Q Alliance vs. Globalists – It Ends With a Noose

| June 2, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QAssume you hear a knock on your front and when you open it, two FBI agents introduce themselves, present their credentials and ask to enter so they can speak with you.  With everything that has happened in the last few years, wouldn’t you want to ask, “So what brings the political police to my doorstep?”

On May 29, 2019, U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller made that question relevant to every American when he publicly stated: “If we had had confidence that the President did not commit a crime, we would have said so.”  With this, Mueller achieved the following:

  1. The rule of law has been politically weaponized in favor of the voting majority.
  2. The presumption of innocence is dead. You are guilty until exonerated by your enemies.
  3. Any chance for a political resolution is dead. Now, this ends with a hangman’s noose.

Mueller - No Exoneration

For Patriots, this is a crisis.  For Globalists and Progressives, this is just another invented crisis like the immigration crisis along America’s southern border.  They should know, they’ve never been there.

The result is that our nation is divided and the next battles will be an impeachment attempt and the elimination of the Electoral College so that the Progressives can vanquish and suppress Americans in the flyover states.  The aim is not political representation, it is political control, and as we’ve learned, that is more fragile than some would think.

For a moment, let’s assume that a La Palma mega-tsunami event occurs and the Eastern seaboard is devastated. We examined this possibility back in 2007.

YOWUSA.COM, October 23, 2007
Nostradamus Proven: The True Prediction for the Destruction of New York City

Nostradamus ProvenMillions of Americans living along the East Coast are in the crosshairs of a deadly La Palma mega-tsunami threat. Scientists warn us that we face a clear and present danger. Their evidence is clear and compelling, and now, there is more. A new analysis of Nostradamus demonstrates that he predicted this impending calamity with equally clear and compelling precision.

We are presenting this alarming Nostradamus – La Palma Mega-tsunami analysis by Professor Chris Lock, Ph.D., making it available in the hope it will help spur Western governments into action, and we’re not alone. NOVA, DISCOVERY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and many more reliable sources are also sounding the alarm.

There is still a modicum of time to alleviate or prevent this impending catastrophe. To waste it on inaction or pointless debate will cost millions of lives because nature’s countdown clock is ticking away!

It would only take a matter of hours for a massive wave generated by a La Palma event to reach the Eastern seaboard and then it will grind down our coastal metropolises like hydraulic sandpaper.  In the wake of that disaster, the liberal majority will now be a new minority. A crucial question because what happens to this new minority then will not be about them.  It will be about the new majority and the powers they’ll inherit, because whoever winds gets three big tools of suppression:

  • The Intelligence Underverse and its corrupt FISA Court system;
  • An untrustworthy mainstream media (MSM) and corrupt social media;
  • The Federal Reserve System

All these were created or made to happen by the Globalists and their deep state [DS] minions.  If the Globalists prevail over the Patriots, these tools of suppression will be fortified and protected from scrutiny.

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Conversely, if the Patriots prevail over the Globalists, what will happen to these tools of suppression?  Before we take that on, let’s take a closer look at the three.

The Underverse and the FISA Court

When it comes to violating Constitutional rights, the mother of all disaster duos is the Underverse and the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA Court or FISC).  A Western version of the Cold War era Soviet KGB and the East German Stasi surveillance systems.

With this in mind, what did President Trump find in the Oval Office on his first day in office?  The keys to a vast surveillance machine created by the Globalists to blackmail elected members of Congress.

Yowusa.com, May 10, 2019
Q Alliance and the Underverse

What is the “Underverse”? It is a term I used to describe all of the various governments, corporations, covert organizations, and so forth who use electronic means to gather information on us and surveilled us in a myriad of ways.

The Globalists created the Underverse, and the coin of the realm is privacy: your privacy, my privacy, and that of everyone else.

Consequently, whatever we may think privacy is today, we have precious little left of it.  However, in a queer twist of fate, those who created this monster lost it in the blink of an eye.

In terms of our individual liberties, the take away is that our America’s current system of justice is a perversion created by the Globalists along the lines of a classic bank heist.  Globalist FBI minions wear the masks and FISA Court judges drive the getaway cars.  This is not how it was intended to work.

The FISA Court was created by Congress in 1978 in response to intelligence scandals in the 1970s regarding the numerous and varied unlawful surveillance activities of various US intelligence agencies.  Based upon the recommendations of the Church Committee, it was created to provide built-in safeguards against unlawful activity by these agencies.

That was then, and this is now, and for those with an objective view, the Russia Collusion Hoax has reduced this noble effort a pale example of a time-worn axiom, ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions.’  No wonder, that in 2013, The New York Times said, “It [FISA Court] has quietly become almost a parallel Supreme Court.”  It has!

Why, because unlike another court in the land, the FISA Court operates as an Ex parte court.  A Latin term in the legal profession which stands for Done by, for, or on the application of one party alone.  The result is that those with their hands on the levers of the Underverse can get whatever they want.  Or other words, a corrupt intelligence officer can lie to the court, and the only question the court will ask is, would you like us to supersize that warrant?

The point here is that those of us sitting the nose bleed seats and watching this unfolding political tragedy, the real question is who will eventually this fight-to-the-death slugfest, the Globalists or the Patriots.

Why?  Because the table stakes in this winner-takes-all confrontation is piled high with government powers that boggle the imagination, beginning with the Underverse. Then, Globalist-controlled social media platforms such as Facebook and mainstream media propaganda mills such as CNN are used to paint over the rust of this corruption.

Social Media and the MSM

Once Attorney General William Barr announced that he is investigating the investigators, the MSM went into high gear to trash his professional reputation in advance of any findings.  So how is that working out so far for the Globalists?

Businessinsider.com, May 21, 2019
2,700 people have lost their jobs so far this year in a media landslide

  • CNN announced in May that 100 employees took voluntary buyouts amid debt restructuring by parent company AT&T. That brought the number of media jobs eliminated in 2019 to over 2,700 along with other layoffs the same month.
  • The cuts follow layoff announcements at BuzzFeed, Verizon, Vice Media, McClatchy, Machinima, and Gannett — the largest newspaper publisher in the US.
  • It is estimated that between 2014 and 2017, some 5,000 media jobs were cut from the market.

The media industry continued to announce large cuts in May as CNN announced that 100 employees had taken voluntary buyouts amid its parent company AT&T’s efforts to restructure billions of dollars in debt.

The announcement followed large rounds of layoffs earlier in the year from companies like BuzzFeed, Verizon, and Vice Media.

The massive cuts so far this year represent a recent trend in media that has seen upstart companies and newspapers alike shrinking and disappearing.

Everyone keeps pointing fingers at the Internet for the current financial woes of the MSM, but that is a red herring.  CNN is losing money, they’ve sacked their London office, and they’ve started a 90-day wait policy for freelancer checks, all because they’ve abandoned their heritage, real investigative and balanced reporting.  Now, they read scripts, spew lies and up till the time the Mueller Report was delivered, they were laughing all the way to the bank.  Now, they’re not laughing now.


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I know this personally because I was a CNN technology field producer in the late 1980’s when Ted Turner was running the network. When I watch CNN today, it’s like watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers Part Deux without the popcorn.  They make The Onion look real!

The difference between then and now is something called excellence in journalism.  Today, CNN attributes this to itself, whereas when Ted Turner was running the show, it was something dedicated and ethical news professionals did each day.  Consequently, I had the great honor and pleasure of working with CNN back then.  Regrettably, I no longer see these kinds of CNN professionals on the air today, but in terms of temperament and dedication, the closest facsimile is Maria Bartiromo at FOX.

Add to this concern what is happening in social media today.

In the Q Community, it is widely held that Facebook is based on the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) LifeLog project, which was recently shelved by its creator, the Department of Defense (DoD).  Facebook uses the same DARPA model, to build a database tracking system to capture a person’s entire existence, so their relationships, memories, events, and experiences can be easily mapped.

Is this a tin foil hat conspiracy?  Consider this; Facebook is presently facing fines up to five billion dollars for privacy violations, and according to a lawyer for Facebook; the company is not liable because privacy is dead.

Dailydot.com, May 31, 2019
Facebook lawyer says users ‘have no expectation of privacy’

A lawyer for Facebook argued in court Wednesday that the social media site’s users “have no expectation of privacy.”

According to Law360, Facebook attorney Orin Snyder made the comment while defending the company against a class-action lawsuit over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

“There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy,” Snyder said.

No privacy.  OMG, even the dirty filthy spies at Facebook admit it. Worse yet, the Globalist-run social media platforms have now been given the right to tell their users they will only protect the First Amendment right of free speech of those who behave in accordance with their pro-Globalist, Communist China-style community guidelines.  No wonder so many conservative voices are being kicked to the curb these days with Orwellian-sounding boilerplate explanations.

All this is the legacy the Globalists have bequeathed us.  If you’re a minion or a useful idiot, you’re not going to question it because winning and taking power is the narcotic you crave.  But the worst of the lot is the Federal Reserve System, and this is not the first time we’ve tackled with this lifelong sh*t.

The Federal Reserve System

To be a successful magician, you must have a talent for distraction.  Of course, there are easy things such as a pretty girl parading about in skimpy costumes, but the best distraction is what magician’s call “patter.”  It is the interesting way they narrate their tricks so that we divide our attention away from their trick, and sleight of hand.

With this in mind, let’s put the Underverse, corrupt FISA Court system, untrustworthy MSM and corrupt social media in the patter column, because if you think the distraction level is high now, what is coming next will make P.T. Barnum look like a giddy florist.

Simply put, the Federal Reserve System is controlled by the Globalist Central Bank cabal, and for as long as there have been banks, there have been banksters.  For centuries, this multi-generational cabal has brought more pain and suffering to the world than any other invention of the human mind, including weapons of mass destruction like the hydrogen bomb.

For these reasons, I believe this is why after taking office in 2017; President Trump hung a large portrait of President Andrew Jackson in the Oval Office.

President Trump with Portrait of President Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States and served from March 4, 1829, to March 4, 1837.

Federalreservehistory.org, June 1, 2019
Andrew Jackson

President Andrew JacksonJackson was suspicious of banks in general, viewing them as frequent sources of corruption, and that view extended toward the second Bank of the United States.  He engaged in a campaign to curtail its powers and then to ensure that it did not receive a new charter.

Jackson criticized the second Bank of the United States in his annual addresses to Congress in 1829, 1830, 1832, and 1833. He declared that the institution failed to establish a uniform and sound currency, questioned whether it was a safe depository for public funds, asserted that it was unconstitutional, and urged Congress not to renew its charter.  In his private correspondence, he referred to the second Bank of the United States as a hydra of corruption, demoralizing to our citizenry, and dangerous to American liberties. A series of congressional studies disputed the accuracy of most of Jackson’s claims, and Congress passed a bill to recharter the Bank, which Jackson vetoed and Congress failed to override. Jackson’s critiques of the second Bank of the United States, both sound and unsound, resonated in American memory and played a role in the debate over the formation of the Federal Reserve three-quarters of a century later.

Called the “Indian killer” by his detractors, Jackson was the last US president to pay off the national debt.  He also shut down the previous incarnation of the Federal Reserve System and like Trump, was a friend of the working class.

Ever persistent, the Central Bank banksters came back for a second round in the early 20th century and hit pay dirt with President Woodrow Wilson (D) who signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 1913, after three difficult years of debate. Wilson later expressed regret for this, but the damage was done, and more was to be done.  The numbers do not lie.

USA Inflation Since 1980

As can be seen in the illustration above, the minute President Woodrow Wilson led the nation straight into the hands of the Central Bank banksters.  Since then inflation has been stripping away the wealth of the poor and middle class so that it could be transferred into bankster coffers, and those of their elitist supporters.

President Trump, like President Jackson, entered office, understanding the terrible harm done to the nation by the Central Bank banksters.  On the other hand, President Woodrow Wilson was clueless.  Like the Treaty of Versailles, he bequeathed our nation a legacy of corruption in the hands of powerful sociopaths wearing three-piece suits.

Therefore, as things stand, one of three things happens with regards to this legacy.

  1. If the Globalists defeat the Patriots, losers like CNN may be restored. They are banking on this legacy of corruption being refurbished. Then, the MSM will boldly announce the public with text crawls across the screen like, “under new management” and “new and improved.”
  2. If a major disaster such as a La Palm Tsunami event hits the Eastern seaboard this legacy of corrupt tools will be inherited by the new majority, which will favor the flyover states where the Patriots are strongest.
  3. Or, the Patriots defeat the Globalists, and the public will not understand the gravity of this victory until they see Globalist actors dangling from a hangman’s noose.

Why a hangman’s noose, and how will we get there?

Walking to the Gallows

As the situation presently stands, declassification has been ordered by President Trump, and various investigations into the investigators are drawing to a close.  It will not be long before as they say in show business, “it’s showtime,” except this is not going to be a three-act Greek tragedy.


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In the coming months, what we’re going to see will be a thousand-ring circus with a parade of accusations, outrage, and the moral pronouncements by the immoral.  All this will be echoed by the MSM and here is where cash-strapped CNN will find relief.  The Globalists will need every tool available, and when CNN is suddenly reporting record earnings, we’ll all know who is picking up the check.

Consequently, getting a clear bead on anything we hear or see next will be a fruitless and pointless effort because there will be too much confusion from lies, disinformation, and misinformation.  Nothing will make sense until we see the first traitors hanged until dead, and for this, we have Mr. Mueller to thank.

Will it happen?  Yes and nothing can stop it now, because seeing traitors hang will be the only way to send a simple message.  Enough is enough!

How it happens is why I’ve been referencing a La Palm tsunami event in this article, because the offensive strategy for the Q Alliance and Patriots will hit the Globalists and the nation like a slow-motion tsunami.

A La Palma landslide could trigger a tsunami event which will initially generate a 3,000-foot high wave which will travel towards the UK and American’s Northeaster seaboard coastline.  Moving at a speed of 500 to 600 mph, it will strike America within approximately eight hours.

The devastation will be severe because tsunamis do not crest and break like normal waves.  A tsunami  moves like a solid wall of water obliterating everything in its path and come in a series of seven waves that can strike over several hours, with the third being the strongest.

This is how the Q Alliance will attacks will come.  A wave of arrests will hit, and then there will be enough calm for the public to digest what has happened.  Then the next wave hits, and again, there will be enough calm for the public to digest what has happened and so forth.

Along the way, the Globalists will become shrill and desperate in their efforts, and they will wither and fade as successive waves of arrests thin their ranks.  Then their efforts will fail.  No doubt, the House will move to start impeachment hearings thanks to Mueller throwing the radical left fresh meat on his way out.  That too will wither and die.

Then finally, the worst Globalist response will become possible.  A horrific false flag event like 9/11 and this is a real concern given that former Obama administration members are making huge overtures to the two nuclear bad boys on the planet, North Korea and Iran.

But then again, is this really how it has to end?  Yes, and for the same reason that America and England firebombed Dresden during WWII.  Dresden was the San Francisco of Germany.  A beautify city with no real military significance, such that it would merit such a massive firebombing.

This I saw with my own eyes in 1995.  I was doing a computer contract that took me to Germany, and I had a chance to visit Dresden in what had formerly been East Germany.  As many as 135,000 people died in the firebombing.  At that time, reconstruction had just begun on the Dresden’s baroque cathedral known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

Dresden Firebombing - Feb 1945

When I walked the streets in downtown Dresden, there were exhibits with pictures of the bodies of women and child piled on carts, and I could still smell the death and in my mind.  Worse yet, I could hear the screams of dying children.  It was sad and sobering day, and I wondered why the massive air raid of February 1945 was necessary as Dresden was neither important to German wartime production nor was it a major industrial center.

I’ve heard all the reasons, but none of them answered this question.  What drove my curiosity is that Dresden was initially removed from the target list earlier in the war and the city had become a refuge for German citizens bombed out of other cities.  Clearly, the Allies were saving Dresden for a different fate, but what?

Yes, it was war, and the Nazis were monsters but why firebomb Dresden. Then, I was watching a documentary on what happened, and five historians were interviewed, four men and one woman.  The men were predictable and gave all the usual reasons; however, it was the woman historian who answered this question which had tasked me since 1995.

This is how the woman historian explained it.  After fifty years of fighting or worrying about fighting the Germans, the Americans the British wanted to send a message to the German people.  Enough is enough.  Make war on us again, and this is what we’ll do to your entire country.

The Globalists are no less cruel or determined than the Nazis. This is why this ends with a hangman’s noose so that we can finally send a message to the Globalists and their Central Bank banksters.  Enough is enough.  Make financial war on us again, and this is what we’ll do to each and every one of you.

Where We Go One We Go All

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