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Genetic Evolution: Mars or Bust

YOWUSA.COM, 05-July-01
Steve Russell

Our days on Earth are numbered and declining as governments, corporations and terrorists continue to misuse new technological advancements.  We have outgrown our ecological niche and must find a way to colonize Mars before we collapse under our own weight.

Genetic engineering could be our only chance to become fully capable space travelers, able to survive the hostile conditions of Mars. Surprisingly, NASA may be well on the way to achieving our next evolutionary step towards the stars.

Nature's Way

Neanderthal man Thousands of years ago, Neanderthal man was no doubt unconsciously realizing that in order to conquer and survive as a species, they had to spread out and populate the Earth. 

At a critical stage in their progression, perhaps they began to realize that they were becoming less Neanderthal and more… something else. Survival demanded a new heightened level of intelligence that nature eventually provided through evolution to human status.

There is no case in biological history where progressive evolution is not accompanied by expansion.  It is a natural biological response to reproduce and expand when a species survival is threatened in any way.

Human motivation and achievements are determined by our collective focus on reality.  Our Neanderthal relatives instinctive focus on survival and exploration achieved nothing short of an evolutionary change that allows us to be thriving in this new millennium.

Apollo 11The most advantageous collective focus in recent memory was our historic race to land a man on the Moon.  This relatively short period of intense technical and social competition between the Soviet Union and United States achieved our first giant leap for mankind. 

Since then our focus as a species has drifted and no longer has any true direction. Without focus, our instinctive drive for advancement has resulted in scatterbrained endeavors that have led to several destructive small-scale wars throughout the world. 

While we ignorantly fight amongst ourselves, we fail to focus on the destructive reality that could consequently destroy our existence.  We have put ourselves at risk of annihilation through our unfocused misuse of nuclear, biological and genetic technology.  By focusing our efforts on survival, we could combine these technologies to take the next logical step in our evolution and head for Mars. 

Those that believe our destiny does not lie amongst the stars are effectively lobbying for the end of our evolution and existence.  We have the technology to save humanity and conquer our solar system, as well as wipe ourselves out. We cannot do both.

The Freeway

Our Neanderthal relatives had to be patient and wait for nature to take them to the next evolutionary level.  We do not.  Our technology can provide us with necessary tools to change ourselves, and we are heading down this road already.

Many people feel that mankind is at a critical threshold where our decisions in these final days will determine whether we survive or perish.  Art Bell fans will understand this phenomenon as "The Quickening."  Perhaps this global agitation is because Earth is overcrowded and we feel the need to expand.  All the worlds problems and wars can be traced back to the fact that we have outgrown our ecological niche and it is high time we moved on.

We have already conquered most of nature.  However, the aspects of nature we cannot control like tornadoes and earthquakes, we consider threats to our safety.  We no longer feel we can rely on nature to evolve us in time to beat our fatal inevitability.  We have now become impatient with nature and have taken on the challenge of ensuring our own survival.

genetic engineeringTo achieve this, we must leave Earth and find new homes amongst the stars.  The problem is, our current state of evolution is not sufficient to withstand the harsher environments of planets like Mars or Europa.  We are also incapable of long distance space travel.

There is no doubt that our persistence in genetic engineering will lead to modifications that characterize a self-created technological evolution enabling us to find and establish our future homes. Only a small amount of genes actually separates closely related species.  Humans and chimpanzees share 99% of common DNA.  How many genetic manipulations are then required to create the next evolution in human life?

Our technology is the only thing that can save us now.  We have given up on maintaining the natural equilibrium with nature, and nature has given up on us. In this state of despair, we are no longer letting our moral boundaries get in the way of ensuring our own survival.

Crashing Through Road Blocks

When knowledge of genetic engineering first reached the public, human rights and religious leaders voiced their concerns and protested effortlessly to stop the progression of this technology. Religious questions were raised about whether or not the created babies would have souls.  They were outraged at the proposals of humans playing God. Nothing was to be cloned, not even animals.  Then Dolly was created, and from there, the genetic roller coaster has never looked like stopping.

cloned sheepWe have reached a stage where animals, plants, insects and even humans have been genetically merged to create species with favorable characteristics.  We are essentially practicing and perfecting the processes of evolving a life form.

Sheep and goats have been merged to create fully functioning "Geep."  Pigs are being merged with human genes to make organ transplant more successful.  Human and rabbit cells have been combined to make a "Humabbit." 

A Humabbit has human cells throughout its brain, skin, bone, kidneys, liver, eyes and heart.  Human genes are already working in microbes, fish, rabbits, mice, pigs, sheep and cows.

The majority of these creations were done behind closed doors and announced only after the work was completed.  Now that they are here, the voices of protesters seems to have quietened. 

As a society, we have almost accepted such experiments as the norm.  However, are the Geep and Humabbits really the true extent of our research?

Taking the Back Roads

A valuable lesson from history is that whatever is possible will be tried by someone, somewhere, sometime.  The question of timing is an important component of this lesson because it provides us with the ability to gauge how advanced our technology is and how fast it is progressing.  Within the arena of genetic engineering, the corporations and governments are deluding us.

When we first heard about Dolly, did it strike you that she was already seven months old?  Why was there no press release a year before to announce this scientific experiment?  One of the questionable reasons for this secrecy was so the company could file a patent on the "design."

In November 1998, Advanced Cell Technology admitted that three years ago they managed to take the nucleus from a human cell and insert it into the egg from a cow.  The human genes activated and the egg began to divide.  The egg was destroyed at the 32-cell stage. 

This research was far more spectacular than Dolly and was carried out years earlier with a total news blackout!

In March 2001, Australian scientists admitted that they had been carrying out similar secret human cloning experiments using human cells and pig eggs for over two years.

Danger - Road Works Ahead

These corporations are experimenting with the very substance of life, and the ultimate price could be life itself.  If you learn to respect and utilize fire properly, it can keep you warm, cook your food and protect you.  If, like an uneducated child, you consider it a curiosity worth playing with, you will undoubtedly be burnt.

While genetic technology has amazing promises to enhance human life, our childlike curiosity and poor knowledge could get us burnt, and it could cost us millions of lives.

love of profitThe reckless corporations are commercializing research for the expressed benefits of patenting.  They say it is for the good of the needy and sick, but this is nothing more than corporate public relations gibberish.  If there were no money in genetic engineering, they would not be playing the game. 

It all boils down to patenting and profits.  An unborn cloned calf was sold last month at an auction for $100,000.  Over the past nine months, two other clones have been sold for $82,000 and $49,000.

Should a company be able to hold patents on life and have a financial monopoly over the natural environment?  While the patenting of genetic manipulations may qualify legally, it is only because of written laws defined before this technology was available.  This abuse of interpretation of the law should not justify patenting of genetic research.

"I never imagined people would patent plants and animals.  It's fundamentally immoral, contrary to the Guaymi view of nature and our place in it.  To patent human material… to take human DNA and patent its products…  That violates the integrity of life itself, and our deepest sense of morality."  President, Guaymi General Congress.

If we continue to allow corporations the freedom to patent their changes to the genetic makeup of life, our future will be compromised and life as we know it will be put into the bondage of intellectual property rights.  We need a change in direction and a collective world focus on our future.

No Focus Is Fatal

We have advanced to a point now where we have the power to create new life on Earth.  The ramifications of this technology give us pause and demand that we think long and hard about our future.

We only have a narrow window of opportunity where we will be able to propel ourselves into space.  This window is small because we will eventually exhaust all our resources and thus our source of money.  We may even end up with a shortage of human resources to tackle the problem if we are reduced to global war or starvation.  In terms of spirituality, we are a delicate species and must be ready to confront the challenges of colonizing another planet.

We can not rely on the corporate focus of cash to ensure the survival of our species.  Instead, we must turn to our governments and our taxpayer funded organizations for solutions to this problem.

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