Why I’m Hanging Up on My Liberal Friends These Days

| June 23, 2020

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QToday, conservatives are living in a tyranny of suppression, disinformation, and propaganda and an ever-present fear of reprisal from the left.

The deadly poetry of communism is playing out before our very eyes.  In the dark of the night, who treasure freedom, are seeing a spirit-crushing Orwellian future in the darkness.

Those who actively support President Trump, Q, and the Patriots, know the stakes for failure.  If he loses the election, he and everyone connected to him will live in continuous fear of assassination.  ‘

Likewise, Patriots and all those who publicly and privately support the freedom movement will learn that communists in America, like everywhere else, will have long memories and heavy fists.

But it goes far beyond that.

The Coming Age of Citizen Informants

If the Globalists, prevail, a dark future of communism will descend upon us all, because they have only one rule.  That which you cannot control, you destroy.  Bend your knee to them or they will break it.

Should we find ourselves in a nation that can no longer remember its history, Patriots will suffer a workers’ paradise of FEMA reindoctrination and work camps – for the lucky ones.

"The vengeance of a nation" Kamala Harris

And this brings me to why I’m hanging up on my liberal friends these days.  Those on the left who are my friends and associates today are also prospective future candidates for as citizen informants should the Globalists prevail.

In short, there is a red flag warning of dire political ramifications for everyone who loves freedom.

The Political Ramifications

In order to illustrate the political ramifications of the current communist insurgency in America, a proper assessment of the situation is offered by Mark at the New World War web site.

New World War.org, 6-23-2020
Use of Citizen Informants

Networks of citizen informants are used on the local level to maintain dictatorships. Communist Russia used a massive network of citizen informants to stalk and harass its internal enemies. Run by the Committee for State Security (KGB), this network reached into literally every single area of society. Its purpose was to instill fear and prevent people from speaking freely.

The East German dictatorship, which was based on the Soviet system, also had a colossal network of informants, which encircled the everyday movements of it its domestic enemies. They were referred to as unofficial collaborators (IMs) and were under the control of the Ministry for State Security (MfS).

If full and part-time informants are considered, 1 out of 6.5 citizens unofficially worked for the MfS in

East Germany. Even children were recruited. Targeted people were group stalked by a rotation of citizens that were part of this vast network. They were followed everywhere. From the moment they left their homes, until they returned, they were stalked.

Now, let’s look at the personal ramifications to see an example of everyday life under a Communist-Progressive-Liberal-Democrat regime.

The Personal Ramifications

During the 1990s, I operated a tour business specializing in Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union. I visited the country many times over the years and always stayed with the homestay family so that I could learn about the culture.

In one homestay, it was a lovely apartment in an old four-story Soviet error apartment block, and when it comes to concrete and steel if a little is good, a five-year plan was better.

The place was built like Fort Knox, and even though the elevator or lift as it’s called there dated back to the late 1930s, it still ran strong.  Overbuilt, utterly simple, and completely reliable, it was the noisiest contraption I’ve ever ridden in.  Yup, we’re not talking Otis quiet here.

Over dinner that evening, I mentioned my perceptions about the elevator to my host family, and then they revealed something that was profoundly insightful.

They told me that everyone living in that building knows precisely where is elevator by the sounds it makes as it moves.  Consequently, everyone knows if it is stopping at their floor or another.

I found that to be in interesting observation, and asked them why. Here is what my hosts told me.

Before Perestroika, during the time of the Soviet Union and the KGB, the police and security services they would typically conduct their arrests in the early hours of the morning.

Consequently, everyone in the building learned to sleep with one ear tuned to the elevator, after a certain time. When it started moving, they’d come half-awake with the hope that it would be a drunk husband staggering home or some such thing.

If the elevator stopped on a different floor, they would immediately go back to sleep.  However, for those living on that floor where the elevator stopped, the misery only began.

Fully awake, they listened carefully for the dreaded sound of a loud knock on the door. If it was muted, it was your neighbor; you did not come out.

If the knock was loud and sharp, it was you and the next sound would be you riding down in the elevator on the first stage of what would be a long journey to a cold and distant gulag.

After you’ve been arrested and stuffed into a police vehicle, everyone in the building can go back to sleep.

Are You Tempted to Go Back to Sleep?

This brings me back to the real reason why I am hanging up on my liberal friends these days.  It’s their noisy and repetitious use of the MSM propaganda rhetoric

I find them to be like old soviet elevators.  When someone powerful pushes their buttons, and they churn out the usual MSM propaganda rants.

These are the stakes folks, and being in the silent majority makes no difference.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a little fish or a big fish.  The elevator stops at your floor, it could be the righteous smears of an old liberal friend who makes it so.

Winners never quit, and quitters never win.   America has a choice, vote the communists out or learn to listen to elevators in the night.


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