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It's Time to Bust a Move

YOWUSA.COM, 7-April-2014
Marshall Masters

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It's Time to Bust a MoveAs the signs of catastrophic Earth changes increase, so does public denial. But for those in awareness and living in harm's way, there are sleepless nights and anguished days because of an itch they cannot scratch.

The irrepressible urge to bust a move to safe ground, combined with the paralysis of self-doubt.

I know that agony all too well but I also knew the time had come to bust a move, and in February 2014, I relocated from Santa Cruz, CA to Reno, NV. In the process, things I expected to happen did. However, something I didn't expect to happen did and was a profoundly transformative learning experience.

For years, when folks tell me about their dreams, visions and premonitions I tell each of them the following four things:

  1. Your spiritual experience was real and many others report the same experiences.

  2. Only the meek, the kind and enduring people of the world, have these experiences.

  3. While these meek are still small in numbers, their ranks are growing so you not alone.

  4. The universe is reaching out to touch you on the shoulders and saying. “Hope you make it.”

However, it was only after busting a move to Reno and experiencing a transformative learning experience that I realized the fourth item “hope you make it” wasn't strong enough to express what is really happening. It needed to read:

  • The universe is reaching out to touch you on the shoulders and say, “stand up the righteous, and walk humbly with your God.”

The reason for this lengthy article is twofold. First, my service to others mission has always been and will always be about survival of the meek. The good, kind and enduring people must survive, because if the meek do not inherit the Earth, the psychopaths will.

And secondly, an email I recently received from a Yowusa.com supporter named Hiro Y, who wrote me shortly after I posted my notice about relocating to Reno from Santa Cruz.

Hiro currently resides in Santa Cruz, CA and the last sentence of his email hit me squarely in the gut.

You are lucky. I cannot move from Santa Cruz - doomed! - Hiro Y.

Note to Hiro: You my focus for this article and my comments to you will appear indented and italics as you see here.

In just 55 characters, Hiro expressed a dilemma I'm beginning to hear more often from others. They are paralyzed and likewise feeling doomed. This cannot stand because all those who experience dreams, visions and premonitions enter a state of awareness In which they know what they know, and and there is no changing their minds.

So my goal now, is to share with those of you, who are in awareness, a new lexicon of terms that are essential for those in awareness: Human denial, absolute human emotions, awareness, love and synchronicity. These concepts will enable you to do what your awareness is compelling you to do. Especially those of you who must relocate to safe ground.

Along the way, I will share my own experiences which are unique to me, just as yours are unique to each of you in awareness. And while I experienced amazing things, and gained powerful new insights, there was a price to be paid as well. This is the way it works and if you are afraid of that price, you perish with that fear. That's also how it works.

Sleepless nights, troubled thoughts, and those moments when you cannot help but feel that your awareness is a curse and yearn for those past days before you gained awareness and lived in the blissful state of ignorance.

If the truth be known, awareness is indeed a curse. Not for those who possess it, but rather, for those who fear it. This in a nutshell, is what I’ve learned through my own transformative learning experience, but first I had to bust a move for the truth of it to be revealed to me.

So as you read through this article, you will not only be given powerful concepts, will also learn how vitally precious your awareness is. It truly is a gift. In the meantime, there is an old saying, “leave the party while everyone is still laughing.”

For those of you who are struggling to commit yourself to a survival relocation, now is the time to leave the party while everyone is still laughing at you. Why do I make this point?

When things really start to get bad, there will be no relocation opportunities. Rather, Americans will begin to carry two passports just like the people who lived in Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. A driver's license for interstate travel and a passport for international travel. As things get progressively worse, states bordering heavily affected states will begin to close their borders.

This is why Homeland Security recently placed orders for 1.6 billion rounds of small arms ammunition. It is part of the new federal strategy of Shelter in Place. Or in other words, when the guacamole hits the fan, you live where you live or you die where you die. How that scenario plays out depends on where you are now and where you want to survive.

Marshall's Survivability Scale

For years, I've been giving radio interviews and telling folks, especially those living along the coastlines that they needed to move inland to locales while there was still time..

A few years ago, I began taking telephone orders so that I could meet folks over the phone to find out what they were doing with their own preparation and planning. I called it “Survival Relocation Analysis” and it usually took between 15 to 20 minutes.

Using a simple scale of 0-10, I rank the survivability of a location. Zero means certain death, and ten is as good as it gets. The first thing I do is rank the location where the caller is currently residing.

In many cases they live near a coastline or one of the Great Lakes. Ergo, if you can see an ocean or a large body of water through a window in your house, you're on ground zero and when the worst happens, you die badly.

Although while living in the Santa Cruz area I resided in a location at a higher elevation than ground zero, I was not far from it. For me, theory became reality with my own relocation to Reno Nevada. Here is where theory met actual practice. It is one thing to give others advice, and another to it yourself. Or as the old sales axiom goes, “you've got to eat your own dog food.”

Incidentally, that saying was coined during the Great Depression years following the stock market crash of 1929. It was a time when people were hard pressed to feed themselves and for seniors, the poor and the unemployed, canned dog food became a principal source of protein in their diets.

When traveling dog food salesmen called on local stores, shop owners would pick a can at random and have the salesman open and eat it. If the price was right and the salesman could keep his product down with a smile, the shop owner usually ordered in a few cases. Hence the expression, “you've got to eat your dog food” which pretty much sums up my survival relocation experience to Reno. I have no complaints though, and I am glad I did it.

When doing a survival relocation analysis for my customers, my goal is to help them find suitable relocation within 500 miles of their home. Ideally, I looked for an area that was a seven or greater on my survivability scale.

In doing my own Relocation Analysis, the best relocation site I found which was within 500 miles of Santa Cruz was Reno Nevada. It is a solid seven 7.5 on my scale. However, this does not mean that all of Nevada is safe ground. I give large inland cities like Las Vegas a zero, because they do not have enough natural water resources to support their own populations and must bring in their water through artificial means.

Consequently, when those water supplies are disrupted, these cities will become a horribly unbearable death zone and those trapped there will suffer the worst imaginable fate. And it will be fate born of their own denial.

Never Underestimate the Power of Human Denial

The power of human denial is rooted in the simple fact that people tend to cling to the bliss of their own ignorance, like jealous lovers. Or in other words, good old fashioned, service-to-self cognitive dissonance. People see without seeing and hear without hearing so they fall into one of three general categories:

  • Trash Talkers: Strangers who slander, berate and humiliate you to force your silence. You typically encounter them online.

  • Spoiler Spouses: They are in denial and will stop at nothing to protect the bliss of their own ignorance from your awareness, even though you offer it with loving intentions.

  • Hull Knockers: People who know you and are usually in your circle of family or friends who mock you out of disbelief and may actively attemthese thoughts of doubts and worriespt to disrupt your survival efforts.

I coined the term Hull Knockers in reference to the story Noah and the flood. These were people who cynically mocked and ridiculed Noah while he was building the ark.

Yet, when the cataclysm befell them they found themselves treading water and frantically knocking on the hull of the ark pleading, “I'm ready to have that conversation now.” But it was too late. Why?

In a practical sense, the story of Noah and the Flood is about a man charged with the responsibility of restoring terrestrial life to the planet following a global cataclysm. As the hull knockers pleaded for their lives, Noah knew that opening the ark to let them in would be disastrous.

Unprepared for this mission, they would be grateful the first day and on the second, they'd hold an election, vote in a new captain and summarily toss Noah and his family overboard. The result would be a catastrophic mission failure.

This is why the story of Noah and the Flood and other Bible prophecies offer an allegorical instruction manual for what to do in a global cataclysm. Nonetheless, while most hear these stories from the pulpit and believe them with passionate devotion, they likewise believe with equal fervor that these prophecies will not come to pass in their own life time.

To understand why, let's examine the one thing trash talkers, spoiler spouses and hull knockers have in common – fear.

The Two Absolute Human Emotions

For those of you who are in awareness and feeling the urge to bust a move, you are no doubt having to deal with trash talkers, spoiler spouses and hull knockers. The result is that you are feeling stymied and paralyzed by the fear based responses they project at you.

So the question then becomes, how do you free yourself from this paralysis? Should you respond in a manner that is likewise born of fear? No! No! No!

What I want you to know, is that this very fear is what has paralyzed you and entrapped you with a sense of helplessness. This is because there are only two absolute human emotions, fear and love.

Imagine you are shopping in a paint shop, and picking a paint color for a room in your house. On the wall is vast collection of paint chip samples in every shade imaginable. Yet all of these color choices are going to be one variant or another, of black or white where black is the absence of color, and white is all of it.

In a cosmic sense, black represents pure fear, whereas white represents pure love. Consequently, every other color in between fear (black) and love (white), is a variation or another of these two absolute colors.

So how does this apply to trash talkers, spoiler spouses and hull knockers? All of them will respond to you from one variant shade of fear (black) or another. It is why their attacks on your awareness unsettle you and leave you with nagging doubts.

What happens if you bust a move and fail? Will you have to tuck your tail between your legs and return home to a lifetime of mockery and humiliation?

As long as you continue to entertain these thoughts of doubts and worries, which are born of fear, you will remain paralyzed and unable to commit to busting a move.

Hiro: It is not the awareness that has you feeling paralyzed and doomed, it is all the doubts and fears that have been piled upon you. No doubt, some by your own hand.

But what happens if you let fear pass you by? Something miraculous will happen. The universe will become your co-pilot and doors will open for you that you could have never imagined before.

Making the Universe Your Copilot

If you want the universe to be your co-pilot, you will need three things. The first of these is whatput you into this predicament in the first place. Awareness. Yup, you've got that one covered.

The other two things are love andand synchronicity. Together, these three magical elements, awareness, love and synchronicity will help you bust a move and to find a new and fulfilling life for yourself.

What unlocks the power of this Cosmic Triad? The answer is simple: each time you make a bust a move choice, remember these words: love begets love and fear begets fear.

There are no simple or easy decisions, but if you make loving ones, the universe will become your co-pilot.

The result, is that no matter what comes, your life will change in profound and amazing ways, with no regrets. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at each element of this cosmic triad.

Awareness as a Motivator

The reason you are now feeling the need to bust a move is that you have arrived at awareness. For some this is simply a matter of perception and the ability to read data trends. However for most, it begins with a dream, vision or epiphany. Something that happens that comes completely out of the blue, and rips the blinders off your eyes. (Continue...)

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