Geoengineering Volcanoes to Rain Death Upon Us

| September 20, 2015

Geoengineering Volcanoes to Rain Death Upon UsForeword by
Marshall Masters

You can only say that geoengineering aerosols (a.k.a. chemtrails) are a tempest in a teapot if you’re a government shill, you’ve never seen a Dane Wigington presentation, or you refuse to look up at the sky. Fifteen years ago when I first took note of geoengineering, 99% of Americans were still “ignorant by choice.”

Thankfully, that percentage is coming down, but sadly, not fast enough. That was my conclusion after being environmentally poisoned by intense geoengineering aerosol spraying in the skies above Yellowstone National Park on September 9, 2015.

This poisoning happened during a cross-country regional reconnaissance from Minnesota through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and finally home to Reno, NV.

Relocation WebinarThe purpose of this trip was to spot likely areas for sustainable communities capable of surviving the coming Planet X flyby and to be prepared give those who attend my Relocation Webinars, boots-on-the-ground insights.

Along the way I made a few stops for sightseeing, including Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota and Yellowstone National Park. Little did I realize that these two stops would give me the most valuable intelligence of our trek.

Mount RushmoreAt the hotel near Mount Rushmore I learned a term used by locals to describe the typical visitors to this national shrine: “newly-weds and nearly-deads.” Given my age, I fall more readily into that second category. The term stuck with me, and no matter how insulting it may sound, it perfectly described the bulk of those visiting Mount Rushmore.

During a visit to Yellowstone National Park five days later, I found that this was also a favorite spot for “newly-weds and nearly-deads.” I noted this with a bit of chagrin, but the morning after my visit to Yellowstone I realized that given their relative age and health, “nearly-deads” are geoengineering “canaries in the coal mine.”

While visiting various sites in Yellowstone I noticed a profound shift in how the “nearly deads” were moving and behaving at Yellowstone compared to what I’d seen at Mount Rushmore.

At Mount Rushmore they were limber, moved easily, and happily engaged with each other in pleasant conversation. However, at Yellowstone the “nearly deads” lumbered with difficulty. They seemed dazed, stiff, and detached, and hardly spoke to one another. In fact, even the “newly weds” seemed somewhat similarly affected as wellbut from what? That’s when I looked up.

Geoengineering Activist, Dane WigingtonAs I stated in my Cut to the Chase interview, Denial Be Damned — Geoengineering Activist, Dane Wigington, I’ve been following the topic of geoengineering since 1999. Over the years I watched the spraying over different skies, but on that day in Yellowstone what I saw was stunning. It was like nothing I’d ever seen before. The spraying was so thick it was creating a solid, soupy cover and wherever the cover parted, another jet would appear to spray it closed again.

I traveled the park extensively and no matter where we stopped, the spraying was thick and continuous.

That puzzled me, but in retrospect I should have been more alert to what I was seeing, and that lack of attention cost me dearly.

Midway through the park I visited Mammoth Hot Springs and I wanted to capture some video of the springs for my forthcoming Pole Shift docuseries, due out this fall. I was there for about the same time as the others, who were mostly “newly weds.” Interestingly enough, the “nearly deads” never got as close to the bubbling springs, nor stayed as long as I did.

That makes sense as there are ample warnings that if you begin to feel nauseous or ill while viewing any of the Yellowstone thermal features, to immediately step away. I never felt nauseous at Mammoth Hot Springs as I shot my video. However, during our drive away from the park I began to feel weak and disoriented. I developed a severe headache that was impervious to a strong dose of over-the-counter pain medication, and my body began to ache all over as well.

The Mayan Crystal Skull and Planet X - Richard ShafskyThat evening I stayed with Richard Shafsky. I interviewed Richard on Cut to the Chase back in July of 2015, The Mayan Crystal Skull and Planet X – Richard Shafsky, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

Once we arrived I told Richard how I was feeling. He said I had likely been poisoned by geoengineering aerosol spraying at the park, but that I’d know for sure in the morning. Ugh… The morning was awful. It was like a flu from hell with an intense headache that started at the top of my head and ran down every ligament, muscle, and bone in my body, all the way down to my toenails.

While nursing a non-stop stream of coffee refills that morning, I explained all of my symptoms to Richard. He listened attentively and asked a few confirming questions, then he told me it appeared that I had been environmentally poisoned at Mammoth Hot Springs. I knew well enough to take that seriously because Richard is a self-taught organo-metallic chemist who worked in the mining, refining, water purification and hard rock industry.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Tin Man (Wizard of Oz Move)

“Now I understood why all the “nearly deads” at Yellowstone National Park (myself included) were moving like dazed, sullen tin men in need of a good oiling that day.”

But why Mammoth Hot Springs? and how could Richard be so specific about where I was poisoned? I asked him to explain, and what he told me is that in addition to spraying us with barium, strontium, and aluminum, geoengineers have now added sulfur compounds to the mix. Ergo, the sulfur compounds they were spraying from the air combined with the sulfur bubbling out of Mammoth Hot Springs to form the toxic brew that had poisoned me. Now I understood why all the “nearly deads” at Yellowstone National Park (myself included) were moving like dazed, sullen tin men in need of a good oiling that day.

It was then Richard began to explain this new program of spraying geoengineering aerosols heavily above the :Yellowstone super-volcano.

It took 24 hours for my body aches to go away, but another two days for the rest of the symptoms to go away. Unfortunately for me, this poisoning made me more susceptible to yet another environmental poisoning. After reaching the hotel in Ontario, Oregon for the final journey of the night, I smelled the unpleasant odor of petrochemicals in the air from a nearby petroleum refinery plant.

It reminded me of what I saw and smelled as I drove through Billings, Montana. Three such petroleum refinery plants that make one sorry for the residents in the area who could not sell their devalued homes and how they must suffer from living there and breathing the fumes day-in and day-out.

I also realized that in addition to the many low rivers and lakes, and the stressed, dead or dying trees we saw along the way, that we had seen more American flags painted onto the sides of the large chemical plants we passed than on all the tee-shirts we saw tourists wearing at Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone.

When I settled in for the last night of our trip in Ontario, Oregon the chemical smell was barely noticeable in the room, but by four a.m. I awoke with an irritated and constricted throat that was rather uncomfortable, and the chemical smell was intense. It was clearly an allergic reaction and getting out of the hotel early and back on the road, along with a strong dose of antihistamine, relieved me of the throat constriction. After returning to Reno it took me several days to fully recover from both of these environmental poisonings.

What should have been a joyful trip filled with amazing sights became a sad and dreary business with terrible health consequences. But what I remember most was not all of this. It was what I saw and heard when I talked to people along the way: farmers, ranchers, truck stop clerks, waitresses, late night hotel clerks, folks at rest stops, and so forth.

Drought Stricken FarmerWhile they all came from different places and different walks of life, they all had one thing in common. None of them were dismissive about what the fact that our Earth is sick and it is getting worse. None of them were in denial about it. No one said this was just a bad year and next year would be better. No more dismissive bravado. Just a sad knowing that things are getting worse and will continue to do so—that there will be more record droughts, record fire seasons, and record misery in the Great American West.

Bottom line.  We are presently in the Holocene extinction also known as the Sixth extinction event. The difference between this event and all prior extinction events is a target species.  We are that species.

What do we do about it? Whatever we can.  In his article, Richard Shafsky explains our physical reactions to geoengineering aerosol spraying and how we can mind our health. After reading his technical explanation of what is being done to us, I suggest you view the helpful supplementation protocols he has listed on his web site:

Marshall Masters

Geoengineering Volcanoes
to Rain Death Upon Us

By Richard Shafsky

Why would geoengineers go to the effort to move the jet stream so that it bypasses the Pacific West entirely and comes down over the Yellowstone area, knowing that by doing so they are drying out and sacrificing some of the most productive agricultural areas in the country? Why are geoengineers spraying aerosols more heavily above Yellowstone National Park than in any other area of the country?

The activity of the Yellowstone “super volcano” and the impact it has on the atmosphere and weather patterns answers this mystery.

Cascade Range VolcanoesThis also ties into the volcanic ion highway of the Cascade Mountains, which are also being heavily aerosolized with geoengineering sprays. These sprays are then being carried high into the upper atmosphere of the jet stream by the ionic vortexes that are continually active above these volcanic areas. The action of these ionic vortexes is a force-multiplier for geoengineering like no other.

The volcanoes Lassen, Rainier, St. Helens, and Shasta that form the Cascades collectively produce an entire chain of ionic vortexes. If one views a map of the drought and fires that are currently plaguing the Pacific Northwest you can see that they coincide neatly with the areas that have been artificially desiccated, or dried out, by geoengineering aerosols.

Climate Change

Geoengineering AerosolsThe primary climate change factor is geoengineering in all its facets. “Man-made global warming,” now called “climate change,” is based in political science, not in pure science. However, if one comprehends the extensive geoengineering that is being perpetrated on our Earth, and has been for many years, then one can assuredly say that, “yes, climate change IS man-made.”

Deep Below

Artist Rendition

Turning Yellowstone
Into an
Death Machine

Move the jet stream
over Yellowstone.

Spray directly above
the magma chamber.

Ion vortex carries most
of the aerosol aloft.

Aerosol descends
down into the jet stream.

Jet stream carries aerosol
across the country.

The axiom, “as above, so below,” applies to our understanding what is going on in the area known as the Yellowstone Caldera, which is part of Yellowstone National Park.

Below the caldera surface, at a depth of 6-12 kilometers (3 ¾ – 7 ½ miles), is molten magma at temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit or more. It is perhaps the most para-magnetically charged basalt in North America, meaning the magnetic charge is both positive and negative at the same time.

This occurs when the 1800°F+ water has turned into “live steam,” which separates the hydrogen and oxygen molecules from H2O (water is made of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule) and transfers the charges from these now divided molecules into the lava.

It no longer is water (H2O), but it still retains its magnetic properties. This live steam is energized, or ionized, by the splitting of the water molecules into separate elements and the transfer of the charge. This energy creates movement.

Creating a Vortex Spin

Since the caldera is an active volcano the entire area above ground is also a very highly ionized and charged zone both magnetically and electrically.

This ionized zone forms a very powerful and complex vortex, or spin. The ionization process underground continues as gasses are released above ground. This ionized high-temperature-driven vortex rising above the caldera interacts with our atmosphere becoming an ion flow.

Norris Geyser BasinThe atmospheric mix over the Yellowstone Caldera includes ionized sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen compounds seen as steam, vapor, and water. This is seen and smelled in the continuous venting, vapors, and geysers, adding a great deal of both thermal and ionic energy to the vortex spin.

These ionic flows interact with the magnetically ionized gases in our atmosphere of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Within the charged vortex there is a maelstrom of activity that creates “static noise” which is silent to humans but can be identified and measured with standard radio equipment.

This magnetically electrically ionized vortex, when in contact with our natural atmosphere, can produce magnificent lightning storms and water-filled thunderclouds. The rim of the nearly 3,500 square mile Yellowstone Caldera, is mountainous and is host to the natural precursors to thundercloud formation: positively and negatively charged (or ionized) oxygen and hydrogen.

Yellowstone Caldera Rim and Domes

Thunderstorms are formed of magnetically and electrically ionized layers of primarily oxygen and hydrogen. The ionization provides the energy that creates the air movement and the lightning, and Yellowstone Caldera has a lot of ionization! This explains the “mountain weather” experienced in the area to some extent.

Yellowstone Caldera

All natural atmospheric gases each have their own signature frequencies, wavelengths, and harmonics, all of which are in balance with life on Earth. These harmonics are similar to an orchestra where every musician is playing together in correct time, harmoniously. This harmonious orchestra represents the kind of harmonic energy which is good for the body. However, adding unnatural and toxic geoengineering aerosols can create harmonic energy that is bad for the body, as if all of the musicians were playing out of time with each other and discordantly.


Sulfur SampleThe skies above the active Yellowstone caldera “super volcano” are routinely being geoengineered with aerosols of soft and heavy metals such as barium, strontium, and aluminum along with other organo-metallic compounds and manufactured polymers. A newly discovered additive is now sulfur compounds.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) which is essential for life, is displaced by sulfur dioxide (SO2). CO2 supports all life (trees and plants use it for fuel, then generate oxygen); SO2 depletes all life because sulfur dioxide is an oxygen scavenger. Without adequate oxygen an organism will die.

For example, there are sulfur-dioxide-containing sticks which can be purchased at hardware stores for eliminating pests like prairie dogs or gophers. The stick is lighted, placed in the entrance to the animal’s den, the hole is covered up, and the sulfur dioxide is released into the air in the den as the stick burns. The sulfur dioxide displaces all the oxygen, and the animals in the den die.

Obviously we do not want to breathe air which has had sulfur dioxide added into it, since it is harmful to all forms of life which depend on oxygen. Additionally, water which has had sulfur added to is is not useable by plant life, which does not recognize it as water. A farmer would never add sulfur to water and then irrigate a crop with that water. The crop would fail.

Deep Ocean Volcanic VentWith all the increased volcanic activity that is occurring globally both above ground and under the seas, we are witnessing an increase in the acidification (as in sulfuric acid) of the ocean and atmosphere. The acidification and temperature increases are taking place at the ocean bottom at the volcanic vents. Deep water ocean temperatures increase from volcanic heat sources being released at the bottom of the ocean. Ocean temperatures are not increased atmospherically from the air above the ocean.

Using the Flow

The ionized toxins being sprayed over Yellowstone become a part of the ionized vortex and are lifted high up into the atmosphere where they will be distributed everywhere the jet stream goes. This ionization additionally facilitates the manipulation of the position of the jet stream with HAARP harmonics.

(West Thumb) at Yellowstone National Park

Geologically, this is because the Yellowstone area is located in a sulfide zone which increases the energy of the ionic vortex. The increase is akin to going from the power of a firecracker to the power of a stick of dynamite. How does that happen? The sulfur is highly charged, and that ionic charge is transferred to the water, steam, and air in the area. This creates increased kinetic and other forms of energy in the ionic vortex.

The caldera vortex, being thrust up as well as drawn up as an ionic flow into the atmosphere, is being used to feed naturally-occurring ionized toxins into the jet stream and ionosphere where they become bonded to the toxic components of the geoengineering aerosol spray. No doubt other volcanic calderas that have ionic vortexes are being utilized to manipulate and distribute toxic aerosols ionically into the jet stream.

Adding Radiation Into the Mix

Fukushima ReactorsUnfortunately when we combine the ionized radiation being continuously released from the Fukushima reactor in Japan with the ionized metallic substances of the geoengineering aerosols, highly toxic radiated alloys are being created in our atmosphere.

Most of the geoengineering spraying is deliberately carried out during the daylight hours because of the ionizing aspects of photons from the sun on geoengineering aerosols. Conversions are taking place on an ionic level which can be measured as background radiation. Any radiation readings that are above the normal of 25-30 “counts per minute” or CPM’s, are the result of man-made distributed radiation.

Two major air currents, the Japanese current that comes across the Pacific, and the jet stream over North America, have both been radiated. As these radioactive air currents hit our continent they are bonding with the toxic geoengineering aerosols. This results in radioactive metals and other radioactive components in our atmosphere. This can be confirmed by reading the rad counts (CPM’s) across the country. While any CPM over 50 is cause for concern, it is no longer uncommon to see counts of 500 or above in cities in the United States!

Physical Reactions

Brain ImageMany visitors touring the Yellowstone Caldera experience subtle physical reactions. Yellowstone’s natural off-gassing in the concentrations and exposures that most tourists get are not harmful. However, aerosolized desiccants (geoengineering sprays) combined with the naturally-occurring sulfur gasses dehydrate both animals, humans and the terrain itself, and scavenge oxygen from living bodies. Add in the brain toxins of ionized aluminum and ionized barium with oxygen deprivation from sulfur dioxide, and you can easily experience temporary short-term memory loss and become tipsy, not unlike when drinking alcohol.

Other reactions may include sore throat, stinging dry eyes, respiratory distress, runny and/or bloody nose, headache, joint and connective tissue pain, along with impatience, irritability and fatigue. The equilibrium wobbliness is caused by lowered oxygen levels from the sulfur dioxide that is venting from the thermal features at Yellowstone, as well as coming in from the desiccating geoengineering aerosols and the high altitude of the Park.

When our human physiology is bombarded with harmonics detrimental to the body and toxic ionized metallic elements that are designed to alter, deplete, desiccate, and corrode water systems, our bodies are physically in jeopardy!

Minding Our Health

What can we do to help counteract and balance the physical degradation that takes place with these harmful exposures? I recommend taking daily supplements of iodine that is approved for internal use, daily turmeric, homeopathic remedies for detoxification, and to drink plenty of clean, unadulterated water.

FutureDerm-The-Difference-Between-UVA-and-UVB-RaysBe aware of your exposures to the geoengineering aerosols (the amount of time you spend outdoors when geoengineering aerosols are visible), your exposure to the sun (UVB is prevalent now rather than balanced with UVA), and use commonsense approaches to mitigate your exposures, as outlined on my web site:

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