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Are You Stockpiling Death Food?

Featuring an Exclusive Interview with Rod Smith

YOWUSA.COM, 26-July-2014
Marshall Masters

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Interview with Rod Smith

Are You Stockpiling Death Food?MARSHALL: Rod, could you please introduce yourself to our audience by telling us when you became a prepper and why?

ROD: I became a prepper because I believe that God lives and He has spoken His words to the Prophets (Amos 3:7) and those words have been faithfully recorded…and they tell of the events in the Last Days that will be orchestrated to cleanse the wicked from the earth in preparation for the second coming of the Lord.

Anyone who studies the scriptures and sees the signs of the times or who pays attention to the fiscal irresponsibility of our governments here and around the world, and who recognizes the ripening of vice and iniquity could not come to any other conclusion that life as we know it is going to change so drastically that if we are not prepared we will suffer and perish.

Rod SmithIt is my life’s work to help people recognize that they need to repent and turn back to God and His teachings, commandments and become self-reliant, able to withstand the violent storms that are headed our way.

In my work, I’ve developed a system—at Green PolkaDot Box--for providing clean foods, free of harmful chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms at the lowest possible prices. We carry many great items for food storage and preparation.

MARSHALL: In 1923, English nutritionist Victor Lindlahr said, "Ninety per cent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat." As the president of greenpolkadotbox.com, an online discount organic store, do you see a place for GMO products on prepper cache shelves?

ROD: I certainly do not, if preppers and their family members want to avoid the ravaging impact of GMO products: Food intolerances, allergies, leaky gut syndrome, infertility, cancer, ulcers and more. Our bodies were not designed to digest and assimilate synthetic proteins. They cause infection and lead to disease. We are seeing increasing problems in our youth who have been subjected to a heavy dose of GMO’s for the last 15 years. It’s only getting worse.

MARSHALL: As a fellow prepper and an organic foods expert, what is your assessment of what i did and experienced in phase 1 of my test: commercially processed canned meats, chili and beans?

ROD: I think you were asking for trouble when you indulged in canned goods that contained GMO’s and chemical preservatives for which our bodies are not designed to consume and digest. No wonder Montezuma caught up with you.

MARSHALL: As a fellow prepper and an organic foods expert, what is your assessment of what i did and experienced in phase 2 of my test: organically processed canned chili, beans and vegetables?

ROD: I would expect similar results if that’s all you did. “Beans, Beans the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you toot” is applicable in survival mode, even with organics. But if you had added a good organic probiotic to your diet the gas and associated discomfort may have been mitigated, substantially.

MARSHALL: As a fellow prepper and an organic foods expert, what is your assessment of what i did and experienced in phase 3 of my test: meatless American-made pasta and canned spaghetti sauce?

ROD: Your gain in weight what you pay for in a high carbohydrate diet; not recommended at all for individuals who tend to hyperglycemia and Type II diabetes. It’s a starvation plan if you want to maintain your weight. Again, you are messing with your immune and digestive systems by consuming conventional pasta, rather than organic.

MARSHALL: As a fellow prepper and an organic foods expert, what is your assessment of what i did and experienced in phase 4 of my test: meatless American-made bottled spaghetti sauce and organic pasta?

ROD: Imported organic pasta is superior in quality to American made brands, generally higher in fiber, and processed in such a way as to retain core nutrients and enhance digestion. I would recommend using whole wheat organic pasta for even better nutritional balance and digestion.

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MARSHALL: Overall, what do you see as the key lessons all preppers need to learn from my 30-day test and my conclusions about sustainable strategies, protein sources and wheat products?

ROD: Ideally the items you eat in “survival mode” should be the same things you eat today, on a daily basis. As you point out, such a limited diet of 3-4 items is not sustainable; the body needs a broad range of bio available vitamins, minerals and enzymes to sustain good health. And there is the mental health issue, as well. No one can be happy eating the same thing every day, regardless of the health ramifications. There are many shelf stable varieties of plants and seeds and other food products that contain protein. These are readily available and delicious to consume.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of healthy food varieties that do not contain GMO or other harmful ingredients that are shelf stable and can be rotated into your daily dietary lifestyle. These items should be purchase in bulk, stored in a cool, dry place and integrated into your daily cooking and eating regime. I strongly urge preppers to have, at least, a one-year supply of the foods they love and eat on a regular basis.

MARSHALL: What are the five most important goals you feel all preppers need to keep in mind when stockpiling their survival caches?


1) Think breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between meal snacks: everything that you normally like to eat…but make sure they are free of toxic chemicals and preservatives; that they are GMO free! Don’t buy foods that you would only use in an emergency.

2) Maintain at least a one-year supply of food items that meet your dietary lifestyle. There are abundance of shelf-stable items that you can store and consume on a daily basis, rotating and replacing as needed to maintain a one-year supply.

3) Overstock some items that you know are going to be valuable for trading or bartering, such as honey, wheat, cooking oil, fuel and personal hygiene items.

4) Try to store as many foods as possible that contain water in the event there is a shortage of water. (But, of course, if you’re a true prepper you wouldn’t be caught without a significant amount of water storage on hand.)

5) Keep the goal of achieving a balanced nutrition profile in mind with the foods you eat. Store a variety of foods that are rich in fiber and plant proteins, as well as meat proteins, and full of vitamins and minerals. It’s very smart to also have in your food supply a selection of whole food based nutritional supplements and enzymes for maintaining health, wellness and a good digestion.

Being In It for the SpeciesBeing In It for the Species:
The Universe Speaks

The timing of this book is no accident, for humanity now stands upon the precipice of a long and grueling tribulation. However, it will not be a hopeless suffering, because in the midst of this chaos, there will come a rare opportunity for us to free ourselves from the shackles of species bondage once and for all. GO


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Survival Wellness Advocacy: Keeping Healthy Survivors HealthySurvival Wellness Advocacy:
Keeping Healthy Survivors Healthy

Survival Wellness Advocacy (SWA) is a vocational calling for those in awareness who seek to answer the fundamental question, “what can I do to be useful to any survival community?” For those who lack obvious survival vocational skills such as gunsmithing, farming, off the grid energy engineering and ham radio operation, Survival Wellness Advocacy is a fast-track way to acquire an equally useful vocational skill. GO

Crossing the CuspDanjeon Breathing for Survival Wellness

For those in preparation and planning, healthcare is a problematic area, because all things physical eventually play out and once your medical kit is empty, what will you have? You'll have Danjeon Breathing.

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HHome Study Systemome Study System

Being In It for the Species, The Kolbrin Bible, Danjeon Breathing and More

A great value package for those seeking a complete mind and body knowledge system. It features a wide range of video and audio media to help you get our home studies off to a quick and confident start. GO

MARSHALL: Are there viable survival superfoods and if so, why, and what survival superfoods can you suggest?

ROD: The “super foods” that are packed with multi-nutrients. The ones I like best are those I would incorporate into my daily dietary lifestyle or routine. Examples are: salba seeds, chia seeds, eggs, nuts, dried fruits, broccoli, quinoa, beans, salmon and berries. These are available in dry form and easy to incorporate into your meals.

But keep in mind there are super, super protein formulas like Complete Protein from Food for Life and Innate Response’s Metacore Greens or Nutrition 22’s Vanilla vegetable protein and other too numerous to mention.

These products all provide good tasting blends chocked full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics. They have long shelf life and just one serving a day can give life sustaining nutrition.

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MARSHALL: I've recently begun Ayuvedic oil-pulling with coconut oil for a gum disease issue and I'm impressed with how my gums look and feel, plus I'm sleeping better. Although coconut oil is principally used for food preparation, I've come to see it as a survival wellness foods. Is this your assessment as well and if so, what other survival wellness foods can you suggest?

ROD: When you talk about ORGANIC coconut you can’t have too much oil, juice, dried coconut flakes or powder (for baking) on hand in your supply. You can use it, constantly in cooking, banking or as a refreshing beverage. It’s a high health value item and well as valuable barter item.

But there are other organic “essentials” that belong in your foods storage plan as well. Canned organic tomatoes: strained, diced, paste, etc. are very valuable for a variety of cooking. Organic Quinoa, Organic Rice (in various forms), preferably in small bags, and I recommend a variety of Organic canned fish, meats and vegetables. And, of course, there are a variety of nut butters that should be in everyone’s pantry.

MARSHALL: With wage growth flat for wage-earners and seniors getting a half percent interest on their savings, we live in hard times for most Americans. With this in mind, can you suggest a basic list of high-value, low-cost organic, non-GMO survival foods folks can stockpile for their bunkers today?

ROD: This is an easy answer. We have thousands of products at wholesale pricing with free home delivery at www.greenpolkadotbox.com. Rather than try to give you an extensive list here…I suggest your readers just go to the website. It’s easy to navigate. Everything is on sale!

MARSHALL: Smart preppers equip 3-day scoot packs for themselves and loved ones in case they have to leave the bunker for some unforeseen reason. In some cases, they may need to travel undetected, which means they cannot start camp fires and that they must make good use of the potable water they're carrying. With this in mind, can you suggest a list of ready-to-eat scoot pack survival foods that would provide survivors with 3,000 calorie/day, can-to-can't all day hump provisions for a period of 3 to 5 days?

ROD: I really like Dream Organics Bliss Mix and Princess Mix for a healthy blend of organic nuts, fruits and seeds. Seafare Pacific also offers several delicious soups and chowders in pouches that are ready to eat without heating. Of course, organic beef jerky light weight and very satisfying….I also like the great variety of nut bars and granola’s offered by KIND. These are all products we stock at www.greenpolkadotbox.com.

MARSHALL: As a prepper, do you view supplementation as essential and if so, what do you see as the key differences between well-advertised big-pharma supplementation brands and less known organic supplementation brands?

ROD: Absolutely. We spend a great deal of time and effort researching the best, most bioavailable lines. We highly recommend Garden of Life and Innate Response as the nation’s top two organic “whole-food” based supplement lines.

Most people don’t realize that almost all vitamin/mineral supplements advertised on TV and sold in the stores are very cheap, containing synthetic and toxic ingredients and they cannot absorbed into the human body. They are just as good flushed down the toilet and serve little to no valuable purpose. But the lines we recommend have been formulated for maximum nutrient delivery and uptake into the human cells; they are made with organic whole food-based vitamins and minerals.

Every household should have a good multi-vitamin, along with Co Q10, fish oil and good digestion promoting enzymes.

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MARSHALL: A number one issue for preppers is protein. Some foods like spirulina, black beans and peanut butter are good sources of plant protein and relatively inexpensive. In terms of packages and canned planet protein products for the bunker, can you recommend a bang-for-buck shopping list of 10 affordable, survival protein food items?

ROD: In addition to the products I’ve mention, I really like the protein powders and bars offered by Nutiva, Vega, Sun Warrior, Innate Response, Raw One, Pacific Naturals and 22 Day Nutrition.

These brands also carry products high in protein like hemp milk, chia seeds, Chai, flax seeds and many other nutrient and protein rich foods. Go to www.greenpolkadotbox.com and search “protein” to see a complete listing of hundreds of products we recommend.

MARSHALL: For those who are already stockpiling and who want to add survival wellness foods and supplements to their cache, can you recommend a shopping list of 10 items.

ROD: Organic Quinoa, Multi-Vitamin supplement by Garden of Life, Living Honey, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Almond or Peanut Nut Butter, Organic canned Tomato varieties, Organic Canned Tuna and Salmon, Organic Rice, Sea Salt, and Coconut Water, Pasta and pasta sauces.

MARSHALL: You are offering a new greenpolkadotbox.com members referred by yowusa.com a 15% discount. It is the first in the history of your company you've offered any initial purchase discount. What prompted you to make this special offer to yowusa.com readers?

ROD: Yes, we are and the reason for it is because we know that healthy food storage is vital not only to survival but health and wellness. We want those forward thinking preppers to have every advantage so we are willing to break even on their first order to get them started in the right direction. (Continue..)

Stockpile natural foods from greenpolkadotbox.com and
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How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, Investigator

How Our Government Will Signal the Arrival of Planet X — Bob Fletcher, InvestigatorPeople follow different paths to the truth about Planet X, with an enduring hope that one day, our government will finally disclose what it knows.

Like UFOlogy, the hope is that if you create a pile of pictures high enough, perhaps at some point the truth will reach critical mass and voila-disclosure. Unfortunaetly, just like Marxism, it's one of those inspiring fantasy goals that can never be achieved.

This is why Planet X investigator, Bob Fletcher, producer of the IN-COMMING DVDs, has come at this from an entirely different directions. Bob followed the money and found that more was spent on preparation for Planet X than anyone could imagine. GO

Yowusa.com Planet X
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This program presents an overview of the Planet X system, how it moves through our solar system and why we always seem to observe it near the Sun and not behind us, plus recent observations of three planets in the Planet X system captured by ocean buoys located in the Gulf of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.



Detailed explanations of the first three Planet X events projected for the tribulation time line are presented: covert visitations, deep impact, and the perihelion alignment of the Planet X system as it will be seen from Earth. These projections by the Guides appear in the book, Being In It for the Species The Universe Speaks.


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