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Earth Changes: The Strength of Hope

YOWUSA, 17-December-03
Dave Wright

Earth Changes: The Strength of HopeIt's obvious that our world is and has been changing at a great pace.  Earthchanges have been and continue to be all around us.  So far, it appears that our sun has been the cause of these Earthchanges in our past, the present, and will be a factor in the future.  It's also obvious that these changes are affecting not only the animals on our planet but people as well as people appear to be more impatient, irritable and violent with each other.

With all these extreme and fast-paced changes occurring, people are looking desperately to find answers to the questions they have.  Some are looking towards our governmental organizations for answers, while others are plunging themselves into hour after hour of news reports on the television and in newspapers.  However, throughout these times, several common denominators have risen from such adversity. The most important of them all was and still is hope.  Without hope, we cannot develop the strength to endure and survive what is to come now and in the future.  Without hope, we cannot have the love and compassion needed to help those stricken down with misfortune.  Without hope, nothing is possible.

The Affects of Earthchanges on People

Earthchanges appear to not only affect the Earth, but its inhabitants as well.  Look around you.  People, as well as animals, appear to be very agitated and impatient.  Crime in our cities has increased dramatically with the increase of city population.  Stresses around the world are at an all time high with wars and rumors of wars abounding.  Desert Storm, in 1991, is one good example.

BBC News, 17-January-1991
1991: Bush orders Allies to begin bombing Baghdad

SCUD missileThe Gulf War Allies have sent hundreds of planes on bombing raids into Iraq, at the start of Operation Desert Storm.

US Defence Secretary, Dick Cheney, said the operation appeared to have gone "very well".

Two hours after the raids began, President George Bush made a televised address.

He said the military objectives were clear - force Iraqi troops out of Kuwait and restore the legitimate government .

In Baghdad, Saddam Hussein remained defiant. He said the "Mother of all Battles had begun". He urged the Iraqi people to "stand up to evil".

OK, so we've been there, done that and bought the tee-shirts.  Nonetheless, as Earthchanges increase in severity, so do people's emotions, which then translates to more violence, wars, etc.  Is it any wonder that with all these changes going on within our bodies and out in our world, people are looking toward outside sources like our governments and news media for answers?  However, is looking for answers outside one's self the answer?  The answer, it appears, is closer then we know it, possibly within ourselves.  We only need to look at how people endured in past cataclysms.

The Human Denominators during Cataclysms

Throughout history, we see four common denominators that arose from the results of man-made or natural catastrophes.  First, we looked inside ourselves to find the inner strength to endure.  Second, we developed love and compassion for our fellow man, all creatures and the planet.  Third, people unified in thought and spirit to accomplish a single purpose, to survive.  Fourth, we never lost hope.  With the four put together, we have the ability to endure and survive any cataclysm that occurs whether it be man-made or natural.

Past Cataclysms

In the past, during great times of calamity, people unconsciously looked within themselves to find the strength, not only to help themselves, but others as well.  One can see this inward-looking perspective in the increase of faith-based religions.  In today's world, AIDS has been one reason people are turning to religion to not only comfort them but, hopefully, to be healed.

BBC News, 5-December-2003
Religions rise to Aids challenge

Surendra ShahaSurendra Shaha says his weekly prayer ritual is helping him

Surendra is HIV positive and this is a weekly ritual organised by his mother to keep his spirits up, to bring him in touch with his culture and religion.  By all accounts, it's working.

We also see that in the past, love and compassion grew dramatically for those who were unfortunate.  This in turn appeared to unify people in thought and spirit to a common goal, to survive.  None of this was possible without the feeling that there was a future of good tidings.  This feeling was hope.  An example of hope is what the Jewish population endured during World War II during Hitler's reign.  Without hope, they would not have survived the Holocaust of Hitler's reign.  Hope was their inner strength that kept them going to endure and survive during those trying times.

Today's World

Today is no different.  We see the same human perseverance during the famines of Ethiopia, the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in the state of Washington, the Kobe and Hokkaido earthquakes in Japan, the fires in Southern California in 2003, and of course, the terrorist attack on the New York twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001.

BBC News, 26-September-2003
Strong quake hits north Japan

Fire at depot Tomakomai A strong earthquake has struck the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido injuring more than 300 people.

Many people were surprised at the strength of the tremor, which was centred 100 kilometres (60 miles) off the eastern coast of Hokkaido.

Waves of up to 1.2 metres (four feet) were observed in some coastal cities, NHK television network reported.<<

BBC News
America's Day Of Terror

9-11 Attack on Twin TowersOn 11 September 2001 a series of attacks were launched on America. It was a day that many around theworld would never forget.

8:46 AM (EDT): At the height of New York's morning rush hour American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center.

9:03 AM (EDT): News cameras trained on the burning tower captured the horrifying view of another passenger jet, United Airlines Flight 175, crashing into the south tower of the Trade Center causing a devastating explosion. It had left Boston for Los Angeles carrying 65 passengers and crew. It became clear that the catastrophe was not an accident.

9:40 AM (EDT): American Airlines Flight 77, carrying 64 people from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon in Washington. The nerve centre of the US military burst into flames and a section of the five-sided structure collapsed. F-16 fighters were still 100 miles away when the plane crashed. President Bush authorised fighters to shoot down any other aircraft that threatened targets in Washington.

10:03 AM (EDT): United Airlines Flight 93 crashed 80 miles (128 km) south east of Pittsburgh. It had been bound for San Francisco from Newark, New Jersey.

Even today, during these catastrophes, we continue to look inward to find the strength needed to overcome adversity.  Is looking inward the answer to finding your faith and God as well?  Only you can answer that.  I can only say to trust your feelings, because when it comes down to it, that's all we have.  Who better but our inner selves to have the answers and the hope needed to survive?

Is There Hope?

Past cataclysms have shown that people have endured and survived catastrophic Earthchanges by having love and compassion for man, other creatures and the planet.  In addition, past cataclysms have unified people in thought and spirit to accomplish a purpose and to their "inner strength" to endure the changes occurring.  Most importantly, past cataclysms have created a feeling of hope that there will be a future for us.  As a result, these changes have spawned a more evolved and compassionate human race in the past.

The Earthchanges occurring now appear to be no different than they were in the past, so there is no reason why it will be any different now as long as we remember the past.  So, should we look at Earthchanges with great fear, or should we embrace these changes as a way to change and evolve as a human race once again?  The latter appears to be the truth.  Hope will always be the key element for our survival and our future.  WE WILL SURVIVE!