered with hope for the future and the will to make it happen.  But first, we must help each other.

We Must Help Each Other

Awareness need not be, nor should it be about aloneness and so the goal of this article is two-fold.  First, it is to help my friend and former wife to understand she is not alone.  While we lost our marriage, we never lost our friendship.

I received a text from her yesterday, and it came from out of the blue.  The moment I saw it, my jaw dropped, and I knew I had to write this article.

Her text read: “It is Russia 1917. Check Seattle.”

I replied, “You would spot that. Most Americans would not.  Yes, the same play.  Remove the police and courts and replace them with mercenaries and political tribunals.”

“Bingo.  I’m scared,” she replied.

Komsomol PosterThe reason why Lena’s fears are essential is that she grew up in Moscow during the Cold War.  As with all children her age, participation in the Komsomol was a requirement, and she knows the communist playbook.

What she sees happening in Seattle and other cities is a classic Marxist-Leninist strategy of infiltration and subversion, and she knows how effective it can be.

For those of you who great up in the good old USA, if you’re feeling scared for the first time in your life for your life and those of your loved one, then you now know there is one other person in the USA, who shares the same feelings at this very moment.  Take heart.  You are not alone.

Given that there are 7.77 billion souls alive on the planet today, surely there are more who feel the same way.   The truth is, there are more of us than there are of them, and our numbers are growing.

For you and those now coming into awareness, the new term used by seasoned Patriots to describe you is “woke.”

Wouldn’t it dandy if being awoken was a Hollywoodesque moment where the beautiful princess awakens with a tender kiss from a handsome prince.

That a pleasant fiction, because it never does. Instead, the prince is always a frog, and so it is an unsettling, bumpy, and disturbing process.

With this in mind, I speak now to Lena and all those like her.  The newly awoken.  You are experiencing the onset of a more significant human sociological event called “The Great Awakening.”

On a personal level, being awoken always begins with what I call “the bite.”

“The Bite”

Komodo dragonThe process of becoming aware during the Great Awakening is much like being hunted by a Komodo dragon.

The Komodo dragon has a relatively weak jaw and cannot hold its own in one-on-one combat.

Instead, its teeth are shaped to tear, and within the dragon’s mouth, there is a toxic brew of things you just do not want to think about, because all of it is terminal. Consequently, it only needs to come close enough to bite, with enough force to tear the flesh.  Then, the toxic brew in its mouth can spill into the open wound of its prey.

After the attack, the prey bolts away, thinking it is safe when, in fact, its demise is inevitable.  Confident of this, dragons leisurely track their prey as the venom and disease to run the course, and then its dinner time.

Now I want to give you a piece of advice that will help and empower you.

To end the pain and misery of the bite, you must become one with your dragon fate.  Bond with it, and you can master your fears.  This is essential because, as Frank Herbert so eloquently stated in his novel Dune, “I must not fear.  Fear is the mind-killer.”

Remember.  Fear is the dragon, and the dragon brings fear.  It stalks you from the shadows, waiting for you to come close enough for another bite.  Master your fears, and the beast will remain at bay.

As that’s an easy thing to say, is there an easy way to do it?

The best first answer to that question is with the first tool of awareness.

Tool No. 1 – Longing and the Power of Music

The power of music is the first tool of awareness.  It goes to the deep primal core of your existence to connect with the energizing force of awareness – longing.

Edit PiafWhen I feel a nagging urge to be scared about something; I’m reading about or watching on the Internet, I stop what I’m doing and activate my not-so-secret, secret weapon.  A 1950’s recording of French diva Edith Piaf singing ‘La Marseillaise’ the French national anthem.

I downloaded it from archive.org and sweetened the audio to help bring out Edith’s voice.  Give it a listen as you read on.


You can also listen to this source copy on YouTube from another channel.  While the lyrics sound noble and uplifting, you should read them in English.  This anthem was obviously composed for some seriously pissed off people.  I suppose that’s because they were the first, which means they had a few centuries to work up to it.

When Edith sings this anthem, you hear and feel the longing in her voice.  It cuts through the ancient monaural recording technology of the day with crystal clarity.

She always connects with that part of me that longs for the one thing each of us needs as much as life itself – freedom.

Edith Piaf had a voice larger than life, but she was physically small in stature at just over 4 feet tall.  As with many artists, she had a soul as tall as a mountain but with a rocky life.

She endured the Nazi occupation and was accused of being a collaborator and then cleared by the Resistance.  She lost her child early on and swore never to have children again.  After this, a tragic airplane crash snatched the love of her life from her, and the remainder of her personal life was flotsam and debris until she passed at the early age of 48.

One could say Edith sang for love lost, and this would be right because freedom is what we all love most.  If she resonates with you as she does with me, please download the audio file to your desktop, and anytime you feel the dragon slithering near, let Edith tell him to get lost.

If you’re looking for another voice to reach your sense of longing, now you have a reference point to help you find your own way to keep the dragon away.  For example, “Bésame mucho” (“Kiss me a lot”) by Consuelo Velázquez, which also speaks to a deep-seated longing.

This is how you use the power of music to keep the dragon at bay.

Now that you have the first tool of awareness, the second tool is called PMA.

Tool No. 2 – Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

Since starting Yowusa.com in 1999, I have pursued many fields of topical endeavor, but the one consistent theme has always been to help the newly aware know that they are not alone and to encourage a positive mental attitude.

When I texted Lena the following, “You’re not alone, Lena,” her answer saddened me.

“But I am minority,” she answered. “I need to find new place. People are blind, they don’t know history, dreaming of utopia. Liberal thoughts corrupted everything. You always said that poets make a revolution, and. Criminals kidnap it.  I think I am to old for this.”

She s speaking in the language of the “the bite,” and this is how it works for everyone.  I wish I could say otherwise, but this is the most challenging period of the Great Awakening.

You feel old because you feel isolated.  When you try to find common cause with others, you stumble upon a dark side in those who have yet to experience awareness, and dealing with this blowback is what makes everyone feel old.

Everyone comes to awareness in their own way and in their own time, so to you newly woke, I say, leave the unaware to their fates.  Instead, find those with whom you share a common cause.

Do this, you will find it much easier to adopt a positive mental attitude (PMA), and this is arguably the most valuable tool of all.

This is because when you are in fear, you hemorrhage life force energy like water pouring through a colander.  It is why bad actors always provoke and attack.  To control and feed.

These bad actors are parasitic vampires, and they feed by creating fear.  However, when you maintain a positive mental attitude, they cannot feed on you, and they have to move off target.

However, they will use fear to control others around you, which is why you need a safe way to network with others in awareness, which brings us to the third tool of awareness.

Tool No. 3 – American Exceptionalism Model (AEM)

I created a PMA podcast, The Great War to End All Slavery using what I call the “American Exceptionalism Model” (AEM), which is based on Judeo-Christian principles.

AEM employs the following five specific techniques for networking with freedom-loving Patriots:

  1. Acknowledge Your Comrades
  2. Bridge Difficult Topics with Humor
  3. Promote Solidarity with Compassion
  4. Speak to Existential Needs
  5. Be a Light of Hope to All

While you listen to this program, look for each of these techniques and how it is employed.  Then use that as a reference point for your own strategy.  As that spins up, let me tell you how it came to be.


In the months leading up to the DOJ dropping the case against General Flynn, the Deep State suppression and diminishing attacks on sites like Yowusa.com and many others have been brutal.

Granted, nobody wants the graphic details, so let’s just say I was getting an ass-whuppin’ and it was Narfle the Garthok time.  I needed a good club to quell the beast.

That’s why I created The Great War to End All Slavery along with some other stuff.  It is what I call a “cover-up tar baby.”  When they trash me, people come to see who is getting an ass-whuppin’ and then stay for integrity.

I’ve used tar babies over the years, and for the first time in this audio, I use AEM methods to focus attention on sensitive globalist cover-ups.   It was a message from me to them about their sensitive issues, and it served its purpose.

However, President Trump has signed the Social Media Executive Order, and this will help lift the crushing burden of communist-era control by social media.  Therefore, as folks seem to enjoy this podcast, it sure would be nice to see it go viral as an AEM teaching model, so please help to spread the word.

Now let’s review what we have up to this point.  You need to find your longing music to help you get over those dark moments.

AEM is your toolkit for helping others because the country is going through a crisis, and people are “woke” as the term goes and trying to get to the bottom of things, and here is the conundrum.

While the crimes are simple, it’s the many layers of the cover-up that are complicated, and cutting through the fog of war is harder now with the Internet than it ever was before it.  One could say we now live in a Disinformation Age.

With this in mind, here is one question you need to begin asking because it will give you a simple understanding of the two sides in this conflict.

Most everyone says they believe in God, but you must also ask, “And who is this god you pray to?”  It’s crucial, because this one issue differentiates the left from the right, or more appropriately, the Globalists and the Alliance.

The Globalists are biological machines.  They move with a collective mind and never deviate from their programming.  They are few in power, their hordes of followers are drones, and their God is Satan.

The Alliance, which includes Patriots, Brexit, Yellow Jackets, and growing numbers worldwide, seek true freedom.  They pray to the God of Abraham and are fighting to give us all peaceful and prosperous lives as individuals – not as enslaved drones.

Ergo, everyone has a dog in this fight, and Christians, most of all.  While Globalists fear nothing, there is one thing that terrifies them.  A unified Christianity organized against them.  They know that this will inspire other faiths, and then people from every walk of life will march with them.  Not behind, but abreast.

Therefore Dear Reader, what are you prepared to do?

What Are You Prepared to Do?

I began following the silent war between the Alliance and the Globalists, several months before Q started posting, and now, I research this topic for hours each day.

We are living in historical times, and current trends indicate that the weeks ahead will be crucial and that we’re going to have a gut-punching summer America.

I am sad to say, but God help us, a national crescendo of fear is coming. You must brace yourself and stay frosty.

This is because the MSM is pushing fear in any way possible now and with no regard to the consequences.  The [D]s and the Globalists want this fear so they can use it divide and conquer us and here is how the MSM is executing that agenda.

The MSM operates as a hate-driven Kabuki Theater, with a hormone rollercoaster ride called Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) thrown in for good measure.

TDS is a real medical condition folk, and it is primarily caused by MSM fear programming.  This programming constantly yo-yos people up and down with hormone monsoons of serotonin and cortisol.

In simple terms, TDS is the visible result of MSM fear programming, because it turns rational people into hormone junkies, with a moral imperative to save the planet from useless eaters.

Social media giants do it in a different way.  They make it clear to all those who seek to build audiences on their platforms where the cow chews the cud: Push fear, and they’ll push the people at you.  Refuse to push fear, and they’ll push you under.

This is why the Deep State or Globalists are so severe with honest citizen journalists such as me.  We will not submit, and we are not alone.

In simple terms, as a former Cable News Network producer (1986-88), what I see today with MSM is reporting that is rife with seditious behavior.  But how much does that matter?

The MSM audience is smaller than their boasts, and the most popular media source on the planet today is Q.  In fact, Q receives more traffic than all the MSM news channels combined.  Q is the news.

Who is Q?  By best estimates, Q is a military attaché to the President, and he occasionally coordinates posts with President Trump, who posts as Q+.  When referring to the Democrat Party, Q uses the codes “[D] party” and “[D]s,” so I will use them as well going forward.

To be a true Patriot, you must pursue the truth wherever it leads.  This is the Q way, which brings us to the fourth tool – reliable sources and why knowledge is power.

Tool 4 – Reliable Sources

If you are wondering, how to get into the fight for freedom, that’s easy.  The most crucial test of your commitment to the cause of freedom is your personal search for truth as a citizen.  Trust nobody and do not believe anything until you’ve vetted it.

The only truth that matters is the truth which resonates within you, because you and you alone put it there, in your own good way and in your own good time.

When I do, I share what I learn in my own personal search for truth as a citizen, with my Qx articles.  You can find them at yowusa.com/category/qx/

When researching my articles, the following are sources I’ve found to be reliable, are organized by the theater of war.

Q Strategic

Q posts are called “bread,” and the analysts who relay that to the general public are called “bakers.”  The two bakers I follow are:

X22 Report – https://www.youtube.com/user/X22Report

I call X22 “Stretch” because sometimes his ideas stretch all the way to the far horizon and will not snap back.  Then again, he does have his moments.

X22 is great for listening on the go, and his podcast really typifies AEM technique no. 5, be a light of hope to all.  He’s informative, entertaining and he’ll keep you going.

Praying Medic – https://www.youtube.com/user/prayingmedic

I call Praying Medic “Belts and Suspenders.”   He presents lots of detail so you’ll need to be sitting in front of your PC with him.  He is very conservative in his reporting which more resembles an informal military briefing.  He is my benchmark source.

He’s also very spiritual and he’s got this Onward Christian Soldiers thing going, which is good.  It clearly shows his allegiances.  Praying Medic is also a QAnon.  These members of the Q community interact directly with Q in discussion threads.

I recently noted that Q pretty much saw Infowars and Corsi as profiteers.  After watching Corsi, I see Q’s point exactly.  There are others as well and once you begin to recognize disinformation patterns you’ll be able to quickly weed them out on your own.

Another concern expressed by Q is that Twitter has co-opted the Anonymous brand.  They’ve created an Anonymous spoof account specifically to attack Q with disparaging propaganda.

Social media in America is the Wild West now, and the sheriffs are drunks with power and rule with fear.  This brings us to the theater of war I found most interesting.  Legal operations.

Legal Operations

At present, this is the hottest theater of war and the judiciary has been weaponized.  However, once the Flynn case is finally dismissed, his gag order will be lifted and then he’ll be in a position to deliver a devastating tell-all on Obamagate.

This is why Flynn has always been a threat to the Globalists and the Deep State.  It goes without saying, he had to be their first target – and they missed.

For legal analysis, I lightly use Fox News and others, but my principal reliable sources for the legal theater of war are:

Debbie Georgatos – America Can We Talk? – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Pm2otIq8_JQpv4T-nHdwg

I love the way Debbie lays it all out.  She reports with legal precision and clarity.  Her opening why it matters intros are dynamite.

One thing I admire about Patriot women like Debbie is their gritty determination. Women like, Debbie Georgatos, Sidney Powell (a.k.a. Flynn’s Attorney), Kayleigh McEnany and so many others.

Then there is our First Lady.  She has an accent.  Think about that folks!

I’m not talking Lady Bird from Texas drawl, I’m talking, she’s our First Lady with a definitely not from here accent.  Good God folks, this is what intelligent social progress sounds like, and yet we’re more divided as nation than ever before.   Besides, what in the heck ever happened to her Camelot?   It’s a crying shame.  We’ve got to fix that.

Tom Fitton – Judicial Watch – https://www.youtube.com/user/JudicialWatch

Legal activist and Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton, is a nightmare for the [D] party and the globalists.  For the last three years, the Trump administration has been getting hammered, but during this time, Judicial Watch has been continuously engaged with the enemy.

Fittion is at the tip of the spear, and this is a difficult, lonely, and frustrating place to be, so his frustration rants can become weary at times, but you need to follow this guy.  Especially now that because something huge just happened.

The Senate Judiciary voted 12 to 10 to give Lindsey Graham sweeping supernova powers, and more than fifty known individuals have been subpoenaed.

This is not an empty-handed fact-finding Kabuki Theater performance.

Rather, lies will have severe legal consequences.  This will become a Catch 22 nightmare for key Obamagate dream team figures.

General Events

One America News – Solid Reporting – https://www.youtube.com/user/1americanews

If you can get One America News on Cable, do so by all means.  They are the closest thing to old school journalism out there.  They’re a young network and learning as they go, but one thing is for sure, they’ve got old school integrity, and they are gaining a new audience.

I follow them on YouTube, and except for Maria on Fox, I’m spending more time with OAN these days.

With OAN, there is no hype or theatrics, just straightforward reporting.  I see talented young reporters developing their craft skills with great care, and I wish them great success.

The Epoch Time – Excellent Investigative Work – https://www.youtube.com/user/epochtimesdigital

If you can afford their print subscription, it’s a must-have.  However, their video reporting is superb.  Their in-depth, behind-the-scenes interviews present clear and cogent arguments and viewpoints with a depth that is not possible with OAN and Fox.

Fox News – Maria Bartiromo is Best  – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXIJgqnII2ZOINSWNOGFThA

MSM news channels no longer compete. Rather, each serves a demographic market. MSNBC for the far left, Fox for the right and CNN for the rest.  Things worked this way until Fox changed its policy.

While the editorial side is still pro-Trump, the reporting side has gone to the middle of the road to attract viewers from the left with love-hate reporting.

While Fox is still an important source of news, but it has abandoned a high road position with conservatives by pandering to the left for traffic.

However, Maria Bartiromo reminds me of the kind of people I worked with at CNN from 1986 to 1988.  She’s got gum soul in her blood and does superb investigative reporting.  I follow her closely on YouTube.

I follow the others at Fox, from time to time, and may I humbly say, thank you to the technology of YouTube media players.  I can fast forward past Juan Williams on “The Five.”

Search Engines

The large popular search engines Goggle, Bing, and Yahoo routinely skew search results with filter bubbles and political algorithms.   For a reliable research search engine, I use DuckDuckGo with Firefox as the primary search engine.

When searching, keywords are critical.  Here are a few tips for productive searches.

  • Use Misspellings: The term “Pandemic” will return pages of propaganda. So use the member misspelling “plandemic” and see what you get.   Here is why it’s effective.  Correct spellings are easy to program.  Misspellings are varied and can slip past the AI used to feed us disinformation.
  • Track New Terms: The hottest buzz word in the Q community today is “woke,” which is a term that refers to folks like Lena who just swallowed the Matrix red pill. See where it and variations of it lead.  A few keywords to help you get started are Hydroxychloroquine, nursing homes, FISA, and gold.
  • Look for Misdirection: Look for misdirection trends. For example, the whole focus on Russia is a DS misdirection, to steer people away from the Muslim Brotherhood.  The question is, why?
  • Look for Sudden Cover-Up Activity: The [D]s have suddenly begun calling for military bases to be renamed and for Confederate monuments to be destroyed. You need to ask, what is the meaning of all this?  The keyword to follow is “Confederates,” because this is the 2nd civil war for America, and it is the same parties as with the first. Republican abolitionists of the North vs. the primarily Democrat South and the [D]s want to bury their pro-slavery history.
  • Track the Black Community: Both sides in this conflict are hardened, and the movement is mostly with independents and blacks these days. Trump is doing more to help Blacks than Obama ever did, and it’s sinking in with the Black community.  Consequently, we see ‘woke’ videos, and the message is, “we’ve been played.”  Sociologically speaking, this is huge, because if we’re seeing it with blacks, it’s happening across the board.  This is a grassroots freedom movement.
  • Drill Down: The first search engine results page is a coveted position and companies spend vast sums of money to make sure their message appears there. Once you start getting to the third page and deeper, nuggets can be found, so drill down.

With these four toolsets, Lena, you can replace your fears with calm reason and useful knowledge, but what about your will to fight?  It is one thing to talk-the-talk and quite another to walk-the-walk.

Humanity is standing a fork in the road of its evolution.  It can take the low road of expediency, or it can take the high road of truth and justice.

Fortunately for us, the high road is free of traffic jams so all it takes is a little bit of hope for the future and you’re on your way.

Tool No. 5 – Hope for the Future

At this time, America is inching towards a precipice of chaos and communism. If current events on the ground play out, there is a strong possibility we will see the White House burn on TV.

It will be a necessary sacrifice because if that event is prevented by Federal troops, the Antifa movement funded and led by George Soros will use that effort to create a propaganda bonanza for the Globalists.

There will be youthful, idealists pressing against the barriers.  Behind and amongst them will be Antifa RPG, mortar, and armed assault teams.  If the military responds, it will go sideways, and beautiful young people begin exploding like ripe watermelons.  Trump will let the White House burn first.

This will bring the country to a precipice, and it will frighten everyone as profoundly as the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.  I was a young boy then, and will never forget the fear it created for families both here and in Russia as well.  Nobody wants to become a nuclear briquette.

This conflict will be dangerous, but the Patriots will prevail.  It is the apocalypse.  The battle of good vs. evil we’ve waited centuries for, a time of reckoning, and it shall be done.

There are more good people than evil ones.  We awoken good people of the Earth shall come together and we shall be the ultimate force for God’s plan for humanity.

Besides, we plucky colonials have seen the White House burn before, during the War of 1812, when British troops set fire to the White House on August 24, 1814.

British troops burn White House on August 24, 1814

What did we do about it?  We kicked the British out, and this victory is recounted in a popular tune from 1959 titled, The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton.



I will end with a final note to Lena and all those who feel something in common with her.

Dear Woke:  I know it seems dark now, but then again, it is always darkest before the dawn.  God is with those who cherish freedom; and the Great War to End All Slavery has begun.  It will not be easy, but we are the people who just keep on coming, and we shall prevail.


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