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In Preparation for the End of Times…

Yowusa.com, 17-January-2014
Marshall Masters

In Preparation for the End of Times…I'm Marshall Masters and I've been writing and publishing on space threats and Earth changes since 1999 and I have a question for you ̶ especially those of you who've followed my work over the years.

If you could buy one more day of life for yourself and your loved ones for just a few dollars, would you?

This is an honest question because we have an honest answer - one that goes to the heart of our mission. We’ve launched a totally new effort to offer simple, time-tested, effective and affordable health resources. Why? In a word, it's about survival.

We know the elites have their own survival plans, including well-stocked, deep underground bunkers, doomsday seed vaults and a strategy of controlled abandonment to ensure that as many as possible will perish through ignorance. Ergo, survival health has a special meaning for us, because it is really about survival of the meek.

The saying the "meek shall inherit the Earth" is adapted from the Beatitudes from Yeshua's Sermon on the Mount. However, this word, meek did not come into existence until the beginning of the 12th century. When it was first used, “meek” referred to people who were gentle, kind and patient.

In a mean twist of fate, today's new definitions use demeaning terms like docile, submissive, compliant, spiritless and tame to describe the very same people. From my point of view, it's just another deception of the elites, designed to debase and degrade the people they fear most - the meek.

Why? Because while elites have the deepest pockets, it is the meek that have the deepest souls and if enough of them survive, the elites will certainly lose and they know it.

Over the years, I've met more of the meek than I can count and their ranks are swelling as more of them come into awareness each day. I've likewise learned that the importance of survival health care in the difficult days ahead is really more about discipline and nutrition than anything else.

Discipline and Nutrition

Discipline means you begin surviving the worst of times by surviving the best of times. In other words, don’t put it off: Start surviving today!

This is why transition is the mission for 2014. We all need to begin incorporating survival habits into our daily routines so that we'll be better able to get through the end times and to the backside, the time when humanity sees blue skies once again.

Granted, there is a real need for beans, bullets and bunkers. While these are pretty straightforward items for most folks, survival health remains a fuzzy patchwork of ideas for most.

Nonetheless, survival nutrition means having the stamina to endure hardships and to resist disease through the worst of times and beyond.

Catching a coldToday it's hard to imagine such times but have you ever heard the old saying, “don't catch your death of cold?” This is a life or death question folks.

Look at it this way. What do we do when we catch a cold today? We call in sick, take a few tablets, turn up the furnace, snuggle under a blanket, sip hot tea with honey and watch I Love Lucy reruns. Hey, it works for me ̶ but ask the folks who've been through a recent disaster after they've lost their power and gas for days or weeks on end. Ask them how easy it is to recover from a cold when you're sitting in the dark with frost coming off your breath.

That is why a new direction for our mission is to help the meek prevail, with simple, time - tested resources they can afford and benefit from, starting on day one.

And yes, some curmudgeon is always accusing me doing this work for the money or that I work for the government. If there were anything at all to that nonsense, where the heck are my dental benefits! But more to the point, what are these people bringing to the picnic, other than vitriol and large jars of ants?

So yes. Mea culpa. I sell books that I author and/or publish because they help support the work and like everyone else, I have bills to pay. While there are much easier ways for me to make a living, I do what I do because I love the meek as much as I despise the elites. I've seen what the elites are doing to us and our planet and the thought that these soulless bastards could win again boils my blood. There it is, had to say it!

So by helping the meek with survival health resources, it's my hope that enough of them make it through, so that the elites of today can become the junior dinosaurs of the fossil record.

Mother and SonHow will the meek eventually accomplish that? Those who make it to the backside will know, because they'll be the boots on the ground. So instead of speculating on what they'll do ̶ let's just trust them to do that when the time comes. Let’s focus on what we can do today. It’s about the numbers. More meek equals less elite.

Ergo, getting the meek to that distant tomorrow is what's important, because survival health is not something you store in the garage for an uncertain day. It's something you begin doing today, so that it's already a good habit for when you'll need every advantage available to you. It's why we say transition is the mission. You begin preparing for the worst of times in the best of times.

With this in mind, let's be perfectly clear. I am not a healthcare professional, neither a nutritionist nor a therapist. I'm a 60-something with the usual aches and complaints of age and for me, the movie character Indiana Jones said it best. “It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage.” And Lord, don't they just seem to pile up?

The same holds true for many of the meek I've met. They've piled up their own miles but that hasn't stopped them from preparing, but what does this kind of preparation look like in our new modern age?

What Does Preparation Mean in 2014

In California we are told to prepare for a possible earthquake by making sure we have enough water and flashlight batteries on hand for three days.

Wagon with OxenSo imagine you've just traveled back through time and you're sitting next to someone driving a Conestoga wagon across the open prairie. As you stare at the East end of a westbound team of oxen you say to the driver, “I'm from the future and I have a three day supply of water and flashlight batteries!” Somewhat befuddled, the driver points at the oxen and says, “so where do you stick the batteries?”

Not because it's about a difference of technology, but rather, because it's a difference of age. For the wagon driver, it's still the end of the Agrarian Age. The first, 10,000 years of human civilization.

What does the Agrarian Age look like to those of us living in today's information age? Much like those old cast iron grinders we find in antique shops. Nice as decorations, but after an EMP attack whacks our technology and throws us all into another agrarian age; these ancient cast iron devices will still do a nice job of grinding whatever we need.

Time-tested Agrarian Age Survival Solutions

The point here is that if we know a global catastrophe will eventually throw us into another Agrarian Age, can we risk the uncertainties of modern gizmos and potions, knowing that few have ever passed the most difficult certification test known to humankind. The test of time.

Sure we have prestigious institutions that certified this and certify that for us today, but who certifies the certifiers and what's in it for them? Ergo, only the test of time offers real certainty, because when people do something for centuries, it's because it works. Not because it hurts.

Danjeon BreathingCase in point is what first led me to Danjeon Breathing. It is a survival breathing system that dates back to the early days of acupuncture. The wealthy and the elites of Korea ordered its development and practiced it, to deal with the aches and complaints of life and most of all - to survive. They were never worried about going hungry or finding their inner ya-ya. They were terrified at the prospect of catching their death of cold and they wanted a simple solution.

Consequently, Danjeon Breathing is much easier to learn and do than more expressive self-healing art forms like Tai Chi and Yoga. Granted, watching someone do Danjeon Breathing is about as interesting as watching paint dry, but this ancient self-healing energy art works fast and you learn it quickly.

So the bottom line for Danjeon Breathing is that if you are willing to pay a few dollars for one more day of life for you and your loved one, this is a time-tested agrarian age survival resource that delivers, because it has done so for thousands of years.

Look at it this way. With Danjeon Breathing, it's in your head after the first few times you do it and it works for you for the rest of your life

For Those Who Make It

Time for tough love. The ones most likely to survive what is coming will be in their twenties and thirties. They'll have the natural strength to handle things that will more easily kill the young and the old alike.

Given my age, will I make it? Odd are not so good, but if I do fall, it will not be for a lack of trying. Then again, why try? After all, I have no children and I've a led a full life and I'm not on taking the easy way out by planning to become amongst the first to fall? (As if that nonsense really works.)

I'm in this for the species; our species, because I want to see it evolve, because this is what a cataclysm really is. An evolutionary event. That means we ALL need to get the young ones through to the backside and truth be known, here is where my heart is.

If I can help a grandparent with these resources to stay alive, then they'll be there to offer the support, love and wisdom for the younger generations, to help them get through. Even if they do fall along the way, these resources will take then far enough to make a real difference for their loved ones.

For those of you in your forties and early fifties, you are more important to the future of humanity than you could ever imagine. That's why these health resources will help level the playing field for you, so that you'll be nearly as likely to survive as someone in their thirties, and it's vital that you do!

When I say that the meek will know what to do to keep the elites from planting the flag again in a post-historic world, I'm talking about you folks in your forties and fifties. If you plan well and are prepared, you'll not only have the health and the experience of years to help the younger ones, you'll be more likely to know a deception when you see it. And there will be plenty of that to go around.

So the bottom line is this. Today's children will be humanity’s future. No matter how old you are today, if you love your family and your species, do what you can, and for the love of God, do it today.

This is why you'll always see me searching for meaningful ways to help the meek of all ages to survive the coming cataclysm, because the meek must inherit the Earth. Should we fail this rightful destiny of evolution, we will certainly doom countless future generations to elitist slavery and exploitation.

As for me, when the day comes I stand before my God, I will not be heard to say “It wasn't my responsibility.”

I'm not a perfect man and you could call me a sentimental old fool tilting at windmills, but by all that is sacred, the only thing I want to say on that day is, “I only wish I could have done more.”

For the future of our species. Do what you can and do it today! Bad times are coming.