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Impact Dreams On The Rise

YOWUSA.COM, 7-September-00
Janice Manning

According to NASA a newly discovered Asteroid 2000 QW7 passed close enough to Earth to be defined as a cosmic near miss on September 1, 2000.

Science@NASA, September 6, 2000
Watch Out for Space Rocks

On September 1st, a half-kilometer wide asteroid named 2000 QW7 zoomed past Earth barely 12 times farther from our planet than the Moon. In cosmic terms it was a near miss, but there was no danger to Earth-dwellers. The current orbit of the space rock never brings it close enough to our planet for a collision. Nevertheless, astronomers plan to monitor the asteroid just in case its orbit changes.

Concurrently with this asteroid flyby, YOWUSA.COM received many letters from our readers and YOWUSA message board members describing recent impact dreams. What makes these reports unique, is the level of detail and that they come from people who do not commonly experience these sorts of dreams.

Is there a relationship between the collective consciousness of our species and these premonitions?  The answer is subjective at best.

Yet, these dark premonitions may remind those of us who are cinema buffs about the ubiquitous "Oh Billy" scenes in the WWII era war movies. In these movies, a soldier would fall mortally wounded on a distant battlefield.  The film would then cut to a scene of a darkened bedroom and a woman sleeping alone. The sleeping woman would rise up with terror-filled eyes and scream, "Oh Billy, they've killed. They've killed my Billy." 

Were movie audiences of the WWII era simply na´ve, or have we become simply indifferent?  And if we've become indifferent, is it wise for us to completely ignore the sudden increase in impact dreams now being reported to sites like YOWUSA.COM in significantly increasing numbers.  To illustrate the point, please read two of our most recent posts.

Dream #1

I had a dream yesterday morning of a comet. The first parts of the dream I remember looking up in the sky and remarking to several others about a new comet in the sky. I thought it remarkable, because I had felt uniquely fortunate to have even witnessed a comet to the naked eye in my lifetime once already. Now without any warning I was witnessing another.

I looked back up at the comet and made a black humorous remark to the effect, "Is that a (nuclear) missile?"...in a sarcastic tone to the strangers around me. They were somewhat threatening, but not bad people to my intuition, just perhaps misguided and easily swayed to conduct unnecessary harm.

I looked back up and noticed several pieces of the comet were breaking away in orangish dots. I assumed it was burning up or part of it was falling off.

My dream continued on some other topic, where others and myself were being harassed by a third party by surveillance with ulterior motives. When I looked back up I realized the what I was looking at was closer to a meteor or asteroid headed our way.

Myself and another ran towards a building 2-story hallway between structures to get to the other side for shelter of some sort. Just as I was about to get to the building, the debris past overhead and missed us by less than 2000 feet or so and as we went in the building, full stride running.

I could see the impact (out of my peripheral vision) in the dirt and a large cloud of black soil churned up from the impact about a mile to 3 miles away. We were in the desert near Prescott or Phoenix outskirts on an open stretch of highway, only a few structures around and only a few others within a 10 mile radius.

We were what seemed was the north side of the freeway, A Hi 114 or 141 or 14 was nearby or the highway we were on.

The comet had flown seemingly north to south or east to west when I first saw it looking straight up. When I saw the debris come off the comet, the comet was headed North to south on the western horizon, maybe 10 -20 degrees above the horizon. When the debris approached, it approached from west to east and was skirting inbound at almost a lateral trajectory.

When the first piece flew by, I still didn't want to see it detonate or impact for fear of it being a nuclear missile and not wanting to be blinded. But I had seen the initial impact out of the side of my peripheral vision, just as we entered the building.

We ran to the other side of the hall or roofed enclosed corridor, about 2 stories tall, red and white colonial or Mediterranean architecture, Motel in appearance. Before we exited we stopped and a door frame and were looking out into a back lot with dirt and grass out to about 100 feet with a dirt berm on the other side. We decided the dirt berm was safer than the building if it was a nuke, but were looking down, trying to close our eyes until it detonated so we wouldn't get blinded. Nothing seemed to happen, so we started running half-pace to the berm.

Then somebody said, "Look there!" (I think or something to change our attention) and we looked back to the western horizon and saw more missile projectiles approaching.

As they approached, they were outgassing and very hot,..red to dark red hot, with a orangish white heat envelope emanating from them and flaming in the rear as they flew through the air from the rock burning as it flew through the atmosphere. I could actually see the blackened, cinder like, cratered potholed surface of the rice shaped pieces, about 20 ft to 20 meters in diameter/major axis.  Other pieces flying with it were basketball sized.

They were all flying in at maybe 100-300 mph and were headed at us. We ran north for a couple of seconds and could see one piece about to hit us, but it impacted maybe 660 feet to the west of us aiming at us. The dirt impact loomed up at as and we scrambled to get away. We didn't get hit, but then saw another group of meteors behind that one headed our way and kept running north as they began to hit behind us and near us. We then saw others coming at us from the west and realized the trajectory of the meteor stream was maybe 50-200 yards wide, but it was shifting north with respect to our orientation on the spinning Earth. But they were coming down so densely, that we couldn't turn around and make it back through the meteor storm without being hit devastatingly.

We kept running north for another 25 to 75 yards but the pace and density of impacts all around us was increasing exponentially. Then I awoke.

Dream #2.

I had a dream last night that some woman, with a very S.Carolinaian accent, called me up on the phone. The first thing that she said to me was, "Earth is toast." And she sounded like she might have been drinking. She wasn't drunk, just slurring her words a bit. So I took her seriously! With that kind of news, she probably needed a drink.

I asked her where she got her information from, even though I didn't know anyone is S. Carolina. And she told me it was on the news. I asked again where, and she said on Discovery news on the TV. They had some kind of special on this, and she was worried.  Everyone was.

I wanted to find out what was going on, so I hung up. The phone hadn't been for me anyhow!! She had asked for someone else, had a wrong number. She probably dialed in haste. But when I said Bye, she got really upset!!! She was yelling in the background.

She didn't want me to just hang up, she wanted to know what she should do about this. So she called me back!!! I got to thinking that maybe she didn't have the wrong number?

Anyhow, I told her to calm down, and asked who she was. And she said something like; AlittleBiddy. But she was slurring still, and I'm not at all sure that was what it was. She told me again that earth was going to be hit by a big rock. A big one. She emphasized that. And she didn't have anywhere to go!!! Nowhere to get away from this one, she said.

I don't know why, but I liked this woman. So I talked to her to calm her down a bit. Don't remember what I said. But by the time I hung up the second time, she was better.

It was announced on TV!?! That must mean that it was pretty close, so I went outside to look up, maybe I could see it? Jasmine, my Granddaughter, was outside, waiting for the bus to take her to school. For some reason we happened to be staying at Darlene's house, in the country. (My ex mother in law's place) I asked Darlene if she could take her to school, and could I ride along with? We had to get our shoes on.

Then we all headed out to the car, and never got there. We didn't die, we just weren't there anymore. And I woke up when the dogs freaked, when Matt came home from work. (he works the night shift and gets home at 6 in the morning) So it was time to start the day. I tried to go back into the dream to find out what happened, but couldn't. It was gone.

I just want to make one point. I don't have prophetic dreams often, and when I do, they tend to come true. That is why this surprised me.

Should This Be Taken Seriously?

To be frank, we really do not know if there is a relationship between impact event dreams and the possibility of a near-term danger.  But what we do know, is that these vivid and highly dreams are troubling for those who are reporting them to us.