Hold Fast – There Is No Plan?

| February 11, 2021

QxI first began following The Great Awakening six months before the first post by Q, and since then, Q’s message has been consistent.  Nothing can stop what is coming, so trust the plan, make popcorn, settle in, and enjoy the show.

Yah, yah, yah.  So where are the emergency broadcasts – anyone?

Q’s drumbeat assurance that we must “Trust the plan” floundered after a February 5, 2021 interview of General Flynn on The Right Side with Doug Billings.

I follow Doug and like his reporting but straight out the gate, he hit Flynn with hardball questions, and Flynn said, “There is no plan.”  OMG that went over like a lead balloon.

It was a gut-wrenching thing to hear for civilians who have never been in the military and follow my Qx articles.  For them, “Trust the plan” is now condescending bravado.  Worse yet, it has become counterproductive.

“Trust the plan” is now fueling fears that our self-serving military-industrial complex is getting cold feet and is now inclined to go along to get along.

To my readers who feel this way, I hear you, and I’m not dismissing your concerns because Flynn’s denial has, in fact, upended Q’s PR strategy, and this faux pas will not disappear in a single news cycle.  Why? Because it played directly into another military axiom, that a plan never survives the first contact with the enemy.

As a veteran, “Trust the plan” is a military world view and the first rule of any military is never to admit you have one.  Ergo, Flynn had to say there is no plan, but the consequence is that the “Trust the plan” mantra is now a bust with civilians and is corrosive to hope for the future.

Instead of “trust the plan” and “nothing can stop what is coming,” Q  needs to put a face on this.  What people need to hear now is “trust the military.”  But what if we cannot?

Trust the Plan?

Dear Reader, if you feel doubt, you have a good reason.  After seeing the widescale political corruption in our government,  we cannot help but wonder.  Did Trump, Q, and the Patriots get cold feet?

If so, it doesn’t matter because they’ve already done the heavy lifting.  It is called “The Great Awakening,” and so everything else they do is gravy from here on, but why?

We no longer depend on them to win; for win we shall.  But, it behooves us to look beyond this messaging faux pau with patience and understanding because this is not a popularity contest. It is about our freedom.

With Q and the Patriots, humanity will win sooner and with far less suffering.  But in the meantime, how do we regain our confidence amid this dead air dilemma?

To cope with the dead air, media pundits are filling the dead air with conversations about ET interventions, possible ET false flag attacks, and the spiritual ascension of our species.  Is all this just entertainment woo-woo, or is there something to it?  There is, and it is the biggest question of all.

In this article, we’ll tackle this question with a 30,000 ft. broad-brush view, in which I’ll explain why I believe humanity has been winning since the end of WW II.  Some of this may resonate with you and some not, so please keep in mind an ancient Roman axiom, “To the heart of a great mystery many roads lead.”

Dear Reader, your road to freedom is your road, and the road I will share with you today is what I see on mine.

That the Patriots have never been alone in helping humanity, nor are they the first, and that all this has led humanity to the threshold of sentient species breakout.  With this in mind, let’s gets into it.

Finding Peace in the Cosmic View

At present, we’re in a big news slump, with an odd twist.  Globalist MSM suppression is unlike what Americans have ever seen before.  Yet, new Patriot social media startups fill the void and popping up faster than the DS can de-platform them.  Worse yet for the MSM, they are gaining traffic at a prodigious rate, as the audience numbers for the MSM, including FOX, circle the drain.

All this is happening because humanity is standing on the threshold of a species breakout point. Humanity has potent friends we cannot see or perhaps, even imagine to include Heaven and benign races invested in our ascension as a species.

Opposed to them and are the dark entities who exploit humanity. They are fighting to maintain control and despite their reverses, they still believe they can win.  Therefore, to regain confidence, we need to step back and embrace a cosmic view of current events.

Dear Reader, humanity has reached a deceive breakout moment in history. That true freedom for our species is finally within our grasp, and to make it ours, we must reach for it because freedom does not come with Amazon Prime.

Here is how a cosmic view of humanity’s future can help, and it begins with an answer to the most significant existential question of these times.  Is the quest for freedom God’s intention for humanity, or are we merely a prize for the taking?  How you answer depends upon to whom you pray.

To Whom Do You Pray?

I began my journey as a man of science and wasn’t the least bit interested in spirituality, but my work led me to understand the Globalists’ deadly plan back in 2005.  Since then, the many books and articles I’ve published address the concepts necessary to a useful cosmic view, but it was only until recently that I connected all the dots.

For the dark side (Satan et al.), humanity is a source of sustenance and slave labor and nothing else.  We serve their needs in bondage at the physical level, so these devious parasites can milk us for the life force energy they need to exist.

You may wonder, why is the dark side unable to generate its life energy?   Because it only comes from only one source, the God of Abraham, and those who walk humbly with God, receive the light of God’s love as life force energy.

In fact, the vast majority of humanity is made up of good people who receive the light of God’s love each day, and they are living reservoirs of life force energy.  In order to drain this reservoir for feeding, the dark side must evoke fear.

What defines this reservoir of life force energy are the two absolute human emotions, fear and love.  Every other emotion is a shade of one of the other.  When we are in a state of love, we are useless to the dark side. Therefore, their feeding behaviors are not political or theological.

Instead, their only interest is to generate fear-based emotions in their victims. Fear causes us to hemorrhage life force energy from our bodies like water through a kitchen colander.  Then the dark side laps it up like hungry animals.

The more fear the dark side can generate, the more life force energy they can harvest, and likewise, the stronger the fear-based emotion, the more life force energy is lost.  This is why the dark side favors the abuse of women and children.  In general, they are more susceptible than men and easier to harvest.

In order to feed continuously, parasites must be able to do two things.  First, create fear and division, and second, to keep victim populations at controllable levels. This explains why world history is stained by wars, eugenics, slavery, and wholesale murder.

Is feeding the dark side what God intends for humanity?

No, because God wants humanity to ascend and take its rightful place in the stars.  Ergo, God did not create us to be permanent food sources for the dark side. Instead, we are part of a cosmic process that likely dates back to the early days of Creation.

The God of Abraham wants us to accept our roles as co-Creators, and become junior members of the firm, so to speak.  The higher we ascend and evolve, the more we can do.  So, where are we now? We’re at the species breakout point, and this is not our first time.

Breakout Point

At present, Earth is far from being a paradise.   Rather, it’s more like a run-down junior high school with blistering food fights.  We’re not here by preference.  Rather we’re here through the domination of the dark side to prevent our ascension as a species.

Spiritual ascension is not about prayers, holy books, or large craniums.  Those are a means to an end.   Instead, ascension is about resonance.

Humanity resonates in a frequency range of approximately 50 to 80 Hz, depending on circumstances and estimates.  At this frequency, a functioning human body can host a soul.  Upon death, the body ceases to resonate, and so the soul passes out of it like water through a kitchen colander.

To put this in perspective, let’s compare ourselves with roses.

Roses have the highest resonance rate of 320 Hz, which is why a dying rose still has a higher resonance than we humans.  Ergo, despite those painful thorns, we like to give roses as profound expressions of sorrow and love.

In this manner, Heaven aims to enable human ascension by freeing us as a species.  In the absence of dark side manipulation, we can increase our resonance frequency.  The result is that we become capable of hosting more ascended souls.

When a species can increase its resonance rate, it becomes more capable of hosting more ascended souls for incarnation.  Just imagine the advantage of a 150 Hz resonance rate or higher!

When this happens globally, humanity will evolve beyond being a run-down junior high school with blistering food fights into a post-grad academy of higher learning.  For the dark side, this is the sum of their greatest fears.

They know what will happen with humanity ascends with a higher state of resonance.  We will cosmically leapfrog the dark side beyond the reach of these life force energy parasites and predators.  Yes, my friends, this is what humanity has long dreamt about; freedom forever!

A direct consequence of our ascension will deny the dark side of its sustenance here on Earth.   The result is that they will then have to compete elsewhere in the cosmos for life force energy.  A challenging predicament for the dark side as they always get an “F” in “shares with others.”

Now you know why the dark side the Globalists are fighting like cornered animals.  If we realize our full potential as a species, it’s over for them, and they’ll have to kick their can down the road.

This fight did not begin with Q.  It started in the wake of WWII.

WW II and America – The Turning Point

These times cause many to feel we’re in this predicament because we’ve neglected our faith in God.  There is truth to that, but let’s not get gloomy because our faith in God persists unless we choose the dark side and turn our backs on the divine light of God’s love.

Ergo, in this consumer-driven world of buy, buy, buy, our faith in God can get a bit rusty and dusty.   However, this does not mean it is lost because all it takes is a bit of spiritual elbow grease, and we shine up a new penny.  Best of all, it works every time because redemption is God’s favorite thing.

Such was the case at the outset of WWII.  The Nazis and the Imperial Japanese leaders were confident that Americans had become soft and that we’d lost our will to fight.  A misguided demonic view that made them ruthlessly effective at murdering innocent, unarmed people.

After America declared war on Japan and Germany, in turn, declared war on America.  At the time, many Americans wondered if we did have the will to fight.  They were wrong because it is not about the will to fight.  It is about the will to fight and win, and the Patriots have it spades.

The Greatest Generation had the will to win and fight, and so America won a global war on two fronts, partly thanks to the Godless Soviets.  They killed three out of four Nazi combatants during the war, and many traveled to battle in Studebaker trucks.  Had they not, Hitler would have stopped us dead on the beaches at Normandy.

Here is where America was noticed by other races and Heaven as well.

We were the first to unleash the nuclear genie, which is a huge stepping point in the evolution of every sentient species in the cosmos.   However, instead of using it to bring death and misery to the world, America fought for freedom.

More importantly, after the Allies won the war, America set out to win the peace with the Marshall plan.  By helping former enemies and friends rebuild, we avoided replaying the Treaty of Versailles’ disastrous consequences.

Hence, between unleashing the nuclear genie and our efforts to win the peace, America put a whole new wheel on the wagon of human ascension, and this was a pivotal turning point for humanity, Heaven, and the benign, sentient species in our galaxy.  Why?   Because numbers matter.

Numbers Matter

At the outset of WWII, the global population was approximately 2 billion.  A crucial number as it represents the number of incarnated souls bound to this planet.

Given that Earth now has 7.8 billion humans, where did the other 5.8 billion souls come from to sustain this larger population, and why did they come?

The official narrative is that our recent population increase resulted from the Green Revolution with its exotic fertilizers, pesticides, advances in medicine, and farm equipment.   While this explains the increase in physical bodies, what about these souls, and from where did they come?

They came as a result of a Heavenly intervention.  Seeing that we were at the threshold of a sentient species breakout, Heaven gathered 5.8 billion souls from all across the galaxy to incarnate on Earth and at this time.  No wonder these other races are invested in our ascension.  Their ancestors incarnated among us to help us with our breakout, as has been done countless times in the history of Creation.

Why?  To give humankind the critical mass needed to overwhelm any plan or manipulate the Globalists by sheer numbers alone.

This heavenly intervention is, I believe, is the transcendent reason for the massive expansion in the number of humans now inhabiting our planet.  Furthermore, I also think the last election proves the point.

Stop the Steal

The Globalist/Democrat election fraud system is designed for close races.  As long as the final vote tallies were within a few percentage points, it is easy to fool the public into believing the election was free and fair.

However, Trump won in a landslide of 70% or more, and he even turned California red.  This was like sticking a 500HP Diesel truck engine in a Mini Cooper.  How do you not see it?

While one can quibble about the final tallies, one thing is indisputable. Trump’s margin was so large, and the Globalist election fraud machine had to pull out all the stops and cheat in every way imaginable, thereby exposing the fraud.

The CCP clearly sways our judicial system, and so they dismiss cases without any presentation of evidence.  However, those who know what to look for know when the percentages stop working.

Remember, any numerical system designed to cheat works on the margins.  When the margins are beyond the system’s control, they fail, and noticeably so.  For example, when tracking fraud by a chief financial officer or account, the first step is to find rounding errors.

Instead of the usual 2 decimal places (0.XX), financial reports are printed with 4 decimal places (0.XXXX).  This is when accounts used for the theft stand out like sore thumbs.

For example, an accurate account has a balance of $10,000.10.  With four decimal places, it appears as $10,000.1000.  However, an account used for stealing on the margin, the balance will print as $10,000.1034, for example.  Once the evidence is in-hand, a lucky crook has a choice.  Return the stolen funds and resign, or go to jail.

The point here is that numbers matter and this raises a critical question.  What does a pre-WWII global population of 2 billion souls have in common with a 2021 figure of 7.8 billion souls?  In a word, control. After WWII, humanity’s present population expansion was divinely guided

However, all these new harvesting opportunities were not a welcome change for the dark side.  Consequently, the Globalists’ ability to control the planet is now stretched to its limits, and why they want to restore full control by causing a 95% dieback of the human race.

This is precisely why population numbers matter, as evidenced in a letter written by a Nazi officer serving in Russia during WWII, in which he says:

“The German Army in fighting Russia is like an elephant attacking a host of ants. The elephant will kill thousands, perhaps even millions, of ants, but in the end their numbers will overcome him, and he will be eaten to the bone.”–Colonel Bernd Von Kielst

That’s right.  We’re the ants, and the Globalists are the elephants.  And this brings us to the present.

Fighting Awareness

The fear that has Globalists have about maintaining control is not necessarily about Donald Trump.  Rather, it’s about 7.8 billion of us.  Deduct for predators and parasites, and what do you have?

In the history of humanity, there has never been as many good people incarnated simultaneously.  This is why some say the Grey aliens’ greatest fear is that humanity will come to fully understand its real power.  Once that happens, they’re out of business.

This explains why the Globalists are doing everything possible to prevent a worldwide mobilization of humanity with the willingness to fight and die for freedom.  Ergo, COVID-19 is the plandemic du jour.   In response, we now have “The Great Awakening,” and it is catching fire.

Patriots understand that masks do not end epidemics like COVID-19. Instead, they perpetuate them by suppressing our herd immunity, thereby making us more vulnerable to the original virus’s future variants.

More to the point, masks and social distancing prevent us from communicating with others and sharing our thoughts and ideas.

By destroying small businesses with lockdowns that have no basis in real science, America’s single most significant employment source is wrecked, adding despair and loneliness to the national crisis.

The list goes on, and is it working?  No, because the Patriots are awake, and there is no going back.  Not only will they not shut up, worse yet for the Globalists, The Great Awakening has also struck a match for freedom, and it has spread worldwide.

Can deplatforming sites and humiliating cancel culture attacks stop it? Not any longer because, like a wildfire in California, there is too much fuel on the ground to stop it, so “burn baby burn.”   And this brings us to other sentient races.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The title from the spaghetti Western, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966) with Clint Eastwood pretty much sums up sentient life in the galaxy.  They’re like us, and we already know about the bad and the ugly.

But what about the good?  More to the point, how are they involved, if at all?

We may wish to think God wins all species ascension contests against the dark side, but the truth is, the bad win more often than not.  Not because they’re smarter.  It is because they’re smart enough to keep the number of victims well within the range of their control mechanisms.

Therefore, when they control a species’ numbers, they can easily enslave and harvest virtually unlimited amounts of life force energy.  While there will always be those with the courage to make the sacrifices needed to defeat them, the majority will inevitably take the lower road and succumb to so-called “practical reasoning.”

Hence, over the history of Creation, numerous sentient species have fallen short and, in so doing, accept the yoke of slavery for countless generations.  So what about humanity?

We’re different this time because we have the courage and the numbers to win, which is why benign species are helping us, and they are invested in our success for several reasons.  Paramount of which is the need for life to reach out to life.

Think of how our governments brag about how much they do for people in a crisis.  Yet, the fact is that NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) do more for the needy than all the governments in the world put together.

Also, consider this.  Creation is about recurring forms, and just as humanity has its own good, bad, and ugly, the same can be said for the cosmos.  Ergo, these good (benign) races see a promising race at the breakout point and that this is not ours to win.  It is ours to lose!

The stakes are high because if we can achieve a species breakout, we can overwhelm the bad and the ugly and be forever free of their control.   While this is a massive advantage for us, what about the good aliens who want to see us achieve breakout?  What’s in it for them?

Folks, we have to cope with the bad and the ugly antics, and so do they.  If humanity can breakout and ascend, it will take its place in the stars, among the good and for them, a new friend is always welcome.   And that is about as far one can get with a cosmic stump speech.

Ergo, they are involved, but this is our fight.  Although they can help at the margins by leveling the technology playing field, THIS IS OUR FIGHT!  We must fight to win, and for the first time in our species’ history, we have the numbers and the will to do it.  So who leads?

Lead and Follow

America is a Judeo-Christian nation, and as such, we are the light of hope for the world.  In this magnificent march towards freedom and ascension, America is destined to lead, and at the center of this global phalanx are good Christians.

No matter how you walk with God, what God wants most is that you keep walking, and so Christians have been prepared to lead so those of other faiths can follow.   Consequently, Q’s “trust the plan” approach is now long in the tooth and counterproductive.

Folks, it is not about sitting in the nose bleed seats eating popcorn and watching the show anymore.   It is about the newly awakened getting some skin in the fight, and we’re doing it.  After all, when the Patriots were asked to vote, they did so in massive numbers.

Yup, we’re on it, and this is a PR concern for Q and the Patriots because they’ve done a magnificent job of lighting the match of awareness, and it is spreading like a fire.

So what’s the worry?   What all military leaders learn in Battle Plan 101.  No plan survives the first contact with the enemy, which means you must adapt and improvise.  Hence, time is an issue because it is one thing to start a wildfire and another to control it.

Why has Q’s “trust the plan” PR strategy has lost its allure?  It makes them awakened civilians wonder if the military will fold up like a cheap tent for, like the rest of our government.

Will the military lose its enthusiasm for the fight because it wants a corrupt high court to hand them a pretense for declaring martial law?   Or have Boeing and other prominent players in the military-industrial complex already been captured like other corrupt civilian elites?

After all, we’re all human, and so we wonder, is the military any better?  Or, could “trust the plan” now mean, “sorry, we lost our nerve, so color us gone.”

If this negative tension goes unchecked, how long can everyone see this and hope that this mysterious plan is the real deal?

Likewise, now that they’re at the threshold of species breakout, how long can such mysterious proclamations keep people out of the fight?   Yup, the clock is ticking Q, and if people decide to take matters in hand, this will create immense difficulties for the “plan.”

The point here is Q, the moment Flynn said “there is no plan,” patience and faith in the military as a solution is beginning to wane.

Q, whatever you are going to do, you’re going to do it according to your plan. Still, if you want to hold the patience and respect of civilians who do not understand your military world view, it’s time to put a face on this mysterious plan with “trust the military.”  That is, assuming you can.

Meanwhile, for those of us who love God, the Constitution, and freedom, we must talk, we must think, we must gather, we must organize, and we must never stop.

If we act without our military or despite them, we can still prevail because we’re not alone and never have been.  Fellow Patriots, stay calm.  Bite your lips, keep your patience and wait for an emergency broadcast call to action and always remember:

Believe in God; believe in yourself; believe in the future, and dare to say no!


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