Hold Fast – Good Will Prevail

| January 18, 2021

QxThese are turbulent times, and I have spoken with many who support my work.  What I continually hear is fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD).  As one commentator so aptly put it, America is experiencing a collective near-death experience.

Now I am just talking to those of you who have followed my work through the years because we are an extended family, and I want you to understand that I am in no way pessimistic about current events.

Instead, my heart is full of optimism and hope for the future.  Why?  My journey to this moment in time began in 2005 when I first began to study and prepare for the events we see unfolding before us today.

And so I say to my dear supporters and friends,  as chaotic as these times may seem, the universe is unfolding as it should, and let there be no doubt about it.  GOOD WILL PREVAIL!!!

This article aims to share my journey of awareness with you to this very conclusion.  I will also offer insights into what is coming using information posted by the White House, and then I’ll close with a message of hope for the future.

However, before embarking upon that, I need to answer a question I hear time-and-again these days.

A Storm is Upon Us

Those in awareness understand that a great storm is upon us.  On January 11, 2021, during a live stream interview, Lt. General McInerney, announced that as the result of CCP biological and cyber warfare attacks and other means, WW III has begun.

This is not welcome news, but nonetheless, each of us must deal with it.  And so we ask, “What can I do about it?”   I hear many ask that question at a point of despair and they fear that all is about to be lost.

If you feel this way, I hope that what I share with you in this article gives you some small modicum of renewed hope or at least the patience to wait for more hopeful circumstances.

As a committed Patriot, I am dismayed by this swirling hurricane of information, misinformation, and disinformation.  It is a frustrating thing because, like a hurricane at sea, this political storm is always on the move with ever-changing dynamics.

One minute it’s a tropical storm, and the next, a hurricane and so forth, but the real concern is always where it is going; in other words, the storm track.  As in where will it hit, how hard, and what will be the consequences?

A relevant thing about hurricanes is the calm one finds within the eye of the storm, the calmest area inside of the storm.  Here is where I now stand, upon years of misery and grief, so trust me, I do empathize with you, Dear Reader.

With this metaphor in mind, imagine that we are inside the eye of the storm, and we see around us the swirling madness.  Standing together in this centered calmness, you ask, what is happening and what can I do about it?

Here is my answer.   What is happening is a global human event called “The Great Awakening,” and everyone is playing a role in it.  The good and the bad, and for those who want to help good prevail, what is the first step?

The first step is your attitude, which begins with ignoring the demeaning taunts and jibes of friends and family.   What does that kind of courage look like in real life?

To illustrate the point, let’s use the movie Patton (1970), as President Trump is often compared with General George S. Patton.

In the film, Patton’s character, played by George C. Scott, quotes a famous line from Frederick the Great: “L’audace, l’audace, tojours l’audace” – Boldness, boldness, always boldness.

Keeping this axiom in mind, here is my answer.

Believe in God; believe in yourself; believe in the future, and dare to say no!

If this is the only thing you remember from this article, I pray it will serve you well in the troubling times ahead.   That being said, how did I arrive at this conclusion?

The Storm is Upon Us

My journey to awareness began in 2005 after realizing humanity is being set up to fail during the coming Planet X system flyby.  Yes, the future flyby will be deadly for many, and “many” is the operative term – as in how many of us survive the cataclysm.

At present, we’re in the last day of the Globalist controlled world, and 1980 was a noteworthy year because this was when CNN was founded in Georgia and when the Georgia Guidestones were erected.

The dark forces must announce their intentions and did so with the Georgia Guidestones, and so the tenet inscribed on that monolith in eight different languages is, “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”  Let’s put that in perspective.

As of March 2020, there were 7,800,000,000 people on the planet, which means that your chance of surviving under the prevailing Globalist agenda is 0.0641%.  Ergo, the question is, how do we shift the odds in our favor?   We change the game with awareness.

With an awakened and prepared humanity, one half to perhaps two-thirds of us can hope to survive.  Those odd are better, but we’re not there quite yet, but we will have our day.  I know this because I’ve waited for this Great Awakening since 2005.

The Next Chapter is Ours

In 2005 my research led me to understand the Globalist agenda to depopulate our species with a near-extinction-level event during the coming Planet X flyby.  It broke my heart, and I spent the next three years wondering if there was any hope, given the Globalists were winning hands down.

At the time, I was doing channeling research with two other researchers.  We worked with gifted psychics, and I conducted the interviews while my partners listened in and communicated privately with me via text messaging.   One fed me science questions, and the other, cross-reference question.

One of my psychics was stellar.  In her 40’s with a happy family and a good husband who supported her gift, she could bring in incarnated, un-incarnated, and E.T. entities.

One day, I felt significantly depressed about the Globalist agenda, and I finally rang her up to discuss it.  She put the request out, and the guide who came through was an ancient Egyptian priest named Serapis Bey.

What I learned in that channeling session changed my life and gave me hope for the future, and I shared in an article published in 2010 following an interview with Kevin Smith of the Kevin Smith Show.  (Kevin was a dear friend, and he passed on August 14, 2013.)

Yowusa.com, 25-April-2010
The Next Chapter is Ours

The Next Chapter Will Be OursHowever it was a dialogue with a guide called Serapis Bey, during an unforgettable channeling sessions that I was able to move beyond this tactical level ― to a much broader strategic level. One far beyond the aims of those spreading disinformation with vicious personal attacks and it led me to the real essence of what is happening and what is at stake for humanity.

As Serapis Bey explained it to me through our channel, human evolution is like a very large book with many chapters. At present we are coming to the close of the current chapter which Serapis Bey told us is the exclusive domain of the elites seeking to manipulate events to their own advantage with fear, lies, and deceit. He emphasized that there was no way to change the close of this present chapter, but that the next would not be theirs.

Rather, Serapis Bey tells us that the next chapter will be ours and when I say “ours” I mean the meek of the Earth. Not as they are defined by the current definition in the dictionaries, but meek as it was originally used.

What Serapis Bey also explained is that people like those who disrupted Kevin’s show and who have been attacking us and many others, are very much aware of this fact. However, despite their grand schemes and machinations, they do not have a guaranteed lock on the next chapter of this book and they know that! This is a real burr under their saddle.

This is when Serapis Bey made the most important point. The more we come into awareness and demand our right of free will, the more likely the next chapter will be ours ― not theirs.

Therefore at this moment in time what I can say to you, my readers and those of you who have followed all of our work for the last decade is this.

If we are resolute the next chapter of this book will indeed be ours and it will inscribe the promise of a much more beautiful, compassionate and loving world. Not some much because we believe it, but because now we can finally see the harbinger signs. The meek truly will inherit the Earth.

In 2010 I knew what needed to happen.  If humanity is to prevail, we must come into awareness and demand our freedom.   Serapis Bey did not say that to succeed, we must become violent, all-powerful victors.  This message is consistent with President Trump’s law and order announcements.

If we boil it down, the message is clear.  Freedom does not come with Amazon Prime gift wrapping.  If we seek the future God intends for us, we must reach for it.

Here is where the rub came.  Back in 2008, the only thing we were reaching for was another cold beer and the remote.  Here we are in 2021, and what is different?  Two things, the first being the Great Awakening.  The second being is that we ARE reaching for our freedom and the future God intends for us.

This march for freedom began after President Kennedy’s assassination and caught fire in the sands of Benghazi in 2012.  Now, we must allow the universe to unfold as it has for decades.  So, where do things go from here?

A Law and Order President

President Trump is consistent about the need for law and order.  For this reason, he has allowed judges, leaders, and legislatures charged with defending our Constitution to find the courage to fulfill their oaths.  All have failed us.

The GOP legislatures in the contested states have all been hiding behind the piano like frightened children.  Of course, they are in good company with SCOTUS, FBI and the DOJ huddling alongside them, praying our beloved and inconvenient Disrupter in Chief is dealt a humiliating defeat.

This string of failures brings us to the military.  As I’ve often said in my articles and interviews, Q is a military operation.  It always has been and always will be.  So, et’s see what the White House has to say about the days ahead.

Continuity of Government

Having listened to many interviews and reading posts, I see conservative commentators and pundits touching on the subject of Continuity of Government (COG), but their references tend to be sketchy.

This lack of detail always got my attention because I am a trained and certified FEMA CERT Sheriff’s volunteer and a certified ARES Homeland Security volunteer.  In doing so, I received over a hundred hours of online and classroom instruction on the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

I trained alongside first responders and learned the mechanisms that will immediately come into play once a national emergency is declared.   Therefore, my first impulse was to go to the source on this, namely the White House itself, and I found a web page that is a potent source of information.

Instead of listening to pondering pontifications and dueling allegations, take the time to read this entire page, from top to bottom.  To whet your appetite, here are a few snippets to get you going.

Whitehouse.gov January 18, 2021
Continuity of Government: Background

Since the days of the Cold War, the United States has had a plan in place to continue the operation of the government following a catastrophic attack on the nation’s capital. The 2007 “National Security Presidential Directive 51” directs the geographic dispersion of leadership, staff, and infrastructure in order to maintain the functions of the United States Government in the event the nation’s capital is “decapitated” by a terrorist attack.

The Shadow Government

Following a catastrophic national emergency, the President, or his successor can authorize the establishment of a temporary “shadow government” to maintain control of the essential functions of the Federal Government. President Bush activated the shadow government on September 11, 2001 shortly after the second attack on the World Trade Center.

Every federal agency has designated key individuals to be part of an “Emergency Relocation Group”. These ERGs are assigned to an alternate secure location on a rotating basis and are ready to take over the duty of supporting the National Essential Functions of this nation in an emergency.

Executive Powers

In 2012, President Obama issued two Executive Orders that will greatly expand the presidential powers in the event of a national emergency.

The March 2012 Executive Order gives the President the authority to commandeer all U.S. domestic resources, including food and water, and seize all energy and transportation infrastructure within the United States. The order also allows authorizes the U.S. Government to force its citizens to fulfill labor requirements for the purposes of national defense.

The July 2012 Executive Order gives the Department of Homeland Security authority over private communication networks in emergency situations.

The point here is that for the Globalists, it is about winning by hook or crook.  For the Patriots, it is about how you win.  Remember, President Trump is for law and order, so whatever he does will be within the law’s boundaries to include emergency declarations, marshal law, and so forth.

How we win is vital for the Patriots because to win by the Globalist rules means that we’re no better than the monsters we’ve defeated.

Also, keep in mind that while people are frustrated and demanding to know what Trump and the Patriots are going to do next, this behavior only begs defeat.  Think about it.  We are in WWIII, as Lt. General McInerney stated on the 11th of this month.  Therefore, the only way we can know what Trump and the Patriots are going to do is if they have already failed to do it.

Remember, this is a military operation, and the only time military leaders telegraph their punches is to lure the enemy into a trap with disinformation.  The point here is that we need to be patient because we are entering a dangerous phase of WWIII, and we are not alone in this concern.

An International Human Event

Our stolen election is but one aspect of a much larger picture because what I believe is happening is what I call “The Great War to End All Slavery.”  Not just for Americans but for every freedom-loving human on the planet.

This crisis goes far beyond politics.  It is spiritual, and we have entered a crucial time in the history of species.  If we lose our resolve and stumble now because we’ve been bluffed into failure by the Globalists, then here is the truth of it.

There will be no chance to fix this with another election because we will all become Globalists slaves, and humanity will bear this terrible burden for countless generations to come.

Therefore, if throwing in the towel seems to be the most sensible thing to do right now, please consider this.  Once that that towel comes to rest upon the mat, you, your children, and their children are sure to die as slaves.  Of this, you can be completely confident.

Before making that decision, I ask you to listen to a podcast I posted in May 2020.  At the time, I knew we would be coming to this very point in the process, but I could not see the time.  Now is the time, and the message of hope in the podcast is more vital now than ever, so please listen to it while keeping in mind that we are in WW III.

YOWUSA.COM, May 8, 2020
The Great War to End All Slavery with Marshall Masters

This program is for all those on the front lines of this international freedom movement. It is to celebrate and explore why we follow Q and how we feel about it.

Marshall has unique shout-outs for Brexiteers, Yellow Jackets, and Patriots and he will discuss 5G vs. Space X, toilet paper, and the Alliance and a wide range of Great Awakening topics.

Dear Reader, the only way the Globalists can win is they bluff us into sacrificing our birthright of freedom for a bowel full of poverty.  Hold fast – good will prevail!

Believe in God; believe in yourself; believe in the future, and dare to say no!


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