Signs 19 – Global Critical Mass in 2018?

| December 11, 2017

Planet X SignsHere we are, just weeks away from 2018 and for the vast majority of those yet untouched by destruction, all is damnably well with the world, so shop till you drop and enjoy the holidays.

For those in denial about what is really at stake, the empirical data this article will present will as usual, be naively ignored or haughtily mocked as conspiratorial gibberish. That is until they lose their homes in a natural disaster.

Then the assumption of surviving deniers is that God has saved them, which is a lot easier to accept than a begrudging acceptance that perhaps there is some validity to the conspiratorial gibberish after all.

For those in awareness, it will be a quiet and bittersweet resignation for what could prove the last year of relative calm as 2017. If so, the world will not see the likes of 2017 again for some time as 2018 could quite literally become a critical mass year.

It is for this reason that those in awareness and who no doubt following present Earth trends with concern, should not focus on trying to wake people up, which will only provoke vulgar bouts of suppression. Rather, those in awareness should use this time to contemplate how to brew a nice hot cup of reality coffee for sleeping deniers, for when they stir into wakefulness.

In this 19th installment in this series, we’ll address that as well in this article, so with that, let’s take a look at the empirical data for November 2017.


Multistate/country fireballs, must cross the borders of multiple states and countries and constitute a critical category in the dataset because of the overall distance they must travel to be reported across large geographic areas. This is why the data we’re seeing in this category in November is disturbing.

Multistate / Country Fireballs Jan 2013 to Nov 2017

The overall trend for multistate / country fireballs in 2017 through September of this year seemed to promise a topping out for this category and the promise of a decline. However, in October, we began to see a possible reversal of that downward trend.

In November, that possibility became a reality. While November 2015 showed a highly unusual level, the data for November 2017 makes this the second highest month for this category since January 2013. However, with the Huge Event Fireballs, we see a stunning change that soundly corroborates the November uptick reversal for multistate / country fireballs.

Huge Event Fireballs Jan 2013 to Nov 2017

It takes 100 reports or more from eyewitness observers for a fireball to be classified as a huge event and November 2017 for this category is simply stunning. It is the highest single month on record for this dataset making this month the highest on record. It is not only higher than the preceding 58 months; it likely stands as the highest month ever.

Consequently, when we take a look at the next category in the data set, that being monthly total fireballs the data soundly suggests that the slight downward event trend we saw through September of this year is over.

Total Monthly Fireballs Jan 2013 to Nov 2017

As we can see for November 2017, the total monthly fireballs are once again, not only higher than the preceding 58 months, but is also likely to stand as the highest month ever. This is especially evident when we look at the total yearly fireballs for the period Jan 2013 to Nov 2017.

Total Yearly Fireballs Jan 2013 to Nov 2017

With another month to go for 2017, we’ll have an answer to a disturbing question when the data is compiled for December 2017, if not sooner. That being, are we due for a significant impact event. One too large for corporate fake news media outlets to downplay and dismiss.

This likewise raises another pertinent question that relies upon a reporting correlation between meteors and earthquakes. That being these two datasets tell us that the Planet X system is steadily approaching and throwing rocks and solar radiation our way.


In Signs 18, we reported that the total number of earthquakes worldwide of all magnitude in the past 18 years for October were highest on record for this 18-year dataset.

Total Earthquakes World Wide Jan 1997 to Nov 2017

With 9,151 earthquakes of all magnitudes, this November was the highest on record for this month, since November 1997. Once again we see another record high. We are also saying a consistent correlation between fireballs and earthquakes trends for the same month.

If the two were not related to the same causality, that being the approach of the planet X system, it would stand to reason that we would not see similar trends in two different datasets. However, this is what we’re seeing now, especially when we narrow the range of the data set for all earthquakes worldwide from January 2013 through November 2017.

Earthquakes World Wide Jan 2013 to Nov 2017

There was a small but steady decline in earthquakes from 2013 to 2015. However, 2016 saw a reversal of the trend that brought the total number of earthquakes for November 2017 to an all-time high for that month. That reversal then extended into November of this year.

So what is the meaning of all this? That these upward trends abate? Or will reach a point of critical mass in 2018. Perhaps, as Winston Churchill so eloquently phrased is, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

Critical Mass in 2018

Denial is a methodical and systemic phenomenon that is designed, implemented, executed and managed by world elites. The 1% of the 1% who own and control most of the world. The goal of this system is not to prevent awareness when it occurs because even the elites know full well, that this is an immutable individual experience. It will happen, and that is a given.

Therefore, wasting time trying to prevent the unpreventable is correctly regarded by the elites as pointless. Therefore, their strategy is to isolate and contain awareness when it does occur before it can foment a broad consensus and the inevitability of a united rebellion.

When a few humans can control the narrative for the masses, this strategy pays dividends for the elites like a stuck slot machine. However, this strategy has it’s own Achilles’ heel as well. It’s called mother nature, and in 2018, those of us in awareness will expect to witness an escalation of natural disasters to the point of global critical mass, which at the very least will be the end of the beginning.

As all of this is a process over time, where are we at present? To frame that answer, let’s divide the process into three phases: An environment of uncertainty, positive feedback loops, and global critical mass cataclysms.

Stage 1 – An Environment of Uncertainty

Looking back to 1999 when I first began my current line of research, there has always been an environment of uncertainty. Not one created by healthy skepticism and egalitarian inquiry, but instead, by special interests with one goal in mind. To isolate and suppress awareness before it can energize a broad consensus.

In other words, when people are worried about a possible natural disaster they turn to science. When it does happen, assuming they survive the event, they turn to God. This is how it works and either way, the elites have all the bases covered with layers upon layers of lies.

For now, people are turning to science and laboring under a naive notion that science is the path to truth. It is not because scientists have families to feed and know that those who hold the funding purse strings are intolerant and vengeful puppet masters when a scientist is so bold as to speak a truth that is inconsistent with their agendas.

Think about this. Airline pilots have been seeing UFOs for decades, yet how many of them speak about their observations? Only a handful. As for the rest, they know that if they speak that truth, it will be inconsistent with the agendas of the elites and they will be severely punished. Instead of piloting a sophisticated commercial aircraft at 35,000 feet each day, they’ll be working in a fast food restaurant flipping hamburgers for a living.

If it is this easy for the elites to intimidate commercial pilots, is it no less is easy for the elites to intimidate academicians, journalists, and scientists? Point this out to someone in denial and what you will hear is a cognitive dissonance dismal that begins with “I just can’t believe…”

Herein is the genius of elitist strategies designed to create an environment of uncertainty. No matter the facts, no matter the data, if they are overlaid by interpretations designed to invoke a framework of belief, he who controls that framework controls the narrative.

The easiest way to control the narrative is through suppression. Absent that, elites will use their funding and political power to continually manipulate the gathering and interpretation of science data as the basis for the assumptions used by predicative models. The results are questions about the:

  • Data collection method
  • Assumptions used by predictive models
  • Findings and underlying agendas

The result is that science is failing us because it is for sale to the highest bidder. Ergo, planted disinformation and misinformation creates misleading science reporting thereby preventing any form of effective consensus. Or in other words, as deniers busy themselves by counting the number of proverbial belief angels on the head of a pin, the elites keep moving the real science goal posts down the field.

So how do the elites measure their success? They must maintain this environment of uncertainty even as humanity crosses the thresholds of dangerous tipping points. For example, the bleaching of corals worldwide has crossed a tipping point. Over half the corals are dead and within a decade, the die-off will continue to as little as five percent. For a third of the world, this means they’ll lose over a third of their protein sources as healthy corals reefs are necessary for many of the species they depend upon for sustenance.

And more threats either reaching a tipping point or beyond it. For example, our oceans are in poor health due to warming, industrial pollution, phosphate pollution dead zones, nuclear radiation leaks, acidification from excess carbon dioxide and the list goes on.

What, Me Worry?Deniers, will look at all the facts, and decide to be undecided, concluding this is a bridge yet to be crossed so in the meantime, like Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman they confidently ask “What, me worry”

Herein is where those who are in awareness are intellectually driven mad by deniers Because being in awareness means that you see and are disturbed by the many tipping points now driving the sixth major extinction of our planet and which is claiming 200 to 300 plant and animal species each day.

In other words, folks in awareness see that half of the wild animals in the world have perished and all that deniers see is the local zoo. Is this an age issue?

Fact is, most in awareness are of the baby boomer generation. They remember a time in their lives when we truly enjoyed beautiful blue skies. As to deniers, most are too young to remember such times, and even if they did, they are too busy looking down at their handheld devices to look up.

Ergo, as long as the weather is sort of, kind of, somewhat like it always was and the shelves at the local Walmart are stocked to the ceiling, the elites will continue to be successful in pushing our planet beyond one tipping point to the next with a modicum of negligible interference.

The sad thing about all this is that a timely consensus can mitigate or prevent ecological destruction caused by pushing past a tipping point. Ergo, a timely consensus is the first victim and those us in awareness and denial become the collateral damage of tipping points that have come and gone without intervention, thereby setting the stage for positive feedback loops which eventually evolve into global critical mass threats.

Stage 2 – Positive Feedback Loops

When a threat exceeds a tipping without mitigation the next stage often is a positive feedback loop. When that happens, the process has passed a point of no return and can trigger or exacerbate other threats.

So how is this positive, as in positive feedback loop? When feedback becomes positive, is when it becomes self-perpetuating and this process can be for good or for bad. An example of a good positive feedback loop is childbirth.

When a baby’s growth takes up all space in the uterus, stretch receptors are activated and begin sending send signals for the release of oxytocin, a powerful hormone, which causes the uterine muscles to contract. After that, the contractions get stronger until the baby is delivered.

An example of a bad, positive feedback loop is the ongoing release of methane into the atmosphere. Methane is the second most prevalent greenhouse gas, and it is so power that it only takes five years for methane gas to trap up to 100 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. As the permafrost in Siberia and Alaska warm, the vast caches of methane stored the surface are released as is evidenced by the methane blow holes appearing now in Russia.

There are also vast reserves of methane stored in continental shelves, which will inevitably begin to release on a vast scale as our oceans warm. Add to that all of the methane created by the global cattle interests and what we have are methane levels that many argue have reached a tipping point and they are urging for mitigation before it is too late to prevent a methane positive feedback loop.

With a methane positive feedback loop, the unchecked emissions from tundra and sea caches will exacerbate the warming trend, thereby caused a progressively greater release of methane as the tundra melts and as oceans warm.

Of course, this will not go unnoticed which means that maintaining an environment of uncertainty will become largely impractical for the elites. They know this, and they also have a second phase strategy as well. They create an environment of compartmentalization as in one thing is not connected to another.

The goal of compartmentalization is to prevent people from connecting the dots between different positive feedback loop threats. Ergo, a denier may begrudgingly admit that methane releases are a problem after enough scuba divers post videos of large streams of methane bubbles emanating from the sea floor and floating up to the surface. Or not. After all, Youtube is littered with hundreds if not thousands of videos showing chemtrails crisscrossing the skies and the only conclusion is that if we call them chemtrails, we’re conspiracy theorists and lunatics.

But let’s assume a denier buys into self-perpetuating methane releases, and yes, our White House will tell us that even possibility of self-perpetuating methane releases is a conspiracy theory. But let’s assume a denier who did not happen to vote for President Trump finally accepts that global warming is real (after rising ocean levels wash away his or her million dollar beach house) and that the Arctic ice is melting, polar bears are starving to death and so forth.

For someone in awareness, it is all connected, and that is frightening because this raises a very real possibility of ongoing synergistic interactions between multiple threats. These, in turn, portend an even more worrisome view of the future because this is the very mechanism will push multiple threats to critical mass and thereby release a whole new array of destructive forces.

However, the denier intuitively understands that while to give way on one issue of fact may be necessary, stepping back far enough to see the big picture will take everything to a whole new and very uncomfortable level of reality.

When that happens, deniers will always have a joker up their sleeve. When it comes to a synergistic big picture view, they’ll fall back on the elitist strategy of-of compartmentalization. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

This is when you’ll hear clever debunking assumptions that typically begin with “well it seems logical to me that…” However, the point, the conversation will become moot because we will be standing on the precipice of unstoppable and self-perpetuating global critical mass cataclysms.

Stage 3 – Global Critical Mass Cataclysms

Once a threat achieves critical mass, it becomes unstoppable, and size is the defining issue. For example, if you’re building an atomic bomb, critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain reaction. Therefore, once that critical mass reaction is initiated, it becomes unstoppable. Worse yet, it creates a whole new destructive force. One that cannot be defined until it occurs.

What if that new destructive force is the synergistic consequence of multiple threats that are at various stages? Approaching the tipping point, beyond that to destructive positive feedback loops and finally, at the point of critical mass where the only outcome is a catastrophe and most of it will be unforeseeable.

It will be like looking at a domino at eye level. You push it, and as it begins to fall before your eyes, you see that it is synergetically connected to a thousand more dominoes and all will eventually fall. All it took was that first tiny push.

This is the agony of awareness. You see what is beyond that first domino and you will know the full meaning of it. Conversely, those in denial will, out of their shortsightedness, arrogantly push that first domino with utter disregard for the consequences – provided they are not the ones to pay the price of that disregard.

The Price of Disregard

Now I am speaking to you, the reader. You’ve seen the three stages of critical mass, and you’ve been reading the headlines each day. Based on the concepts presented above, where in the process would you place this recent news account., December 9, 2017
California governor blames devastating wildfires on climate change and says deadly winter infernos will be ‘the new normal’

California’s governor has said that deadly wildfires in the winter will be ‘the new normal’, as fire crews rushed to contain the fires, with dry desert winds expected to intensify over the weekend.

Wildfires in Southern CA

He said it will take ‘heroic’ efforts in the US and abroad to stem climate change and urged US lawmakers to pay more attention to dealing with natural disasters such as fires, floods and earthquakes.

Over the past week, six major wildfires have forced more than 200,000 people to flee and choked the air across much of the region.

Governor Brown is marching lockstep with the elites on this one, because how can something as a future of deaths and burned homes and business be in any way associated with the word normal? This is reminiscent of an unforgettable scene from the 1974 comedy Young Frankenstein, directed by Mel Brooks.

Dr. Frankenstein played by Gene Wilder has his assistant Igor played by Marty Feldman steal a brain from the local coroner’s office for his creature. There comes a moment when Frankenstein begins to suspect that Igor did not, in fact, bring him the brain he’d requested for the dead man he’s brought back to life. So he asks, “Who’s brain I did put in?”

Marty Feldman - “Abby Normal”

After promising Igor to remain calm, his assistant confesses to his mistake. That he did not steal the brain of the man he was instructed to but instead stole the brain came from someone else. When Dr. Frankenstein asks who, Igor evasively names the donor as “Abby Normal” as in abnormal.

With this in mind, Governor Brown has become California’s new Abby Normal. That is ‘the new normal’ of the matter, and you can bet your burning neighborhoods on it. Worse yet, the deniers are still eating popcorn and enjoying the show, but when will that end and when?

For over a decade, I’ve spoken with many gifted and honest psychics about their dreams, visions, and premonitions about the future. None of them know each other, and when I ask them what they foresee as that one defining harbinger event that will show us that we’re about to step over the precipice of unstoppable and self-perpetuating global critical mass cataclysms, the most consistent answer is Vesuvius flowing with lava. A somma-stratovolcano, Vesuvius is the only active volcano in mainland Europe and is located just miles from Naples, Italy.

Vesuvius Overlooking Naples

Crater of volcanic Mt. Vesuvius, aerial view

For many years, I pondered on those psychic predictions, because the last eruption was in 1944 and volcanologists thought that event to be the end of an eruptive cycle that began in 1631. Absent a clear harbinger sign for a new eruptive cycle for Vesuvius all I could do was to be mindful and not to jump to a hasty conclusion.

Then this year, my patient observations yielded that long-awaited harbinger sign. The Campi Flegrei supervolcano., September 18, 2017
Italy Supervolcano Near Mount Vesuvius May Soon Erupt, Scientists Say

A volcano in southern Italy might be getting ready to erupt, according to scientists who have found and studied the source of magma building up beneath the surface.

The team said in a study in the journal Scientific Reports that their research on the volcano Campi Flegrei could help experts better predict when volcanoes are going to explode.

The volcano just west of Naples is classified as a supervolcano because it has experienced an eruption of a magnitude 8 on the Volcano Explosivity Index — a scale that runs from 0 to 8. It is only several miles away from Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that famously erupted almost 2,000 years ago and destroyed the ancient Roman city Pompeii, covering it in ash and sending out rapid flows of hot gas and material that burned or choked the people in the city.

Assuming we see a major eruption of Vesuvius in 2018, what will be the meaning of it? Although it is certain to cause great destruction, most of this will be born by those living in the nearby areas. For the rest of Europe, there will be air traffic disruptions caused by volcanic ash in the sky and forth. How does this translate to being a harbinger of a global critical mass cataclysm?

To those who chose the path of compartmentalization to avoid the possibility of synergetically related regional catastrophes leading up to a global critical mass cataclysm, that’s your choice. Live with it – or not.

However, for me, I’ve already made the case last October in the article, Signs No. 17 – Crustal Undulation. Simply stated, whatever forces are at play in the core of planet are pushing us towards an unforeseen number of synergistic events, no different than the domino metaphor discussed above. That Vesuvius will be the harbinger because it is already building towards that next fateful eruption, perhaps as an escape valve so to speak for the Campi Flegrei supervolcano.

With this in mind, as we move into 2018 where do those of us in awareness need to focus our attention so that we’ll finally know that we’ve stepped over the precipice of an unstoppable and self-perpetuating period of global critical mass cataclysms?

My advice for 2018 – all eyes on Vesuvius.

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