God’s Mission and Planet X

| May 30, 2015
God's Mission and Planet X

Marshall Masters
Denver International Airport
(May 18, 2015)

The thought of surviving the coming Planet X tribulation for 7 to 10 years is a daunting, if not somewhat insurmountable challenge and I see it time and time again with those in awareness. Their groping for a starting point reminds me of the old witticism on planning and preparation, “How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time.”

All too often I see them standing there, frozen in place like department store mannequins, holding up their spoons and lamenting, “Oh God, that’s a mighty big animal! Where do I begin?”

Add to this the many experts who pontificate on what is to come and their popular mantra, “The first thing you have to do is to get to right with God.” After which, they leave you hanging like a comedian who forgot the punchline to his joke.

Consequently, most just muddle through that one to the material issues of: beans, bullets and bunkers. There they find a no-man’s land of consumer options where they become enmeshed in a disheartening web of tribulation price tags they can ill afford. So what I’m going to do in this editorial is share with you how I’ve come to grips with these issues.

As I often say in interviews, I belong to the Church of Marshall. There is only one listed on the roles (yours truly). The roles are closed. We’re not proselytizing, and thanks but no thanks, we don’t do interfaith. Whatever your ideas are, it’s your Church.

With this in mind, let me share with you what could be called the “Church of Marshall” philosophy, which has brought me peace in dealing with these daunting tribulation survival issues and is now the guiding force of my efforts to build new communities through my Survival Wellness Advocacy Guild. The foundation of this philosophy is what I call God’s Mission.

God’s Mission

A common aspect of most of the world’s religions is that they are Earth-centric. In other words, they typically profess a line-of-sight view of our relationship with the Creator, centered upon ourselves. For example, many profess that they believe God created us so that God could experience the physical world through us. That makes sense in a society where being self-absorbed is the norm, but is this really God’s mission? No.

Simply put, God’s mission is a perpetual Genesis, where life is constantly being created from the lifelessness of the void. The void is not that dark space beyond our planet, beyond our solar system, beyond all our galaxy, nor beyond our universe.

It is the void, where God is creating an infinite number of universes within a reality that transcends any reality that we mere mortals can imagine. While mathematicians call it the “multiverse” (or meta-universe), let’s just call it the void.

So this is God’s mission: To bring life to the lifelessness of the void. A concept so vast, all we can do is acknowledge it in the hope that in some faraway time we will possess the ability to see a mere fraction of it through God’s eyes. Yet, in the meantime, we can imagine it.

When was the last time you went to a celebration such as a wedding and someone opened a warm bottle of champagne? The cork pops out and next thing you know thousands of champagne bubbles begin spewing out of the neck of the bottle.

Now imagine that this bottle has an infinite supply of champagne and that each of the bubbles issuing forth from it is a universe within an ever expanding multiverse. This ever-flowing stream of champagne bubbles is a fusion of the basic stuff of the void and God’s intention to create life from lifelessness, not once, but time and again, and on an eternal scale so vast it defies imagination.

So what do you do? You just accept it for that. Do this and you will take the first and most important step towards preparing yourself for the spiritual and emotional demands of the coming Planet X tribulation. Doing this is incredibly simple.

You say to God, “God, I’m with you in your mission to fill the void. Not just now, not just here on this planet, not just here with this species and not just within this lifetime. I pledge and covenant to you that I am with you eternally in this mission to fill the void, and in any manner of your choosing so that I may serve you best. I will do my best to serve you in this life and on this planet, and if I should fall along the way, I will serve you with equal devotion wherever you incarnate me, regardless of which planet that may be and regardless of which species that may be. No matter the time, no matter the place, no matter the form, I am eternally with you in your mission to fill the void.”

When you do this, you become a co-creator, or as I like to say, a “God in training.” Trust me when I tell you that I did not come to this philosophy easily. For most of my life I was a Spock wannabe, “Live long and prosper. Logic is a tweeting bird,” and so forth.

However, the contemplation of this coming Planet X tribulation is a transformative process that teaches you to walk humbly with your God. When you do, you begin to see a multiverse view of the Planet X system. Not as a destroyer of worlds but as a destroyer of the status quo.

Planet X – The Ultimate Game Changer

We tend to view the Planet X system and the brown dwarf star, Nemesis, at its core as a horrific bringer of death and destruction. For our planet, that will certainly be the case in the years ahead. It is why the ancient Hebrews and Egyptians called it “The Destroyer.”

But if we step back from this and take a multiverse view, of brown dwarf stars and the havoc they create, we begin to see a game changer role. Let’s imagine this with the help of the billiard table.

On the table we use a rack also called a triangle to organize the billiard balls. When we carefully remove the rack, the billiard balls remain in place exactly as organized. In fact, if we did nothing else, that shaped triangle formation of billiard balls could remain as is indefinitely. That is, until the game changer, the cue ball, is used to break apart the status quo.

If we apply this analogy to the Planet X System we can see it coming at us like a cue ball to change the very organization of our existence. On one hand this will be a painful process, but on the other it presents new possibilities. Possibilities where luck and talent decide who wins and who loses, and as Louis Pasteur so elegantly put it, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” With this in mind, what is there to win and what is there to lose? This is the crux of the matter.

The Freedom of Our Species

Humanity is a slave species. We are shackled without really understanding why and by whom, but we are shackled nonetheless. Those few who control our world like a smug owner of a billiard room will see their lives and plans flying out of control as the Planet X breaks the rack, so to speak.

So yes, there will be a dark cloud coming, but in that dark cloud is a silver lining – our freedom as a species.

Is this a naïve and overly mystic view? That we could somehow in the midst of all of this tragedy, find our freedom as a species once and for all? That the elites who control us, divide us and exploit us will no longer be able to put the shackles back upon us for their own benefit? Yes! Yes! Yes!

The last time the Planet X system created havoc on our world was Exodus. Moses was an ancient Prince of Egypt and knew the secrets of The Destroyer and that in the coming chaos there would be opportunity.

He used that chaos to great advantage and consequently the Hebrews were freed from the shackles of Egyptian bondage. Each year when Jewish families comes together to celebrate Passover, this release from the shackles of bondage is celebrated so that none will ever forget. During the Passover Seder the youngest will ask, “Why is this night different from all other nights?”

In a similar vein, let’s phrase that question in a different way: “Why is this Planet X system flyby different from previous Planet X system flybys?”

“You Have Our Ancestors”

With this coming flyby humanity has the numbers to go beyond a mere tribal release from bondage, such as the Exodus. This time we have within our grasp the hope of eternal freedom for our species so that we may evolve into a peaceful, enlightened, spacefaring race, to enter a path that will make us good stewards of this beautiful biosphere in humble service to our God.

How do I know this? Years ago during channeling research we were working with several gifted psychics. One, a brilliant woman in her early 40s with a very loving husband who was supportive of her gifts, gave freely of her time for this research.

She was an amazing sensitive, capable of reaching out to spirit entities that have incarnated at some time in human form and those who never have. Likewise, she had the gift to reach out to other races across the galaxy.

Can we be so foolish in our arrogance as to think that intelligent life in the rest of the galaxy would only communicate with us via radio waves? In earlier times this same arrogance would have proclaimed that intelligent races elsewhere in the galaxy would communicate with signal fires.

Rather, these distant races use a means of communication that is immediate and capable of crossing the vastness of space, from one side of the galaxy to the other, at the speed of thought: Telepathy.

In one such session, we encountered a race on the other side of the galaxy. They warned us that when their time came to choose the hardships of enlightenment or to become enslaved again with false rewards, they chose unwisely. As a result, countless generations of their species paid for that expedient moment of foolishness. Only after thousands of years of struggle did they gain their freedom and evolve.

In that session they warned us that we are at the very same point of decision in our own evolutionary process. They urged us not to make their mistake, but to choose wisely and to take the enlightened path, no matter how difficult it may be.

At the close of that session I had one final question for the entity.

I asked, “I appreciate the information you have given us but the fact is you are on the other side of our galaxy. Why are you concerned about us? Why even bother to give us this information?” The answer stunned me.

What the extraterrestrial communicated through our sensitive was this:

“In the last half of one of your centuries, your species has grown from two billion to seven billion souls, even though there are just barely two billions souls native to your planet. So what made this massive increase in your species population possible? You have our ancestors and the ancestors of many other worlds. They have incarnated on your world at this time to enable your species to escape the shackles of slavery once and for all. This is why we are interested. You have our ancestors.”

To those who would say this is impossible, prove to me that a physical body can function without a soul. And if you cannot prove that, then explain where these souls come from.

This is why so many who are in awareness today are old souls who have traveled great distances from all across the galaxy to participate in the liberation of humanity.

With this in mind, I now speak to those of you in awareness, and about what you must do after giving God your pledge and covenant to do what ever God asks you to do to fill the void.

You Who Are in Awareness

At the beginning of the article I talked about those in awareness standing there with spoon in hand, wondering where to begin eating the elephant.

You begin with yourself. You’re the elephant!

What I have observed over many years and through countless encounters with those of you in awareness is that what you are doing now is what you have done in past lives, elsewhere in the multiverse.

It is why you come into awareness when you are a child; so that you have the opportunity of a lifetime to mourn what is to come. This is what awareness really means, a long goodbye to life as we know it.

Equally important is that you are not the kind of people who prefer to work at a job for 30 years that can be learned in just three months. You’ve led varied lives with many adventures and you have pursued many interests.

This is why you inevitably become the eccentric oddball in your family. Unlike those who presume to know better, you insist on marching to the beat of the different drummer and that drummer is the heartbeat of your own conscience.

So once you have given the Creator your pledge that you’re in it to fill the void, the first place to dig your spoon into the elephant is you.

Inventory your life, your experiences, your encounters, those you know and value. Then you will see the dots connect.

This is when all of these experiences, adventures and lessons which seemed irrelevant to one another and disconnected, will now come together in a grand fusion of purpose and vision. When that day happens, your entire life will make sense in a way it never did before and you’ll love it.

At that point, you are ready for your next spoonful of elephant.

Joining with Like-Minded Others

Let’s be frank, beans, bullets and bunkers are important things, but these are the last things, not the first.

Rather, what you must do is to begin joining with like-minded others. And once you have pledged yourself to God to fill the void in any way that God sees fit for you to do, and you have connected the dots of your own life, this is when the real magic begins to happen: the magic of joining with like-minded others.

This will be powerful and satisfying time in your life. In many cases you will sense, if not know, that those coming into your circle of friendship share a past life connection with you. Likewise, they will know it, too. Eons ago, a shared destiny was born between you and decided, long before any of you ever knew of a planet called Earth. These will be your closest allies. Cherish them. Love them. Give thanks for them.

Then around them will be another ring of like-minded others who have done in past lives what they are doing now, and who have decided that they will join with you in this incarnation for the same noble purpose. New friends for life. New friends for eternity.

However, be forewarned. If you have the ego to presume that you possess a power of leadership that commands obedience, you will fail, and fail miserably.

Rather, each is a majority of one and each will be a leader in a unique need of the community as a whole. In time you will see the wisdom of this, especially when tackling the burdensome tasks of planning and preparation.

Planning and Preparation

There’s an old saying, “If it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.” It is a way of describing how God will help you and the like-minded others with whom you have joined to survive and thrive. The operational mechanism is called synchronicity.

A common example of synchronicity is, you are thinking of an old friend you haven’t seen in years. Suddenly the phone rings and guess who is on the other and of the line? That very same friend. Did you send a letter? No, you sent a thought and it was answered. That’s how synchronicity works.

Sometimes the universe gives us a mystery and all we can do is put it in a jar, find a safe place on the shelf for it, and then wait for the universe to fax us a label. It eventually will and this patience will work for you, but only if you are serious about your planning and preparation.

Here is where many in awareness fail themselves and God. They talk the talk, but choke when it comes time to walk the walk. There are many reasons, but in the final analysis, if you do not have the courage to walk the walk in a meaningful and consistent way, you will fail. Worst of all, nobody will be interested in your excuses, least of all, God.

Therefore, it is not important to have a grand master plan where everything is well organized and from the very get go, you know where to shop, what to buy and so forth. Besides, nothing ever goes according to plan.

Rather, join with your like-minded others and instead of sharing one spoon to eat the elephant, let everyone take their own spoon in hand and a different part of the beast. Somewhere along the way, you will all meet in the middle. Have faith in that and always remember this: survival is not about holding onto things, it’s about holding on to each other.

Yes. There will be times when you doubt yourself, your results, and even God. Do not judge yourself harshly when that happens nor punish yourself, because God expects you to have those doubts. As long as you keep faith with the mission, no harm, no foul. Life is not easy nor was it ever intended to be. So it is what you make of it that matters.

Will you survive the coming tribulation? None of us really know. Will you make a difference? Probably so, but you may not live to see it.

What matters most is that you keep the faith and should you fall along the way and you’ve kept the faith, there will be future opportunities for you to embrace, elsewhere in the multiverse.

On the other hand, if you make it to the back side of this coming Planet X tribulation, you will see the birth of a new world and the freedom of a promising young species. Believe it.

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