Hold Fast for Good Shall Prevail

| September 18, 2022
Hold Fast for Good Shall PrevailThe nation crossed a Rubicon after the Federal Bureau of Intimidation (FBI) executed a kitchen sink search warrant at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, on August 8, 2022.  The fat is in the fire now, and the growing tension is sucking the oxygen out of the room. Collectively, we know there is no going back, yet moving forward is going to hurt too.  If we lose, it will hurt for generations.  If we win, the bad guys never lose gracefully, and that pain could likewise endure for generations.  What in the hell is happening here? What’s happening is that the globalists are working to crush our will to win to save themselves, and this brings us to the crux of the matter.  We are winning, and to continue to do so, each of us must hold fast. Those of us who reject stolen elections and the trampling of our God-given rights are the freedom fighters now, and we are waging a low-tech, asymmetrical war of attrition against the Globalists.  They have propaganda.  We have the numbers.  Do the math. Ergo, despite our blunders, if we resolve to make sacrifices, year after year, along with losses after losses, we will end the reign of Elites and Globalists forever.   If we go slack, we will die as an enslaved species. In this article, we’ll look at what each of us can do to redouble our resolve, overcome this defeatist messaging, and feel a calm sense of confidence for the future.

Defeatism is a Cancer

Nothing is more corrosive than defeatism, which brings me to the point of why I’m writing this article about the defeatist messaging we see these days and what started it was a September 16, 2022, interview with historian Victor Davis Hanson. Sitting in an opulent room only the wealthy can afford, he cautions us that Trump is facing a Waterloo moment because he is focused on the 2020 election.
  Hanson essentially argues that as the leader of the Republican Party, Trump needs to accept that the theft of an election is now history and that he must look ahead to the future.  He sidesteps the elephant in the room.  Without free and fair elections, there is no future. Ergo, this interview wasn’t very pleasant for me.  This is because back in September 2020, as I was driving from one coast to the other, I listened to every program he ever recorded.  Hanson’s work on World War II is stellar, but in this recent interview, he looked as beaten down as his lame, defeatist attitude. It broke my heart to see him playing the role of a defeatist academic.  Oh well, it’s the bullies on the beach again.  Life is unfair.  This is the way of history; one must accept their losses, spit out the sand, and put a good face on things with bold plans for the future.  Do chicks really dig this?  Well..? Like many others, I always viewed this man as having a good bead on things, but now, Hanson is a broken man whose message could not hit the broadside of a barn.  Hopefully, he will find his mojo once again, but thankfully, there are new voices like Veteran Derek Johnson, to inspire us.
  When I look at these two men, they both love this country and the Constitution.  The difference is that Johnson is full of revolutionary fervor, whereas Hanson seems to be retreating into RINO (Republican in Name Only) logic. That’s sad because RINOs operate according to the Ferengi, 287th Law of Acquisition.  You may sell your mother into bondage provided you get a good price for her.  Perhaps one reason why Johnson is rising as Hanson declines is that he is not a carnival worker paying the rent.

Freedom Has Become a Carnival Sideshow

When I look at a lot of the reporting on the conservative right, there is a growing influence on the tone of the reporting because the freedom movement media is financed mainly by precious metals dealers, freeze-dried survival food bucket producers, and such. Of no doubt, these are reputable companies committed to quality products and customer service, and I would be remiss to argue that point. Rather, I’m arguing that how one sells these products has a hand in setting the tone of the reporting, for as Madison Avenue shows us each day, fear, sex, and greed sell. Some influencers can promote with a soft tone, showing great deference to their audience.  The reporters on Epoch TV do a superb job of promoting their advertisers without the use of negative emotional appeals.  They represent an effective, balanced approach.  This is largely due to their network standards. Other popular influencers who are getting the message out tend to have more high-energy formats for their shows.  Their high-energy style can turbocharge the effect of a negative appeal, and they are sensitive to this conundrum.   Consequently, you see them struggle with their delivery as they fumble with the intensity.  This is one of many reasons why so many people are becoming excessively overwhelmed with the bad news today. Let’s face it, on its own value, much of the news already sucks, and then we must endure negative emotional advertisements before we actually get to the suck part.  You could call it a stressor BOGO. These stressor appeals usually being with the world is going to hell.  (Thanks for reminding us.) Therefore, buy gold and silver and hedge your wealth as others suffer.  It’s lucky to be you. Folks, we see the same pitches used to generate sales during the Y2K millennium bug scare.  As old tricks are the best, let me put that in perspective with a personal experience.

The Value of Silver and Gold

In the 1990s, I operated a tour business specializing in the former states of the Soviet Union and during my routine business trips; I would make time to follow history.  At the time, I was very interested in the 900-day Siege of Leningrad by the Nazis.  In the city and surrounding areas, 1 million Russians died of starvation. During one of my visits, I met a woman who had worked in a bakery during that time.  The bread was of very poor quality and from time to time included sawdust.  As we sat in her living room drinking tea, she explained that her job was to slice the bread for the customer. She asked me to be patient for a moment and went out of the room and returned, holding a tin box about the size of a small shoe box.   She sat down, opened the lid, and turned it so I could see inside as she quietly confessed, “This is my shame.” In the box was a fortune of gold and diamond rings, diamond-encrusted watches, and such.  I told her she could probably sell that and travel the world many times over like a princess.  She shook her head no, “It’s my shame,” she whispered aloud. What was truly shameful was that a diamond-encrusted watch costing thousands of dollars in a starvation sellers’ market was only worth a few more grams of flour and sawdust bread. The point here is that you cannot eat gold or silver; for if the worst comes, the realm’s currency will be shotgun shells, canned peaches, and toilet paper. “Well,” you say, “that’s fine; I’ll go and buy a year’s worth of freeze-dried survival food buckets for everyone in my family.   After all, it will last 25 years.” Before you decide to solve your problems by getting the best deal you can find online, I have a message for you.   Wakey, wakey, things have changed. Now let’s move forward in time to 87,000 new IRS agents, many with guns.  The IRS can audit all of the emergency food makers and get their customer lists with delivery addresses.  Whether or not that is a violation of rights is irrelevant, they’ll just do it. Because food kits typically cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, they are trackable financial transactions. Why will they do it?   Duh? We are presently headed on a path to an inevitable train wreck.  The elites have closed down nitrate fertilizer production and diesel fuel additives.  Next will be diesel, and then the trucks and ships we depend on to get goods to market are idled, we’ll be in for a surprise. When does the phit hit the shan? We are living on last year’s crop, and this winter we will see empty shelves here and starvation elsewhere, followed by plague and wars that will indubitably wash up upon our shores.   It’s all coming and the stock market analysts are already lining up to take a spoil. When it does, Liberals will want to know who the hoarders are so they can squeeze them.   Of course, they’ll say it is to preserve democracy when they pass a law requiring federal stamps for survival supplies, such as what we see with cigarettes and tobacco, except it will be retroactive because again, they do whatever they want. Those who fail to comply will see gun-toting MS-13 gangsters dressed in IRS SWAT team uniforms smashing down their doors.  Then the real fun begins as you are paraded around your neighborhood as a despicable, loathsome hoarder.   Are you doubtful this could happen?  Tell me, why is it that everything we doubt seems to come to pass these days? We’re fighting against this because freedom is not a consumer checklist item.  Buying food kits for the garage gives you a cheap thrill.  Aha, I wrote a check, and that solved the problem; back to business as usual. Folks, your freedoms are not like the spare tire in the back of a car, which you only think about when you need it.  Rather, it would help if you thought about it each day, and the best way to do that is with a realistic and affordable do-it-yourself stockpile strategy.

Buckets R’ You

If you want to feel like a patriot and feel hope for the future, you’ve got to begin with yourself because each of us is a majority of one. Over the years, the one thing that has been a constant is that people tell me how much they have large emergency stockpiles.  In every case, have you tried living on what you’ve stockpiled for a couple of weeks?  None of them have! It’s because they’re spending all their time watching influencers who have to promote precious metals dealers and freeze-dried survival food buckets producers.  It’s a steady diet of fear. Is this you?  If it is you are setting yourself up for failure because I don’t care how many thousands of dollars you spent for your AR 15; if your immune system is severely weakened, you will not survive.  Therefore, your number one concern must always be gut health. On top of this, you need to do this and do it quickly because the current window of opportunity is closing, so stockpile that which you have eaten and enjoyed – not little fancy checklists that look good in advertising. Use a DIY checklist you design and carry through with it, so that you know what everything tastes like and what it will do for your body. A good way to start is by choosing your primary strategy for staples, such as flour, rice, wheat berries, oats, and so forth.  Your goal is to stockpile six months or more of food, not for 20 years from now but for this winter.  Instead of counting calories, count the pounds and set a target, such as 100 pounds per person, plus extra for sharing.  The more the better. The next step is to organize your survival stockpile plan around recipes and cookware.  Simple recipes, or cast-iron recipes, as I call them are best.  Once you have your recipes defined, you’ll need to go and add other essentials such as baking soda, baking powder, sugar, pepper, and salt. As for food buckets, Home Depot HDPE 2 plastic buckets with a strong lid will do. For food in bulk, local cooperatives are a good starting point.  Typically, 25 and 50 pounds sacks.  Check around, and you could be surprised by the prices. For example, a local pricey natural food store near me actually offered the best bulk pricing.  Nothing with GMO, and organic is best.  They’re telling me prices will double again this winter. After your staples, set aside most of what you stockpiling for long-term storage, and experiment with the rest.  For example, buy wheat berries.  You can use them to make nutritious porridge.  Also, get a durable hand grinder to make flour and use it to make flatbreads and such. These are just a few of the ideas you can explore, and no matter what you choose to stockpile, know what it does for you, and how to prepare it with multiple recipes for the same basic set of ingredients.  Whatever you do, do it, because here is where it becomes fun. Instead of buying food kits and sticking them out of sight and out of mind, you begin experimenting with recipes based on what you have in your survival stores. Challenge yourself to experiment with two or three recipes each week or variations of a tried and true one.  You can make soups and stews, Irish soda biscuits, and so forth.  All made fresh.  It’s the kind of cooking that helped our pioneer ancestors across the country.

Confidence is About Priorities

How will shopping, stockpiling, and cooking pioneer recipes help to lift your spirits?  Think about how you spend your time. If you o not have the time for this, start keeping a log of how much time you spend learning about precious metals and freeze-dried survival food buckets.  You’ll be shocked.  You have the time, so the question is, do you have the discipline? Remember, it takes a lot of fear messaging to sell that stuff, which is one big contributor to why we fret so much because we’re all under a continuous dogpile of fear. Unfortunately, we’re going to deal with these dogpiles until woke corporations start promoting and supporting freedom with their advertising. Rather than spending all your time under this dog pile, reallocate a small slice of your dogpile time to planning time.  When you’re shopping, look for sales on things you want to stockpile, add extra to the cart, and pay cash as often as you can. Remember, every bank transaction can be used to build a hoarder profile against you, so avoid these huge purchases, such as family food kits.  When the IRS starts looking for gun owners and hoarders, they will find you. Be smart and steady and before you know it, you’re going to have fun.  Cooking is a great way to relieve stress and the joy of doing something simple but tasty with as few ingredients as possible, is the most satisfying thing of all. Why?  Any yutz can pour hot water into a food pouch, but you’ll build confidence as you learn fundamental survival skills. Do a little each day, and it will lighten your spirits. Do this, and hold fast.

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