Google Sky – A Senseless Stampede

| July 11, 2015

Google Sky – A Senseless StampedeIn June of 2015 the social media and Internet sites were abuzz with articles and videos purporting that Google Sky allegedly restored a missing star panel, thereby disclosing a “winged object” where the blacked out area once was.

We immediately knew this conspiracy-charged controversy was a red herring — a senseless stampede of those who often make the naive assumption that the Planet X system is to be found on Google Sky.

Therefore the real question was not about this alleged “winged object” being a Planet X / Nibiru disclosure. This article will present the hard science to dispel this crowd-mentality conclusion. So what is the real question?

Is this senseless stampede an organic event (naturally occurring) or an engineered event (maliciously hyped)? To make that determination we needed to track this controversy long enough to observe that distinction. What our statistical trending data shows is that this is not an organic event. What we have observed over the years is that organic events are much like a tempest in a teapot. They swell up quickly, run at pitch levels for a short duration, and then fade away quickly.

This conspiracy-charged “winged object” controversy demonstrated all the hallmarks of a carefully executed, engineered event, not only in terms of the duration, which was forced to continue for as long as the public attention could sustain it, but also in the manner in which the public was hooked with a specious cover-up disclosure hoax. Simply put, this “winged object” controversy is an elitist disinformation campaign and a rather successful one at that.

Therefore, the goal of this article is to help you, the reader, to understand the following four things:

  1. How the public was hooked with a specious cover-up disclosure hoax.
  2. Why it is scientifically impossible for the “winged object” to be Planet X.
  3. Why looking for Planet X on Google Sky is ALWAYS a fools’ errand.
  4. Why the elites perpetrated this “winged object” disinformation controversy.

As Mark Twain so eloquently put it, “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” For this reason, our hope is that enough of you will take the time to become informed, beginning with how the public was hooked with a specious cover-up disclosure hoax.

Cover-Up Disclosure Hoax

There is an old saying, “Fool me one time, shame on you. Fool me a second time, shame on me.” Unfortunately for the public, this does not apply to elitist disinformation campaigns. What does apply is, “old tricks are the best tricks,” and this specious “winged object” cover-up disclosure hoax was the oldest trick in the book.

The public was given a false sense of urgency about the possible disclosure with a carefully orchestrated bait-and-switch tactic. In the images below, the one to the left shows the missing panel that was allegedly restored. The image to the right shows the “winged object.”

Now keep in mind the three rules of prime real estate: location, location and location. Note the coordinates for the missing panel and the “winged object.” As can be clearly seen, these two coordinates are for entirely different areas of the sky.

The area coordinates for the particular missing panel are, and have always been, at 5h 53m 27.0s -6° 10′ 58.0.” If you view this same coordinate today you’ll see that this panel, which is in the constellation of Orion, is still missing.

The Missing Star Panel

The missing star panel was first reported by in 2008 and once again in 2009 in the two articles shown below.

The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?

Marshall Masters

We’ve received numerous emails from subscribers and visitors about a redacted area of space on both Google Sky and Microsoft Telescope. We’ve been following this and thanks to a new YouTube video by NoStarPanel, there is smoking gun proof of a massive cover up.

The Missing Orion Panel Mystery — What is Google and Microsoft Hiding From Us?The area in question is located in the Southern part of the Constellation of Orion, below the ecliptic (the plane) of the solar system. An area of space that has long been of interest to Planet X / Nibiru researchers.


It is also an area of space that has been observed during an annual Hopi ritual. According to 2012 Researcher and Author, Patrick Geryl they are looking for a unique Venus / Orion alignment in this very same area of space. GO


Star Panel Fabrications in Popular Sky Programs, 11-Nov-2009
Marshall Masters, Author & Image Analysis
Jacco van der Worp, MSc, Star Panel Research

Star Panel Fabrications in When people are looking for proof of the existence of Planet X, one of the first places they go looking is one of the popular sky programs, such as Google Sky and Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.

While these are incredibly useful tools for the common man to learn about astronomy, in terms of research they’ve only proven to be a source of targeted image fabrications.

Granted, one instance is a fluke, and twice is coincidence, but this has become a wide reaching, well-coordinated pattern of fabrication that is anticipatory and topically oriented. The goal of these fabrications is very simple. It is to take people down fruitless rabbit holes, so that they will lose interest in the topic.

Further to that is the new NASA mantra of “we would have seen it by now” which completely sidesteps the need to say something more meaningful, such as “we would have reported by now.” There is a huge difference here between knowing something and sharing it with others.

Newbies who seek smoking-gun proof often proceed on the assumption that agencies such as NASA have a blemish-free history of honesty and total transparency. If that were the case, why are so many notable NASA Astronauts telling us that UFOs are real, contrary to NASA’s position on the matter?

If you believe our space heroes, NASA is holding back on one of the biggest life-changing topics imaginable. This begs a logical question. If NASA is going to be less than honest about UFOs, why should we presume they would treat the topic of Planet X any differently? GO

We encourage you to read these two articles for a better understanding of the missing panels, and for a deeper understanding of how this “winged object” disinformation campaign was engineered. However, the manner in which the hoax was perpetrated was rather simple.

How the Hoax Was Perpetrated

In the disinformation reports purporting that the Google Sky panel had been restored the coordinates of the missing panel were shown. However, the coordinates for the “winged object” were not shown, in an obvious attempt to mislead the viewer. This bait-and-switch tactic not only fooled an unsuspecting public, but several well-regarded citizen journalists were likewise taken in. Consequently, they inadvertently aided in perpetuating the hoax.

The dead-bang give away of this disinformation ploy was that comparative images of the same area were not provided — just the assumptive claim that Google had restored a missing panel. Rather, they zoomed out on the missing panel image and then they zoomed in on the “winged object” image with no coordinates given.

However, when the location of the “winged object” (image left) is zoomed out equal to the missing panel image (image right), one can see the star fields in these two images are completely different.  Again, it is a clear indication that this is a disinformation ploy.

Please note, the two screen captures provided above of the “winged object” sky were created with all other sky databases deselected, so as to leave the DSS database as the only sky map reference.  This is a key point to remember as we explain why the “winged object” is NOT Planet X.

Why The “Winged Object” is NOT Planet X

There are three reasons why the “winged object” is NOT Planet X:  DSS Location, direction of travel, and imaging spectrum.  We will begin with the DSS location of the “winged object.” A zoom-in, bait-and-switch tactic was used to confuse the public about the star field differences between the “winged object” and the missing star panel to once again mislead the public into naive and specious assumptions.

The “winged object” image that was widely proliferated throughout the Internet is shown to the left.  It is dramatic to say the least, but misleading in terms of the most essential information needed to make an accurate determination.  However, when zooming out on the same coordinates that information becomes visible and here is where the elitist bait-and-switch was so brilliantly employed.

In the zoomed-in image proliferated throughout the Internet shown to the left, it is virtually impossible to find where this object is in the sky.  However, when the same coordinates are zoomed out we see this “winged object” near the ecliptic (the plane of our solar system) between the zodiac constellations of Gemini and Taurus. Furthermore, the “winged object” as shown in the proliferated image to the left is clearly traveling in a southerly direction relative to the ecliptic.

This is completely inconsistent with the Planet X system orbital projections of:

  • Researcher Zecharia Sitchin, author of the The 12th Planet and several other books in the Earth Chronicles series;
  • Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory;
  • and Chilean Astronomer Carlos Muñoz Ferrada

Those projections show the Planet X system traveling north towards the ecliptic in a steeply inclined orbit.  In other words, the “winged object” is in the wrong place and going the wrong direction!  However, the nail in this disinformation coffin is the spectrum, which goes to the heart of why Google Sky is a Planet X fools’ tool.

Why Google Sky Is a Planet X Fools’ Tool

As was noted above, all other sky databases have been deselected in the “winged object” capture to leave the DSS database as the only sky map reference.  This is the database in which the “winged object” appears in the visible light spectrum.

It is critical for the reader to know that the Google Sky Map is a 2007  digitized composite of the 1994 DSS database films. Wakey, wakey folks.  This “winged object” image was captured on film in 1994, which was then digitized for use on the Internet in 2007, as is clearly shown in the following excerpt from the MAST – Catalog and Surveys Group website:

Space Telescope Science InstituteThe Catalogs and Surveys Group of the Space Telescope Science Institute has digitized the photographic Sky survey plates from the Palomar and UK Schmidt telescopes to produce the “Digitized Sky Survey” (DSS).

These images support ground and space-based telescope operations and provide a valuable scientific resource to the astronomical community.


The DSS data files are organized as follows :

There are several ASCII Plate List files which contain limited metadata for each of the plates in a set of grouped survey plates.

The primary information are the plate identifiers and the nominal Right Ascension and Declination of the plate center.

The applications which retrieve DSS images use this information to narrow the plate selection down to only those which may cover the requested region. The separate Plate Lists files are used to separate the various surveys e.g. Red, Blue or Near-IR.

The important thing to remember about this 1994 photographic sky survey is that it used photographic film sensitized for a very narrow band of the light spectrum, which is shown in the illustration below.

Infrared Spectrum

The “winged object” only appears in the Google Sky Map, which is a 2007  digitized composite of the 1994 DSS database films.  Ergo, this “winged object” red herring image is over 21 years old!

That being said, those seeking to perpetuate this hoax with a dismissive debunking of this analysis will do so by pointing out that Google Sky offers a layered composite of several different sky surveys, many which are more current than the 1994 photographic survey that imaged the “winged object.”  With this in mind, we selectively captured images from all of the other available databases used by Google Sky and showed the “winged object” coordinate of 5h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7.”  The results are displayed in the image galley below:

As is clearly obvious by the database image captures above, there is one, and only one, conclusion — the “winged object” red herring image is over 21 years old.

This is a critical point, because the Planet X system could not be observed in the visible light spectrum in 1994 since it was still too far away from the sun.  Consequently, it could only be imaged in the thermal infrared range.  The 1994 DSS database films were only sensitized for the visible light and near-infrared spectrums, which are well outside of the thermal infrared range.

Folks, this is why Google Sky is a Planet X fools’ tool.  Contrary to what many technical illiterates assume, the databases do not show the sky as it exists near to, or on, the date they access the program.  This is not to diminish the value of Google Sky.

Google Sky is a brilliant technical achievement and we make extensive use of the desktop version of Google Earth Pro for our survival relocation analysis efforts.  This is not say there is not evidence that sky panels have been removed from strategic areas of the sky. They have.  However, that is not Google’s fault for one simple reason — when our government wants something removed, Google is powerless to stop them.

This brings us to the final and most crucial point of this article, why the elites perpetrated this “winged object” disinformation controversy.

Why the Elites Engineered the “Winged Object” Hoax

The single largest military campaign in history was D-Day on June 6, 1944.  Had Adolf Hitler released his Panzer tank divisions in time, the Nazis could have chopped our valiant warriors to pieces on the beaches and the invasion would have failed.  Why did Hitler not do this?  Because he expected the invasion to come at France’s Pas de Calais region, 150 miles northeast of Normandy.  This was largely due to the most successful military deception in history:  Operation Bodyguard.

Operation BodygaurdGeneral Dwight Eisenhower used General George Patton, who was embroiled in a slapping incident scandal at the time, to lead a fake army complete with rubber tanks, body doubles, fake radio chatter and double agents.

The Nazis simply could not believe that the Allies would be so stupid as to bench their most competent general for slapping a solider.  Believing that Patton would lead the invasion at Pas de Calais, Adolf Hitler refused the urgent requests of his general staff to release his Panzer tank divisions for a counterattack at Normandy.

Ergo, Operation Bodyguard was not about disinformation or propaganda; it was about misdirection.  Simply put, the Allies used what Hitler chose to believe to misdirect his attention away from Normandy. It worked, and the very same tactic is what the elites used here with this “winged object” hoax — misdirection.

Think about it this way, what did the “winged object” hoax offer in terms of truly new information?

  • That our government lies to us?  So what else is new?
  • That Planet X is coming?  So what else is new?
  • That we expect disclosure? So what else is new?
  • That there are missing star panels on Google Sky? So what else is new?

In other words, what the elites did was to engineer a hoax that incorporated the pet conspiracy peeves of those interested in the topic of Planet X, without giving them one bit of new or useful information.  Rather, the whole hoax was engineered to play upon what most people want to believe, because the moment people see what they believe they stop thinking and start howling.

So what was the bottom line? This hoax has made fools out of several honest, independent social media and Internet journalists who aided in the propagation of a dirty, filthy lie.  The result is that many good people are now frustrated.  There they sit in their empty rabbit holes asking themselves, “So where do I go from here?”

Many will say, “Screw it. I’m going away from this nonsense.”  This is the very exact reason why the elites engineered this Google Sky Planet X fools’ tool disinformation campaign, because in the end, it’s all about the body count.

When people are frustrated enough to turn away they become tribulation fodder. The goal of the elites is very simple — the greatest possible die back of the human species.  And here is another truth:  good people will find that hard to believe.

So, dear reader, are you shaking your head in disbelief? If so, may the odds always be in your favor.

On the other hand, are you beginning to understand what the elites do not want you to see?

  • That the ring of fire is is on fire.
  • That the number of fireball sightings and major earthquakes have skyrocketed since December 21, 2102.
  • That sinkholes and methane spouts are showing up worldwide in increasing numbers.
  • That bizarre global weather patterns are causing persistent droughts and large aquifer systems are going dry.
  • That geoengineering jets are spraying us with a toxic witches’ brew of chemicals.
  • That the Pacific is dying from Fukushima radiation, and that our government is lying to us about it.
  • That the elites are sucking the vitality out of the global economic system to fund the construction of their deep underground bases.

This is reason for the the Google Sky “winged object” Planet X fools’ tool misdirection — to make you waste your time commiserating about your most treasured conspiratorial rants while the world around you should be scaring you to death.

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