Has the Pentagon Gone Mercenary?

| April 1, 2021

QxEver since the first Q posts appeared in October 2017, the drumbeat messages have been “trust the plan” and “enjoy the show.”  In terms of the popular vote, that worked, up until the Democrats halted ballot counting.

Well, Bunkie, are you enjoying the show?  As for me, I would if I could find it.  Could someone please tell me what planet we have to go to, to find it?

Then there is this mysterious plan we all need to trust.  Gee, the very same one, that has been sucking vacuum since General Flynn said, “There is no plan.”

So what’s the score.  After a stolen election, Q disappears like a fart in the breeze, and the only thing Trump has done with any consistency is essentially nothing.  That is unless you give him brownie points for crashing a wedding.

Meanwhile, Patriot pundits have cooked up a new drumbeat message.  We’re foolish for thinking there was a magic bullet.

Consequently, the new mantra is that it’s our fault because we were asleep at the switch.   Yah, yah, yah… mea culpa, but all this blame the victim messaging reeks of impotence, so let’s cut through the happy bullshit and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Every citizen who voted for Trump has been disenfranchised by our elected officials, a Supreme Court of Cowards, and Deep State Vice-President Pence.

We endured all that in the hope that our military would step in, as Q has assured us since 2017.  So, where did that get us?  The CCP institutional corruption of our government not only enslaved our civilian leadership, but it also appears they’ve turned the military-industrial complex against us as well.

Traitors Can Wear Black Robes and Uniforms

Reports have surfaced that our Supreme Court Chief Justice flew to Epstein Island four times to secure illegal adoptions, so this begs the obvious question.  Is there anybody left in government who is not feeding at that CCP trough, and this includes the Pentagon.

The Pentagon controls the military-industrial complex, which is a Deep State operation.  It’s sad because President Eisenhower’s warning about their power can come home to roost.

Let’s be frank.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that our military leaders in the Pentagon are waffling in favor of going mercenary for the CCP.

After all, why should general and flag officers honor the oath they gave to protect the Constitution?  Bending a knee to Beijing means riches beyond the dream of avarice and the opportunity to go tear-ass around the world with expensive new weapons, killing people and enslaving nations under the direction of Globalists.

Does this mean the military will never intervene?  No, they will and they must, but the uncertainty is how and this begs a serious question for the disenfranchised.

It is time to stop hoping for a noble military intervention. Instead, we need to prepare for the communist crackdowns to continue pushing our nation to the brink of a kinetic civil war.

Military intervention is inevitable no matter how you do the math.  The question is not will Pentagon will step in. It is on whose side?  That of Americans, or Beijing?

Where We Go From Here

Aside from “trust the plan” (as in there is no plan – General Flynn) and enjoy the show (as in where the hell is it?) what’s left?

Trust our military-industrial complex?  Why should we?

Granted, when they finally sell us out, they’ll be despised as dirty filthy mercs motivated by personal gain, but look at it from their viewpoint.  If you’re a filthy rich dirty filthy merc, it’s all just sour grapes to be easily swept under the table by the MSM and Big Tech.

Nonetheless, is an 18-year old grunt from Iowa going to shoot his disenfranchised neighbor in the face with an M4 carbine because some CCP stooge in the Pentagon orders it?

Given current circumstances, this could become a genuine possibility.

Trump is Fading

The single greatest challenge President Trump now faces is to remain relevant.  He started the Great Awakening, and for that, he will always be loved.  But let’s be honest, he’s all back of the bus now and fading fast.  What, crashing a wedding party is supposed to excite us?  Really?

For all these reasons, a fresh start with a new Patriot Party has appealed to most disenfranchised voters because the Democrat and Republican parties are two sides of the same self-serving CCP whorehouse.

Yet, instead of a fresh start, President Trump wants to primary out RINOS from the GOP, and the feelings of the party are mutual.

Associated Press Jan 27, 2021
GOP to stay neutral should Trump run again, says RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel

NEW YORK — The head of the Republican National Committee on Wednesday declined to encourage former President Donald Trump to run for the White House in 2024, saying the GOP would stay “neutral” in its next presidential primary.

In an interview, RNC Chairman Ronna McDaniel also described the pro-Trump conspiracy theory group known as QAnon as “dangerous.”

Not only does McDaniel want to primary out Trump, but she’s also adopted the Deep State position that QAnon is “dangerous,” as she puts it.  Now even she is embracing the 4 a.m. talking points.  Why do we keep giving these GOP backstabbers a pass?  Why?

Meanwhile, we have a new antidote for all this institutional corruption in America with the new messaging of Patriot pundits like X22 Dave and Praying Medic Dave.  It’s all our fault, and we were asleep at the switch and waiting for someone else to clean up the mess.

Excuse me, Dave and Dave, but have you two stopped to consider that you are busy filling dead air with an equally deadly argument?

Did we not see spontaneous grassroots responses all across the country, before and after the election?  We Patriots did what they asked – to vote – and we turned out in record numbers only to be disenfranchised, and now it’s all about blaming the victims.  Screw you.

But Dave and Dave were right about one thing.  It is up to the people now.

It Is Up to the People

In a recent interview, Attorney Sidney Powell said that if we do not fix this election, there will never be another free and fair election, and she’s right.  If we lose any chance of ever holding free and fair elections again, all of this stuff, Trump, Patriots, Q, Anons, becomes happy bullshit in the wastebin of history.

People get it, which is why the “trust the plan” and “enjoy the show” mantras are like flogging a dead horse.   Now, it appears the nation has collectively slipped on a bar of soap, and there is only one outcome to all this.  For one reason or another, our military will eventually be drawn into a kinetic American civil war.

After the Pentagon has completely failed us, the Joint Chief of Staff will begin taking their orders directly from the CCP and they’ll just cc the White House from time to time.  Then, they will openly fight against the people – not for them, which will be cruelest of all betrayals.

Eventually, this communist scheme will result in widespread defections in our military, thereby harming our defense posture.  Then, Democrats will call for foreign intervention to save democracy, and hello, U.N. PLA Blue Hats.

To get there, Democrats will continue to victimize Patriots with the systematic destruction of our Constitutional rights.   They’re on it.  No wonder Beijing is laughing its ass off because our military is allowing the Globalists to see to it, that America balkanized apart by a kinetic civil war.  Then, as the song goes, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

For all these reasons, the only real physical sign of hope I see now is that gun sales are going ballistic, and it’s a sad one at that.

Our Founding Fathers clearly understood what Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong would later say.  Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

In their wisdom, our Founding Fathers did not give us a 2nd Amendment to hunt ducks.  It was to hunt tyrants, and this includes Pentagon CCP mercenaries.

We’re told by Patriot pundits that Trump is bringing us to the edge of destruction to wake us up.  If that’s so, they’ve successes because the situation has become so hopeless, that our only remaining hope is for is a divine intercession.  (That’s my personal favorite.)

However, it appears the nation is on track for the worst possible outcome.  We revert to Plan A.  Another Revolutionary War and as before, the battle cry will be, “Get your rifle, climb up a tree, and shoot an officer.”  It worked in 1776.  It can work again.

Or, we see the Hail Mary pass of all time after the waffling assholes in the Pentagon finally man up and act like they have a pair.


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