Is There a Houston in Your Future?

| September 2, 2017

Is There a Houston in Your Future?Hurricane Harvey is the worst storm to hit the Gulf Coast since Hurricane Katrina. Why didn’t the City of Houston order evacuations before the storm, which left over 30% of the city under water? Perhaps the National Weather Service said it best, “This event is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown and beyond anything experienced.”

The operative word here is “unprecedented,” and it is one we hear so often these days that it has become a buzzword for “nothing to see here” for most Americans. Ergo, the unfortunate things they see on television happen to unfortunate people in some unfortunate part of the world. It’s the new normal. But for those in awareness and especially who follow the topic of Planet X, it is all part of the new un-normal and it is very unsettling, especially for those living in at risk locations, such as those along a major coastline.

It makes one wonder. What would have happened if thousands of people had viewed Planet X objects during the August 21, eclipse and then on the heels of that – Harvey hits Houston? For those in awareness and living in an at-risk area, it would have meant a severe shortage of affordable relocation options. Thank God; the eclipse didn’t play that way.

The August 21 Eclipse

In the lead up to the total eclipse of August 21, there was a great deal of speculation on the Internet that objects in the Planet X system would be clearly observable by those viewing the event. Following the eclipse there were several reports reported where different objects were captured in different locations that day. They were not in locations that were directly under the path of totality or even locally at the time of the eclipse. However, people were looking up and that is always a good thing.

During the radio interviews I gave in advance of that event my position on the eclipse was that it would be a “box of chocolates” in that we would not know what to expect next. I took that stand so as to mitigate the expectations that were being built up around the event. This is because I view expectations as something that are very dangerous for those in awareness. When you have a date driven expectation, disinformationalists will use it to create what I call an expectation stampede. They use the date to whip up a lot of fear which turns into humiliation with a nonevent. It is a great way to make people believe that there is nothing to be gained by looking outside the box.

So when I called the eclipse a “box of chocolates” was I thinking about an expectation stampede? Not really, because I didn’t see enough force building behind these predictions. Likewise I did not feel that the eclipse on August 21 would be a national Planet X viewing event due to the time of day.

As is consistently reported in all of the observations on our website dating back to 2013, they occur during sunrise or sunset because the Planet X system is still behind the sun. Therefore, mid morning and early afternoon observations during the total eclipse of August 21, were not likely to produce anything other than interesting videos.

So, this begs the logical question. If I was not concerned about an expectation stampede or feel that the eclipse would produce anything useful in terms of Planet X observations, did I have any concerns at all regarding this event? Absolutely! The second leading cause of death during the coming tribulation is procrastination.


In my audio book series Two Suns in the Sky: Who Lives, Who Dies, I explained what will be the three leading causes of death during the coming Planet X tribulation.

  1. Denial
  2. Procrastination
  3. Location

Let’s begin with denial. Over 99% of the world is in denial about what is happening and what is coming. What makes denial so effective is that it defines how you see the world. To illustrate the point, let’s use the hotly debated issue of global warming.

  • POLITICAL: Politicians see it with a political podium-view and therefore politicize it. For example, President Trump has ordered government web sites to remove references to climate change on websites and is disbanding scientific committees. Can a President politicize or disband the laws of physics? That remains to be seen.
  • MODELING: How many of us have heard about a loser uncle in someone’s family who is convinced that he is close to perfecting a horse race betting system and that all he needs is a little extra financial help from his loved ones to tweak the design. This is exactly what I think about when I look at scientists and climatologists huddled around computer monitors and debating the various strengths and weaknesses of their climate forecasting models. A bunch of loser uncles playing the ponies with our money.
  • OBSERVATION: What happens if you stop looking over the podium at an audience filled with financial contributors eating rubber chicken? Or, you finally come to the conclusion that you’ll never pick a winning pony with any climate forecasting model?

I know how incredibly simplistic this may sound, but just imagine what happens if you look out the window? Of course if you do, you will be mocked and ridiculed by the 99% of the world who believe in eating rubber chicken and picking the winning pony.

This is the power of human denial, and it is immutable. Yet, so many of you who are in awareness try your darnedest to end run this human phenomena and what do you have to show for it? You are continually mocked, ridiculed and isolated by loved ones and friends because they live in a world of rubber chicken dinners and winning ponies.

On the other hand, you do the logical thing; you look out the window. Worse yet, you do the one thing that your loved ones and friends would never ever do. You have the temerity to ask the question, “What am I looking at here?”

Let’s use Hurricane Harvey as an example.

Harvey was a 1,000 year event, making it the most extreme rain event in U.S. history. Why was it so strong? Two principal reasons: Increasing sea surface temperatures and increasing air temperatures.

Storms like Harvey need warm sea surface temperatures and can only form when those temperatures reach 26°C / 78.8°F. So is there any proof that sea surface temperatures are rising. Over half of the world’s corals are dead and the rest are dying. According to some estimates, by 2030, less than 5% of the world’s corals will exist. While there are many causes for coral bleaching such as acidification, pollution, and so forth, the 800-lb gorilla is rising sea temperatures which are the same kinds of temperatures that fueled Hurricanes like Katrina and Harvey.

The other causality for Harvey is increasing air temperatures. Warmer air can hold more water vapor which is what makes extreme rainfall events like Harvey possible. It is also why we see such dramatic flooding worldwide and the flood defense plans of affected areas are quickly becoming obsolete because our warming atmosphere now delivers more rain, more often.

Likewise, we hear about rising ocean levels and until lately it has been a real concern for the inhabitants of remote islands in the Pacific and elsewhere, but now it is a real concern for American cities such as Miami, FL. The city has installed an elaborate system to counteract rising sea levels. Costing $500 million, it relies on 80 pumps and the raising of roads and seawalls across the city. Will this massive public works project be successful? In the face of consistently rising sea level projections, there is the likelihood that more extreme measures will be required.

To put this in perspective, how many people stopped reading this article when they read the question I posed above: “Can a President politicize or disband the laws of physics?” No doubt a few did.

The point here is that even people who are in awareness, are more often than not in some stage of procrastination, which means rubber chicken and race track betting systems denial.

What is the difference between denial and procrastination? Either way, it is still about rubber chicken dinners and race track betting systems. The only difference is that with procrastination, you’re not able to look out the window because you’ve let someone who is in denial, stand in front of it.

Where will this get you? To the third leading cause of death that occurs during the coming tribulation which is location. Those in denial and procrastination who live in at-risk locations have exactly the same chance of dying in those at-risk locations.

Therefore, if you are in awareness and living in an at-risk location because you are in procrastination, the real question is not when will you get the hell out of there? The real question is what will it take to make you get the hell out of there and can you do it in time to make a difference?

Like the underlying factors of warming seas and atmosphere that power storms like Harvey, the underlying factor, for someone in awareness and who is living in an at-risk location, is pain tolerance.

Awareness Pain Tolerance

Why is it that those in awareness who live in at-risk locations choose to remain there? There are obvious reasons such as their professions, home ownership, and so forth. However, these obvious reasons only account for perhaps one fourth of those in awareness remaining in these locations. The other 75% do it for love.

Of this 75%, the two largest groups are comprised of those in marriages with spoiler spouses, those with a spoiler child, and those with underage grandchildren.

Adultery and abuse are cruel tests of spousal love, but for those in awareness, the mockery, ridicule, and isolation of a spoiler spouse is especially cruel. All too often they become meek because their spoiler spouse continually threatens them with punishment and divorce over their personal Planet X research efforts. “Stop that or I’ll divorce you,” is heard time and again. I know this for a fact because many of those in awareness with spoiler spouses have told me this.

An equally painful experience is what I hear from grandparents whose own spoiler child threatens them. They are the ones who say, “Speak of this planet X nonsense to your grandchildren and I will cut you off before you scare them with your ridiculous hysteria.” I know this as fact as well for I have heard these family threats repeated to me by saddened grandparents in awareness.

I see their pain and I see their hope as well. Hope for some kind of positive outcome. Yet, does this not presume some kind of perfect world solution? Let’s examine that.

Planet X Spoiler Spouse: “Stop that or I’ll divorce you.”

  • Perfect World: At some point in the process, enough happens to raise the concerns of the spoiler spouse and so a family meeting is called. At that family meeting the spoiler spouse says “I’m sorry I treated you so badly and I hope that you will forgive me and help all of us to survive this coming Planet X disaster.”
  • Imperfect World: A family meeting is called and at the outset, one of your in-laws stands in the middle of the room, points a naked finger at you and screams, “You manifested this with all of your negative fixation and desires for this Planet X disaster. Damn you, it’s all your fault!”

Planet X Spoiler Child: “I will cut you off before you scare them.”

  • Perfect World: At some point in the process, enough happens to raise the concerns of the spoiler child and you get a phone call. “I’m sorry for being such a jerk. You were right all along. What matters now are the kids. What do we do next as a family?”
  • Imperfect World: You get a text message, sent four hours earlier. “Tried to call but the phones are crazy. Kinda scary. Loaded the car, grabbed the kids and we’re off to the mountains. Hope you make it out in time. Maybe we’ll find each other later on. Gotta go. Love.”

The point here is awareness pain tolerance. Those of you in awareness and living in at-risk locations because of love, tolerate the pain of doing so because you stubbornly cling to the hope of a perfect world’s outcome.

To visualize a perfect world’s outcome, assuming you are in awareness and living in at-risk locations for love, just keep doing what you’re already doing. You’ve got it down to a science.

However, to visualize an imperfect world’s outcome, you’ll need a prop and a bit of imagination. To begin, stand behind a dining room chair and press your body against the top edge of the chair and close your eyes.

Imagine that the top of this chair is a two bladed wooden propeller attached to the front of a small single-engine piston aircraft. As you feel your body pressing against the propeller, say to yourself, “I’m doing this for love.”

Keeping your eyes closed; imagine now that in the cockpit of the aircraft is your loved one. Look at your loved one in the aircraft’s cockpit and imagine them looking back at you as though you have a third eye in your head. Again, say to yourself, “I’m doing this for love.”

Still keeping your eyes closed; imagine that you hear a switch being thrown in the cockpit. Say to yourself, “It is of no concern.”

Keeping your eyes closed; imagine that you hear the gear of the starter motor engaging the flywheel of the airplane engine. Say to yourself, “It is not happening.”

As the engine kicks over and the propeller blade starts to chop you into pieces like cabbage to coleslaw, say to yourself, “I’m doing this for love.”

Now, open your eyes and say, “screw this.”

It’s not because you thought this out logically and arrived at a rational conclusion. That ship has already sailed. It is because you have experienced what I call an existential moment of clarity.

Existential Moment of Clarity (EMC)

What happened in Houston this week was a wake-up call to everyone in awareness. If you are already in a safe location, then you’ve already beaten the three leading causes of Planet X tribulation death and I congratulate you for it.

But, if you are in awareness and living in an at-risk location, then your awareness pain tolerance level should be pegged about now. You feel it and it feels bad. Even if you pile all the rubber chicken and winning horse betting slips on it, the awareness still hurts.

So what comes next? That depends on your awareness pain threshold. If you have an extremely high threshold and can procrastinate for love, then you are less likely to experience an existential moment of clarity. My heart goes out to you, and I wish you a quick outcome.

But for those of you who are looking at this and thinking that perhaps that time has come to lower your pain threshold, what happens next is automatic. You’re not going to have to agonize about it for weeks or months to come. It will just happen and when it does you will do what you know you need to do, with no more hand wringing.

How can you know that this will happen? You’ve crossed this bridge already once before.

Remember the day you became aware? You saw something that seemed out of place, and despite a voice in the back of your mind pleading with you to turn away, you nonetheless asked the fateful question. “What exactly am I seeing here?”

The moment you did that the blinders came off and you began to see the world in a new and deeply unsettling way. Worse yet, you knew there was no turning back. That voice that had pleaded with you, trying to protect the bliss of your ignorance, has vanished. A moment I call “salmon slapped.” You’re left feeling like you’ve just been slapped in the face with a dead salmon. As you spit out the scales, you wonder, “What happened?”

And what happened after that, mockery, ridicule, and isolation; the abuse of a spoiler spouse or spoiler child? So what did you do? Did you stop everything and clumsily pack your new awareness back into Pandora’s Box and walk away? Obviously not, because you’re still reading this article, so what comes next?

What comes next will be an event that comes within your orbit of awareness. One that will not be within the orbit of perception by those in denial who surround you because they’re busy eating rubber chicken and betting on the ponies.

For them this event is just another one of those unfortunate things they see on television that happen to unfortunate people in some unfortunate part of the world. In other words this is the new normal.

For you it will be as profound as when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with two tablets in his hands. And then you will ask, “What is the meaning of all this?”

Remember, you are in awareness because you decided to be in awareness before you were born. As part of that decision, you accepted the responsibility of awareness to be a teacher, mentor, and comforter.

So, when that day comes and that something within your orbit of reality makes you ask, “What is the meaning of all this?” you will be given the knowing of it and this time the process will not feel like a salmon slap as it did the first time around.

This time, you will experience an existential moment where your inner sense of knowing will give you the purpose and clarity to focus on what must be done and you will simply do it. No more hand wringing and all other considerations will be noise. You will overcome your procrastination and relocate to a place of safety well in advance of the horrors to come.

How will your loved ones treat you after you have left them for a place of safety? Just like they did before they will mock, ridicule, and isolate you. But this time it will be different. You’ll be in a safe area, learning the land, and enmeshing yourself within that local community.

Eventually, the day will arrive when an event happens within the perceptional orbit of those you love. They will then have to come to you if they are to have any chance of surviving. You will not be mocked, ridiculed, or isolated at this time. And yippee, you might even be respected.

Or, you can crank up your awareness pain threshold, practice walking into a spinning propeller blade, and be chopped apart like cabbage into coleslaw – all for love.

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