Hercolubus Pole Shift – Planet X Publisher, Carles Esquerda

| February 11, 2016
Hercolubus Pole Shift - Planet X Publisher, Carles EsquerdaShow #170 Host: Marshall Masters Our first interview with Carles Esquerda of the Alcione Association, publishers of the book, “Hercolubus or Red Planet,” was in 2010.  In this interview, we’re going to talk about the coming Hercolubus Pole Shift and what you’ll need to do to survive it. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term Hercolubus, it was used by the ancient Atlanteans to describe what the ancient Egyptians and Hebrews called “The Destroyer” and what the Sumerians called “Nibiru.”  Today, we call it Planet X, or The Planet X System, since it is a brown dwarf star with planets and moons in orbit around it.
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The Alcione Association has freely distributed over a million copies of the book, “Hercolubus or Red Planet.” (Use the related links below to get your free copy.) Written by V.M. Rabolu, the great Colombian researcher in esotericism, the focus of the book is on spiritual preparation for the coming Hercolubus pole shift. This book was written by a non-technical spiritualist and yet, the astronomical predictions fit with current Planet X science. So after listening to Carles, you might want to rethink your planning and preparation strategies. Also in this program, Marshall will address the number one question he hears from those in awareness all the time: “What’s the point of being in awareness if I cannot afford to build and stockpile a bunker?” What you’ll learn is that bullets, beans, and bunkers are not the reason you’re in awareness, nor do they have anything to do with your sacred mission as a spirit-driven survivor in awareness.

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